Silk Road Gourmet Chinese Restaurant Menu

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  • Fred E.

    Tonight we had the combination Pad Thai. I've ordered Pad Thai at other area restaurants. (My wife and I don't like a lot of heat- when given the option, we choose mild). It's not that the Pad Thai at the other restaurants was not good. But the Silk Road's Pad Thai was so much better that the meal alone deserves a five star rating. The ingredients all LOOK the same, the noodles are tender, the chicken and shrimp delicious, but the flavor puts it in a league of it's own. We've always been pleased with whatever we've ordered at the Silk Road. But, for a real treat, order the Pad Thai.

  • Maria J.

    I eat at Silk Road regularly and think it is a too notch place to get a good meal if you are in the mood for Chinese cuisine. I have never done the Hibachi and always eat in the dining area. The decor is modern and atmosphere intimate. They can accommodate large groups as well. The staff has always been both helpful and friendly. I am a big fan of their lunch special which includes tea, soup and entree. Some of my faves are the General Tso's and Lo Mein. The only thing I had and didn't like from here was the chicken and vegetables with brown sauce. I thought the sauce had a strange flavor but this could be because I love the Chicken and broccoli from Sesame Inn. The sushi is always delicious and fresh too! Take out recommended! If you like Chinese food, give Silk Road a chance!

  • Brenda W.

    I'm so sorry I neglected to take pics of our wonderful food. I was too busy devouring it to bother with remembering to photograph it for my review. I have to admit to not knowing where the heck I was in the scheme of Pittsburgh neighborhoods. I had work done on my car nearby so Yelped for restaurants in the area. This one caught my eye with its reviews so here is where we ended up. (BTW, Yelp directions lead you across the street at the Giant Eagle scratching your head until you ponder and think, well, maybe it's across the street in the strip mall. Sure enough, we found Silk Road there with only "Silk Road" on the banner atop the restaurant entrance.) When you step inside, it's so much more than any ordinary Asian restaurant. The décor and ambiance are top-notch. Our server was quick, efficient, and pleasant. Our food arrived quickly and there was an abundance to spare (so much so, we ended up taking quite a bit home with us). I ordered the Moo Shu Pork and my husband ordered the Szechwan Chicken with Garlic Sauce. Both dishes were absolutely wonderful both in presentation, quantity, and flavor. And the prices were good, as well, 13.00 and 12.00, respectively. Love this place and wish it was closer to home but I can see myself making a special trip to return. It was just that good.

  • Lori B.

    Our first visit last night. Sushi was wonderful! We sat at the sushi bar and the chefs took good care of us. Unfortunately, we were never visited by any wait staff. I know the place was packed but all of us at the sushi bar were ignored and the sushi chefs were pulling double duty by taking our orders and getting us our checks. Despite the service issues, the food was great and we will definitely visit again--perhaps when it isn't so busy. Or maybe we will call In an order and bring it home.

  • Kimberly T.

    This is hands down the best Chinese restaurant in the Burgh. It's tucked in to a small shopping plaza called Caste Village. It's decorated beautifully. It's gives a nod to the traditional Chinese but takes it to a contemporary level. One of my favorite things to eat here is the Egg Drop soup. It's unlike any that I've ever had. Instead of being a bright almost neon yellow with egg floating, this is an off white with pieces of chicken, carrots, mushrooms and tomatoes, along with some egg. I'm drooling just thinking about it. My favorite dish to eat is Cashew Chicken. It's carrots, celery, peas, chicken and cashews in a clear garlic-y sauce. I also live their General Tso's which you can get traditional that has a coating and is fried or you can get it without the coating. Going without the coating saves you a few calories and makes better left overs since their is no coating to get soggy. A couple of years ago they added sushi to their menu as well as Hibachi tables. I haven't had their sushi but their Hibachi is very good. Their waitstaff is very nice and they make sure you and your table is well taken care of. Great food and great service!!!!

  • Charles M.

    Great food; a little too fast on the service. It was too fast, in the sense that it felt that the food wasn't fresh, that it was already cooked. It literally took less than five minutes from order to getting the food to my table. Aside from that, it was great and will visit again!

  • Justin J.

    Great tasting food no matter what I get! Favorites are the chicken lo mein and general tso's chicken. Generous portions too. Egg rolls and spring rolls are crisp and have good filling and sauce. Takeout is always done in 15 minutes and the place is well kept inside. It is also large inside and I have never had to wait for a table. Highly recommend for good Chinese food everytime!

  • Jim M.

    One of the best over all Chinese restaurants in the 'burgh. Great selection on the menu. Always seem to be quality ingredients. I have been here many times ordering different items and have never been disappointed with anything Staff has always been great and welcoming.

  • Xin Y.

    This is a Vietnamese owned, Chinese and Japanese restaurant. All I can say is, "wow". Usually, the restaurants that serve different types of Asian food aren't very good, but Silk Road is on point. If you are looking for authentic Chinese and Japanese food, this place is not for you. If you are looking for Americanized Chinese and Japanese food, this place is for you. Everything is cooked very well and tastes delicious. My boyfriend and I frequent here for Chinese food. The service is also very good. It was madness on New Year's Eve. We placed a very large order for sushi and Chinese food. We were surprised when they said only 45 minutes. We came and picked up, it was a full house and a ton of takeout orders, but everything was done quickly and correctly. The employees, despite being under a tremendous amount of pressure, were courteous and efficient. I definitely recommend this place!

  • Val L.

    My husband and I had a great meal. Only downside was our server talked us out of an appetizer we really would have liked, the "buns." He told us they would take too long to cook and we were better off getting the dumplings. Dumplings were mediocre. Our water was empty most of the meal. Lunch here has better service than dinner, but I enjoy it anyway. Probably best chinese food in pittsburgh!!!...just get take out.

  • Hatti T.

    Hello my new friend....Wow. Just had dinner there at the behest of friend who recommended. So glad we did. Nice place, classy and clean! Had the hot and sour soup to start - tasty, hot and spicy, then fresh spring rolls, crunchy and fresh with nice dipping sauce. My husband had the stir-fried (note, not deep fried chicken doughnuts) General Tso and I had the spicy beef with broccoli and cauliflower. Outstanding. Fresh, spicy, beautiful and just well done. Service was wonderful. Our server was charming and helpful. We will return, soon I'm thinking.....

  • Kevin M.

    Soooo good!! Shrimp and scallop general tso. I ate so much till I was sick. Wonton app was amazing!!!!! O goodness I'm in love

  • Kaitlin B.

    If you're dining for two this is the WORST place to go! We sat there for twenty minutes waiting for our waitress to come to our table. If they have other tables that have more guests they spend all of their time pleasing them and forget about you. Food is great but the service isn't worth it.

  • Jeremy L.

    Great food, great service... Super surprised and pleased to find something so nice in caste village. Not much else to say.. The reviews speak for themselves!

  • Todd Y.

    Great food and decent service on our first visit. Sushi was very fresh and tasty. Wish they weren't out of the Spicy Won Ton, was looking forward to trying that appetizer. Will definitely come back.

  • Amy E.

    I was visiting family in the area and I needed to get my sushi fix so I found Silk Road on yelp and headed over to try it out. I got a to-go order with a variety of things because there were so many things on the menu I wanted to try! The guy at the front of the house was so nice, and he was very personable with everyone that came in asking about their dog, business or the football tryout. Clearly the repeat business is solid (and for good reason) but I love a place that cares about its customers! The restaurant itself is attractively decorated and not at all what you'd expect in a strip mall! Now let's talk about the food! Spicy Tuna Roll - I was reassured it wasn't actually spicy, which it isn't. It was SO GOOD, especially the sauce with just the right amount of crunch. The Amazing Roll - Well what can you say except it's amazing! I see returning for some more in the near future! Mango Heaven Roll - It was good but a little too overwhelming on the mango side for me, but if that's your thing, you'll love it. I will definitely return because I still want to try the mummy roll, pink lady, complete chaos (one of my friends went the night after me and said they loved that one!) and of course the sexy model. For all the rolls, I liked the rice they used, plus everything was fresh and packed nicely. Egg roll/Shanghai Roll - It was good, nothing to write home about. I preferred the Shanghai Roll. Eight Pearl Duck - mouthwatering and delicious! Don't be deceived by the amount of veggies on top, there's A LOT of duck underneath and it's cooked perfectly. Also in the dish is shrimp, crab meat and scallops which you might not think go together but it works. Veggies were steamed and fresh. Chef Wu's Lamb - This dish was a smaller portion size which I think is fine if you are going to be getting a sushi roll or another appetizer. It was cooked well but the real star of this dish was the sauce! So good. Don't think about it, just go! You won't regret it!

  • Nicole D.

    Hands down the best Chinese food I have had. General tso chicken fried or sautéed is amazing. My husband gets a beef with scallions that he lives. Decor is nice and the wait staff is friendly and prompt. This is a must try.

  • Beth E.

    This is one of our favorite Chinese restaurants to dine when in Pittsburgh. We have had numerous items on the menu and you can't go wrong. The sauces are all great, the food is fresh and the quantity is large. Also, everything is served hot (temperature), which is a big pet peeve of mine, so I love it here. You could easily share one entree, but we like the leftovers for lunch. Service is excellent and prices are reasonable. This could be a place you easily walk or drive by and think nothing of it, but you should take the time and search it out. You won't be disappointed.

  • Jessica F.

    This was the worst service I have ever had in my life! The menu said noodles rice vegetables and ice cream for kids and noodles rice and meat of choice for adults! We only got rice only no choice and was never told about this. My daughter never got ice cream and then I was told the menu was wrong. Then my daughter and boyfriend were sitting there and the OWNER has the nerve to ask where her parents were and my daughter points to us and says right here. Because my daughter is mixed she tried to insult us because we were not in the nicest cloths gets make over 100,000 dollars a year. I tried to say something to the lady at the end and she grab my debit card out of my hand and slide my debit card never acknowledged me and said nothing. I am so disgusted with my purchase Chinese is my daughters favorite and I will never return for food here again! If I could give this place a zero I would. The most ignorant rude and unprofessional people I have ever encountered. I do not recommend to anyone!

  • Frederick K.

    We heard good things about Silk Road and reality was better than we ever expected! Excellent ambiance, great food, and attentive waitstaff made our dinner there tonight one to remember. I highly recommend a visit!

  • Kristen H.

    I had take out, and sometimes you just taste better in a restaurant than at home. We tried crab Rangoon, which was meh. The standout was hot n sour soup which was flavorful and full of veggies. The general tsos tofu was listed as a specialty of the house. I love tofu but only when its fried or pan seared. I specifically asked does this have steamed tofu in it because I don't like steamed tofu and the woman on the phone assured me that it was fried, not steamed. What I got worried diculous leak unnecessarily large chunks of steamed tofu covered in a sauce that was pretty good but had the overall consistency of slime. So bad! I'd come back, but I'd get something else. So far I have found this place to be overpriced and underwhelming but I'm willing to give it another try.

  • Brittany A.

    I know many people love and rave about this place. However, my first and only visit to Silk Road left me with horrific food poisoning right before Christmas. This ruined my holiday that year, as well as my love for General Tso's chicken for life.

  • Liz K.

    Take-out was okay, but better than many around South Hills.

  • Joseph B.

    This is by far the best Chinese Restaurant in the city. The food is incredible and the staff is very friendly. Whether you want Chinese food, sushi or hibachi, this is definitely the place to go.

  • Emily D.

    The Silk Road is one of my favorites, when ever I'm in the mood for Chinese we call the silk road and put an order in. I've eaten in there a few times and it's very clean and looks nice. The servers are all nice also. The prices aren't too bad and the portions are huge! I recommend it to anyone for great Chinese food!

  • Heidi J.

    The best sushi in the south hills, hands down. We love these folks and the service. Highly recommend if you want to introduce someone to sushi for the first time!

  • Michael L.

    This is our favorite Asian restaurant in Pittsburgh. I would suggest the Amazing Roll and the Mystical Vegetarian. A+++

  • Sammy B.

    The is super good..and I love Chinese food.. love there food

  • Phil S.

    A very nice and surprising addition to this area of Pittsburgh, which has been without a good Asian restaurant in all the 30 years I've been coming to this area. Service was friendly, if a touch slow on a busy night. But the food was worth the wait. Highly recommend the Eight Pearl Duck and the Red Orchid Shrimp. There are several other house specialties, along with the more standard Chinese fare. Steamed Shrimp with vegetables was fresh and well-cooked, not rubbery.

  • John L.

    One of the best Chinese restaurants in the area. I feel very fortunate that it is only 5 minutes from my house. I guess the de facto premiere Chinese restaurant is Sesame Inn but Silk Road is every bit as good if not better. There are only a couple of dishes I've had that I didn't like. It's not that they were bad they just weren't for me. My go to dish is usually the stir fried General Tso's chicken. Much better than the fried version. My only complaint is I like my food a little on the spicier side and there version could use a little "kicking up a notch". Otherwise very good. I'm interested to see how the hibachi and sushi additions will turn out. I hope they are of the same quality and standard that I've been accustomed to.

  • Alec D.

    service excellent. amazing food. great atmsphere. suggest steamed buns and stir fry general tsos chicken

  • Amanda M.

    After hearing good things from the "locals" (we just moved to the neighborhood a few months ago) we decided to give SR a try. Upon arrival on a Saturday night, we were rather surprised to see that the restaurant was only about half full. The majority of the clientele were older folks with few families mixed in. The decor seems to be simple yet authentic. The menus (there are two!) are quite extensive. Sushi? Check. Chinese? Check. Hibachi? Check. Something for everyone? Check-unless you're craving Italian. We started with our staple-the edamame. Nothing to write home about. Next I ordered the Sate combo with shrimp, chicken, beef and vegetables. On the menu there is one star to indicate mildly spicy. I did not choose to eat sushi but my husband couldn't resist. My meal arrived promptly while hubs had to wait for his sushi. Happens frequently in this type of restaurant. It worked to our advantage this time as he could finish feeding the baby while I ate my entree. In regard to my entree, there is not much to say. It lacked a certain something. Well, anything. Although the meat and veggies were plentiful. They were also tasteless. And that mild spice they warned me about (and I was eagerly looking forward to)? Couldn't find it no matter where I looked. The left overs are still sitting in my fridge and will probably remain there for the next few days until they make their next stop, the garbage can. On the other hand, my husband really enjoyed his sushi and thought the fish was very fresh (claims to be flown in from Hawaii daily) but still not on the level of our go to Little Tokyo.

  • Amanda K.

    The atmosphere is nice and the food is, you know, pretty okay. Silk Road is right down the street from where I live, so we have been there several times, because it is so handy. I wouldn't travel any amount for the average food, though.

  • DJ J.

    I know I've said this before but "My Favorite Chinese". This tends to be our go to place when not sure what we want to eat and decide to go out. So here it is, Saturday night and no plans. Haven't been to SR for a few months, so we decide to go. Yum, we were not disappointed. There are certain items on the menu we tend to order and many are the Chef's specials noted on the menu. The Egg Rolls were delicious. The Stir Fry General Tso's is so good and does not have all the breading of the normal Gen. Tso's. Another good thing is there are left overs for lunch!

  • Bebe B.

    This is the best kept " secret" in the South Hills! I LOVE this place!!! Yummy!

  • Kristin D.

    Had Chinese before from here and has a.ways been good. Tried their new hibachi table score the first time tonight.....not impressed. It took 55 minutes to have our order taken, and we were stipend right away. Service was very friendly but extremely slow. Food was cooked one item at a time which made the process even longer. I would not recommend hibachi here until they work out the kinks.

  • Lu Ann S.

    I have been here several times. This was once a good stop in the South Hills. Seems to be moving in the wrong direction. The food was just okay. The place needs a make over. The atmosphere is not great. Needs a good cleaning. There was food on the wall in my booth.

  • Nancy W.

    Service is excellent, food was very.good. I got general tso's, was crispy and not fatty like at some places. Rice was perfectly sticky, just how i like it. My friend had a stir fry of chicken, beef, and shrimp with vegetables, said it was very good. I also got the milky coconut puffs because of someone else's review...not a fan. Very strange gelled coconut center, batter dipped and fried, then topped with a sugar-peanut crumb mixture and honey. The prices were reasonable, portions were big (i have lunch for tomorrow too). I will definitely be going back!

  • Jen T.

    The sushi here is absolutely amazing. Better than any other Sushi place ive been to in the burgh. The hibachi is pretty awesome too. Ask for Kobe! The Chinese food is also bomb!!

  • Daniel C.

    High quality ingredients. Very good flavor. Nice interior surroundings. Waitress was "'Shu Wyn" did a fantastic job. Highly recommended.

  • Darren W.

    Note: They do offer delivery, but according to the menu, it is very limited. I'm guessing they only deliver within the neighborhood of Whitehall. One again, Caste Village proves to be the South Hills' lost world of well-kept secrets. It's basically another suburban shopping center, but come here and you'll find some pretty cool places, Silk Road's Gourmet Chinese being just one example. From the outside, all you can see is a sign and a tinted doorway. Like most Chinese restaurants in the Pittsburgh area, you'd assume that the inside is modest with a small amount of dining space and that they mostly do takeout. Well to think so in this case was folly. Probably the most lavishly decorated and spacious Chinese eatery I've ever gone to, I kept thinking there couldn't be much more to the place until I kept walking back. I almost wanted a guided tour! Large, flat, abstract sculptures floated over our heads. We ate in some sort of enclosure made of brick and wood. When I peeked around the corner, I saw another enclosed area with circular ceiling drapes for privacy. No, we were not in Highland Park. Whitehall, kids, Whitehall. I was ready to give Silk Road 5 stars before we even started our early dinner. The fine Chinese fare only reinforced my preconceived rating. I went with 2 apps: Beijing Style Potstickers and Skewered Sacha Prawns. According to the menu, they use pork for the potstickers, and other than that, I have no idea what else they put in them. The potstickers compare favorably to Dormont's Amazing Wok which also have doughy wrappers and obscenely rich meat. There are 6 to an order, plated extravagantly on an artful, rectangular dish. Pssst. I had forgotten how much fun it can be to eat-in at a Chinese restaurant. It's a totally different deal than takeaway. My Skewered Sacha Prawns were also aces. I forget how many you get with an order (I think I got 6), and I cannot remember what the marvelous sauce was made of (the takeout menu is barebones in terms of info, but the in-house menu had all the details, and I wish I had photographed the pages or something, arrgh...), but they basically took something you'd get from a Strip District vendor, put it in a limo, and sent it to Mt. Lebanon. Sweet, savory, select. They have desserts as well, which is uncommon for a Chinese establishment. I almost got the Fried Ice Cream, but instead me and my ladyfriend opted for the Milky Coconut Puffs, and we were glad to have made such an exotic choice. They were like a cross between macaroons and the Indian confection known as Gulab Jamun. Deep fried, honeyed, and not overly sweet, they were a welcome diversion from the sizeable decadence of so many other restaurant desserts. Not that I don't love sizeable, decadent desserts, now. I'm not wimpin' out on yas, but the Milky Coconut Puffs were a nice change of pace for me. I'm glad we rolled the dice. As far as the service goes, the staff was efficient and attentive but were also a little harried, curt, and somewhat impersonal, as if they were really busy and were just trying to get us in and out. It didn't affect my experience enough to knock off a star, though. Journey southward onto the Silk Road and find yourself cruising into a gastronomic Tian. All right, that was a little over the top. Just go. It's pretty frickin' good Chinese.

  • Amber T.

    Awesome food and sushi. I love this place. Always fresh and consistent. This is my to go place now for sushi, chinese and Japanese food. They now have hibachi. Ive been to many Asian restaurants during my life and this is up there as one of my favorites.

  • Zac W.

    Amazing food for the price. Two thumbs up!

  • Nicki M.

    Best sushi I've found in pgh

  • Stacey K.

    We really enjoy this place. Never a bad meal. Favorites are the clay pot chicken and seafood hot and sour soup.

  • Jeff L.

    BEST...FOOD...EVER!!! A little pricy, but well worth the best Chinese in town! General Tso's was excellent! Portions so big, it's like getting 2 meals. Can't wait to go back.

  • darren l.

    The stuffed eggplant is excellent as is everything else I've eaten here. Tends to be busy, and for good reason.

  • Christopher S.

    This is the Chinese restaurant to go to in South Hills. Forget Sesame Inn, Silk Road has more interesting dishes. The barbecue spare ribs are fantastic. So is the noodle salad app. The service is top notch. Our server, she was so funny, made sure we were totally satisfied. Also, the decor is very modern and the interior is clean and well done. A great atmosphere!

  • Kailyn W.

    Ate here with my dad and husband, my fellow sushi lovers. Their menu is very vast, and I definitely want to return to try their entrees. The Restaraunt is located in Caste Village, which is a shopping plaza, so it's not as spacious, but beautiful nonetheless. The ambiance is veer fancy yet low key. We all ordered tuna sashimi salads, which were essentially your typical salad with ginger dressing with sliced avocado and tuna sashimi. The ginger dressing was a tad spicy for me but very good. Upon ordering sushi I tried to mix it up as always, and ended up getting a roll that was wrapped in cucumber, which gave my sushi a nice crunch and cool texture. One of my favorite things in sushi is the marriage of the fish with things like cucumber or avocado, so I liked this roll very much. Nice presentation of sushi as well. Very deliscious sushi, will definitely come back.

  • Josh H.

    Honestly the best Chinese I've ever had... (and I live in NYC now). The "Silk Road Staples" .... mongolian beef, general tso's chicken (stir fried), chicken fried rice, chicken corn soup and crispy shrimp (not on the menu). This place is amazing.

  • Matt M.

    I visited this restaurant with high expectations that were met with good service, a charming upscale atmosphere, and sub-par Chinese meals. The General Tso's chicken was delivered luke warm and my friends Mandarin Chicken was bland and mixed with frozen peas and carrots from grammy's refrigerator. I will definitely visit again to see if the meals have improved, however for a mid-scale "gourmet" Chinese establishment the meals were unfortunate.

  • Dillon H.

    Silk road is a very good Chinese restaurant. The atmosphere is really nice and it is safe to say that it is always quiet and the service is always good. Everything on the menu is basically what every other Chinese restaurant has but everything I have ever ordered from there has been consistent.

  • Dan H.

    You know, I have been going to this place for years and have never had a problem. I typically only review places that I love because I wish all good business people the best. I honestly believe the management of this restaurant has the best interests of the customer in mind but is facing the wrath of the all mighty landlord. This episode began with my family's desire for the Hibachi experience at Silk Road which we have done a few times prior. We went in and asked for a Hibachi table and were told it would be a twenty minute wait. We did not want to wait twenty minutes to get waited on and although it did not seem busy, we said we would just sit at a regular table. It was not crowded at all and we felt we would get waited on faster. We sat down and waited about 15 minutes before anyone came over to get us drinks. Our drinks came about 5 minutes later then the waitress disappeared for another 10 minutes or so before she took our order. We all ordered entrées and were surprised that we were not asked what sides we wanted with our meals such as soup, tea, or what type of rice. When we finally were served our meals, we discovered that there were no sides. Most came with white rice .... period and if you asked for fried, it was a $1.50 up-charge. I asked for celery to be added to my shrimp with garlic sauce and it was charged $1.00 extra to be added to the meal. No soup came with the meal, no tea, nothing. The meal was awesome as it always is, the service, the wait, the lack of chefs for the Hibachi experience, was not awesome and was just plain bad. The restaurant is clean, the management is very welcoming and friendly, but over the years, the service, and the up-charges for regular sides, and other small details have made for a less exciting experience. Honestly, I will continue to eat here because the food is good and the place is clean. It is just disappointing to see the effects of our economy taking hold of past favorites on my list of restaurants.Perhaps the Silk Road Fortune Cookie should read...." Beware not to overlook your past successes as they may become your future failures."

  • Amy P.

    One of my favorite Chinese restaurant in the south hills. They have a nice variety of Chinese and Japanese food. They offer vegetarian options as well. I had the tofu general tsos and a California roll. Both were excellent.

  • Henri C.

    I have never been disappointed here. I've been there maybe 5 times now, and the scallops are my favorite.

  • Dionne M.

    Totally love this place. They have the BEST chicken egg rolls I have ever had anywhere. The fried rice is so tasty as well, I always get the pink shrimp sauce with my rice. Yummo! Love the staff, they always remember what I will order every time. I try to get here as much as I can. I would recommend it to anyone looking for great Chinese food.

  • Kayla G.

    Go. Now. No. NOW. This place is hands down the best of its kind. I have never had bad food. The egg rolls are killer, the salads are crisp and fresh, the tea is perfectly brewed...I could go on and on. Boyfriend always gets the stir fried general tso's and it is the best sauce I've ever tasted over perfectly cooked, unbreaded, white meat chicken. I always go for the sushi and have had every roll on the menu. My favorites are the pink lady, amazing roll, lost mummy, angel roll, and the plain, old, spicy tuna. This is some of the freshest sushi I have ever had. It rivals that of the 5 star restaurants in vegas for half the price. Insanely good. Everything they do, they do very well. Customer service, cleanliness, food, you name it. This place is a gem. If I hadn't read the reviews, I never would have found it. Do not be put off by it being in a little strip mall. Why are you even still reading? GO! Oh, almost forgot...the black dragon roll...also A+. And they have a sushi lunch combo menu until 3:30. All good things.

  • Susan W.

    My favorite restaurant in the burgh!! I loved the Chinese food before they ever opened the sushi bar and hibachi.. That just made the place even better!! The sushi bar is the best!! Their hibachi tables are fabulous.. There are only 3 so it's quite quaint.. Easy to talk to everyone at the table unlike those big places that have multitude of tables and too much noise.. The staff has always been extremely accommodating ... And as I said the food is fabulous!! I also get a lot of take out from there too. It's pricey but I don't mind paying when the food is so good... They have a stir fry general Tso's that we love because it is not breaded and fried.. And every time I have ordered the shrimp with asparagus.. Asparagus is done perfectly even for take out (it's very easy to over cook asparagus and it can be come mushy.. But Not here!! We always get 2 meals out of the Chinese dishes..

  • Barbara R.

    I have been a long time customer of the Silk Road, Last night I was extremely disappointed with the food . The broth for the wonton soup had absolutely no flavor, it was basically dumplings in warm water. The shrimp Kung pao and the Mandarin chicken, both had the same flavorless taste. The majority of the Kung pao plate was over loaded with "cheap" chopped celery. The prices at Silk Road have gone up, and the quality has gone down.

  • Andrew V.

    I love Chinese food. There I said it. Now I can get this review properly underway. I'm not that familiar with the south hills because I'm a city kid. I don't venture outside unless I have reason to. A friend invited me out that way for dinner here knowing how much I enjoy Chinese food and she said she just knew I would like it. Boy was she right. Silk Road is located in the heart of Caste Village in Whitehall (which that itself I need to explore more). It's modestly decorated and basically looks like your run of the mill sit down Chinese restaurant. Every time I go to Silk Road I order the following: Appetizer: Spicy Wontons. I was turned onto the spicy wonton at Silk Road and have been loving them ever since. It's the traditional wonton from your wonton soup with a spicy peanut sauce. I believe you get 8 of them for $6. Snack: Egg roll. They probably have one of the best egg rolls ever. Entire: Pineapple beef. I NEVER order a beef dish when I eat Chinese except for at Silk Road. The pineapple beef is probably THE best Chinese meal I've ever eaten. I feel horrible because I feel any description I give it will not to it justice. The portion is enormous so no matter how greedy I'm feeling there is always plenty to take home (side note: I always ask for extra rice) Dessert: Fortune Cookie, duh. Please, please, please go eat there! And maybe try something else because I'm not sure if I can be persuaded to change my order anytime soon.

  • Johnny C.

    Out of 5: 1.0 - egg drop soup: way too salty, perhaps from evaporation 2.0 - hot and sour soup: not too hot or sour. Good and subtle taste, but lacking texture (lack of corn starch) 3.5 - pan fried noodles 3.0 - clay pot chicken 3.5 - long grain rice

  • Parker P.

    Absolutely loved this restaurant... Try the ginger roll, general tso tofu and the chicken with green bean...... Service is wonderful, nice atmosphere and plenty of parking if you don't mind the strip mall... I highly recommend this place!!!!!

  • Roger L.

    Had a party for my Wife's birthday and called for the hibachi side. We had 19 people which required three tables. The restaurant called my house and asked me wife how many people would be coming. This was a surprise party for her. Than we got to the restaurant and we only had two tables because they only scheduled two chiefs. Some of our party had to be seated at tables away from us. I liked this place until this. Never go back.

  • Amie L.

    My favorite Chinese restaurant in Pittsburgh. You can't order wrong. It's all delicious. Beijing Potstickers are a fave!


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 10


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : Yes
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : No
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Intimate
    Noise Level : Quiet
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No


Chinese Cuisine

The popularity of Chinese food in America can be adjudicated by the appearance of China Town in many major cities in the United State of America. The popular trend of ordering or opting for Chinese take away food isn't unknown in America. Chinese take away food comes to rescue when you're too tired from work or too exhausted to cook. No one can resist the temptation of eating spicy noodles, shrimp, chicken, beef or pork cooked in the sweet and spicy sauce. The cooking method of authentic Chinese food is a lot different compared to what is served in America.

Generally, Chinese use dark meat small bones and organs to cook dishes but this changes when you are eating American-Chinese fusion food prepared using white boneless meat cooked with broccoli, carrots and onions. Back in China, the food is less spicy and oily as they favor steaming and braising method for cooking the most popular dishes. So, if you have a taste for authentic Chinese food, then try finding a real Chinese restaurant in the city. You can also try the most popular fusion Chinese food like Pecking Duck, Chicken Feet, Hot Pot, Shrimp Dumpling Soup, Mapo Tofu, Wontons, Chop Suey, Egg Rolls and not to forget Fortune Cookies.

There are not many restaurants in America serving authentic Chinese food. A little research on Restaurant Listings directory can help you locate the best Chinese restaurants in the city. Chinese cuisine is continuously evolving, and you can find a variety of dishes categorized as the food for lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant, vegan, vegetarian, and diabetic friendly. So, if you have a group of friends with different taste patterns, save the hassle and visit the nearest Chinese restaurant in your city.

Silk Road Gourmet Chinese Restaurant

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