1886 Andell Bluff Rd
John's Island, 29455
I'll start off by saying the food was delicious. The problem is the service. We ordered our food and they forgot multiple items. They forgot a beer glass and oysters. They came back to ask us "oh you ordered oysters right?" We would say yes and they would hurry back to tell someone in the kitchen. The view of the marina was beautiful. We could also watch the sun set. We went on a hot day and there wasn't very much shade to cool off under. Luckily, one of the waiters brought us an umbrella. Everyone enjoyed the food. There were stands to get balloon animals, fight with pirates and jump in a bouncy house. There was also dancing to songs like Cupid Shuffle. There was a man dancing with just about every woman. It was his birthday. Now he was a ladies man! Overall, our experience was good. We might go back soon.
This restaurant needs to learn how to manage reservations especially considering their outdoor seating. Tonight we had reservations for 8pm. When we arrived we were told it would be about 20 minutes more. Around 8:30 a storm moved in and caused tables that were outside to move inside. Ultimately after almost an hour past our reservation time, we still had not been sat. They allowed a table from outside that had been re-sat at the bar to then be sat at our table. We had 4 small children with us and no one seemed to care. Not a word was said until we started to walk out. Even then it was blamed on the weather. But when we arrived on time for our reservation there was no bad weather. Bottom line: don't bring kids and don't go unless weather is perfect or you might not get a seat.
Pleasant surprise. Recommended by a "local" person. Friendly service, great tasting food. Not inexpensive, but worth it. Great view if sitting outdoors.

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