Golden Kernel Pecan

Cameron Hwy
Cameron, 29030
I read about Golden Kernel in the local newspaper and finally got a chance to get down there recently. I love pecans and was curious to check it out. It is a great shop, very similar to a Youngs Plantation store with many local gift items, some food, some non-food. Their pecan prices were very reasonable IMO, $8.50 per pound for the halves and $8.00 for smaller pieces. If you have seen pecan prices recently, you will agree this is a good deal. I bought two pounds of pecans, one to cook with and one as a gift. We also bought a package of the 'turtles' chocolate candy, dark chocolate covered pecans, pecan syrup, hot okra pickles, and the mini pecan pies. I have tried everything but the syrup and all are excellent. I about hurt myself gobbling the dark chocolate pecans. The okra was good but as always for me anyway could have been a little hotter. The mini pie was fresh and delicious, immediately made me wish I had bought the full pie ($12). The lady at the counter was very friendly and signed me up for their catalog which I definitely will use for gifting season.

(803) 823-2311

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