Whimp’s Place

32028 White St
Burbank, 57010
Good selection of potatoes: mushed, tater-tots, french fries, curly fries, ...well, see the photos of menu. We tried the curly fries and the tators and both were quite yummy. The cheese burger was good, too bad they only had American cheese. The perch was not great, maybe it was supposed to taste, well, muddy, its is after all a lake fish. The spicy chicken sandwich was good, not memorable, and I can't remember tasting much spiciness but it was a good piece of chicken. The cole slaw was a bit too mayonnaise-y for my taste but folk were ordering it up. Don't let your big city expectations of "if the wait person is not at my table when I snap my fingers I'm leaving" get in the way of you experiencing this small town local favorite. If you happen to enter the dining room through the bar and see the locals at the watering hole part of the restaurant then consider that the waitress might not have seen you. Nothing wrong with going up to her to let her know that your party is ready to order. This is a very small town, the folks are nice, they smile at you even when they don't know you and at Whimp's Place they could be a crappy restaurant since they are the only ones in Burbank but instead they do a nice job. There are two high chairs, about 4 booster chairs, and a few kino/other stuff machines in the bar section. Located across the street from the tall, shiny, silver storage silos. Slow down or you will miss it. Parking in back.
After a day on the river we stopped in to this "steakhouse" to check it out. Only steak cuts are sirloin and fillet mignon.....at a steakhouse? I went with the hamburger steak and baked potato, which was a pre-formed, frozen patty and tasted as such. On a good note, they have fried cauliflower, which few places do and they were very good. Pretty cheap place to eat.
Good food great service. Definitely worth the drive to check it out. Never had a steak as tender as I have here.

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