Foglight Foodhouse

275 Powerhouse Rd
Walling, 38587
Love this place! A little jewel out in the burger, catfish, meat and 3 woods. Chef Edward is a great guy! Comes out and says hey. Has been here for years and the crowds prove how good it is. Beautiful porch over looking water. Cajun is a little heavy handed spices for me. But folks around here love it. Steaks, seafood, chicken. Sides are unique and great. Atmosphere is great. Casual but cool. Country but contemporary. What all great restaurants are..... Themselves. And just like people, they are the easiest to end up liking and admiring. We plan to have several great nights there this summer. BYOB.
Whether you want to eat by yourself, go on a date, or take your friends along, this is an out of the way place on the Caney Fork River, with a wonderful view in a delightful atmosphere. This is an out of the way food destination. The food is made to order, made in house, and served with love. Do not go if you were in a rush because you will want to enjoy getting out of town and retreating to a place that seems far away. Take advantage of that. Slow down. Enjoy your company. And put your phone down. The menu is small but perfected. Each menu item is a work of art. Many times restaurants have so many items to choose from and don't stay consistent, but this place fine tuned their menu, the presentation, the flavor, and the quality. And the portions are wonderful. You will not be disappointed. If you think you can go to a Red Lobster, Cheddar's, Logan's, or some other franchise and get more bang for your buck, you are out of your mind. Ditch the franchise and support your local family. The quality, flavor, variety, creativity, and destination make all those other places look like fast food. Middle Tennessee is very fortunate do you have this gem of a restaurant close to Cookeville, Crossville, McMinnville, and Sparta. Thank You chef Edward Philpot! Well done!
Nice setting. I don't like how the lettuce is cut, it shouldn't be cut in the first place. Other salad items are cut too small. Catfish was mushy and tasteless. Crapcakes were too bready and mushy, not enough flavor, could not taste the crab. Very much just diner type food. Not worth the price at all. Will not go back.

(931) 657-2364

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