Abbys Grill

8211A N Hwy 11
Tamassee, 29686
Abbys Grill is on SC Scenic Highway 11 between ... well, between most places, actually. It's sort of near Tamassee. Maybe 10 minutes from West Union. Not all that far from Walhalla. A mere 135 miles from Atlanta. Anyhow, it's an unpretentious diner that serves meat-and-twos for lunch and seems to regularly draw a pretty big crowd of locals and passers-by like us. The reason is pretty obvious: good food, inexpensively priced and served with a smile. The lunch meat-and-two (veggies) is $6.20 (you can do meat-and-one for $5.20) and includes a big slice of cornbread or a biscuit. Servings are large. Meat choices usually include fried chicken tenders, meatloaf, salmon croquettes, the usual kind of diner suspects. The veggies seemed all to be fresh, and the fried squash was especially delicious and crunchy. Add a big glass of sweet tea -- sweet as in cavity-causing, diabetes-inducing -- and you're there. The waitresses are friendly, and the atmosphere is roadhouse diner chic. You'll be in and out in 30 minutes. They also serve sandwiches and to-gos; breakfast starts at 6:30 a.m., lunch ends at 2. We'll be back.

(864) 944-8858


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