Pizza Lab

124 US Highway 14A
Central City, 57754
So I was in Deadwood on vacation and decided just to order in pizza one night I asked the girl at the front desk if there was a good pizza place in town and she gave me Pizza Lab. I didn't expect much especially being from Chicago ( we are picky about our pizza) . Boy was I surprised!!! I think it's the best pizza I have had outside of Chicago. The crust was thin but not floppy and greasy like a NY pizza and the sausage had a nice kick to it not that generic crumbly stuff you get from the chain pizza places. Best pizza I have had in a long time! I wish there was a Pizza Lab closer to home.
The staff was very friendly and super helpful. We went during their buffet time and the owner asked if we had any specific kind of pizza we wanted them to make, The atmosphere was fun but the pizza was definitely okay. I've had better and I've had worse.
Pizza was pretty good. We ordered delivery to our hotel at the lodge at deadwood. Took a little over an hour to get to us. The employee that took my order over the phone was somewhat rude and I felt like he was rushing me off the phone. They were out of jumbo pizza crust when i was ordering. That is weird that they would not have the pizza crust. The delivery girl was very nice however. If the call taker was more polite and they actually had the pizza crust for the jumbo pizza's (we had a group to feed) I would have given them a 3 star rating.

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