How Art Thou, Music Cafe & Tapas Bar

1956 Maybank Hwy,Ste E
James Island, 29412
Great spot to unwind or catch some live music. I love their staff and their commitment to using the finest and freshest ingredients.
Went here for the first time last night with some friends to enjoy some good jazz, coffee, and appetizers.The jazz band Oscar was amazing! It's so nice getting away from mainstream radio and seeing live, talented and gifted musicians.They also have a variety of events throughout the week like wine and beer tastings, and other musicians that come and play. Last night we ordered the Charcuterie plate (3 items for $14) My choice: A good chunk of Espresso Bellavitano (sharp cheddar), 26 month Gouda (smoother), and the Prosciutto which was really good, but I just wished it was sliced thinner instead of awkward, hard to eat half inch slices. Also, the sliced bread that came with the plate was a little tough. I wish it was more fresh or at least heated up. This plate also came with two accompaniments. I chose the house marinated green olives, and the fig and olive tapenade. The portions were a great value for the price and everything I picked was delicious. We also shared the the smoked salmon crostini $7 (two pieces) that came with pickled onion and capers on the side. I love smoked salmon on almost anything so I really enjoyed this app. My drink of choice was a cappuccino which was well balanced. Bold, not too much milk, and a nice amount of foam. They also have a wide variety of beer and wine, and have a few selections on tap. The staff was very fast and friendly, everyone is so easy going that it's easy to feel comfortable right away. Although the place is a little small, the atmosphere was great. The parking lot is small and there are other busy businesses within this complex so plan ahead. Overall this is a wonderful place to hang out, grab a drink, have a snack, listen to good music, and support local artists. I'll be back!
We came here for lunch one day and realized they serve brunch on the weekends. We really enjoyed the food that we had that we decided to try the weekend brunch. I got french toast with fruit. It was very good. A little too thin but I think you need to use day old bread/stale bread to prevent the toast from being too mushy. We sat outside since it was a nice day and the server/bartender did come out a couple of times. We were in no rush since we knew he had customers inside as well. We could tell that he didn't forget about us but he handled the crowd he had.

(843) 793-2231

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Kickin’ Chicken

1175 Folly Rd
James Island, 29412
I love this Kickin Chicken location because they have great service, cold beer, good food, plenty of televisions to watch the games on, and the fact is it is only a quarter of a mile from my house for easy access. I've never had bad service at this location of Kickin Chicken. I normally sit at the bar where the bartenders Jenny, Sara, and Ellen have always been great at taking care of my food and drink needs. They are the ones responsible for me coming back time and time again. The food here is solid bar food. It ain't nothing fancy, and it ain't suppose to be. You come in to grab a few brews with some wings, a sandwich, or burger to watch the games on TV. Overall, this location gets 5 stars from me for what it is and I like what it is. I always feel at home when I'm at the Chicken.
I have gone to this restaurant A LOT because it is just around the corner from my house. Today, I went on my lunch break and the service was horrible. Waited over an hour before leaving without my lunch. Seriously, how long does it take to fry up 6 pieces of chicken tenders and 2 orders of French Fries. Waiter must have been catching hell from other customers because he would not even acknowledge our table other than to mutter once as he walked by that the food should be out soon. Very disappointed in today's experience. It will be a very long time before I step foot in there again.
I really like this location, never too crowded, wait staff is always prompt and friendly. I've had the tenders basket, wings, salads - everything is great. I guess my favorite is the Buffalo Chicken salad - huge portion - great flavors. Have it with an ice clod Yuengling draft and you have the perfect lunch!!

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The Break

778 Folly Rd
James Island, 29412
The Break is a nice, large, clean sports bar on James Island. My friends are obsessed with Buck Hunter. They were mind blown that I had only ever played Buck Hunter once or twice college. I was mind blown that they played so frequently and that Buck Hunter is no longer an arcade game but in fact a flat screen television. And this is exactly how I wound up at the Break. Of all of the random bars I've been taken to on James Island (and it's a lot oddly a lot), the Break is the nicest and newest of them. They have pool, darts, Buck Hunter, Golden Tee, etc. and the place itself is huge. The bartender was super fun and spent the whole time talking to us, probably because we were the only whack jobs in there shooting deer on a Saturday afternoon. I killed a lot of cows, shot a few bucks, and still don't really understand my friends' undying love for Buck Hunter, but it was a really fun spot. Sports bars in general aren't really my thing, but I really liked this place. If you've ever seen Eastbound and Down, then you will understand and appreciate this reference. This place totally reminds me of Shaboom Shabooms.
A clean, sports bar offering decent wine, yummy food, skee ball, air hockey, electronic darts and pool... Yeah, I'm shocked it could come together so well. This space has been overhauled and cleaned up. The lights are up, revealing how clean the floors, bar and bathroom are. The menu has about 10 wines, red and white , stored, priced and poured properly. The food was great. I tasted a quesadilla and put down some chicken nachos. A little heavy on the salt (I usually don't complain about this) but overall delicious. This will be my go to spot come NFL season...
Great atmosphere, staff, and food! And the bar/beer selection is perfect for a casual drink after the beach or to meet up with friends for a game. Plus, if the game isn't interesting there are plenty of fun arcade games for everyone to enjoy! We have always had a blast here! Plus park is super easy with the big lot. A must go!

(843) 641-0504

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Sweetwater Cafe

801 Folly Rd
James Island, 29412
Great for breakfast, but it is always crowded, which is a good thing!
Chicken & Biscuits was incredible!
Had the BBQ Pulled Pork Rachel Sandwich and the Fried Green Tomato BLT for lunch today with the hubs. The Rachel was delicious (on rye) and would go back just for that sandwich! The BLT was not so great...the bacon was very fatty and chewy-most BLT's have crispy bacon and lots of it. Their horsey sauce (creamy horseradish aka chantilly sauce) is super yummy

(843) 762-2622

Breakfast & Brunch

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La Carreta Mexican Restaurant

335 Folly Rd
James Island, 29412
Don't know what all the bad reviews are for. I consistently receive great service & the same exact GREAT food! Always get the carnitas & it's always a HUGE great tasting portion. The shrimp dishes are great. The rice is great & the beans. It's typical Mexican but better than average! The new pozole dish is just like my mom used to make! A little spicy but PERFECT! I'm never disappointed I will keep coming back. Did I mention they have the giant 60oz Margarita as big as your head?! It's a great novelty & fun if you're looking for a good night out aswell.
Overall very disappointed in my latest visit. Salsa tasted like peppered tomato juice, the chips were stale, received bland can beans, and they served my wife a burnt quesadilla. The cashier got very sassy when we expressed our opinion on the food and accused us of just wanting a free meal. Needless to say.....Never going back
I'm honestly not too picky when it comes to Americanized Mexican food, which is what La Carreta serves- but I am picky about service and getting things right. I visited La Carreta with a group of friends (7 of us total) after a local 5K/10K race on James Island. I saw the Yelp reviews and was a little weary, but I was with my friends and it was more about the company than the food. We just wanted drinks and some greasy Mexican food and after running, I could eat anything. I ordered the huevos ranchero with black beans (which are advertised as an option for any entree with beans) and a water. We did have chips and salsa, which were complimentary, but we had to ask for an extra basket as we only had one for all 7 of us. When our food came out, I had refried beans and not black beans. They were buried under sauce and I didn't see the server right away to tell him. The server also gave me a small plate with two aluminum-foiled covered packs of tortillas. I've never gotten 6 tortillas before with huevos, but okay. The server came back about 5 minutes later. He came to me, took the extra aluminum foil covered pack of (unopened) tortillas off my plate and said "Sorry, these are for the other guy who ordered the fajitas". I can't say I've ever had food taken off my plate and given to someone else in my party. I was always under the impression that once you served food to someone, you couldn't just re-serve it to someone else if it was wrong? I'm not sure why he didn't just bring my friend an set of tortillas that were hot. This was just a weird experience. The huevos and rice were fine- they tasted like Americanized Mexican. But I won't be coming back.

(843) 406-6556


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