Flip N Burgers

433 W Main St
Algood, 38506
Our family decided to try the new location here in Algood. This location is different from the one at the mall. At the mall, you order at the counter, pay, move along in the line, and let them know what toppings you want (like a Subway). The new location has a drive through, to go area, and indoor tables with servers. We had a server who must be new in the serving environment. Coming from 15 years in food service and training, I realized early that she needed more training. Our orders were incomplete. Drinks ran out and I ended up taking the drinks to the counter until I could get her attention. She never checked on us once the food was dropped off. The older gentleman who was busing tables even checked on us twice for drink refills and brought us a to go box since our server wasn't around. The owner delivered our food and was friendly. PROS: buser, owner, food quality, unlimited toppings, breakfast/lunch/dinner, excellent topping choices, Cajun fries are great CONS: order was incorrect, server not attentive, had to leave table and find server SUGGESTIONS: Get order to go or visit the mall location.
Okay, I love this place. But, they've moved out of the old gas-station they used to be in and are now in a more "Restaurant-y" setting. Meh. I liked going through the line and ordering like in an old burger joint. The atmosphere is kind of hole-in-the-wall-ish now. I do not like that, for such a classy place. The food is still great, but the experience isn't as memorable. Our servers were good. One was slightly...how do you say...less than happy...? We ended up with WAY more fries than we ordered--not that that's a problem, either, but still. And, there was no bacon on the burgers, like we ordered. This location in particular does not please me as much as the one in the mall. Just saying. But, for the food, I suppose I'd come back.
Okay. So. First time I came here it reminded me a bit of Five Guys. The burgers are fresh and really good -- made right there in front of you. The fries are amazing and you get them in a cup like Five Guys -- but in my opinion, they're even better. Unfortunately, the first time I went I only ate fries because I'd eaten just before I went. Cajun. Mmmm. And don't worry if you're not much of a spicy food eater -- it's not too spicy. Just enough to have a good flavor. So the second time I went I actually had a burger. Nothing too fancy on top, just bleu cheese and bacon. But I was surprised with how many toppings you could get for such a nice price. Last time I went there were about 40 you could pick from. Service isn't amazing, neither is the atmosphere -- But you don't go to a good burger joint for that. You go for a good burger and fries. And that's what you'll get. Though you may have to wait in line for a while -- it's worth it :)

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