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  • A M.

    Well, surprisingly good hibachi place right here in Monroeville, located interestingly at the Mall. I've been here a couple times and have tried the sushi, which is okay, but this place is all about the hibachi. I took a group of 5 here on Thursday for my sis' bday lunch. The restaurant itself is the nicest Hibachi restaurant in terms of decor in my opinion in greater pittsburgh, despite its location (with maybe the exception of the bathroom, which looks like it should be located at the cleveland airport). The space is very fresh with great earthtones and your customary asian images. The seating for hibachi is pretty spreadout and the regular tables are big and comfy. The lunch prices are reasonable for $9 you can get the chicken hibachi, with veggies, rice, sauce, salad. You can also get a combo for $14. The service is better than most places I've been and everyone there seems to be asian of some type and well trained unlike Nakama. The food is fresh and the cooks are well trained. They interact with you a little more than other hibachi joints, but they actually seem to enjoy it. If you are in m'ville and want hibachi this is a much better option than shogun, one last thing they really make a big deal about birthdays, so if you really want to embarass someone on their bday this is the place to go. They turn down all the lights, turn on a disco ball, have the whole restaurant staff gather round you while this super cheesy bday / disco song places in the background and the whole restaurant is encouraged to clap. They also have this nice flower type candle for the bday girl to blow out and serve with french fried ice cream. This is a good addition.

  • Atilla B.

    Sawa (now Saga) is another chinese-run hibachi/sushi combo places, that try to be entertaining. While it may not be amazing, still beats most of the other places around the area. Been here a few times, and a couple of things stick out: 1. that annoying chinese waiter/host guy with glasses who treats customers rudely and thinks he's funnier than he actually is 2. cool dinner seating (non-hibachi side) which you sort of climb-into, kinda feels like getting into those canoes you rent at the lake 3. the ridiculously fobby happy birthday song accompanied by a cheesy light show Sushi was decent when I tried it, it was above average quality for the area. (the deep fried Sawa roll is actually good) For Hibachi, I was pleased -- mainly since the chef asked to add less soy sauce into the fried rice (since I was with a Chinese party), and overall the meat was not as salty as some other hibachi I've had. Filet was good, but I recommend against the chicken. I also sampled the salmon teriyaki - but the sauce was pretty unappetizing. One might want to be wary of the "no wait" promise for Hibachi, which included 20 minutes of waiting area and 10-15 minutes before we got our chef. Slightly annoying since our party included a 1 month old and also a 98 year old :)

  • Sofie S.

    In my opinion Sawa has the best hibachi that I have tried out. I have been to Baltimore house, Yokoso, Nakama, Shogun and another place that I can't remember. Mainly, they have the best shrimp sauce out of all the places, and the best ginger dressing for your salad. They recently added noodles with your meal as well instead of just the fried rice, now you get both. I am a die-hard seafood fan and I always order shrimp, scallops and lobster. The shrimp are delicious and the lobster as well. I am very picky when it comes to scallops and although they are good, they are not the best or the tastiest. Their sushi is the best or second best I've had in the Pittsburgh area. Their competitor would be Taipei Tokyo. The sushi is always fresh, decent sized pieces that melts in your mouth. It's worth the trip and I am going back there tonight!

  • Lori R.

    Best sushi for the drive from New Alexandria. It is awesome! The service is very friendly. They have the special tables that feel like you are sitting on the ground, too. It is a hibachi grill, too, but I'm all about the sushi!

  • Jason N.

    Good food and show. Sushi tastes great and they have a choice of sake. Not the cheapest place, but worth it a few times a year.

  • Katie O.

    i live in new york part time, new york being "the land of the cheap and delicious sushi." after i moved back to pittsburgh, i was bummed to find that sushi places are few and far between. my friend suggested sawa, so i went along, and was very pleasantly surprised! the lunch menu is great (3 rolls for $11, plus soup and salad? yes please!) and the sushi itself was very tasty. i'll definitely be going back!

  • Jungle Mon X.

    when my co-workers suggested a hibachi place for dinner, my initial reaction to myself was "OH GOD! WHY WHY WHY?" i dont like hibachi. the food is bathed in butter and the whole show....cheesy. and we are in western PA, how good can the sushi/sashimi be? well....i was pleasantly surprised. the decor was nice, it was clean, and spacious. lucky for me we didnt sit in the hibachi section and we got seated right away and after reviewing their large menu we got the sushi, sashimi, and teriyaki dinners. the sashimi was great. good portions and good quality. the only thing that was annoying was the happy birthday song in a japanese accent? and disco lights that were coming from the hibachi section. but overall, the food is good here. and service is prompt.

  • Nina P.

    BEST SUSHI IN MONROEVILLE! I myself am a self proclaimed sushi addict and this place really hits the spot and is happily close to home base. The sushi here is fresh and inventive. I sit at the sushi bar most of the time and appreciated the clean and orderly work station. The staff is friendly too! Menu Fav: Y2K Roll Only negative was valentine's day - the place was bananas - people need to make reservations for special occasions!!!

  • Megan H.

    The worst sushi we've ever had. I'd even venture to say that the "sushi" available at Chinese buffets exceeds this sushi in quality. We were extremely disappointed in the maki. Too much rice and a strange filler of imitation crab and mayonnaise? The fish seems low quality. If this is someone's idea of great sushi, I feel very sad.


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  • Address : Monroeville Mall,710 Mall Circle Dr
    Monroeville, PA, 15146
  • Phone (412) 372-8888
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  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Waiter Service : Yes

Sawa Japanese Steak House

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