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  • Jess J.

    So this is one of the places that when you hear Philly cheesesteak, the name is always in the mix, I can see why. The first time I came I had the girlies with me, they aren't huge cheesesteak fans so we decided to check out a few things on the menu. I ordered the cheesesteak, a cheeseburger, hotdog and fries. The girls enjoyed their burger and dogs, the french fries weren't so much of a hit, but we got them plain, no cheese sauce. My cheesesteak, omg was amazing! I have never eaten a whole steak in one sitting, but I could not put this heaven in the form of a roll down. I wanted to snap a pic for you guys, but before I knew it it was gone, first of all the smell that filled the car while I drove home was orgasmic, then to finally take a bite... wow, it was worth the wait. Simply amazing... So a week later I find myself in the area again, my insides are doing the happy dance, so excited. I go in and as hard as it was to not order a regular cheesesteak, I did it for the sake of a inclusive review, I ordered a chicken cheesesteak with spinach. Again I meant to take a picture, but when I opened the wrapper and saw the huge chunks of wonderfully seasoned chicken, my hands reached for the steak, not the phone, and before I knew it again it was gone. It's hard to believe that the two sandwiches were from the same place, not that they weren't good, but the chicken had such a fresh taste, I wasn't expecting from the same place as the perfectly greased cheesesteak I had the week earlier. I actually felt like with the chicken I was eating healthy. I was pleased both times, and will be back... often. Also the service both times was nice and friendly, I didn't feel rushed while deciding what to top my cheesesteaks with. The ticketing system for the pick up is a nice touch although both times, I didn't know where I put the tickets once I got my change, but luckily it wasn't a problem since they weren't crowded. Next time I'll be trying their cheese fries which I hear are amazing.

  • Thao T.

    Probably one of the better cheesesteaks in the city. Minimal to none on the greasy level. DEFINITELY BEST FRIES in Philly. Flounder Platter is also great. Service is good for the most and not ghetto, which is pretty rare consider they're located on South Street and how crazy busy they are during the weekends. Do CHECK your order before you leave. There was a couple of times they forgot to put whiz on my order :(

  • John D.

    Best philly cheesesteak I've had in Philly to date. I was turned on to this place by a local, and I'm glad I listened! Skip past the lines of the other places and get the real deal here.

  • Brian T.

    Was on South street and the line for Jim's was literally wrapped around the corner. Decided to stop into Ishkabibbles to get a few steak sandwiches. The takeout service was quick and done right. The sandwiches were pretty good. albeit the meat was underseasoned. It's a pretty good steak sandwich if you're in the area and don't feel like dealing with the circus that is Jim's.

  • Tonya R.

    Okay let me begin this post with I am a New Yorker. So we don't exactly so cheesesteak well here. From an out of towner I can say that this cheesesteak was delicious. It hit the spot. We opted to get ours and dash because the parking situation was ridiculous. Plus I didn't really want to eat in the restaurant. It reminds me of our Crown chicken franchises here in NYC only larger and pinker. The onion rings were pretty good but a little oily for my taste. Next time I'll just stick with the cheesesteak.

  • V V.

    My friends are big cheese steak lovers and found this place to be decent at best. Soso seating but a decent amount of space and choices to choose from. Located on the strip of downtown with your choice of all of different eateries if your looking to try all the spots that offer cheesesteaks this is one that you may want to add to the list.

  • Isabel J.

    I usually visit their original location when I'm in Philly but since they have it closed for renovations I came here. This location is a lot bigger with plenty of seating. I like this location better since its so spacious. I was scared that since its not the original location the cheesesteaks would suffer but that was not the case. I got my usual a cheesesteak with wiz and sweet peppers and it was delicious. I cant get enough of these sandwiches and they are more delicious each time.

  • Urban D.

    This place is awesome! I always get a cheese steak with onions and green peppers and wiz. They are quick! We sat and are. Had a lemonade to drink and left satisfied.

  • Deborah W.

    So when I was in Philadelphia for a conference recently I went on a mission to find a great Philly cheesesteak. I definitely hit the jackpot when I found Ishkabibble's on funky, fun South Street. Although the place was pretty busy, the staff was very pleasant and efficient. My sandwich was made to order and absolutely delicious! I ordered it with hot peppers and sharp provolone cheese. The bread was soft with just the right bite to it. The meat was super tender and flavorful, and the fries were fresh and crispy. I highly recommend Ishkabibble's and won't hesitate to eat there again the next time I'm in Philly!

  • Clare K.

    I'm from Chicago and have visited the tourist spots for Cheesesteak but hoped to find a better place based on all I've heard, they are out there. Came here based on the reviews but am disappointed. Granted, I got the South Philly Chicken and not the real thing, but the chicken was dry and almost every piece had cartilage in it. Fries were good but nothing out of the ordinary. Huge sandwich but threw most away.

  • Erin M.

    While walking around the street food fair this past sunny Saturday afternoon, we all wanted to get a Philly Cheesesteak while we were in Philly for the weekend. Since a handful of us have tried and are tired of the Geno's vs. Pat's cheese steak rivalry, we opted for a more local spot. Shalom suggested Ishkabibbles and I seriously thought he was joking because of how cute/ awesome the name is! When we got to Ishkabibbles 2, we quickly made our orders and waited to feast on a delicious Philly Cheesesteak. There is a lot of seating here at Ishkabibbles II and many choices to order from. When we got ours, the bread was perfect. The onions and beef had a perfect amount of cheese balance. Overall, it was a really good Philly Cheesesteak experience. I recommend this over the famous Geno's and Pat's because there is less line, and the quality is absolutely better. Also, the name is so freaking awesome, how can you not come and check it out?

  • Tyneisha M.

    Came here with 4 gfs around 530pm on a saturday afternoon. For the most part our food came up pretty quickly but we had to wait for my one gf's food for quite awhile. She ordered onion rings and pizza fries and the rest of us ordered a cheesesteak. The steaks were decent and the onion rings were the best ! We'll be back.

  • Steven C.

    Not like the original. I mean not only did you get my order wrong. You told me I had to tell you to chop the meat! To think I drove from DC here for the sole purpose of showing my wife a great cheesesteak and left with a poor facsimile of an original great. I'll go to Jim's next time or back to the original.

  • marilyn l.

    I am sad to say that it was one of the worse cheesesteaks I ever had. The meat was bland, but it could have been since I forgot to say "salt and pepper." But regardless, the meat was dry and barely had any cheese. I chose provolone. Maybe wiz will be better.

  • Jo L.

    I was afraid their cheese fries would be different but it looks like it was the same lady from the other store & it was just as good! I like that there are so many seats here for if you want to dine in but I only ever go for their fries so I just grab and go. With that being said, the other place would be more to my liking since we can order outside. The 2 cashiers that were there when I stopped by gave off a I'm-so-cool attitude and was making fun of one of the customers that just left. Not cool.

  • Chloe R.

    The food is good, especially the cheese fries. I'm giving it 3-stars because it is WAY too over priced. I paid like 8.00 for some fries, and around $20 for a meal for myself.

  • Caitlin C.

    Ishkabibbles is my favorite place to get a cheesesteak and when I heard about the opening of a second location, I was pretty excited. Stopped in here yesterday for a late lunch at around 2pm. It was packed! Line went quickly and I managed to find a seat. Food was out in about five minutes. Same great taste! I am happy that business is booming for Ishkabibbles! I will definitely come back to this new location. It'll be especially good if I'm with a few people so we can grab a table. I'll still return to the original as well. Five stars for Ishkabibbles. Love it!

  • Brolin P.

    Every time I'm in Philadelphia and I want a cheesesteak sub. I always make sure I make my way to this place. They have to be the best cheesesteak place in Philadelphia. I've had them many other places and none have been as good as them. Very clean and wonderful service.

  • Mark Z.

    I am glad they have a place you can actually sit down and enjoy your food. Ishkabibbles has a lot of tables and seats, so you don't have to feel cramp at their original location. Their chicken cheese steaks are awesome and they use actual chicken breast. It is kinda expensive, but it is still good.

  • Julia C.

    My friend who lives in South Philly doesn't talk about Jim's or Geno's or Pat's steaks. He always talks about Ishkabibble's and what wonderful sandwiches they have. SO, I went to South Street to get my haircut and decided to get dinner to go from some place...then next door to Chop Shop is the 2nd location of Ishkabibble's. So, I scoured through menu...what to get, what to get...then decided to try his fave sandwich, chicken parmesan. It is a breaded chicken breast, with zesty marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese and oregano. IT was huge and delicious. I want to try chicken cheese steak and other sandwiches. What us cool about this place is they have a good variety of sandwiches, fries. This location is spacious. Staff friendly. Will bring my out of state visitors here for a Philly sandwich.

  • Anita T.

    We meant to go to the original location but it appeared closed down for the time being. This place was pretty large with a lot of seating, but given that being the case, the wait was pretty long and the orders come out of order so you'll have to listen or keep getting up to check. However, the rush seems to come and go with this place -- when we arrived we were stuck in the midst of a 20 person crowd and by the time we were done with our meal there was nobody waiting. The location is on a pretty busy and interesting stretch of stores and eateries so there's a lot of options for fun stuff to do in the area. We had the South City Philly Cheesesteak (with provolone, peppers and spinach) and it was very good. Even the steak sandwich without cheese (but what's a philly cheesesteak without cheese??) was good as well. Sandwiches with extra toppings run around 10+ but 1 sandwich fed two people. In any case, enjoyable and satisfied our craving for an East Coast favorite.

  • Christine K.

    Decent cheesesteak. It was seriously huge though. I wasn't expected a roll that big. I ate it anyway...and fries.

  • M L.

    Food is good. Classic philly steaks and sandwiches. However, make sure they get your order right. Double and triple check. They have missed some key things on my order several times. I ask and pay for cheese, then no cheese. Seems like cheese fries should be self explanatory.

  • Jah L.

    I love this little take out spot. It is so small but their food attracts so many customers. We always order a large chicken cheese steak with everything and a large cup of fries on the side and split everything. It is never a disappointment. It is always so juicy. Theres no raw meat and their fries are just so good.

  • Christopher N.

    This store is absolutely terrible. The people in the new store are rude & unprofessional. I'm a huge fan of the original store. Last night after some shopping down town. I had relatives from out of state. We had a party of 6 & They wanted a chicken a cheese steak so I suggested this place because of the seating. We got to the place at 10:20. I saw the sign that said they closed at 11 & the dining rooms chairs were already up. After ordering the food, the white receptionist I would think he was the manager at the site because he looked lole he was in charge but he was absolutely rude he told us that we can't dine in. There was also a party of 3 in the corner eating & forced them to pack their food up & go. Me & my relatives were also forced to leave & we decided to eat right out side of the restaurant on the hood of my car in the middle on winter. Nothing on the food but I will not be going back to this location because of that one individual's rudeness & unprofessional ethics.

  • Mike S.

    Great cheese steak and great fries! That all I need. Fries taste like crap if they get cold.

  • Jeannine K.

    I feel like in the past 5 years there has been at least 4 different restaurants and they all seem to fail....I think this will be the exception despite having another location very very close by. Seating was ample, service was FRIENDLY (im serious) and our cheesesteak and cheesefries were beyond excellent. I brought my sister here because she wanted her first Philly cheesesteak and it was raining and I was happy to find somewhere we could sit. It's been a few weeks and I am still thinking about it.

  • Jason k.

    This is a sad excuse for a philly cheesesteak. The meat in our cheesesteak was dry and tough. They hardly used any cheese. If you want a great cheesesteak avoid this trainwreck , go a block or so down South st and go to Jim's steaks. There is always a line, which moves fast but once you have one you will understand! Instead of ishkabiddles it should be called ishkacrap!!

  • Isaac F.

    Ishkabibbles is simplfy fantastic with great bread and cheesesteak and bread i loved my crush soda and though i could not understand the songs they ssounded good but thd man in the blue coat was an ameri an nd i cramped brendan wanted a cheesesteak ps diary i love pussy

  • Lena D.

    I went there to try a Philly cheesesteak for the first. Bear in mind then the fact that I had no prior notion of what a cheesesteak would be like. The thing is, essentially, slivers of beef, with grilled onions, cheese (provolone), all filled into a "baguette". The cheesesteak was good, although a bit dry. I think this is simply due to the cut of meat used: burgers are "naturally" more juicy. Not my favorite meal, but satisfying for 9$.

  • Mr. F.

    Always been a fan of the original location. This one maintains the same quality! Love there steaks!!

  • Daniel A.

    It's been a while since I've been here and was really looking forward to their chicken cheesesteak. However, I was very disappointed with the quality of meat from what I rememeber. The chicken was dry and had chunks of that Un - edible chewy type of texture. It really was off putting and for $9 bucks I was expecting alot better.

  • Roxy G.

    I was so disappointed in this place. I looked online for reviews for the best chicken cheesesteaks so I was expecting something great. The chicken chunks were too big and dry. I asked for provolone but it tasted like swiss. On top of that the fries were awful chewy shoe string fries. $25 for 2 chicken cheesesteaks and fries?! No thank you.

  • Lainey G.

    Iskabibbles is my absolute favorite place to grab a cheesesteak!

  • Audrey R.

    Yum. Had my first REAL Philly cheese steak here. Enjoyed it, it was good. Don't forget to get some onion rings when you're here, there yummy too!

  • Michelle E.

    After trying Pat's and being disappointed, this place has great customer service. The Philly steaks were great and we had a fun experience.

  • Ieshiea A.

    I was scared to try this location at first, but the cheesesteaks here are as good as the original location. I also had a gremlin which is always tasty!

  • Elliott S.

    I had the Ishka steak (provolone, spinach, roasted peppers) - delicious. Had some juice to it. Nice roll, good mix of meat and topping. Need a few more peppers to get a 5 star.

  • Maria K.

    I was referred to Ishkabibbles when I asked a colleague, who went to school in Philly for a good cheesesteak experience. This following a meh experience at Pat's on a prior visit. I brought along my daughter and her friend as we were attending Temple's accepted student day. Due to the campus activities, we had a really late lunch and were not yet hungry when we made our stop. However as we were driving straight home, I did not want to leave Philly without a cheesesteak. We were headed towards the original location when I noticed the "II". I found a parking spot exactly halfway between so we checked out the original location, but opted for "II" since I needed to use the facilities. Took our cheesesteaks to go and didn't eat it until we arrived home two hours later. Let me tell you, despite it being cold and the bread slightly soggy from staying in the wrapper, it was still one of the best things I have ever eaten. Next time, I will be sure to eat it while it is piping hot! If my daughter chooses to attend school in Philly, I know I'll be looking for excuses to visit or bring her home so that I can make frequent detours to Ishkabibbles! :) Note- visited on 3/23/14


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :9:00 am - 11:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Brunch
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Loud
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : No
    Drive-Thru : No
    Caters : No



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Ishkabibbles II

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