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Visit below restaurant in Knoxville for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Knoxville for healthy meals suggestion.

  • William S.

    Very good BBQ. Brisket was very tender and shredded, more like "pulled" beef. Great for making sandwiches with the complimentary white bread. Sides were above average. No seating is available for eating, otherwise I might add a star. If you really like take out or need to feed a lot of people, then you should try M and M.

  • Regi R.

    Doing take out from M&M Catering for 10 years now. Their BBQ Pork & Chicken is their specialty, they smoke all their meat onsite and it's superb! They don't waste money on their building appearance or menu. You just walk up to their window and order some of that delicious BBQ, the portions are very large and the prices are very reasonable. If you want some fantastic take-out for your family, tailgate party, or any occasion this is the place to go.

  • Annie B.

    Ok, so before I review, I'm going to let you know that I, personally do not give M&M a 3-star review, I give it a 2. I'm bumping it up a star on behalf of my boyfriend, who is, frankly, obsessed with this place. He orders take out from here regularly and is very disappointed when he gets there and they're out of ribs. I think this is one of those situations like when EVERYONE you know is telling you how this one movie is just FANTASTIC and you MUST go see it because your head will explode trying to process how much you love it. And then you go see it and you're not impressed and you're like what the hell were they talking about. Did we even see the same movie? My boyfriend built M&M up and I did not care for it. In fact, I sort of think I might give it 1-star except it just feels too mean. We got two to go meals and split everything that was included. We got a rib dinner and a pulled pork dinner with mac and cheese and green beans as sides. For dessert we had a slice of cheesecake and something else that I can't remember. The best part of the meal, for me, was the pulled pork. Unfortunately we only got one bun, so I just had a pile of it, but it was very good. Cooked well, seasoned well. The sauce was a little more tangy than sweet, which is not my preference, but whatever. The ribs, in my opinion, blew. BF disagrees, but I wished they were a lot more tender. I may eat meat, but I'm not particularly fond of having to gnaw at a tendon to get it off the bone. Just me, maybe. There was also not much sauce. Green beans - waaay too salty. Mac and cheese - don't even remember anything about it, if that says anything. Cheesecake - I love cheesecake, but I pawned this slice off on my boyfriend. It tasted like a fridge, if you know what I mean. They must not have a lot of turnover on their desserts. Other dessert - unremarkable, hence my inability to remember what it was. I can't remark on service as the BF picked it up, but I think the price was pretty reasonable for this amount of food. I believe it was under $30. I feel bad being the first to review and being so negative, so hopefully someone else can correct me if I'm off base! For now, I still very much prefer Ott's for BBQ and Chandler's for good Southern food.

  • Brad G.

    Unassuming, no frills bbq. The way it should be done. Deep smoky flavor to bbq. Signs for specials are on posters board. Saturday fish fry's "until 9:00 or we run out". My favorite may not even be the bbq, but the green beans! The Pig Burger is a must try as well.

  • Matthew O.

    This is honestly one the best BBQ places in west Knox a must try and just about everything is fantastic on the menu also its locally owned which is a plus !! I had the pulled pork with potato salad and slaw such a great place

  • James P.

    This was the best pulled pork AND the best pulled chicken sandwiches I had on a recent trip around Tennessee. Hands down. Get the regular size and try both! I was shocked by how good they were.

  • Berelyn G.

    BEST BBQ BRISKET IN KTOWN!!!!!! Better call, though, if you want the brisket. It doesn't last long!!

  • Annie L.

    This place was perfect. I had family in town and needed to feed a few people quickly and didn't want to cook. I've always seen the smoke from this place so I thought, why not. They have family sized meals which was perfect. We got the pulled pork with slaw, potato salad, and green beans. They gave us a full package of buns so we definitely weren't shorted with bread! When I ordered it, it was ready within 5 minutes and it was $30 which fed 4 people and we had enough pork to eat off for the rest of the week. My mother almost died when she tried it.. She's from NC and said it tasted just like their famous BBQ. There wasn't a single thing I didn't like about it. I give it 5 stars for taste, convenience, and abundance of food for the price!!

  • Salmaan T.

    Probably closer to 3.5 stars. The bbq chicken is very, very good. Best I've had. It's very flavorful and tender, I was really surprised about how good the chicken was. Also got a half pound of brisket. I thought it was okay, not sure why but that's what my taste buds told me. The mac n cheese was okay as well, nothing special. The sauces were a great complement to the meat, went very well together. They cook everything on site so that's the way it should be. Will definitely be back.

  • Scott S.


  • Channa P.

    Not a huge fan of this place. It's something about pulling up to a walk-up window swarming with flies that's a bit annoying. I broke from my norm and ordered the BBQ chicken pieces with a side of fries. The chicken was tender and the sauce was good, but I was not wowed or in love. Try or don't try this place. I don't think you will be wronged either way.

  • Larry A.

    It's hard for me to rate a bbq place less then two stars so that's what M and M rates for me. The food was sub-par, not smoky, didn't taste fresh, was priced high for the quality..etc. I won't be back.

  • Andy P.

    Holy cow (it's a barbecue - get it?) this place is good. I've gotten the smoked chicken to go twice and it was unbelievable both times. I've been told the barbecue is Filipino style. I don't know about that but it is good! It is near the intersection of Chert Pit and Middlebrook. You'll probably see the smoke from the cooker and if the wind is right you will smell the aroma of delicious cooked animal flesh even if your windows are rolled up. Barbecue is east Tennessee is hit or miss at best but this is one of the good ones - probably the best in Knoxville.

  • Mary T.

    There is no actual area to eat at this place. You have to take it to-go and enjoy it somewhere else. I got a rather large order. A pound of pulled pork, slab of ribs, a pound of beef brisket, a chicken sandwich, a side order of baked beans, a side order of cole slaw, and a lemonade. As I waited for my order I got pretty excited because they had smokers and they were cooking up a storm. It smelled delicious! I got home and realized they had given me a pound of chicken instead of brisket. I was a little bit pissed because I already had a chicken sandwich. I was trying to feed a group of people that had specifically asked for brisket. I was disappointed. The pulled pork was a little sweet not something I usually taste with pulled pork. The ribs weren't bad but they weren't great and I would personally rather drive to Memphis to have a taste of their fabulous bar-b-q ribs then what Knoxville tries to pull off about knowing something about ribs. The chicken sandwich and the chicken itself was very disappointing. They were terribly overcooked and hard to chew. Maybe it had been siting in the back a while because it was very tough even for a steak knife to cut through. The baked beans weren't awful but every time I went to take a bite there was a large amount of booger-like bacon that would come up with it, much like something your grandpa would have hanging out of his nose. Yes, it was a little sick. After a few bites I had to put it down because the texture of it grossed me out. The cole slaw was actually pretty good. The sauces were very good. I tried the medium and the hot. The homemade lemonade reminded me of the lemonade packs I would make as a kid and sell at me lemonade stand so obviously there was a memory in that. Lemonade, sauce, and the cole slaw were the only things I really enjoyed from this place. Other than that I would try somewhere else. I am a big fan of Buddy's Bar-B-Q. With that said the Buddy's at 8402 Kingston Pike is not very good. The Buddy's at 5806 Kingston Pike has always been very good! If I were you, you could try this place out but it's not worth the pinch in your pocket you will feel after you order food from here. Cheers and Enjoy!

  • Laura B.

    Tasty, tasty BBQ. The pulled pork dinner is huge and quite tasty. My stomach said no more but my mouth just kept on going back for more! The hot sauce is actually pretty mild and kinda sweet but I liked it. The baked beans were an excellent side but I would pass on the mac and cheese. I really enjoy walk-up restaurants and wasn't bothered by the lack of seating. Given the suburban location, I can understand the lack of outdoor seating. The menu is written on a series of whiteboards tacked up around their patio including a list of the sides that are available that day. The staff was friendly and service was really quick. Hours: Closed Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday 11 am - 8 pm. Friday and Saturday 11 am - 10:30 pm. Sunday 12 pm -3 pm. **DISCLAIMER** They still had a sign up saying summer hours but they were open so I assume they haven't changed them.

  • David J.

    The food at M & M has always been outstanding. Unfortunately, the service and attitude of what I think is primarily family members, has always been poor. They act like they are doing you a favor by letting you purchase their food. Keep in mind I have visited this place probably 25 times over the last 5-6 years. It never changes. It is so bad that I will recommend them to friends and give them the disclaimer to expect a bad attitude at the window. My rating would be a 5 out of 5 if the attitude of the staff was even adequate.

  • Charlie I.

    Best barbecue in Knoxville. Hands Down. The chicken and pork are both excellent.


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