Dairy Queen

101 N Houston Levee Rd
Fisherville, 38018
There are no DQs around here, so I was (lamely) psyched when this one opened. It's attached to a gas station, but it's nice. The food's good quality. I usually get chicken or fish and they're both really good. I like the bread they have here as they put it on a panini press or something (even if it's just toast). It's still just white bread, but it's just something a little different, you know? If I do get a burger though, they're good. Definitely better than McDonald's or Burger King, that's for sure. And of course...the ice cream. Let me just say this: if it's summer, get the freaking s'mores blizzard flavour. UNF. Get it in a cup, get in a cone, get it as a shake, it doesn't matter. It's just good. Maybe I'm biased because s'mores are my favourite dessert (no lie), but I love it. A word of the wise: avoid coming here on Tuesday nights. It's family night. They get super slammed. I have no idea what exactly family night entails, but from what I could gather it meant lots of parents and kids ordered a hell of a lot of ice cream. It meant we ended up waiting 15 minutes for our food while people who came in way after us got their ice cream and left. Pretty annoying, to say the least. But any other time I've come, the service has been fine, as has the turnaround in terms of when the food arrives.
I love it. All of the others are imposters. Blizzards malts. You name it. Makes summers worthwhile.
I'm from the Midwest originally, which means there is a DQ on every corner just about everywhere. Actually, if I was a betting gal, I'd place odds on the fact that there are more DQs than Starbucks in my old hood. We searched high and wide in Memphis for a DQ when we first moved here, and sadly this is one of only a few locations we've stumbled upon (quite literally in this case). I love me some Butterfinger Blizzards, turtle waffle bowls and cherry dipped cones. There's something fantastic about the way the soft serve oozes out of the tiny holes in the crunchy cherry coating on a hot summer day. Mmmm. This spot is really clean despite it being attached to a gas station. In fact. the entire building seems new. Trust me on this one, no matter how bad a Dairy Queen craving might get, it won't ever be bad enough to eat at one attached to a questionable gas station. So, go forth and indulge in the creamy goodness.

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