Meo Mio’s

10645 Hwy 641 S
Bath Springs, 38329
Mio Mio's is, well, in the middle of nowhere. If you're looking for someplace to eat in this area you have very few choices. It is however, a good choice. The menu is tilted towards Cajun, but there are a number of choices that don't really have any cajun influence if that's not what you're after. The menu consists of PoBoy's, burgers, steaks, a couple of past dishes and some bucket boils. We've eaten here several times and the food and service has been solid. There is a small kids menu. They have a bar and outdoor seating, plenty of parking as well. Of note, they apparently are a bit more of a bar/nightclub sort of place on Friday and Saturday nights with live music and the like, we've never been during those times and can't comment.
While I agree with EVERYTHING Juicy stated earlier. I feel Three Stars are appropriate. So let's say this... I am taking the fact they boast about being "Cajun" & "Authentic" out of my review. Having been to The Big Easy many times, these dishes do not compare to what the real flavors are like. So I'm just doing this write up as a basic restaurant. The food is expensive, but does have flavor. There is not much variety withing a 40 mile radius, so I'm all for this place. The service is lack luster but present. I have never been there when they were busy or had a band. My neighbors go here often, (all born in Tenn) they state the reason being half for the food & half for the music. Also, last week we shared a po-boy at Mr. Poor Boy Restaurant. It was 12" long, had 14 large oysters, dressed it cost $13.50. It was yummy! (Review by Mister Juicy)
First time there, food was great service fast and friendly.. Will be going back soon

(731) 549-2555

Cajun/Creole, Seafood

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