Nemo Guest Ranch

12737 Guest Ranch Loop
Nemo, 57759
We're saying in Sturgis the week before the rally for a family vacation. Someone told us there were a lot of good restaurants in Nemo. We came over and this was the only restaurant we saw. Glad we stopped, really nice atmosphere with a down home country setting. Restaurant is in a really cute log cabin. Simple lunch menu with several kinds of hamburgers and a few sandwiches. Very friendly staff. Campground looked nice too, wouldn't mind coming back to camp here sometime. Looked like they had little cabins to rent. If you find yourself in Nemo this is a good place to stop.
I was recommended to Nemo Guest ranch by a friend who raved and raved about it. I called at the last possible moment during the busiest time of the year (when a gathering of literally hundreds of thousands of Harley Motorcycle enthusiasts were converging in the area) and Troy still hooked me up with a place to stay. At the last minute I had to cancel because I wasn't able to make the miles I needed to to stay on schedule and I called and left a voicemail and figured I'd not hear back. Know what? Troy called me back and was as generous and kind as anyone I've ever met in the hospitality industry. He made me feel welcome to come back and visit. I just had to leave a yelp review here and say that I don't think you could go wrong with these people. They are good people in a beautiful part of the country. Long live Nemo Guest Ranch! See you next time!
Oh Nemo, You need to get it together before the 75th Sturgis Rally. We heard reasons/excuses as to why the restaurant wasn't open. Unfortunately on a motorcycle on Nemo Rd., for dinner we were a bit of a captive audience which was unfortunate with no restaurant. Mike's catering was appreciated, but we could only eat there once. The toughest steak sandwich I'd ever had. In 5 nights, that was our only meal there. Our first morning we learned that there is no WiFi. Not sure why. The same shower house from 2013 was still under construction. Not sure how that is even possible 12 months later? It's only maybe 4 stalls. Even though the property is in a great location, it doesn't seem the money is being put back in to upkeep, and that is unfortunate. We understand that it was Sturgis week and everyone charges more, but for almost $200/night I'm not sure how they can justify it. Basically you will find our cabin available in 2015....there are better deals for the money. Tired and disappointed from CO.

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