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  • Sean D.

    I stopped in for lunch and had the General Tso's Chicken. It was served with chinese noodles and a choice of soup or egg roll. I had the Sweet and Sour soup and it was very tasty, very hot. As soon as I finished the soup, the General Tso's Chicken was set in front of me and it was delicious. The service was a bit spotty -- I had to ask twice to get chopsticks and I don't think anyone ever came by to check my tea -- but I think that might have been a matter of early staffing jitters. Prices seemed pretty decent on the lunch menu, about $6-9 depending on what you got, more if you went for the sushi courses.

  • Kathy L.

    I have been wanting to try this place since they opened. Today was the day. Stopped in to place a take out order of Thai green chilli curry, oh my goodness, it was delicious! We ordered the tofu, a slight heat, a delicious flavor! Really sweet people work there and we can't wait to try other dishes. I placed my order, grocery shopped at Aldi, then stopped in to pick up dinner. We will be back soon.

  • Boris B.

    I do not believe the other reviews on this place. It's not anywhere near 4.5 stars. The food is mediocre, at best. we tried both Thai and sushi. The service is friendly but unprofessional, not at all familiar with the menu. I do not recommend.

  • Jimeet P.

    I had high expectations for this new neighborhood Asian restaurant (offering Chinese/Thai/Sushi dishes), but after my third order I decided to not explore the menu any further. The bad experience came with over-sweetening the entrees (vegetarian dishes); although tasting fresh with good ingredients, the preparation was just not delectable. Luckily we have several good options nearby, if not just down the street.

  • Joseph B.

    My family and I had a great experience here. Prices are reasonable and food was good. We'll definitely be back again.

  • Jennifer P.

    Very nice surprise! Ordered delivery from here. Pad Thai and General Tsos. Arrived hot,tasted wonderful, very nice delivery driver at a reasonable price. This will definitely become our favorite choice for great food that's delivered!

  • Claire S.

    Service was very good and the food was very good too.. Willing staff was willing to do things exactly as we wanted them and the prices were reasonable

  • K. M.

    Went to the Golden Palace recently to try out the new Asian place in town. Glad to have an Asian place that delivers and will certainly use them for that. We went on a Friday around 5 and the place was other table was filled when we got there, they left and not a soul came in. I'm not a fan of eating in restaurants when I'm the only one eating there. The atmosphere was ok...a little too bright, they could probably lower the recessed lighting...the lanterns above the tables seemed fairly bright. Sushi bar in the back with a big screen TV in front...I'm also not a fan of a TV's in restaurants unless it's in the bar. Really takes away from the atmosphere. The food was good. Fresh and plentiful. We ordered the dumpling combo which were all good. I tried my first deep fried tempura was good, but I like the traditional cold sushi better. Just personal preference. For our mains we ordered the Walnut Shrimp and the Massaman Curry (was SO excited to see this on the favorite Thai curry). The Walnut Shrimp was very good, Maybe a little too sweet. The shrimp however were beautiful really large shrimp and they weren't stingy with them. Beautiful broccoli and crispy walnuts and other veggies. Very fresh. Two disappointments though...even though it had the spicy sign next to it I did not find it spicy at all (and they don't ask how spicy you want it), but more disappointing was that it wasn't hot (temperature hot). Our waitress asked us how everything was and I told her it wasn't hot and she just said "oh, ok" but did not offer to reheat it. The Massaman was very good as well, lots (LOTS) of tender chicken breast in a sauce with some veggies. No potatoes? My favorite part of Massaman - and I truly missed them - they soak up that delicious sauce. The flavor of the sauce was very good though, but again, it had the spicy sign next to it and it wasn't enough for me. I will definitely give them another try, especially with the delivery service, but they need to spice up their spicy entrees, or at least ask you how spicy you'd like them. They need to serve the food hot, and dim the lights a little.

  • Chris E.

    By far the best Chinese I've had in the Pittsburgh area. Staff was extremely friendly and helpful. And everything was great value, will definitely be coming back.

  • Wendy C.

    They have a lot of great variety of sushi, thai, and chinese food at decent afforable prices. We went there for dinner and general tso chicken, crispy walnut shrimp, california rolls were delicious. They also have delivery and take out. we are definetly coming back again :-)

  • Vinny A.

    This place is a GREAT find! So happy to have high quality, delicious sushi in the East Suburban area of Pittsburgh! Not to forget, they have Chinese and Thai cuisine to offer as varying palates of Asian food are accommodated. That said, I can only speak for the sushi...for now...which was scrumptulescent! They offer a wide variety of specialty rolls along with the traditional rolls found at your typical sushi joint. The ingredients were clearly fresh, the service was super friendly, and the portions were ample. This place has instantly become my "go to" sushi spot in the area. Give it a'll be glad you did!

  • Heather K.

    Amazing, high quality food. We started with sushi, they clearly use fresh high quality ingredients which always makes me feel good about eating raw fish. Recommend the volcano roll (shrimp tempura with spicy tuna) We all loved our main courses. Lemon chicken is my favorite dish and I'd say this was far and away the best lemon chicken that I ever had. My sister got pineapple chicken, served in a pineapple - really cool! Very delicious, not overly sweet like a lot of pineapple chicken - just right. My dad has a hard time finding sweet and sour pork that he likes and he loved the sweet and sour pork at Golden Palace. Definitely give this place a try, you'll be back

  • Jennifer G.

    I am excited to have this new chinese restaurant in my neck of the woods. Even more excited to see that they do delivery (with a minimum order and for a fee). They still advertise their "grand opening" but they have been open over a month now. The menu includes sushi and traditional chinese dishes. We ordered two sushi rolls, two different soups and two chinese entrees. The sushi was beautifully presented. Even more important, it tasted fresh and fantastic. They had a great combination of flavors. The entrees didn't disappoint either. I was extremely impressed with the presentation. Most chinese places just sort of throw things on a plate, but here there was great care taken to have beautiful presentation. The taste didn't disappoint either. My husband had a beef dish and I had kung pao chicken. The veggies used were fresh and crisp and the meat was tender and flavorful. Staff was attentive but not in your face. They were eager to answer questions and tell you about special dishes or answer ingredient questions. Overall, a great experience and a welcome addition to the Plum/Monroeville area.

  • Jamie G.

    So glad this place opened. From the outside it looks uninviting but t inside is so nice! Always great service and excellent food. Tastes fresh each time.

  • Brent S.

    Very good pricing, very good portions, very good flavor/cooking, very good service. This is my go-to spot for lunch.

  • Denise M.

    Just tried this place because it's new and wow! Unbelievably good. Just wow! The spring rolls are huge and taste great! I had the triple delight- all 3 meats (chicken, beef and shrimp) were perfectly cooked. Just a great surprise. Definitely recommend this!

  • Kathy D.

    I love this place! It's close to my work and my home and everyone at the office goes here for lunch almost daily. I've been here for both dinner and lunch and loved it both times. The presentation is spectacular! All the veggies are vibrant, fresh and arranged around the plate so beautifully. The lunch specials are killer and will attract me a lot in the summer :). The dinner prices are a lot higher but portion size is decent. Staff members are very friendly and attentive. I judge Chinese places by the house chili sauce they serve. I always ask for hot sauce on the side and this place did not disappoint. Their chili sauce was flavorful and authentic--chili oil base instead of paste. The reason I take 1 star off is because I ordered the Beijing/Peking duck. As one of its priciest menu items, I expected more. The duck was a particularly skinny one and rather dry. If you didn't dip it into the sweet sauce, the meat itself was flavorless. Step up your duck game and I will order again! Otherwise, the best roast duck I've ever had will still be in Cleveland Chinatown.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 9:00pm


  • Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Noise Level : Quiet
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes


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Golden Palace

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