Gilt Edge Cafe

10448 Highway 59 W
Burlison, 38015
I have to say, I can't believe I've overlooked reviewing this place as many times over the years I've been coming here for ribs! It's a few miles out of town, but well worth the drive. Their ribs are amazing... The meat literally falls off the bones tender. If you can imagine the cartoon cat taking a whole fish, sticking it into his mouth, and pulling out a skeleton in one fell swoop, that is how tender and well cooked their ribs are.. My parents have gone out there for a mid-morning breakfast after church a few times and they say it's always busy that time of day. I've never been during the daytime, only for dinner meals. The place is very small and quaint, and smells of a smokehouse inside, but isn't it supposed to be that way, I'd say yes! Pat, the owner always greets us when we come in and she's such a pleasant person to know, her business is her livelihood and I say she's done quite well with the place. Come here expecting to sit down and relax and enjoy your meal, this isn't your fast food kinda place like the big city joints are, and that's the way good BBQ and ribs should be!
If you are looking for quaint, then look no further. This place is striking in appearance from the classic old antique Colonel Sanders sign outside the building, to the authentic OLD dining room in this roadside jewel. It has a real folksy, family feel and the warm, hickory barbecue aroma will drive you mad as you find your seat to look over the simple menu. Cheeseburgers: Very good. Barbecue: Aromatic and rewarding Atmosphere: A real small town warmth. Service: A bit slow, but delivered with smiles, grace, and southern charm. Bonus: An old gin, barn, and other landmarks of a bygone time as a backdrop to this rustic little diner. All in a town named Gilt Edge. Make the drive and then relax and sit a spell.
Second visit. Service was still good ( had the same waitress). The food was still good, just not amazing. (A Sunday morning around 9:30am - all ordered breakfast)

(901) 476-6446


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