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I also saw Daisy Cakes on Shark Tank and kept them in mind for a future gift. I kept my fingers crossed as I hoped this would all work out as a nice surprise for my Daughter's birthday. My Daughter lives on the West coast and we are on the East coast. I wanted to make her a birthday cake but couldn't since she is so far away. Daisy cake to the rescue! I chose the red Velvet cake. It was easy to order on line and it arrived on the day I requested. I was wondering how it would all make it. It arrived frozen inside a big styrofoam container. Directions Said to let sit for 3 hours. Good so far! And itt was a success! My Daughter and her coworkers loved it! They all thanked me! My Daughter sent me a picture and I wish I could of had a bite! It looked yummy. I almost deducted a star because it cost as much for shipping as the cake! A bit pricy. But then again...sending flowers would probably cost the same. I would definitely do this again!
On April 30th, I placed an order online through Daisy Cakes for one of their Carrot Cakes. I was placing this order to be sent to my mother in time for Mother's Day. Their website advised me that my order would ship May 2nd or 3rd. I completed my order and received a confirmation e-mail. That was the last the initiated any contact with me. When the cake still had not arrived by Tuesday, May 10th, I grew concerned and called their company. Unfortunately they were closed already given the time difference between Arizona and South Carolina, but the recorded message made it clear the information on the website information was incorrect. I then used a contact form on their website to send them a message. When I had not heard back from them by Thursday, May 12th, I called their customer service number again. I was informed by the representative that answered that there was a "website glitch" that they couldn't be responsible for it. I asked why no attempt to contact me to advise me of this problem since they obviously knew of it. The representative replied that they couldn't be calling every customer and implied that it was my fault because I ordered the cake online rather than by phone. When I asked for some sort of redress to correct the problem, the representative told me she was refunding my order. She had also cancelled it without confirming with me that this was the action I wanted to take. My complaint is that Daisy Cakes is advertising online via their website shipping dates that they have no intention of honoring. If there is a "website glitch," they are making no attempt to contact customers to advise them of it. This amounts to false advertising. Daisy Cakes customer service is unresponsive and uncaring.
I've ordered from Daisy cakes twice now and the first time around I received 2 great cakes, but the second time the cakes were awful. I even wrote the company to tell them why they weren't that great, but I never got a response back! I even took pictures of the cakes because you could see that there was no cake in them, only icing! They looked nothing like they advertise online. I don't know who's making their cakes, but someone is icing-happy! The icing is good, especially on the carrot cake, but when the cake is ALL icing and no cake it is no longer a cake. I would be very wary before ordering Daisy's cakes!

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