Sam and Andy’s West

11110 Kingston Pk.
Knoville, 37934
Been eating here for almost 20 years and I've eaten probably half of their huge menu and not once have i left hungry. From the Vol Burger to the Veal Parmesan you just can't go wrong when ordering here. Very friendly and fast service even when it's packed. If you are passing through Knoxville it's just a short ways off of I-75 so stop in and have a Vol Burger and thank me later. Just be prepared for an amazing collection of Vol memorabilia if you aren't a fan of the Big Orange. Cash only also but they do have an ATM.
One of the best little places in Knoxville! Get the Vol burger with fries; you can thank me later. The burger is delicious and the fries are the perfect combination of crispy and soft. Steak in a sack is also great. Ordering is a little odd, but here's how you do it: -Order what you want. -Go get a drink and sit down. -They'll call out your order, they may even make up a nickname for you when they call it out. -Go get it. -Savor the deliciousness and take in the atmosphere. -Go up and say what you got and pay. -Forgot cash? Use the ATM by the door. -Go home and nap with deliciousness in your belly.
This place is the last of a dying breed of restaurants. It's is known for its Vol burger, but they have an American-Italian menu too, of spaghetti, chicken parm, etc... I really want to try that stuff, too, but I got the Vol burger. So...BLUF: - It's cash-only. There's an ATM on prem, though. - Vol burger is a MUST! it is just a straight, basic burger shack burger. Trust me - you need this in your life - The onion rings!!! Man those were fried to perfection! - Eat IN!! It's just a good feeling... I remember these types of places from my childhood. There is a sense of nostalgia that really does enhance your meal

(865) 675-4242

Diners, Burgers, American (Traditional)

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