McCloud Mountain Restaurant

1220 McClouds Trl
Duff, 37729
Absolutely beautiful area. Worth the drive anytime. I hate to say the food is good but not close to great. Met the propiertor , a very nice gentleman . Will go back definitely !!! Give this beautiful place a chance . I would invest $$$ on this property.Went back last week. Just a beautiful area. Food has improved some. Let's go a 4.5 and give nature a 5+++.
Went for a late lunch. They didnt seem to thrilled we were there probably because it was their down time. They were not too friendly, so we killed them with our charm until they gave in and got friendly. Well some of them. Food was good but not awesome. Prices were not as high as i thought. Got scared when we walked in and had to check menu before i sat down because it looked to fancy for our style. View was awesome. Well worth going for that and the drive up, but check it off the list. Been there done it once is enough. Dang, got bill and had to pay $1.50 for bottled water because they cant use tap water.
"5 stars for the PHENOMENAL VIEW alone!!!" The food & service was mediocre at best. Just the drive to the restaurant is beautiful. However, you can eat here by reservation ONLY. The bottom of the mountain is gated. You can't even drive up the mountain without a resevation either @ the restaurant or the lodge. Will most definitely be back.

(423) 562-3282

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