Corner Pit BBQ

107 Dellrose Rd
Dellrose, 38453
I live just down the road and frequent the place regularly. The atmosphere is relaxing and the people are friendly and top notch. Normally, I always have the pulled pork and brisket. However, I had been meaning to try their hamburgers. So this time I did just that, and it was the best burger I have had in ages. I had them add cheese, lettuce and tomato. When it came to the table, it looked like it had been made for an advertisement as it was crafted perfectly. Every component of the burger was very fresh and tasted excellent. Thank you Jake for the perfect cheeseburger!
Great service, great prices! My husband and I got and split a 1/4 1/4 plate and a half rack of ribs. The ribs were the BEST! I loved everything about them. The rub and the meat:fat ratio was great... Definitely didn't skimp on the portion. The potato salad was good! The pulled pork was very good as well, we weren't too fond of the beef brisket... Maybe it was a little overdone for our taste. Overall, this is a great place just off the beaten path!
One of the best BBQ I've ever had! Found this little gem via Yelp on our road trip to Florida. Perfect atmosphere for a great lunch and to rest a bit. Two thumbs up!!

(931) 732-4575


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