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  • Craig H.

    A nice place for lunch. Snappes has a good collection of sandwiches and the onion rings are great.

  • Fritz C.

    Nice and clean, a little over priced on the menu but not to bad, Non smoking dining room with a full smoking bar, be sure if in the dining room to also ask for the bar menu and also ask for the ribs its not on the menu, It has an outside deck. Great little hot spot with some very good looking women. Although the guys out number the ladies most of the time its a great place to flirt. Nice comfortable fluffy chairs and tables near the deck on the inside. Its a combo/sports/dining/bar/ Party place.

  • Jolene N.

    the salmon Oscar is excellent! Prices r a lil steep but well worth it! The decor needs to be worked on However. Other than that, I Give it two thumbs up! Oh, and our server was super nice. :)

  • Kyle M.

    I celebrated my wifes birthday with the in-laws yesterday. I chose the NY Strip with rice pilaf and baked potato. My wife and mother-in-law chose the filet and my father-in-law went with the red snapper. Not a complaint from anyone. The food was good and the service was excellent. Prices were average for what we ordered. Yesterday was our second visit here and we will go again.

  • Joe A.

    Went in for an early dinner maybe around 4 or 5 on a Saturday. The dining room was empty and the bar had maybe 10 or more people in it. Most of those people were retirement age and if you've ever watched Bar Rescue you kind of know that's not a good thing. A few things that stood out: - Country music playing. That might be alright in a retirement community (or Hanover), but unless it's kind of upbeat country music it's just depressing. - Bad beer selection. From what I remember they had the basics like Miller, Coors, Bud and and a few seasonals like Sam Adams, Leinenkugels & Troegs. Nothing really stood our. I mean if you are a bar at least try to compete with what's hot right now. - Bland food. While the Mac n cheese side dish was great, my crab cakes were tasteless. They weren't cheap or full of filler, but they just had no taste to them. My girlfriend pretty much orders crab cake every time we eat out also felt the same with her order. The prices there were OK. $21 for 2 crab cakes is not bad since I think we usually pay around $28 at most places. (Then again, I would have paid $8 for flavor)

  • Tina B.

    Mechanicsburg has very little in fine dining and Snapper's is doing their best to fill that gap. The dining room decor is very nice: they have made the most of a small space. Large windows and a loft ceiling help to prevent it from feeling crowded. The menu is wonderful and made it hard for us to decide. We had a calamari appetizer which was nicely cooked and tender but a bit salty...the complementary garlic knots were fantastic! One of our dinners was extremely good - the other was well prepared but we found it heavy and did not like the recipe, so it is hard to assess that one. The problem with this restaurant as fine dining is that it misses on the things which are difficult to quantify. The dining room seems to be far louder than it should be. Background music which somehow seemed to be just a bit too invasive; disorganized service, and that same loft ceiling which makes the room airy also allows diners to hear the noise and voices from the kitchen. I was deeply disturbed by the waitress talking (loudly) to the diners at the next table, describing how she frequently works at the bar until 2:00 and then drives home after consuming alcohol . . . but doesn't believe that it constitutes DUI. The dining room portion of this restaurant has huge potential: if they can tweak the service and atmosphere just a little bit they might find themselves booked solid for every service.

  • Daniel G.

    On the recommendation of a friend we decided to check this place out after a long day of Black Friday shopping. The experience was a little odd. This restaurant is split into two halves: the dining area and the bar. We went to dining side, which unannounced to us was seat yourself. After standing in the lobby for about 5-10 minutes, a waitress instructed us to pick a table and she would be with us shortly. We sat and she came briefly after, took our drink order, filled it, and never came back... A long while later, another waitress came out and started setting tables. She gave us some funny looks until we motioned her over to take our order. Just as we started to order, waitress #1 returned notepad in hand. So we ended up with waitress #1 the rest of the meal. She was fairly attentive after that, but it should be mentioned that we were the only people in the entire dining area. The food was pretty good, prices could have been better, but the decor made the meal. The dinning area is quaint and elegant. It has just enough pizazz to make you feel like your in a fancy restaurant while still retaining the coziness of a smaller family establishment. *We attributed the slow service to the bar side being busier than the dining side. Not really an excuse, but understandable.

  • Authorized U.

    Awesome crab chowder! Was made to feel welcome immediately, wait staff are personable and friendly...Come, EAT!

  • Aaron M.

    Food is out of this world.. Have never been disappointed with anything that I have ever had here.. The staff is attentive and friendly and beer selection is a plenty.. Cool atmosphere in bar area of the establishment..

  • Randall W.

    First time at Snapper's. Limited menu on Sunday evening, but plenty of choices. Everyone in the party tried something different and everyone was completely satisfied. I will definitely be back.

  • Chris W.

    We enjoyed happy hour drinks and appetizer. Tuesday night is Pasta night, we placed our order at the bar and moved to a table for our meal. You can not go wrong with the pasta. I highly recommend the alfredo sauce with seafood. We had a wonderful meal for a fair price that included excellent service. This has been our experience everytime was are there. I highly recommend this place. Side note: The bar side could use some updates on the bar, tables, and walls due to wear and tear.

  • Donna E.

    A personal favorite and I have been told I'm a food snob. The specials are usually imaginative and I've never been disappointed with any meal or dessert. Good variety of nicely prepared fresh food and local produce. The servers are always very friendly and attentive. One of the few great restaurants in town. The only (small) downside is the smoking on the bar side which carries over a bit to the dining room. I'm an ex-smoker so I'm the worst when it comes to smoking tolerance so please consider that and try it for yourself.

  • Caitlin W.

    Even though this place had some bad reviews I went with family because my grandma got out of the hospital and we told her we'd take her to dinner. We already had a gift card for this place so we went. The food and service was amazing. Their bread is great and I recommend the chicken Parmesan. In another review they said the service was terrible but we went today (Saturday) and the service was great so try and go Saturday evening if you're going. It is a little pricey to some people ($20/person depending on what you get) but the food is definitely worth the money. I'm hoping we go back soon!

  • John G.

    First impressions are always the best impression! Very quaint and relaxing dining room with comfortable seating. Quiet even though there is a busy highway outside and they have large window you get none of the outside noise to disturb the ambience of the dining area. Our waitress Dee was very cheerful and hospitable and knowledgeable about the menu. My wife ordered the Crab Cake with a side of Bacon Macaroni & Cheese and a home made cole slaw. I noticed an Item I've never had before on the menu and just had to order the Broiled Skate with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus. What a fantastic find this is not like Flounder or Cod or even Swordfish in texture and no fishy taste. Perfectly seasoned and not just old bay. The mashed potatoes and the asparagus were the perfect accompaniment. We shared a piece of homemade Coconut Cream Pie. Light an loaded with Coconut. Snappers also has a large bar area that serves a bar menu. So we are looking to make a return visit there and we will be making return visits to their dining room.

  • Shane T.

    Good food, good service. Has outdoor seating which is nice in the summer. I would recommend the scallop scampi.

  • Joseph M.

    Took a chance rather than eating at a usual well-known chain restaurant. We were pleasantly surprised! Enjoyed our appetizer of hot garlic/Parmesan wings and our main meals of slow roasted prime rib, cheeseburger and seafood cakes! We ate in the lounge area which was comfortable. Recommend this restaurant ***** 5 stars!

  • Anastacia K.

    I so badly want to love this place nestled beside the railroad tracks and across from the library, but something is keeping me from full on love. Maybe it's the lack of selection on the dining room menu or the exorbitant prices for simple meals. Or maybe it's the microwaved piece of prime rib that meandered its way to our table still mooing. The service was fantastic and the server even took the mooing piece of meat back (and returned with another mooing one...) and commented that it was rather rare. The decor seemed rather outdated, but clean and tables were quickly bussed. None of our party of five had any alcohol, nor did we venture into the bar, so I can't comment on that but if the bar food was anything like the dining room, I'd just stick to liquid. We all found it odd that on a Friday night that there were only about six seated tables and no wait...maybe that should have been our sign. Maybe in the future we will try it again, but I think we would all rather stick to meats that don't moo their way to the table...

  • Amy G.

    Ate here this past Tuesday. Service was slow. The place is very loud because of the hard surfaces and high, angled ceilings. Several of us opted for the custom pasta (their Tuesday Special). For $15 it is a good deal compared to the other items. Although it did come rather light on the proteins and veggies. Overall, a decent experience. I'd go back, but I won't be a regular.

  • Stephanie C.

    Wow we lived down the street for years and never had been. What a loss! The food in the dining room was amazing! Loved the prime rib and crab cakes were perfect. The bar side was smokey but easily avoidable.

  • Andrea B.

    Our favorite dinner spot in Mechanicsburg! I wouldn't even refer to their "bar menu" as "bar food" because it is all homemade & of excellent quality. Cheesesteak, pork hammers (my fave!) and clams are delicious! The service is outstanding. Excellent service makes a huge difference and Snappers is on point! Always a smiling face & they make you feel welcome. We always enjoy chatting & catching up, they are fun! We used to not go in very often because of the smoking, now that the bar is non-smoking we are regulars. Highly recommend giving it a try if you haven't been there yet! Service, food, and drinks are excellent! Best Long Island iced tea I've ever had.

  • Keith K.

    I experienced the absolute best New York strip steak dinner last evening. Generous portions served. My steak was perfectly prepared. With crumbled blue cheese on top and lying on a bed of red peel mashed potatoes, garnished by cuts of red and green peppers. Every bite exploded with flavor and tenderness. Chef Nick is a culinary genius.

  • Shanda M.

    Beautiful decor & excellent service.

  • Ann H.

    Extremely friendly service, and fabulous food! Nice change from the chain restaurants.

  • E B.

    Snappers is one of the best places I had ever been the food is amazing, everyone of my friends and family that visited snappers nothing but excellent reviews. I can honestly say the best atmosphere and friendly staff I ever encountered, owners are outstanding got the chance to meet them while dining in I would highly keep recommending this place to everyone. This is and will always be my spot!!!! Thank snappers for the amazing food and atmosphere very to fine a restaurant with both!!!!!

  • David D.

    Wonderful spot, a very welcome change to the chain restaurants overtaking the west shore. Meat is always cooked to perfection, quality and fresh ingredients. The new menu that just debuted is balanced and has some delicious new options. The bar food is above average but the dining room is where the food really shines. Personal favorites include the Thai inspired Pork dish, Prime Rib Melt, and Chicken Corn Chowder Soup. My Fiancee can't get enough of the fun Pittsburgh Steak Salad and Filet and Garlic Mash. The Mozzarella stick are freshly made and fantastic as a homemade twist on a traditional starter. Really can't recommend this highly enough.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 12


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Dinner
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Noise Level : Quiet
    Good For Dancing : No
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Happy Hour : Yes
    Best Nights : Wed, Fri, Sat
    Coat Check : No
    Smoking : Yes
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes

Snappers Bar & Grill

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