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  • Mel M.

    Not the best customer service...if you are trying to order a specialty cake...and want to do it over the phone or email...expect crickets.

  • Henri C.

    This still continues to be our favorite bakery, but I have to say lately we've experienced some negatives. I'm wondering if they are under new management maybe? First, they don't seem to be making as much product, maybe due to cutting costs? Because late in the day, there just isn't as much selection as their used to be. And, suddenly they are taking deposits on cakes, and that just complicates things when ordering. And lastly, I've experienced some lousy customer service. Oh, and the prices ... have always been high, but $30 for a medium sized round cake is really a bit much. But we'll continue to go there.

  • K M.

    A little pricey but worth it! The thumbprints and crescent moon cookies are so good! The iced nut roll is great for around the holidays. A must buy for new customers: Heavenly Chocolate Torte (you can get it iced with choc of vanilla buttercreme). It's sooooooooo good!

  • Shanna B.

    We ordered our wedding cake from Pastries a-la-Carte recently. It was very beautiful and delicious, exactly what we wanted. They were very professional when we met with them for our tasting. This was the only bakery that gave us our own whole cake to taste and take home with us. A lot of bakeries just gave us dried, small pieces of cake for a tasting. They were comparable in overall price to the other bakeries I received quotes from. However, they were also the only bakery that was able to include all of our servings in one large three-tier cake, rather than back up sheet cakes. To purchase the same size of three-tier cake from many other bakeries in the area, we would've had to pay almost twice the price or choose a very small three-tier cake for the same price of the large, beautiful one we bought from Pastries a-la-Carte. The cake was also delicious and very well balanced. If you don't want something made from a mix or overly sweet icing, this is the bakery for you.

  • Rob A.

    For such a small place they have an extremely large selection of all sorts of goodies. Far more than even bigger bakeries. Everything I have tired is very, very good. There are even gluten free treats there too. They answer questions about their items too.

  • Holly L.

    Got our birthday cake and smash cake for our son's first birthday, and it turned out perfect and better than I expected! This is also our third time getting our cakes from here. I would recommend this bakery in a heartbeat!

  • Loren T.

    Such a wonderful place! My husband and I were visiting from Chicago and I just fell in love with the shop. The Alfies are a must!!!

  • Kimberly T.

    I LOVE this bakery!! They have the best of everything! They always have beautiful cakes and tarts to pick up last minute along with a great selection of cookies, pies, and a whole case of bite size treats. The staff is super friendly. They have made several special occasion cakes for me and they always taste great and look beautiful. One time I even took them a party plate and asked that they use that design on the cake and it turned out fantastic.

  • Chloe D.

    The burnt almond raspberry torte took me to heaven after one bite. I am not a pastries person, but I will make sure to stop by PALC anytime I am within a 50-mile radius. So mouthwatering-ly delicious!

  • Nikki B.

    Holy smokes those Georgia peaches!! My world is now complete. I don't live near them anymore, but that will not stop me from coming at least once a week to feast on these amazing pastries and cakes. The Georgia peaches are my main squeeze, but I frequently try new things and love them all!!!

  • Lisa G.

    When I asked my son what he wanted to get his dad for his birthday he said in the most enthusiastic voice he has that he wants to get him a Mickey Mouse cake so that's exactly what we did. I called the bakery and they worked with me to create a great cake. The cake it's self is white cake with a pineapple filling and buttercream icing. It is absolutely scrumptious. We also picked up some dog treats while there and my dog is going crazy for them!! Really crazy. He's fallowing me around sitting and then laying at my feet. If I go anywhere near the kitchen where the treats are he starts going in circles and then will lay right down. I don't even have to tell him to!!! He LOVES them!!! Also picked up some rye bread and some cinnamon raisin bread. Haven't tried either yet but I'm sure they are great based off of how good they smell. Also we were given a card with little cakes on it so if you buy a certain number of cakes you get one free which I love because who doesn't like a free cake. Anyways this place is great and I would go here before anywhere else when looking for an amazing cake.

  • Shannon B.

    This was our first time trying out the bakery to order a shower cake. They were matched a picture of the nursery theme to the cake perfectly! It was beautifully decorated and tasted as delicious as it looked! The guests from the shower raved how good the cake was!

  • Andrea W.

    Do not hesitate to go here. Whenever I am in town I go out of my way to stop by. I just drool when I am in the store and I have never had a bad baked good, even when I buy off of the day old rack. the Georgia Peach cookies are my personal favorite.

  • Lu Ann S.

    After trying most of the bakeries in the greater Pgh area, I have to say this is my favorite. Consistant, upscale and delicious. If you are in the Pleasant Hill, Rt 51 area treat yourself to something really special. L A Shotter

  • Mangala M.

    I was hosting a baby shower and my friend purchased a group-on to this bakery. We decided to order her cake from here. After several phones calls and I mean about 6-7 we finally confirmed the order. That part was irritating; it took over 2 solid weeks to get a call back from this bakery about a general baby shower cake. I work in downtown and live in squirrel hill so therefore it's very inconvenient for me to stop by during their hours of operation. I figured calling in addition to sending an email would be sufficient to make this process move quickly, but sadly it did not. The caked turned out nicely, and tasted good. However I still prefer other bakeries work/flavor compared to theirs, so without the group-on I won't be going back.

  • Darren W.

    What a terrific, towering, almond-batter, buttercream-icing birthday cake they made for my mom. We've got it about halfway eaten right now. The Chocolate Decadence, a slice of which I ate last week, was like a one-night-stand with a vampire. "You won't remember, I'll never forget," it whispered after leaving me unconscious in the dining room. Well, I remember now and long for another encounter.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :6:00 am - 6:00pm


  • Delivery : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Bike Parking : Yes

Pastries A La Carte

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