Prime Sandwiches

14587 S 790 W,Ste C
Bluffdale, 84065
Decent enough lunch counter-type place based almost solely on sandwiches. The motif here is "huge", with one sandwich named after a specific type of Mopar engine or rather the heads of that type of engine. A full version of that eaten in one sitting gets your name and picture on the "wall of flame" and the attendant t-shirt that goes with it. All of this is fine. They also have a decent, if unspectacular ghost-chile cheese (chileheads will know instantly why the heat is so muted with this) and a plethora of respectably high end deli meats. So why the 3 stars? A sandwich is ideally that one food supposed to be more than the sum of its parts, so you take into account everything that would go on one. Sure, the meat and cheese may be the main stars, but if you don't have the bread and fixin's, you're staring at a fistful of meat and cheese, which wound up being the case at times with me during the course of eating this sandwich. The bread, despite being somewhat thick, looked like it got into a war with the actual interior components of the sandwich and lost badly. Mayo was mostly just there, likewise all of the other toppings. The bread itself had a consistency that seemed a bit stale to me and had an interesting crust, but a very bland interior. I didn't wind up eating much of it, when all was said and done. The meat, as noted, was very good, but this wound up being a very tall sandwich (the Hemi does not have a lock on a huge stack of meat, by any means) and a very sloppy one. In fact - and I rarely say this - my recommendation would be for them to cut back the meat (and reduce the price of the sandwich) to get a more equitable ratio going. As it is, this is the only sandwich shop that comes immediately to mind where I'd say you're better off ordering a fact, if you have too many toppings, you probably will wind up with that anyway. The fountain drinks were a complete miss, but they did at least have cans of Coke Zero, so no problem there. They also offer the ubiquitous chips and bake their own cookies (and maybe their own bread -- forgot to ask). Now, they don't do a particularly wonderful job on the cookies, but they're at least passable and it's a good touch they do their own baking. I definitely applaud the effort. All in all, I think there's strong potential here, but as it is, this wasn't particularly impressive or bad...just kinda there. As noted elsewhere, this also does make somewhat of an expensive lunch, sandwich-wise and it can be very tricky to get's the sort of place that you go into spontaneously, if you happen to be hungry and/or in the mood for a sandwich and see it or if you work in the immediate vicinity and don't have time to drive far (there's little else in the area), but definitely is not a destination spot.
I eat here at least twice a week! Bar none the best sandwiches I have ever had!
You may drive past Prime Sandwiches and never see it. Then again, you probably won't ever drive past it. Located off of 146th South not too far from the prison, there's not much traffic that goes down this road. It's an area with some newer offices, but most everything looks like it's in light industrial zoning. Prime does have a sign out on the road now, so keep you eyes open to the north, enter the parking lot and wrap up around to the front of the building. Though it's a small space--just a couple of tables and a wall-facing bar--they've chosen their theme and decorated accordingly. There are a few hot rod photos and flames along steel, and of course "The Hemi" sandwich which drive home the muscle car motif. Once you enter, there should be a special on the board or a simple menu board behind the counter. It's really just all about sandwiches, although you can get a salad or some soup as well. But really, it's all about the sammich. Grab the laminated sheet of sandwich options (breads, meats, condiments, toppings) and check all the boxes you want. Then hand it over and watch them slice up your cuts and assemble your creation. Half sandwiches are in the $4 or $5 range, and wholes go for $9 or so. Loosely speaking. No skimping on the meat here! It's all about the deli sliced meats and they definitely pile them on. That means you'll probably pay a bit for them, but you'll also sink your teeth into a stacked sammich. The place may be a little obscure, but if you're ever in the vicinity for lunch time it's a nice option to have.

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