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Visit below restaurant in Lewisburg for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Lewisburg for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Joe A.

    Vennari's makes easily my favorite pizza of all time, and that's coming from someone who eats pizza as often as possible. I always go with the deluxe crust and a side of ranch, and I'm still not sure if I prefer it fresh out of the oven or reheated. Luckily, that works out perfectly, because I'm also getting a cheesesteak every time I have a chance to get their food. Just writing this review made me so hungry that I checked my calendar to find the next time I can get close enough to have it again. If you're in Lewisburg, it's a must!

  • Matt P.

    My favorite spot in Lewisburg - always stop by when I come back to visit Bucknell, both the pizza and subs are great.

  • Charles R.

    Get the cheese steak "in the garden" for late night after drinking and I promise you will love it! I ordered these all the time when I was in college, and whenever I find myself near lewisburg. They were also the best pizza in town, and they were more than happy to accommodate my "well done with extra sauce" usual order. Linguini with white clam sauce when you want to be classy, and tuna bread bowl salad if you want to be healthy...I can't wait for the next reunion, because I'm ordering all of the above!

  • Artie B.

    Wow! Best New York style pizza I've had in a long long time. We were driving from Chicago to Connecticut and stopped in Lewisburg for the night. Saw this place on Yelp and we were not disappointed! The place was small and dated and we actually thought about walking out, but we were really glad we didn't. The pizza was really fantastic. Homemade sauce. Hand tossed crust. Excellent cheese. Man, I wish we had a place like this in Chicago, for the times when I need a break from Chicago style.

  • Connor B.

    Best place for pizza in Lewisburg. Don't let the odd pictures on the walls fool you into leaving, Vennaris has got the goods. I have not tried their subs or other options, but considering the quality of their pizza, they must be pretty good too. The staff is courteous and friendly, which makes hanging out among the odd photos a little less painful.

  • Marlene B.

    Delicious! Went to eat here with my husband and mother in-law. So delicious! I only tried a sandwich and a little of my husbands stromboli. I have to say both were delicious.

  • N F.

    I had heard the hype of how delicious this place was from my boyfriend who went to Bucknell. YEARS later, I finally made the venture to Lewisburg and I was more than pleasantly surprised. Over the weekend I had a few pizza slices, a Stromboli, and the delicious Philly cheesesteak. I highly recommend Vennari's and I only wish we had one in Los Angeles :(

  • Danny W.

    HORRIBLE. I don't know how this place has 4 stars. The pizza is literally uncooked dough with a pound of cheese on top. Every single meal I've ever gotten their I've thrown out. The inside of the place is so incredibly dirty as well. I remember meeting up with a professor there for a slice and the table was all dirty and sticky. We got our food and were so grossed out that we just tossed it and went to the towne tavern a few doors down for food. The people working behind the counter there are also not very helpful. I used to live across the street when I was a senior at bucknell and called in an order for pickup. Picked it up and used a credit card and the cashier freaked out and gave me the nastiest attitude. He tried to tell me the machine wasn't working and insisted I pay cash. I had to argue that this wasn't my fault and that it's his job to make sure these things are working. After all he works there... I urge anyone who even thinks about getting pizza in Lewisburg to NOT EAT HERE. Maybe this place would get 2 stars if they can explain the creepy pictures of random celebs on the walls...

  • Bryn M.

    If you like gobs of cheese and oil - I'm talking like 1,000 calories of fat cheese on average crust and sauce, you'll love this place. One of our cups of water had a mystery flavor in it from the dispenser nozzle and the tiny cramped dining space was an ambient temperature of 110 degrees. Throw in the creepy Scientology poster and the confusing celebrity photos on the wall, and I'll never go back. Bad pizza. But hey, I'm from Jersey, yo.

  • Scott H.

    Great pizza! The best in LBG. I like La Casa's pizza but Vennari's has the best ingredients. Great service too, a real landmark in LBG. Right up there with the Freeze and The Fence.

  • Sean M.

    Was an out of towner and tried this place. It was SO good will be going back here for pizza no questions asked. I would recommend it to friends and strangers alike. Best pizza in town. After trying their pizza the next day tried the cheese steak sandwich... Also very good. The Large is big enough to feed two hungry people. Couldn't eat it fast enough!

  • Brian K.

    My family and I are regular customers at Vennari's. We have probably ordered at least 30 or more pizzas from them just over the past year alone. (Once a week pizza night has become a family tradition!) The pizza is really good, especially if you get one of the owners making it. We rarely have had an off night. Crust is always tasty, good sauce, and a healthy amount of cheese. They usually are not skimpy on toppings either. We haven't tried any of their other food except pizza. We highly recommend them.

  • jessy s.

    The pizza was adequate but the service was horrible! Almost 2 hours to have a pizza delivered on a Monday?! The woman taking the Order was rude and the delivery man noted the pizza was SUPER late with just a brush off sorry. Really disappointed.

  • Rachel A.

    Good pizza. Not always consistent though - sometimes it's delicious, and others it's a little uneven, but overall worth ordering.

  • mary a.

    Best pizza ever! Staff can be a little clueless sometime, but if you're there when the owners are around, you'll get fantastic service. Fun to check out all of the super stars who have their pictures on the walls.

  • Casey H.

    OMGGGG Vennari's is the bestest pizza everrrrrr. I love going there on Sundays. It is the best pizza in town, and is just like WAYYY better than La Casa de Pizza. Vennari's + Redzone= pure awesome. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! La Casa de Pizza is like the Jets of the NFL.

  • Christopher W.

    Hands down - the best pizza in Lewisburg. I don't mean that as a slight to la Casa de Pizza (House of Pizza) though, as I like that place, too. Vennari's is an easy walk from Bucknell University, and a great place to go after a movie or on the way home from the bar (if it's not too late, as they don't have hours like the Pizza Window in downtown boston or a NYC pizza joint). The restaurant is not too big, though the new (in the 90s) back room was a good addition. You order from the counter and take your slice with you, or they'll bring you your pie. It's good thin crust pizza - a slice hits the spot, or a pie is good for a group. The owners were friendly back in the day, and am sure they still are. The walls are lined with talent agency photos (from a family member's agency, if I remember correctly). All headshots signed to Vennari's - it's fun to look around and see the pictures. If you want a sub, go to OIPS (reviewed by me, too). If you want Pizza, go here.

  • Sophie L.

    Vennari's Pizza is the best in Lewisburg! It's convenient because it's a close walk from Bucknell but they also deliver! The owner is very friendly and his son was on Real World!! Their eggplant parmesan is very delish! However, you might want to avoid dining in....I saw a cockroach there once....but you know what they say; the hole in the wall restaurants are the best!


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Vennari’s Pizza

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