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  • Stacy M.

    You need to go to Loving Hut. Stop what you are doing right now and go! Seriously, this is one of my top restaurants, ever. The food here is for the most part healthy, but SO flavorful. If you are unsure of meat substitutes, try the Saturday buffet where you can sample the different types and styles, and the vegan cake. I thought tofu couldn't get any better than Mad Mex's and I was b*tch-slapped by LH for this thought. I lied, LH would not do that. They are as hippy as can be infused into Asain-style food in a super-clean, minimalistic white decor Austin Powers would love. The staff and owner are very nice people and I'm thrilled they opened LH in Pittsburgh area. If I HAD to give a suggestion it would be to add more lighting over the sink in the ladie's room.

  • Amy M.

    How do they get the lemongrass chicken to taste and look so much like chicken?! The world will never know. My husband and I ventured over here on a Saturday to sample the buffet. Neither of us are vegan, but we try our best to incorporate vegan meals into our meal planning. The decor is bright and modern and the staff was friendly. Mostly everything I tried was delicious. I was really loving up on their fried tofu, veggie lo mein, and aforementioned lemongrass chicken. Even the salad dressing was great-- I wanted to lick my salad bowl, but refrained due to other people being in the dining room. The dessert cakes tasted stale, so that was a letdown. Also, I thought the price was a little steep considering the somewhat limited options. But I guess meat substitutes and fresh veggies ain't cheap, am I right? If I head back here, I'll probably order off the main menu. All in all, a pretty good first experience at Loving Hut.

  • Amin A.

    It's cool that this place is vegan- I appreciate what they do- I am sure they have critics but - making meat imitation tasty is definitely a challenge- loving hut did great! I couldn't tell you what I ordered but I tell you this- I wanted more! It was like lemon peppered imitation chicken. This food is more than likely real good for you! It's low calorie and delicious which I love! The inside is tidy clean, nice place for a date and some coffee- I love Vietnamese coffee! Hear they have a buffet on Saturday! Good experience.

  • October R.

    I have to say that I was just not impressed by this place. Based upon all the positive feedback, I was psyching myself out to be blown away, but everything just fell flat. All of the items on the buffet were dried out and bland, the soup was only broth, and the desserts were tasteless as well. Maybe I should have went and ordered something off of the menu...I don't know. The more I think about my experience, the more disappointed I get. I'd like to give it another try but I doubt that will happen.

  • Kate B.

    Quick vegan lunch with friendly service. Kept the food fresh. A tad pricy in my opinion and not my favorite cuisine (a bit greasy) But I'd go back to anyplace vegan!

  • Ashley H.

    Love going anywhere vegan solely because I know I can order anything off of the menu. And Loving Hut did not disappoint. It's pretty much all Asian food, which I can totally jive with, and it was really yummy. I had an avocado fluffy quinoa salad that was super delicious, and my mum had noodles. The salad was very large and flavorful and very refreshing.

  • David R.

    This is my first official Yelp review so that alone speaks volumes of this place. This place definitely deserves a review at the very least as more people should know about it! The atmosphere is awesome (as it is with most all-vegan food restaurants) with mellow music playing throughout. Frames on the walls with amazing quotes and even one with celebrity vegans is also displayed. They embrace veganism here, which to me, is a plus as they understand the reasoning behind it. Minh is excellent human being. He brought me the Summer Rolls when I had ordered the Special Rolls because he knew those would be a little harsh and more traditional Vietnamese with a strong scent. Boy, did I appreciate that greatly! Appetizer - The Summer Rolls set the standards high! Filled with jicama, carrots and other deliciousness wrapped around rice paper. The hoisin sauce was sweet and the peanuts were a nice touch! Everyone must try these!!! Entree - Next, I ordered the Phò (#12 on the menu) which is a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup. I was excited since I haven't had Phò since I had become vegan. It was a good dish and the meats looked very real! If you've never had Phò, I would recommend you try it at least once. Dessert - The final and most delectable, by far, was the Oreo cake! I don't need to say anything about this other then: BUY IT. Buy it now! I mean, stop what you're doing, drive to Loving Hut, and get yourself a slice or 10. Overall probably the best tasting, and truest vegan restaurant I have been to. They also mentioned that they have a buffet on Saturdays for brunch which I will definitely try and check out before I leave this city. Pittsburgh, you are one very fortunate place to own Loving Hut. 5/5

  • DT H.

    I was at this location about two weeks ago. This location decoration is really great and bright. Let talk about food in here: my favorite is Bun Hue. I love lemongrass chicken and boba drinks. You should try their boba drinks. It is really tasty and healthy. Staffs are great. They helped you to choose the right food for your taste. You could bring the big group here for any occasion you want: birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, a night out... Let them know and your party will be perfectly served well. I can't wait to come back again to this place.

  • Grace C.

    I have been to two other loving huts but this one was the best. The restaurant is beautiful and the staff are friendly and helpful. I ate from the Saturday buffet and had no complaints. The food was amazing and best of all- it's all vegan. Wish I had one of these near where I live!

  • Justin O.

    Stopped by this location today on my way back to Columbus from Pittsburgh and am very glad that I did. As a vegan I'm always looking for places during my travels so there was no way I was leaving town without stopping in. The staff here is very friendly and welcoming right upon walking into the door. After asking if this was out first time there and receiving a yes they went out if their way to provide a menu and answer all of our questions and requests with a smile. I took full advantage of the Saturday buffet and tried everything available. I particularly enjoyed the curry, chow mein, Mongolian "beef" and the fried tofu wedges. Also tried the piña colada and it was delicious. The chocolate cake for dessert was one of the richest desserts I've had and I could barely finish it. So if you have a super sweet tooth you would love it! I will definitely be stopping in next time I am in the area.

  • P W.

    Oneness Fountain Heart in Flushing, Queens is one of the weirdest places I have been. There is a vibe of serenity and peace within the restaurant that can only be matched by Loving Hut or marijuana. The vegan buffet is a great deal. I sampled all things except for the mushroom dish. Mushroom is a perfect word to describe the fungus. They are mushy. The service is excellent. Don't absorb dark death energy by eating animals. Be loving to them in the hut.

  • Serena T.

    Teetering between 3-4 stars. Been wanting to try this place out and finally got a chance this weekend with the bf. I opted for the buffet since I wasn't sure what I'd like and was in the mood to sample a few items. Most of the dishes were purely veggies or had tofu incorporated in to them. I enjoyed the fried tofu (how can anything be bad fried?!?!) and there was a garlic tofu dish which was tasty. They had garlic kale which was surprisingly delish...kale can be iffy. I also liked the Asian vegetables and helped myself to 2 servings. I wasn't too fond of this fried chickpea concotion or the "supreme" rice which ended up being curried rice. There was a carrot/cinnamon cake which was good but the green cake was dry and not good at all. Bf got a bbq dish with a ton of noodles - he said it was decent. He was a good sport since he is mainly carnivorous and I'm more of the herbavore so I appreciated that he took me here! I felt the decor was a bit odd - all white seating, seemed very modern. I guess I was expecting more of a hippie, carefree vibe but it seemed a bit sterile in terms of decor. There was also some Romanesque looking columns near the entryway...maybe the place was a Mediterranea joint before. Also there was some bizzarre incidences with the staff. We were told to sit wherever we wanted but didn't get waited on until quite some time later. Water was provided and we saw the buffet but would have appreciated some wait service to see what exactly we wanted to order. Especially since the bf wanted to order off the menu. Maybe they assume everyone wants the buffet, but that type of thinking is what annoys me about places that offer buffets. Also another wait staff (who at first didn't seem as if he worked there) came over to our tables and was asking to take our straws...since we didn't know he worked there we thought it was some random stranger trying to swipe our straws! He never explained what the heck he was doing and we finally figured out he was an employee a few minutes later. Then we were given 2 smoothie drinks we never ordered, but the waiter who dropped them off didn't even make eye contact with us to see if they were indeed our drinks...I walked up to the front desk area to let them know. When we got the bill, I saw that the bufffet was $14.99! Talk about sticker shock...seemed a bit steep...espeically for a VEGAN buffet. While I thought it was good, I wouldn't go with the buffet again at that price - all the dishes in the menu seemed to be about $10 under which made me think the buffet was comprable. Definitely didn't feel like I got our $ worth from the buffet.

  • Jille B.

    Love this place like crazy!!!!! The restaurant is huge and its generally not very packed. The special and summer rolls are a must every time! My husband loves their crispy rolls. Their soups( wonton and pho) are amazing! The BBQ noodles are one of my favorites as well as their smoothies! And you have to try the cheesecake (with cherries on top) for dessert! The buffet is good, but I definitely prefer their menu items better! Expect to spend $20 per person to get appetizer, dinner and desert.

  • J G.

    I have been to several vegan places to eat. The food here was exceptionally good. One thing I take issues with at most vegan places, is that they shove veganism down your throat. As an omnivore and a foodie I appreciate how this place has just a slight essence of pro vegan and what they have on the walls is very positive. Awesome food and great people. I'll be back!

  • Derek H.

    Pretty awesome little vegan restaurant in Robinson. Not very busy when my lady and I went, so our food came promptly. For an appetizer, we got the Loving Hut Special Rolls which were a yummy way to start the meal. You get a decent amount for your money as well. The entree I selected was the Lucky Lemongrass. IT WAS SO GOOD. A big portion as well! I could barely finish. The decor is pretty neat as well. It kept me motivated to maintain my vegan lifestyle. Check out this joint if you're in Robinson and are looking for some great eats!

  • Chockalingam E.

    Wonderful vegan place. They have a ton of vegan dishes. Very good varieties. I tried their all day buffet which is on Saturdays. Ambience is good & fast service. Also got a bakery in the front

  • Sergio K.

    As a first timer checking the vegan scene, I figured I'd give this spot a try. The previous reviews sounded very encouraging, and I have to admit, my experience was on par with all the positives. I honestly didn't expect to like the food as much as I did. It was fresh, very tasty, and knowing it was GMO and MSG-free made it even more appealing. It's a bit pricey, but seems worth it for what you get.

  • Brennan K.

    Went to the Saturday buffet this past weekend with my +1 so as to get a sampling of everything instead of being relegated to choosing just one thing off of their delicious looking menu and holy smokes, do my stomach, +1 and I regret going. This was among the most disgusting vegan food we've ever eaten. It was more like grubby, sodium laden asian-inspired bar food. Sad would be a good word to describe it. Everything was fried and any sauces were just plain weird or completely lacking in flavor. The only thing that tasted somewhat decent was the 'pho', which was definitely more along the lines of a bun nuong dish than pho. I had a crispy roll that was tasty as well. For a vegan restaurant, I was very surprise to see a general dearth of vegetables. The ambiance and decor were strange, if not sterile. The service was service, waters were refilled in a timely manner and dishes were promptly removed from the table, which is always appreciated. I generally do not frequent buffets but am also from Las Vegas, Land of Buffets, and seeing as I can't eat much, i'm not sure if $15 for a buffet is reasonable or not. Even if i'm craving vegan junk food, I yearn for far more palatable food than that offered at Loving Hut. I don't think anything could make me return to this place which is a major bummer seeing as vegan restaurants are few and far between.

  • Jay G.

    Fantastic!!! Hearty, flavorful and fresh vegan fare. But don't let 'vegan' stop non vegans from coming. This place serves tasty and wonderful, super hearty ( hate to say 'hearty' again but I have to stress this isn't bean sprouts and a lemon wedge, this is filling, delicious stuff ) food. The Saturday buffet is exemplary, and the main menu is full of terrific items that keep you coming back to try others. You can get a 'soup' order off the menu and find it to be a complete meal. Friendly staff. It's southeast Asian influenced menu items but there is something for pretty much everyone. Some spicy, some not. Everything is great though.

  • Karen S.

    Went back recently. I normally avoid this place when thinking of where to go, and my friends convince me that I should come. Why do I avoid this place? Because I love meat. Every time I come I regret not coming more often. EVERY TIME. If you are trying to convince your friends that vegan food is not awful, this is the place to show them. This time I had the tofu eggplant and my friend had the fluffy quinoa salad - both excellent. We also got the fresh spring rolls that come with the peanut dip. That dish is to die for. As an added bonus, this place is great for groups, as there is always plenty of seating!

  • Jacob K.

    I ordered the crispy wontons and they were awesome! I ordered the Mongolian beef and it was really really really good!!! Awesome food for vegans vegetarians or carnivores. A beautiful place to enjoy a meal

  • Ashish T.

    Great food, love the taste but expensive. The quantity is small for the price. For me o have to other 2 items from their menu befit i am satisfied.

  • B T.

    I was traveling on business in Pittsburgh and when I travel. ..I look for vegan restaurants! This wonderful little restaurant was perfect. The entire week of my trip in Pittsburgh. ..myself and my colleague ate dinner at Loving Hut every night. The owner was lovely, charming and because I'm allergic to soy and tofu he accommodated my needs with various substitute veggies. Also...As a side note..I don't care for sweets however I tried the vegan cake and it was DIVINE!!

  • Aaron A.

    Hands down best vegan food I have ever had. The noodles and curry rice were amazing. The mango shake was very good as well.

  • Jill H.

    Woohoo!!! The buffet is now being offered every Saturday.

  • Ingrid S.

    I love this place. I find it's good to change it up once in a while and this is a great alternative. It's located in a lonely little strip mall. Don't be fooled, they are there in all it's goodness. Try not to pass up dessert . They're just as yummy.

  • Ali A.

    Service is so friendly :) my favorites are the wonton soup, lucky lemon grass, and grilled sensation. All the appetizers are good. I've eaten here probably about 40 times by now. The bubble tea drinks here are superb! Don't be discouraged by the fact that it's all vegan. Vegan and vegetarian meals are often more delicious than ones with meat!! :)

  • Teresita C.

    I have visited four different Loving Huts and they all have their stand-out dishes. Here in Robinson, the dish that made me stop, collaborate and listen is their Pittsburgh clay pot with mushroom and assorted funghi. This savory pot was mind-blowingly delicious, flavor to the tenth power. I love the mushroom richness of this dish. We started with the heavenly salad and the summer rolls. I suggested the lemongrass chicken to a newcomer to both Loving Hut and vegan food and he LOVED it, scraped his plate clean. Since our friend assumed we were in full piggy-mode, he ordered three desserts for the table. We shared (well sort of, my sister moved the coconut cream pie right in front of her face and out of my reach) the peanut butter/chocolate cake, coconut cream pie and cheesecake. The first two were very rich, but the cheesecake tasted a bit weird, not entirely unpleasant but not nearly as succulent and indulgent as the others. Keep in mind service isn't the best, it's slow and often non-existent, but when they do serve you they are very, very kind, and super helpful. It just requires a bit of effort on your part to flag them down. This is a bit of a theme at the huts I've been to, but never deters me from enjoying this incredible, animal-saving, delectable Asian fare. When you come be patient, the wait and effort are worth it.

  • Lindsay B.

    Very rarely am I so excited about a place that I have to run right home and write a review. Our lunch experience today at Loving Hut warrants such a response. My wife and I had obviously looked at the menu prior to our visit and were excited to try the vegan goodies. Imagine our delight when we arrived during the Saturday buffet, so we had the opportunity to try EVERYTHING. And I sure did. We absolutely loved the food. I went back to the buffet three times and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I adored the sweet and sour tofu, with mixed veggies and pineapple and a crazy tasty sauce. The fabulous Mongolian was a really great texture and reminded me more of beef than anything I've eaten since I stopped eating meat. And the sauce was killer! The crispy tofu delivered on it's promise of being, well, crispy. The guru fried rice was very flavorful, with traces of cilantro with a yummy curry taste. As other Yelpers have mentioned, the best thing on the menu (and perhaps in the world) was the lucky lemongrass chicken nuggets. Between the two of us we devoured soooooo many of these I thought I was going to have to loosen my belt. Wowwwwww these are remarkable. Crunchy and juicy and tasty, oh my! I will be talking and thinking about these until our next trip to Loving Hut. The pandan cake and vegan chocolate cake were the perfect finish to a very indulgent meal. The strip mall location is a bit unassuming. But the interior was clean and modern and the overall experience was divine. It's nice to have an all vegan option near the city (though not near enough now that we've discovered it) and it's wonderful to have such an amazing variety of vegan dishes to obsess over. Can't wait to return!!

  • Amy B.

    Love, Love, Love this placee!!! I would give it more stars if that was possible. My meat-eating family loves it just as much as me. We have eaten off the menu and from the buffet. The menu has almost too many wonderful things to choose from and the buffet is stocked with lots of great dishes, soup, salad, fruit, and cake. Other than the perfectly-seasoned, creative, and delicious food, the restaurant, and most imprtantly, the bathroom, is spotless. Great job!

  • Andrew D.

    Loving Hut is part of a chain of vegan restaurants scattered throughout the world. Each restaurant is family owned and operated. They're usually pretty decent. This one is no exception. I've gone here three times during the Saturday lunch buffet and have left stuffed every time. My only complaint is that the little cake squares are usually dry. My guess is that it's due to the "buffet dynamic." (People gorge themselves on buffet victuals; people don't want dessert because they're too full; poor cake squares sit abandoned and sulking while hot lights and the elements sap their youth away.) When you go be sure to flip through some of the "Supreme Master's" books kept up front. There are tons of choice pictures of the Supreme Master posing with her menagerie while looking deep in thought. It's prime fodder for a game of "make up your own caption." Very enjoyable...

  • Paige M.

    One of my favorite places. The buffet is amazing and you can try a bunch of different vegan meats. I am vegetarian and get so excited when I get a TON of options. I have not eaten a single thing there I did not like.

  • Rebecca H.

    The Saturday buffet is now EVERY Saturday, 12pm - 8pm, instead of once a month. Everything was amazing and I could barely stand the excitement of a vegan buffet. I have been to 5 or 6 Loving Huts but none of them have a buffet. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. There were fake meat dishes, tofu, Thai, Chinese, broccoli cheddar soup, carrot cake, the most delicious salad dressing, fresh fruit, and just so many dishes. The lemon grass chicken nuggets were incredible. While there, I briefly contemplated driving to Pittsburgh for lunch every Saturday. While I wish they sold frozen Loving Hut products, they still get 5 stars because they have a buffet. With tax, is come to $16 but is well worth it. I couldn't believe there were people coming and ordering off the menu instead! As for the cultishness, on my last visit, the TV was all about Christianity's message about animals and vegetarianism, which was a first for me. Usually it's just news about world animal deaths and messages from the Supreme Master. There was no Supreme Master shown on my last visit, just Jesus.

  • Paul P.

    I'm not a vegetarian and I thought it was good. I wouldn't do it everyday though. Defeats being a vegetarian if ordering imitation chicken.

  • Julie P.

    My husband and I finally made it to the Saturday buffet and all I can say is...What took us so long?? This is a vegetarian's dream (meat eaters will love it as well, as my husband did), and a great opportunity to try many of they featured dishes on their menu. My favorite was the soup, served piping hot in a slow cooker (#10 on their menu). My only complaint is that the food on the buffet could have been hotter (there seem to be heat lamps but most of the items were served luke-warm). Great selection, great service, and reasonably-priced. Can't wait to go back!

  • Callie O.

    I'm a big fan of Loving Hut, and I've been to Loving Huts around the country. (See my other reviews) The Pittsburgh location is just as delicious and affordable as every other Loving Hut. To start off, this location is a bit out of the way for me. It makes me sad, but whenever I visit my Dad and Grandma, we make sure to stop here on the way home or before. He lives pretty close, so it's a win-win situation. I wish it were closer to the city because I think they would get much more traffic that way. The menu is extensive and delicious. If you aren't familiar with Loving Hut, then it's important to note that all Loving Huts are a bit different. Each menu is unique, though you may see some similar items. The Sweet & Sour is one of those items. It's a lot different from the Sweet & Sour in San Francisco, though. I've tasted just about every item on the menu in some shape or form, and everything is absolutely delicious. It's hard to tell it's vegan! My favorite is currently the veggie burger. It's one of the best veggie burgers there is. Dessert is a must when you come to Loving Hut. Their dessert menu is small but phenomenal! I want to eat all of the cakes. It's hard to savor each tiny bite when you just want to eat the entire thing. It's hard to choose a favorite, but their dark chocolate cake is to die for. Portion sizes are perfect. You get a generous helping. Prices are on target for what you get. The staff is always pleasant, but it can be hard to get their attention and understand them. I've never had a bad experience at Loving Hut, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to try something new and VEGAN!

  • Stephen N.

    Not open when they say they are. Lock the doors and shut down kitchen before closing time. Don't pick up the phone. Wish I could leave a decent review for a vegan place, food is good, but can't say how many times I've come and they aren't open without notice. Annoying.

  • Scott G.

    I am not a vegetarian, and I was reluctant to try this place. So much wasted time, this restaurant is fantastic! I told the waiter that I'd never eaten vegan food before, and he recommended several dishes for first - timers. I followed his advice, and ordered the barbecue, made with some sort of soy product. It was great, really great. I also ordered the special rolls, similar to Vietnamese summer rolls, but made with jicama and tofu in place of meat. I actually think I liked the vegan version better, and I love summer rolls. Very tasty food, very polite service; I'll be back here. I can eat a burger any time, this place is a gem!

  • JBaby S.

    I'm giving 4 stars for your presence in the community, but I thought the food was below average. I went for the Saturday buffet. I ordered wontons and crispy spring rolls but they were tasteless and awful The buffet items needed flavor!! Or sauce, the fried soy nuggets were tasteless except the awesome lemongrass covered nuggets. The skewered soy nuggets were bland and too dense. Kale soup was good but needed salt, pepper Green beans needed garlic and salt and cooked longer The banana and chocolate cakes were awesome. Moist and perfect The pink fruit drink I ordered was awesome Lo Mein was bland and tasteless

  • Romina Q.

    I'm a pescetarian but enjoy vegetarian dishes. When it comes to vegan, I not only appreciate it but a good vegan dish is hard to find, so I'm always looking around. We parked out front and we noticed that the entrance looked like a doctors office you see in plazas. Simple main entry with big windows and white vertical blinds. Inside the place has a sterilize feel to it; white tables and chairs, clean with a set of small dishes and utensils on every table along with a bottle of Bragg Amino (yum!) as well as a Sriracha hot sauce bottle. The walls have script spiritual messages neatly written on them. And the feel you get is good. The service is simple and super fast. I think we received our dishes within 7 minutes! We both had stir fry dishes with a side of brown rice. Both dishes were the same style but the sauces were different. The protein used was seitan; crunchy on the outside and soft/chewy on the inside. Very well marinated and delicious to say the least. My husband is an omnivore and he left the plate clean. For this chain restaurant fairly new to Pittsburgh I only give it four stars. The location is undesirable, the traffic to and from Robinson Twp can be a nightmare. But the food is incredible, wishing and hoping they open more locations in the Pittsburgh area. Saturdays they serve buffet all day, so this may be a good time for us to try other flavors.

  • Jaime J.

    3.5 Stars here. I'm pretty stingy with the 4 and 5-star ratings, mind you. I've been to LH twice and have enjoyed my lunch both times. I am by no means vegan or even vegetarian, but I do enjoy good food. My first experience was lunch with a co-worker, so we decided to eat in. Agreed that the decor is rather stark and minimalistic - which would be perfectly fine but it looks as though they painted old fast food restaurant booths with white paint. So it has that grunge-y sorta vibe. I ordered the Deluxe Vegetables which was a medley of veggies, soy protiens like tofu and seitan, with brown sauce. The sauce was fantasic! Savory with a hint of sweetness and plenty of it! My second experience was for take-out and Pad Thai was the special that day. Believe it or not, it's probably the best Pad Thai I've had here in Pittsburgh. The sauce was spot on and reminded me of my favorite Thai restaurant in Kentucky (yes, Kentucky). They used a wider, flat noodle which was unexpected, but it held the flavor well. This dish also had tofu and seitan, and also some vegetarian shrimp. I highly recommend LH to anyone, vegan or not!

  • Chris T.

    I think vegan means pricey in Vietnamese. 15 bucks for a buffet for a chick that eats like three skittles and is full? My meal was a ramen noodle bowl with BBQ protein chunks.... what is the protein from, who knows. I can honestly say I ate it, but if you dip a shoe in BBQ Terriyaki sauce I would probably eat it. The price of meals and waiting around is the reason for 3 stars. Maybe some bacon bits in my salad would have helped...oh they don't serve meat? OK gotcha.

  • John R.

    We were visiting from California. We searched for vegan restaurants. The service and the food and the atmosphere were fantastic. The prices were extremely fair. We wish there were one near us.

  • Anne C.

    I've been hearing about this place for the longest time and was keeping the date free. They didn't offer a lot of selection and the tofu dishes all tasted the same...(I'm also a complete sweet tooth so I'm bias to say that they didn't have a great selection of food...) This would have been more justified if the buffet was a decent price, instead it was a bit pricey. It was also lacking in flavor (maybe because it wasn't steeped in lard) so on the bright side the food is a lot better for you than say, Golden Palace. However, the saving grace of the meal was the smoothie! The smoothie itself was pretty impressive and I don't usually like juice/smoothies/milkshake (not a liquid kind of gal)

  • Roxanne L.

    My husband and I went here today for the first time and the food was out of this world. Incredibly delicious. Can't wait to go back.

  • Joe D.

    Tonight not only did I have my first vegan meal out of the friendly confides of my kitchen, I had my first taste of Viet Nam cooking. First, if using a GPS to find this place, put it away, it sends you to a car dealership and Loving Hut is about 500 yards away behind the Sheetz off Stuebenville pike. Once inside the place looks very sterile, almost "OPERATING ROOM" sterile. White booths, tables, chairs, napkins, dishes, and teapots. I was very uncomfortable, too much white....everywhere! A very nice waitress came to our table, Jamie, (Fellow vegan friend of Joe or FVFoJ if you will) ordered green tea, and I the same, then she explained the specials, asked if either of us had food allergies or special diets. I told her I didn't eat fried foods or nuts and avacados. She pointed out the spring rolls were very low fat except for tofu and the dipping sauce was peanut free. This appitizer was huge, 10 perfect spring rolls stuffed with all of nature's goodness, thai basil, carrot, tofu, and mint. For dinner I ordered Pho, a rice noodle dish with textured soy protein, celery balls, thai basil, crisp onion, a ton of rice noodles and celantro in a very delicate asian broth. FVFoJ ordered the same. We slurped noodles, talked about how the teaparty couldn't hold a candle to the people of Egypt, and just in general had a great time! I even forgot the place was way too sterile and white. Me and Jamie will be back to try other delicious things at Loving Hut.

  • Snaefridur D.

    I've up-ed my rating to 5-star, after coming here repeatedly for the Saturday buffet. I love the buffet. It is amazing the things they do with Tofu. Really delicious, and the textures are different and mostly match the foods that are being mimicked. Old review: Their orange chicken is really good, and the way that the tofu was cooked, it really had a tender meat-like consistency that surprised me a lot. I only got to eat here twice so far, so I'm giving 4 stars. If their other dishes are as good as what I've eaten so far, I may up it to 5.

  • Jean G.

    They have an all you can eat buffet that runs every Saturday. Some of my favorites are 'Lucky Lemongrass' and 'Lucky Chow Mein'. They also offer soup and salad. I love the cake squares and watermelon and canteloupe fruit for dessert, too. Walking in and being able to eat immediately is great. Nice staff. I think family run. Water is good here. It doesn't taste chlorinated at all. I should make a plan to go more often. They prefer cash. Buffet prices: Adult $14.99 Children under 12 $9.99 Children under 5 $4.99

  • Heidi S.

    I've been to several Loving Huts of the world, and this one is not quite up to par. Output of menu items is terribly inconsistent, and the orders often do not quite match the description - usually lacking vegetables listed. I have ordered the same thing several times, and have received something different on each occasion. My favorite thing about this Loving Hut, is that they carry some desserts from Vegan Treats (based in Bethlehem, PA), however they are typically stale! I don't even think they are worshiping the Supreme Master as devoutly, for the TV is rarely on and the propaganda area is sparse. I do admire the Cult as business model approach and would consider Buddhist-derivitive fascism as a potentially viable idea for future world harmony.

  • Wil C.

    Recommendation: know what you like and order off of the menu. The buffet, while offering several different options, turned out to be 90% inedible variations of tofu stir fry. Two of the vegan options on the buffet were delicious, the other dozen or so were really, really bad.

  • Tatiana A.

    I live in Manhattan. I am in love with this place. Every time I make the road trip down to Indy I will stop here for some vegan awesomeness! I read they have a buffet at Saturday. I want to make a road trip just for that... Just kidding... Not!

  • Michaela H.

    This place wasn't quite what I expected.... I was delighted to be going to a vegan restaurant. Vegans unite! But I didn't really dig the cult undertone going on here. Something was very uncomfortable... The food was pretty good! My fiance, who is by no means anything resembling a vegan, liked his meal too! The service was a little uncomfortable and at the end we waited for a long time for our waiter to come pick up our check only to discover we had to pay at the register. It didn't seem like that kind of place and no one told us. Whatever. Truthfully, I'll probably be back sometime. And I would definitely be a lot more inclined to go back if the vibe wasn't so...weird.

  • Jessica W.

    What is this place doing all the way out in Robinson Town Center? We stumbled upon this place after an airport pickup and were super excited to find a vegan restaurant tucked away from all the fast food places. We were there for lunch on a Friday and were 1 of 3 tables. We started off with the jumbo drumsticks which were just okay, as there was lots of breading. I had the coco tofu, which was amazing. The portion was huge with tons of tofu, which made me super happy. The fiancee got the pad thai special, which was also packed with tofu. Yum. They have tons of cakes and pies at the counter, and I got a piece of vegan cheesecake to go. The cheesecake crust was nothing special, but somehow they managed to get the texture right, and it tasted great. I wish they were located closer to the city...I know we'd go there all the time!

  • Justin F.

    Honestly the best vegan restaurant I've been to. I'm not even vegetarian but the "beef" in the Mongolian tasted like beef and the sauce was fantastic. Also, the "lucky lemon-grass" is quite delicious as well. They do a buffet on Saturday from noon to 830. They will "randomly" select a variety of dishes, some being on their regular menu. It's all very delicious and many are very healthy. Highly recommended!

  • Jason F.

    I ate here this past Saturday night with my girlfriend for a later dinner. We had tried coming here previously about a half a year ago only to find that it was closed for that random Sunday. Whenever we walked into the restaurant it was fairly full with all of the booths except for one being filled while some of the tables were also empty. It has an interesting look as both the booths and the tables and chairs are white while the ceiling and floors are also neutral colors. It is almost like you are in a laptop clean room but then in the center of the whole dining room on the ceiling surrounded by some blue light is what seems to be a mural/sculpture in the shape of the a cursive L with a heart and the words "BE VEG, GO GREEN, Loving Hut". My girlfriend and I decided to look at the menus even though they had a buffet there that night. We had a tough time deciding whether to order from the buffet or from the menu but ultimately opted for the buffet since it had many of the items from the menu on it including the dish I was thinking about ordering, a lemongrass soy chicken dish. The only thing that really concerned me about the buffet was the lack of normal vegetables on it as it only really seemed to have a single natural vegetable dish which was comprised of kale, broccoli and carrots. Everything else seemed to mainly comprised of soy protein: chicken, shrimp, beef and tofu. That's not to say that the items were not good as I enjoyed just about everything that I had with the exception being the soy sauce tofu. My favorite had to the fabulous Mongolian which resembled a beef with bell peppers and tasted exactly like some meatless beef jerky that I buy in Whole Foods while my second favorite was spicy cha cha which had some soy shrimp with some spices on it. Since we arrived pretty late a lot of the buffet was half empty but our server came around and informed us that they would make a table sized portion of whatever we wanted. Our server even followed up on that by asking us later if there was anything that the buffet had run out of that they cook for us. The bottom line for me is that I would definitely head back here again in the future. Although I was a bit leery about the buffet at the start, I ended up really enjoying it and thought it was fair for the $14.99 price. I loved that they put many of their actual dishes on it and I now know what I will order the next time that I go in if the buffet is not available.

  • Omar C.

    So I am struggling between 3 and 4 stars. But I don't want to give it a 4. Why? Because my flavor expectations were met but not exceeded. I got the large dish of fried rice because I didn't want meat imposters. Tofu stop pretending and be yourself! My rice tasted like i would expected any fried rice would expect is was a never ending rush for my tiny taste buds. The only bonus I would add is the sriracha hot sauce. That is the king of all hot sauces and mixed in with my rice added the kick i needed. The vegan desserts were phenomenal and would bump this place to 4 stars BUT they didn't make the desserts I tried. They had bought them from another vegan bakery near by. Despite this, that dessert tasted like a HoHo and I was happy. The only negative I would give this place is they attention to you. They are either blind, deaf, or both. Which ever one, you don't exist until you make a loud noise or get real close to them. Maybe this is their way of giving you your privacy, but at least check up on us once every 10 minutes or so! Having said all this, I will return here when I feel fat which is probably every day.

  • Tiff L.

    I really wanted to like this place but the service was terrible. We were the only ones there when we arrived, sat down and glasses of water were brought to the table. About that time another couple arrived. We got out appetizer, which was quite tasty, and ordered our dinners. I wanted vermicelli but it was only in the appetizers so I ordered two dishes off the appetizer menu and my husband ordered a Tofu dish. The food came out quickly but only my husband's main dish and one of the thing I ordered came out. The server said something to me that I couldn't really understand but I assumed it meant the rest of my food would be out soon. He left and we really didn't see him again. The people who came in after us got their food and were paying while I was still waiting for my second dish. My water glass was empty and I had been drinking most of my husband's by the time he brought more water. We waited for a LONG time and finally got his attention to get a to-go box for my husband's leftovers. He brought the box and was off again... no where to be seen. We waited, again, for a very long time to finally ask for the check. He did not charge us for my second dish so I am pretty sure he either didn't hear me or he forgot. I may have been able to let that go if the service wasn't so bad because the food really was well prepared and the atmosphere of the place was nice.

  • Jake Z.

    What an odd little restaurant. Nestled in an unassuming plaza in Robinson, you might even miss it. Sitting next to what used to be a CiCi's and across from Moe's, Loving Hut is kind of at odds with its location. The menu is all vegan and personalized by the chef of each location. They do a great job with their dishes, everything is light and the core ingredients really shine through. Our spring rolls were crunchy and full of fresh veggies, the peanut sauce was light and balanced its sweet and savoriness perfectly. It's an odd location, I feel it would be better suited closer to the city but I hope it works for them. Check out my longer review: eatinginpittsburgh.com/2…

  • Valerie H.

    As someone not very familiar with vegan food, I absolutely love this place. Its very clean inside, the food is REALLY flavorful and the owners seem very nice. They could probably improve slightly on their service and recognize that most people want a knife to eat with - but other than that.....SOOOOOO Good and its pretty cheap at about $9.95 per plate. They give plenty of food to eat - and I am a big eater. This is actually one of my two favorite restaurants. I have been there twice in the past two weeks. The Chow Mein is FULL of veggies and tofu (which I had for the first time and loved). VERY YUM! I had a BBQ type dish called "Grilled Sensation" the first time I went and it was absolutely fabulous as well :). My husband got it when I took him and he loved it as well. The decor is minimalistic - but pretty. Kinda of modern with Ikea type white chairs and white tables with yellow walls and daisies and a candle at each table :) Even my husband complimented that it was pretty...LOL I do need to mention that they do seem to have some weird religious channel showing at all times - but I wasn't there to watch T.V. so it didn't bother me.

  • Jamie F.

    We love this place! They are kid friendly and pay special attention to our food allergy needs. Every meal is delicious and the cheesecake is heavenly!

  • Jimmy J.

    I had been to the buffet a few times. Delicious food. I also enjoy "The New York Charm". It's so good. However I was there on Saturday Dec 15th and ordered the jumbo drumsticks as appetizer(was ok) and was so anxious to get to my favorite dish "The New York Charm". It came out quickly and was tasty as usual. However I did not have a drink and could not finish the food without a drink. They were not busy, I was by myself and there was one couple sitting at a table. After 20 minutes without a drink my food was cold and I noticed my server sitting behind the counter? So I walk up to check out and she says "How was everything"? I said, I did not have a drink the whole dinner and couldn't finish. She said, oh, sorry that'll be $21.99 I paid and left. Was very unpleasant. Ruined my meal! I keep saying I won't be back but the food is very good here and I'll most likely return when I can try and forget about this. Oh yeah, I drove 60 miles to eat here and go to a store in Robinson.

  • Aniketa S.

    Great vegan food, the lemon grass chicken has AMAZING flavor and good texture. The wonton soup was also spicy and delicious. Can't wait to go back. They do not serve alcohol. The boba drinks looked great but didn't try any. The dishes are about $10 or more each, so probably more like $$ to $$$, which is standard for most 100% vegan (fake meat) places.

  • Hildy G.

    Good food - loved the drumsticks. Pho was not my taste re the flavor, and not as chock full as I'd like, but wow - to get off the plane hungry and find a perfectly good vegan place 10m away? Amazing!

  • Iliana C.

    WOW! Everything here is vegan and delicious! I am a carnivore and came here with my vegan girlfriend on a Sunday when they have an all you can eat buffett which includes chocolate chip cookies! The food was constantly being made and brought out so no worries about getting stuff that was made hours earlier. I left so stuffed and sad I couldn't eat more. I recommend trying this place especially on a Sunday (1st and 3rd of the month) for the buffett. This way you can try a little bit of everything and see what you like. My favorite was the lemon grass. Not sure what that is exactly but I went back another time just for this item. Next time I'm back in Robinson I will be eating here (with or without a vegan)!

  • Cynthia C.

    The food in this place is clean and yummy, havent had a bad meal there. The summer roll is always our starter, and it comes with a yummy sauce for dipping. Perfect portion size for sharing but not filling you up so you can enjoy your dinner. I change my entree each time I go there - my hubby loves the Lemongrass Chicken for its many flavors. Brown rice is cooked perfect, nutty with a great texture. Price is reasonable for a vegan restaurant and the staff/family owned are very friendly and nice. Only cons are the drink selection is minimal - and expensive ($3.99 per juice). And that the staff may be a bit over attentive... coming over to fill water and clear plates and interupting conversation. DEFINITELY will eat here on a regular basis. Always concerned that they wont be there when we go as not sure how busy they are in the location. Fingers crossed that they stay for a good long time as I enjoy the clean, healthy food option.

  • Jim W.

    "I partake not in the meat, nor the breastmilk, nor the ovum, of any creature, with a face." --Todd Ingram from "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" Okay...if you're a vegan...my apologies. Probably you don't have a lot of awesome "dining out" experiences that aren't in Tibet, and unfortunately I suspect this is one more venue to get more of the same not awesomeness. But I need to preface this review with a couple caveats. 1) I don't know what "good" tofu tastes like. I suppose it is hypothetically possible that the tofu I had was good, or even great and that gross texture and vaguely egg-like taste is considered fine tofu dining. 2) I've never had Jasmine tea. Okay...so the good: The place is new (ish), nicely decorated, and clean as a whistle. The tables are these polished white lacquer affairs that are so shiny clean you feel like you can eat directly off of them. The service was very friendly. The crispy rolls were great. I don't know what was in them...as a non-vegan, it wasn't important, because I just wanted to try them, but if there is something that is typically IN a spring roll/egg roll that deveganizes it...they should just eliminate it in all of them because these were just as good as any "normal" egg roll/spring rolls. Okay, so I ordered tea with my meal. The little old man asked me if I wanted Green tea or Jaasdfdfasdafadsf tea. I spell it that way because the two or three times I asked him to repeat I couldn't figure out what he was saying, and only after he brought it to the table did I put it together that he was saying jasmine. He said it would have more flavor and it did. It also had a lovely floral aroma, except that after inhaling near it, I stopped short and offered a whiff across the table to my lunch companions. "Smell this." One girl took it and inhaled. "Oh! That is flowery..., but...." "Say it," I said. She looked vaguely uneasy. "SAY IT!" I repeated. "It sorta smells like a bathroom air freshener." "Yeah," I said, "It DOES". So this is where my inexperience with Jasmine tea comes in. MAYBE...maybe jasmine tea is SUPPOSED to smell like a men's room urinal cake. I don't know. Maybe it's just an unfortunate Pavlovian association that when I smell jasmine, I think of urinal cakes because so many urinal cakes come standard with "jasmine scent". So the image that the commercial portray about the woman enjoying the early morning hours with closed eyes, her cup of tea raised gently to her lips, her face enwreathed in aromatic steam...the camera switches over to a summer rain falling softly in a green meadow??? Well when I closed my eyes and put the cup to my lips...the vision that popped into my mind was sitting in the men's room drinking tea from the crapper. So that was sorta an appetite killer. The other girl bought a sweet and sour chicken that she said she liked. The 'soy protein' chicken LOOKED like chicken. She said it more or less tasted like chicken too, but "Maybe a little gummier." Okay...I could have dealt with that. My 'soy protein' was brown...and had an odd texture. I think it was intended to resemble beef, but if we can return for a moment to my previous men's room analogy...it more resembled something found THERE. It was a little tough, and I didn't love the taste. The broth in my soup though? Spicy and tasted pretty good! Okay...so some mistakes were made on MY part. Jasmine tea = NO. Bon Hue (what I ordered) = NO. BUT...I would go again. I like to try new things, and I feel like there were other things on the menu that offered more promise than the selections I made. I give it two stars, but reserve the right to change my mind if at some point (maybe six months from now or so) I return and try something that I like even a LITTLE more than what I selected.

  • S. Christine R.

    Love this place!!! I was so surprised to find this on the west side of the Pittsburgh metro area. I can't wait to go back. The deserts are amazing. The dishes are delicious, inexpensive and the portions are large. With entrees you get a choice of white or brown rice ----- no extra charge for brown rice!!! I've never encountered that before. Yummy.

  • Jessica M.

    I ate here recently with a friend. It was pretty dead at lunch hour. Just us and 2 other tables. I had the lemongrass soy chicken, which was tasty. Also had the crispy rolls and the coco tofu (shared with a coworker). Everything was yummy, I just wish there was a bit more vegetable variety in the dish than just a pile of tofu/soy protein and some brown rice. Other dishes have more variety so I will have to try those. I was a bit worried that the cult feeling would be overwhelming, but the workers were friendly and it was easy enough to ignore the TVs on the walls.

  • Joolz M.

    I am so thrilled that this restaurant is here! The food at the loving hut is absolutely delicious. You'd never know it's entirely vegan! My absolute favorite is the Golden noodle soup with Wontons. I order it every time I am in Pittsburgh. It's just so flavorful yet delicate and the portion size is huge. The other thing I tend to order are the Golden Wontons with Plum Sauce. My mom always orders the Ginger vegetables, and I am so pleased to say that they even offer vegan Pho, something I cannot find often elsewhere. I definitely need to try to Clay Pot with Mushrooms next time I am in town. Another thing about this lovely spot is that it is always extremely tranquil and clean. The simple decor with positive messages makes for a very calming dining experience. Also, the owner and his family are always so genuinely nice and happy to see us! I always leave with a smile on my face. Additionally, they offer a buffet once in awhile if you're into that sort of thing. And the deserts are pretty delish if you have any room left. I can't say enough good things about the Loving Hut! Go there and enjoy!

  • Lesley M.

    I am so torn about this place. On one hand, as a vegetarian, do I want a little place serving all vegan food in the middle of the culinary wasteland that is Robinson to succeed? Absolutely. But on the other, I'm rather scared of cults. And there is definitely a creepy vibe here. We ordered the crispy rolls and the summer rolls. The crispy rolls didn't seem all that different to me than regular veggie spring rolls (they just taste fried). The summer rolls, however, were excellent-- really fresh, and served with great peanut sauce. My entree was on the specials list, and I've forgotten the exact name but it's something like Sweet and Sour Divine. That was great-- very fresh veggies and soy "meat" in a sweet pineapple-y sauce. My husband got something called Guru Curry, which was good, but spicy as all hell. I couldn't have eaten very much of it. But as everyone else has mentioned, they have two giant TVs showing a very cult-ish TV channel. It has subtitles in about 17 languages (not kidding). It reminds me of something from Idiocracy. Fortunately the sound is off, but still, you're watching something called "Supreme Master TV" while you're eating dinner, and that kind of ruined it for me. The all-white color scheme didn't bug me-- it just looked clean, which is always a plus in my book. But yeah, mega cult vibe... not going back.

  • DJ J.

    OMG...Walking in you feel like your "in the (t)WhiteLight zone". Is this a movie set or what? So white with yellow...so cold feeling.... and only one customer..... What's the deal with the two TV's broadcasting messages from the Supreme Master Ching Hai - founder of the Loving Hut cold concept? The Pho was very flavorful and Crispy Rolls were very good. Service was good but only few other tables came in after we were seated. Not everything available on the menu, about 5 items have been cover over because those items are not available anymore, so if you look at the website, not everything is available.

  • Rich S.

    Today was another first for me, vegan food. I have a few friends that went through a vegetarian phase for a few years so meals without meat aren't completely foreign to me. I actually quite like tofu dogs and Boca burgers. However I have never had a completely vegan meal, so when I saw there was a pretty highly rated all vegan place close to my house I thought it would be worth a try. The restaurant was called The Loving Hut, located in Robinson, an area full of many different places to eat. I dragged Kandace along with me because she hasn't ever had anything close to vegan so I figured it would be a big change for her. Upon looking at the menu we were both slightly worried. There was a lot of soy chicken, and soy pork. As a rule of thumb I generally try to stay away from anything soy trying to impersonate meat. It's normally a let down, but since this lunch was all about trying new things we both went with soy chicken meals. She got the Tangy Orange and I got the Lucky Lemon Grass. One thing on the menu we both felt was a pretty safe bet was the rolls they had for appetizers. We both agreed that the Loving Hut Special Roll sounded the best out of the ones they had available. One thing I do have to say first is that the Loving Hut is extremely quick. It took no more then five minutes for us to get our appetizers and our meals came out less then five minutes after that. It was a nice change from most places I eat. Now on to the reviews. The Loving Hut Special Roll: The roll was pretty good. There was a large piece of tofu in the middle of each which kind of threw off Kandace. It was her first experience with tofu and the texture takes a little bit to get used to, but she seemed to adjust. There was a pretty leafy taste; at first it reminded me of just plain lettuce but it also had a slight mint taste to it. Dunking them in the sauce was a must as it added a lot of taste. The sauce was really delicious. It was obviously soy sauce based but had a nice peanut flavor as well as a good bit of sweet and spice. I enjoyed them. Lucky Lemon Grass: My first thought when I saw my meal was "God that looks dry", and I was right in that assumption. It was also nearly impossible to cut with just a fork. I ended up ripping apart pieces with my hands most of the time. There was a lot of flavors but it was all spice. I'm a fan of proper spice but I don't like when all I can taste is spice. That's how this "chicken" was. It really didn't do much for me. I figured dipping in the sauce would help with the dryness and the spice but it really didn't. The sauce was pretty sweet but the spice completely voided any taste of it. The soy also did not suck up any of the sauce at all so it was still dry. At least the rice was good. The Rating: Was it filling?: I almost stopped for a double cheeseburger on the way home, so no. Did I feel gross afterwards?: No, I honestly just felt tired. Would I eat it again?: The rolls: Yes. The "chicken": No Would I go there again?: No, it just really wasn't my sort of thing.

  • Josh M.

    Ok. I love the concept. The recommendations were high. Unfortunately we went there on the first Sunday of the month, which is apparently a Buffet only day. the food was very good. Service was slow and spoke broken English. ( it was hard to understand that it was buffet only Sunday. I learned that from a friend later) The price of the buffet was not posted nor communicated. It was about $15 per person. Not worth the selection you were given. So based on that I disagree with the single $ rating. Didn't get a chance to look at the regular menu pricing. If the food wasn't as good as it was, the rating would have been a single star. We will try this place again on a regular day.

  • Deanna L.

    My husband and I were visiting family in PA and my mom in law found The Loving Hut. We tried it when we first arrived and we loved it so much, we came back on our way back to the airport. We ordered the egg roll, the wonton app, the lemon grass chicken, the bbq rice dish and the mix veggie dish. It was so good, there was no food left over! I'm so happy to know they are a chain and could be found world wide and they have one not too far from my house in CA.

  • Ishi G.

    Oh my goodness! I can't believe I waited this long to try Loving Hut. The decor is eclectic but looks a little busy. I must say I got the Lucky Noodles for lunch and they rate seriously high on the "yumm factor". Fresh crisp carrots, broccoli, tender zucchini, soy protien and perfectly seasoned tofu tossed in lo-mein style noodles. Being a bit of a noodle addict, I'm very picky when it comes to grading my noodle dishes. This one easily gets a 9.5 out of 10. I plan to be a regular here in future - highly recommend at least trying this place out!

  • Mel B.

    I absolutely love this restaurant! Everything on the menu is insanely good! My personal favorites are the lucky lemon grass and the Mongolian. Their desserts are also all fantastic. The staff is pretty friendly, although not very attentive.

  • Anastasia C.

    I was delighted to stumble across this place while I was headed to Moe's next door. I diverted course and tried the "special noodles." Everything was fresh and came very quickly. The dish was not quite as described but I enjoyed it. I also chose some Pandan cake from the wide variety of vegan desserts and I would have had no idea that it was vegan had I not been told. I noticed the TV screens but the volume was very low and I did not even notice what was playing. I actually liked the all-white decor-- everything seemed very clean and crisp.

  • Oren S.

    I used to dine at this restaurant every Saturday for the buffet. I have not been there in a couple of months and the interest of my wife and I to dine there is waning. With the exception of the usually-poor buffet desserts, the food offerings are good, but the lack of effective, customer-oriented management always leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth. I secured great publicity for the restaurant through an article published in the major local newspaper, yet despite that and dozens of visits to the restaurant, I am generally "greeted" as if the staff has not seen me before. It can be next to impossible to have water glasses refilled, to place a beverage order, or to have used plates cleared from the table. On many occasions, the young lady who is "managing" the dining room has sat at the cash register reading, oblivious to the needs of customers in the dining room. I look at restaurant favorites of mine like Red Tea House, Mount Lebanon, Atria's Peters Township, Scoglio Greentree, and Primanti Brothers, Mount Lebanon, and note that all of these are successful due to offering top-notch service and because of active and gracious management which makes the customer feel welcome and appreciated. No one fills that role at Loving Hut. I would add a note on price: $14.99 for the buffet is pricey, especially for lunch. The restaurant reduced the price to $12.99 some weeks ago, a wise move, but it returned the price to $14.99 the following week and for future weeks. The restaurant has a prominent sign posted at the register area which discourages the customer from using a credit card: "Cash is Preferable". As one who always uses a credit card for a charge of close to $40, this makes me uncomfortable. The Loving Hut demonstrates that there is more to a great dining experience than simply dishing out out good food. The diner tends to frequent establishments where he or she is made to feel that they are valued. I would emphasize that if one would like to have a beer or glass of wine with their meal, that not only is there no alcoholic beverage service here, but that consuming alcohol is not permitted. This is the only adult restaurant of which I am aware which imposes its moral code on customers.

  • Rene S.

    Food, service , dessert, and water is excellent! I wish we had this in Virginia beach.

  • E K.

    Food was ok. A bit over priced and the side options are boring. I had the lemongrass chicken which was good. Brown rice as a side wasn't enough.

  • Jennifer L H.

    Decor is NOT fancy, but the food was SO good. Only one person seemed to be working (at least I only saw one person).

  • KittyKat Z.

    Amazing food! This is a great place for everyone--vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters. I'm vegan, and my boyfriend is an omnivore. We both love eating here. My favorite entree is the Lucky Lemon Grass which has soy chicken with lots of flavor and a crispy coating. I've also had these items, and they were also very good: Loving Hut Special Rolls and Fresh Summer Rolls. My boyfriend loves the Spicy Cha Cha which has vegan shrimp. The vegan shrimp is battered and fried. He's allergic to shrimp, but he loves the taste and he said this is very similar to the real deal. For dessert I LOVE the vegan cheesecake. It is so creamy and rich. I love this place! And I love being able to order anything I want from the menu without having to ask if it's vegan!

  • Jeff C.

    We were pleasantly surprised to find out that Robinson Township in Pittsburgh, PA (which has many restaurants geared towards meat-lovers) now has a vegan restaurant! I am a pescatarian (fish only vegetarian) and my spouse is a part-time vegetarian. Although both of us are starting to eat more and more vegan dishes and have a general interest in eating healthy. They had a ton of options on the menu, the environment was very nice (for a plaza-based restaurant) and the prices were decent. We started with the Special Rolls appetizer and a mango smoothie. Not only do you get a lot (10 I think) but both the sauce and the rolls were very tasty. The Summer Rolls looked very similar. The mango smoothie (with soy milk) was very tasty and came with tapioca balls. We'd ask for little or no ice next time. For dinner, I had the quinoa salad with strips of tempeh. It was probably one of THE best salads I've ever had. The dressing was lime honey mustard based I believe and it was loaded with good, healthy toppings. This dish was on the local specials menu but I hope they keep it around! My spouse also had a dish on the specials menu (can't remember the name) that was a stir fry dish with orange zest, onions, carrots, peanuts with soy chicken protein (similar to the popcorn chicken protein that Whole Foods sells) served in a sizzling hot pot. It was served with brown rice topped with sesame seeds. We both were blown away at how good it tasted. The only thing I'd recommend would be to add more vegetables. In my opinion, there's no way a meat eater wouldn't like a dish like this. We finished with a slice of vegan carrot cake. Our first choice was the vegan cheesecake but they were sold out (guess we'll have to come back!). Again, we were very pleased. We would HIGHLY recommend this restaurant to anyone whether you're a vegan or meat eater! We will definitely return!

  • Tyler P.

    First off, this is a vegan joint. If you are expecting meat, dairy, etc, you will be let down. With that being said, this is the only all vegan institution in Pittsburgh and with the combination of eclectic Vietnamese and Western cuisine, it is a rare gem. Going beyond the typical Loving Hut menu, they do a great job expanding the choices by adding a few Pittsburgh specific dishes (sorry, no pierogies). In addition, they have an amazing bimonthly buffet! This place has great customer service and treat all patrons (that I have encountered) really well. I do wish the place was in the city but it gives me an excuse to shop around Robinson. I do not understand why people did not pick this place as the best veg restaurant in the Pittsburgh City Paper and instead chose the WORST restaurant in Pittsburgh (I will be Quiet not to raise a Storm) but I will have to say for the price, service, and selection, it is a no brainer that Loving Hut takes the cake. Support this place!

  • Julia C.

    This restraunt had the most Delitious deserts i have ever tasted vegan or non vegan! Their german chocolate icecream was the best out of the five different cake i tried there, even though all the othe cakes were delicious too! The drumsticks were also wonderful, and their sauces for all their dishes are the best! I am going back for on my birthday, that just how good it is!

  • Kevin B.

    Deliciously flavorful food. The soy meat had nice texture and flavor, and the sauce on my dish was perfect. This place is a gem if you're vegetarian, but is also worth a try if you simply enjoy flavorful asian cuisine.

  • Amy H.

    How refreshing to have a Loving Hut in Pittsburgh! It's in a desolate plaza, so you have to hunt it out to know about it. I was super pumped to come here, and if you have directions, it's an easy drive. The restaurant has a very clean, bright feeling to it and there are vegan quotes decorating the walls. When I opened the menu I could NOT make a decision because everything sounded so good. Most restaurants offer only 2-3 veg options on the menu, so I am not used to this decision making! The service was good and fast. We started out with the special rolls (kinda like summer rolls) with a very good dipping sauce. Very generous appetizer portion. I finally decided on the Ginger Tofu, which also came out in a huge portion, over mixed greens and a big serving of brown rice. The tofu was good but it actually tasted like french toast. It must have been the sweet ginger sauce. Weird, but I didn't hate it. I had regrets that I didn't try the special quinoa salad, but there is always next time! Oh, and the prices are very good - one app, 2 dinners and iced green teas came to under $30.

  • Jeremy E.

    Loving Hut is an excellent addition to the few vegan dining options in Pittsburgh. Hooray! The dishes at Loving Hut are Asian/Vietnamese inspired. My wife and I started with the drumstick appetizer (a crispy panko coated big thin wrapper roll filled with sprouts and mushrooms) and fresh summer rolls. I ordered the drumstick because it looked like nothing I've seen before. It was awesome--crisp on the outside and filled with yummy veg inside. We opted to try entrees with mock meats and were not disappointed. The menu also has many tofu and fresh vegetable options. She ordered the Loving Hut Special Noodle w/rolls which is basically a vegan version of vietnamese rice noodle w/mixed meats and crispy spring rolls (Bun). I've had the meat version of this at other places and the flavors were on target. Their soy BBQ meat had great texture. The rolls were awesome and the nuoc cham sauce was just right. I had the Lucky Lemongrass which was a crispy soy chicken with spicy chilis. This was excellent and full flavored although I think they should include a dipping sauce (suggest soy/vinegar) with it since it was a bit dry (nonetheless I ate it all because it tasted great). They also have vegan desserts like soy cheesecake which I will be sure to get when we visit again.

  • Rachel C.

    If you are vegetarian or vegan this place is heaven! So many choices! Everything was good, too. Great salads and stir fry. I wish there were more people there, as it always seems empty when we go and I don't want this place to go out of business. If you don't eat tofu or vegetarian protein, this place is probably not for you.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 9:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Accepts Bitcoin : No
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : No
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Quiet
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes

Loving Hut

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