Lasierra Mexican Restaurant

3330 Andersonville Hwy
Andersonville, 37705
I usually judge a Mexican restaurant by their salsa and their queso. This place gets 5 stars for both. Fresh, house-made salsa - unbelievably good. I want to bathe in it. Got the steak and shrimp, as suggested by another yelp review, and it was good - better than was to be expected for a $12 steak + shrimp. Fresh, tender, and tasty. I'd go back for sure. Also, if you're judging a Mexican restaurant based on its look and atmosphere, you clearly need to reevaluate your life. The foods good here. The atmosphere is small town restaurant, nothing fancy, but it was clean. What more do you need? Also, completely irrelevant, but the hostess and waitresses were all incredibly good-looking. If that helps in your restaurant decision.
Very friendly staff, good food, large portions. Music on thursday! Great local spot, small, and simple, but delicious food.
The staff was very kind, cordial, and attentive to me and my brother. The food was very bland, like it lacked the proper seasoning. Not the best Anderson County has to offer. If you want the best Mexican food in Anderson County, go to Los Caballeros in Clinton, TN. They are by far the best Mexican restaurant in Anderson County, and in my opinion, the best in the region! I have yet to find a Mexican restaurant better than Los Caballeros in Clinton!

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