Johnny Rockets

4712-A Highway 17 South,Barefoot Landing
N. Mytle Beach, 29582
My mother and I had lunch last Friday ( 9/12)...Vikki was our waitress...She was outstanding....Great Service....She has been with the Rest for 11 yrs...I had a shake which was great...My 87yr old mother enjoyed a hamburger with fries ( cheese melted )......A fun place....Very laid back place...I recommend it... Thanks
My party of six was seated promptly and my three kids were excited about the atmosphere of the 50's theme. Asking questions about the jukebox on the tables ect. The burgers and fries were great that we all ordered & cooked perfectly. I did not expect the fries to be alacart at 4.99, when the burgers were priced at 8.99 each. I missed that on the menu and the waitress did not tell us, just asking do you want fries or a side with that? The shakes were 5.99 each and a large portion but my kids ordered specialty ones like s'mores or strawberry shortcake and did not enjoy them. It was a waste of money. Most kids do not like graham crackers or cake on top of their drink. I would not return for the fact I could of went to a Japanese steakhouse for for the same price of those burgers, fries & shakes. If my kids did ask to go again because of the fun atmosphere, I would only order desserts for the experience.
The family was starving, we were out at Barefoot Landing for the afternoon, and we wanted to take our exchange student out for a good American burger, so Johnny Rockets it was. I ordered the Route 66, a burger with Swiss, mushrooms, onions, and mayo. Do they cook all their burgers well done? If you get a choice, I missed it on the menu and the waitress didn't ask. And my burger was well done. For someone who likes them medium rare, I found it slightly dry. There was a lot of cheese on the burger, which overwhelmed most of the taste. I lost interest about halfway through. I also ordered a chocolate male with extra malt. The malt was good but there were actual chunks of malt powder throughout the shake. I didn't get a lot of malt flavor (probably because it didn't get mixed in well enough), especially for having ordered extra malt. The plus side? Their French fries and onion rings are pretty good. The service was excellent. Our waitress was friendly and attentive. And even though there were only two parties in the entire restaurant, they still came out and danced.

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