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Visit below restaurant in Hummelstown for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Hummelstown for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Tim R.

    I'm addicted to the seafood pasta with the diablo sauce. It's off menu but if you ask they will make it for you. My son loves their ravioli and the lady says this is the best baked ziti she has ever had. The parm peppercorn dressing is fantastic too. Also, the staff is super nice and always on their game!!

  • Michael B.

    This place is absolutely incredible the food is amazing. You must have the specialty Cheesesteak its amazing. The service is great and its the greatest little italian place. Will be back many more times.

  • Barbara G.

    I give Dafnos a solid 4 stars and here is why. This is really a "locals" place to eat. Their food isn't fancy but it is just good traditional american style Italian food. The people are warm and nice and will bend over backwards to please you. The prices are fair. I don't always want to eat somewhere where the description of the dish is a paragraph long and uses the word "reduction" over and over to describe a sauce. Dafnos welcomes out of down guest from Hershey Park and treats them equally well as anyone else. So refreshing when you live in a vacation destination city.

  • Rene B.

    First time here from Michigan. I had the vegetable lasagna and my husband had the chicken Parmesan, both were excellent! I disagree with the people who said it was mediocre. It was great!

  • Brandy B.

    Visited Dafnos last Friday night. This place was awesome! We started out with the flatbread. It was very good. Then came the salads. They aren't anything special, but the amount of food you get for the price is more than worth it. I ordered the Italian Sampler as I wasn't sure how big the portion was. It came with veggie lasagna, three meatballs, and ravioli. The meatballs were VERY good. The veggie lasagna was the best I've ever tasted. The ravioli was good, but you could tell it wasn't homemade. Honestly as someone who has made homemade ravioli, there is no way you could do it with the business that they get. We also ordered the chicken parm. It was very good. It is grilled, so you aren't he going to get the gross oily fried chicken. Again the pasta didn't taste homemade, but I GET it. They also serve bread with the meal, which is a nice added touch. We finished our meal with a tiramisu. It was super good and did taste homemade. Again, making that is a royal pain in the butt too. We will most definitely be back. This place is spot on with amazing food and affordable prices.

  • Kim P.

    Would not return and after talking to locals this is not where they go. Parmesan cheese is not fresh, but the cheap Kraft kind that you dont expect to see. Salad-The lettuce dripped with water (I used my napkin to dry off the plate and lettuce. The red onion was sweating bad. Two cherry tomatoes topped it. Plastic side of dressing. He ordered chicken Alfredo and it had broccoli. He was very disappointed in it. It was so bland and the sauce was more soupy then expected. He debated on asking for a spoon- no joke. The noodles were over cooked, the chicken had zero flavor, but the broccoli was fine. I ordered the veg lasagna bc it sounded good at the time. I love vegetables. It had the worst flavor because of the sauce, and while I love spinach, I couldn't find anything else advertised when I cut into it. The sauce was horrible. Just horrible. It tastes like a can or jar was opened and poured over. The cheese flavor was over compensating and not well. I took two bites and stopped. That sauce was just bad. Gross. Definitely NOT traditional tasting. The waitress was really very nice. The whole staff was. She noticed I wasn't eating the food and took it away offering to get me something else. I would have tried a different item, but the quality of the salads, alfredo, parmesan, soda (flat and watery) and my lasagna told me that nothing here would be good. *shaker pick your s/b you're* brainfart...

  • Ann W.

    My husband and I were in hershey for the night and this place was listed on a brochure we got from the hotel, it got pretty good reviews so we figured we would try it. We both were not impressed. My husband got the chicken parm and I got the chicken rosemary ravioli. Neither dish really was great. My husbands chicken was good the pasta was over cooked. Mine was okay I have certainly had worse but I def would not order it again. The garlic bread was okay it was essentially a pita bread covered with a little butter and some garlic flakes. Service was great. Place was clean. Overall not terrible but would not go back.

  • R C.

    RUN,RUN Fast.RUN FAR!! I'm amazed that some people gave this place 3 stars but gave it a bad review. If the food is bad why give it 3 stars? The place is dark, dank,dated,dirty. We should have left but it was late and we were hungry. The staff was overly friendly, possibly to apologize for the meal we were about to order. We ordered the fried ravioli for apps. They were o.k. but presented on some remnants of old salad, possibly from the last customer before us., or their attempt to make it "fancy". My husband spit out a rotten tomato from his salad ,the salad was dripping wet. The "fresh" bread was white rolls probably heated up since they did come out warm. One per each of us with no refill.My son got the kids ravioli, it came with a glass of milk and 3, yes 3 small,small cheese ravioli. He is not a big eater but even he was still hungry. I shared the eggplant parm. with my daughter. There were 3, yes 3 slices of greasy eggplant, tasted fishy, with some over cooked penne.( they like the # 3 I guess) My husband had shrimp linguini that was over cooked and in a puddle of grease. I tried to overlook the brown carpet, cave like booths and plastic flowers and give the place a shot. My hubby said Urban spoon rated it as an 89. Go with your gut instinct next time, I says to myself! or at least check reviews on tried and trusty Yelp! We left after the meal and got something to eat at the Hershey Factory Bakery.

  • Joseph C.

    Not a bad place. The food was great. I had the meatball appetizer and the chicken parm. I didn't like that the chicken wasn't breaded like its suppose to be when making but it didn't taste bad. The sauce was excellent. I could have drank it. Pizza was very good, and the service was great. I would go back. If your having a bad time at a restaurant you should really tell them, that's the only way they could ever correct there problems. If they don't try and fix what they are doing wrong then leave a bad review. Nobody is perfect. out of 365 days a year you're going to have a few bad ones.

  • Kevin C.

    Great experience at Dafno's. We hosted a large group and their staff could not have been more accommodating. We tried originally to go to Fenicci's, but were not treated well and glad it worked out the way it did! The salad, chicken parm, ravioli were great!!

  • Stephanie M.

    Amazing ! Im here now and this place has the best and i mean best mozzarella sauce ! My family and I are visiting hershey park .. We drove to the hershey lodge , walked in and saw regular food that you would see at a baseball game . So i got on yelp and saw this restaurant . We walked in and instantly smelt the the home baked smell mhmm ! This is a must "go to" restaurant for a family dinner , or a date to be !

  • Tracy S.

    Took 37 teammates to dinner there last night. The staff was AMAZING the food GREAT and i highly recommend them.

  • Richard P.

    Unremarkable. Baked ziti... WASN'T BAKED! Wassupwiddat? Greek salad and greens were crisp and generally very good.

  • Roman L.

    If your visiting Hershey park this is a great place to enjoy some fine dinning staff very friendly excellent food and if you have a chance try the chicken sachitinni was excellent and great prices coming from manhattan

  • Elizabeth M.

    Very mediocre. Not awful but nothing special. Olive garden quality

  • Brad T.

    I've been here twice over the past 4 years, and it has been TERRIBLE both times. Most recently, I had the chicken parm. First of all, you should be aware that the chicken parm is not the typical breaded and fried version that you are probably accustomed to. The chicken was overcooked, chewy, and nearly impossible to swallow without wanting to hurl. The sauce tasted like Ragu from the bottle. I honestly could have made a better dish with frozen Tyson's chicken, a jar of Ragu, and some Bertoli pasta from Weis (where the food is often expired but still out on the shelves). I will not be returning to Dafnos for a third try.

  • Stephanie H.

    6reat food, good service, family oriented. I found this place while on vacation from California. If I find myself back on this side of the country again go will go back again!

  • Amber H.

    I ordered the lasagna and it was horrible. The top half was burnt and it had no flavor at all. Our waiter did not seem to care or want to help fix the order. My husband did have the clam linguine and did think it was ok. I would never return and I would not recommend.

  • Kelley S.

    Good food...I'd go here over Fenucci's any day. Homey decor...and reasonably priced!

  • Wm H.

    Great food made by people who appreciate food. They use local fresh ingredients and prepare an excellent meal. In a tourist town, it is hard to find a place that is not a big chain with mass produced food. And this place is not a chain, and they make their own sauces and prepare their own dishes. The pizza is great, as are the pasta dishes. And the prices are very reasonable.

  • Seth M.

    I have eaten here twice now and have been very happy both times. The first trip I was very happy with the food and the second trip I was very happy with the service. I am not able to eat gluten so it is always a challenge figuring out what I can and can't eat on the menu, but the staff here was very receptive to my requests and I enjoy 2 good meals here.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 10


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Parking : Street, Private Lot
    Bike Parking : No
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Quiet
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Dogs Allowed : No
    Waiter Service : Yes


Italian Cuisine

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Italian and Greek cuisines are always mistaken to be same, but they are poles apart. The primary difference between the two cuisines is the use of cheese in most of the Italian dishes. Italians love to cultivate their own cheese and process them as per their food requirement. It is believed that some cheese is so expensive that cheese producers secure them in lockers.

If you are bored eating the same old pasta or pizza, you can try some of the authentic Italian dishes like Risotto, Polenta, Ribollita, Lasagna, Fiorentina Steak, Bottarga, Ossobuco, Carbonara, Focaccia, Arancini and Supplì. Another item which Italians love to relish every morning is a good cup of Italian Coffee. Once you taste a freshly brewed cup of Italian Coffee, you might not visit Starbucks ever again. Authentic Italian food is made with heart and soul, so go find a restaurant where you can relish Italian cuisine in your city.


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Dafnos Italian Grille

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