Jet’s Pizza

405 Pkwy
Greenville County, 29650
Deep dish, Detroit style pizza that is the best in Greenville. Excellent customer service, quick delivery, always hot and on time.
Make sure you understand their coupons and discounts before you place your order...scam artists! First time I ordered I used a coupon on an online order...went to go pick it up and they didn't honor the coupon. Said to call next time. Called to place the order this time...walked in handed them the coupon for an order of $15 of food...cashier goes $21...I had to ask, how is it $21...sorry! Can't honor this coupon. Watch out, retail space soon to be available on parkway! There's no way this place survives
Jet's pizza has excellent pizza and most importantly (for me) customer service. This team is all about making sure your experience with them is fantastic. I work with Jet's and use them for many catering occasions and everyone from the time I call in to place the order to the delivery boy are wonderful!

(864) 989-1900


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