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  • Brett T.

    Being new to the area I was very excited to try this place. As much as I really wanted to like it I ended up disappointed. My family ordered some standards, shrimp fried rice, ginger beef, and kung pao chicken. To be fair the fried rice was quite good, however the ginger beef was battered and fried (I've never seen it served that way before). As for the chicken, there was very little actual chicken, and what there was of it was low quality meat. The service was good and friendly and the dining area is nicer that many chinese places. I might grab some fried rice for takeout sometime, but I will not be a regular customer.

  • Katie S.

    My favorite Chinese place in the area. I live in Tarentum and drive out all the time for takeout. Super nice, very quick service, they're okay with substitutions/ingredient switches.

  • pittsburgh p.

    I have tried most of the Chinese restaurants in the Northern area. Lin's Garden is, hands down, my favorite. The food AND the service are consistently good.

  • Andrea H.

    My husband and I love this place! Veggies are fresh and we always have our food quickly.

  • Mitch M.

    The amazing chicken is the best in Pittsburgh. Get the dinner portion with crab Rangoon and you'll be in heaven. The portion size is great. i never eat there. I always pick up and the service is fast and friendly.

  • Piyush S.

    It reminds me of the old fashioned Chinese Kitchen type place my parents would get take out from in the 70s. I love it

  • T B.

    Every time my co-worker's and I have tried going to this place...and I mean every time, they have screwed up one of our orders (at least one). The waiters cannot understandEnglish nor can they speak it - so it is almost impossible to ask questions or have them truly get what you are ordering. The woman who often works the register is truly despicable; rude, never says thank you, and rarely smiles. We kept going back because there are so few chinese places close to our office building. Today was my final attempt. I went in with my toddler, ordered for takeout, went to use the bathroom while we waited. A waitress came out of the stall, and she literally didnt even look at the sink. Just walked right on out. No washing hands involved. So when I went to the front to inform the woman (owner) at the register, she literally said "what should I do about it? I didnt see it." So I told her I didnt want the food that I had just paid for. She woupldnot refund my money - even though the food wasnt even done yet. I am furious - and disgusted. I will never go back here. I will let everyone I know to avoid this gross place. Avoid!!

  • Ashley D.

    Love this place!!! My favorite Chinese food of all time!! I have yet to find a place that beats it!

  • Vanita M.

    I was hoping this would be our weekly Sunday dinner because it is right next to where my daughter has softball practice on Sunday nights. I was dissapointed with the food. We ordered the Velvet Chicken and Kung Pao chicken. Both were pretty bland. The spring rolls, however were very good. I will give the place another chance, but based on other reviews, I was expextced a lot better.

  • Elisa M.

    When I went in to pick up our order to go, I was pleasantly surprised how cute this place is! The boiled pork dumplings were very good! We also got Amazing Chicken, Chicken with Broccoli (1 of my favorites) and Kung Pao Chicken (Nick's favorite).....everything was cooked to perfection!! You must try!!!

  • Chris C.

    Relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, good family place. Menu had all the classics and some unique dish offerings. Could have went in a lot of different directions with the ordering. Staff accommodated a ginger broccoli dish. The broccoli was cooked perfectly! Healthy stalks and was crisp. Pieces of ginger in the sauce. Eggplant and chicken dish in garlic sauce was great. Our 4 year old shoveled his food in, couldn't get enough! Want to try the Singapore rice noodles next time. Other tables seemed to be enjoying their food and the broccoli and green bean dishes came out of the kitchen especially good-looking. Portions of all dishes were generous and led to leftovers. Lo mein had too much oil and oil could have been reduced on all 3 dishes we ordered but that is common with most Chinese restaurants. Highly recommend!

  • Emerson A.

    Love it!! Best delivery around!

  • Bean G.

    This has been our "Go to" for the last 5 years. We order usually once a week for take away. During the school year, this is my child free lunch place. Lately the food has been layered in oil?? The egg rolls are ? Heavy, not crispy? I placed a take away today, had the order repeated several times, but we did not receive fried potstickers?

  • Casey N.

    Lin's is OK Chinese food. They have a big selection and a good lunch deal. They also deliver SUPER fast. I mean you order and 15 minutes later your food arrives. I've never seen a place deliver fast actually. They give a good portion size and the lunch deal comes with either soup or an egg roll also. It is a very inexpensive meal when you are really wanting Chinese. I usually will get the Amazing Chicken, which is sweet and spicy crispy fried white meal chicken. It is VERY good! I tried General Tso's chicken once and I was expecting the same white meat with the different sauce, but it was mostly dark meat chicken. It was really fatty and just not appetizing. I later found out you can ask for just white meat for a small up-charge. Personally I just do not like that meat or quality, which is why my rating is lower. Over-all I think it is a good inexpensive choice but I think there are better quality choices in the area for this type of food.

  • Lisa S.

    Called to order delivery was told I didn't order delivery then they finally delivered me cold food. Hmmmm when you call and they answer and you say I would like to place an order for delivery I believe that means you want it delivered ... But since the young girl on the phone wasn't paying attention I was told I didn't order delivery and their response is after waiting 45 min is do you want it delivered or not .. Then they arrive with cold food. Love to be called a liar .. It's a shame cuz I ate there all the time and spent a lot of money there ... They should have made fresh food a delivered it instead of calling me a liar and bringing cold food.. What a shame !!

  • Joe B.

    The best kept secret in the Northills. Great food and very reasonable. Check out their lunch specials, they can't be beat. I use to swear by the Sesame Inn on McKnight rd. This is head and shoulders better and worth the drive.

  • Jason D.

    My wife and I frequent this place relatively often as it is the best Chinese in the Gibsonia area (if you want delivery or a reasonable snag for take out). The food here is served quickly and is of much higher quality than the other nearby Chinese dining establishments that pretty much serve the cookie cutter "mall Chinese" It's good to have a difference in choice that focuses more on the quality. The only downside on this place is that their delivery practices are erratic and inconsistent. Sometimes when I call delivery is unavailable or the amounts for minimum. This isn't a huge problem because my house is up the road a bit, but odd still.

  • Joseph L.

    Really good Chinese food! I hadn't been here until today since there are so many options for Chinese on Route 8 and this one sits back a bit. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the food! I had General Tso's Chicken and Crab Rangoons. The inside of the place was a bit dated, but you can the family that owns the place takes a lot of pride in their business.

  • Jim H.

    It's ok. But honestly there isn't a lot of really good Chinese in the area so you're kinda stuck. I think golden star is better but not by much.

  • Scott H.

    Always great food here at this hidden gem. Their specialty is the amazing chicken, which is just as good as Sesame Inn's (aka really damn good). Great Chinese.

  • Beth S.

    Exceptionally good Chinese food. My family has been Lin's customers for years. I have never had a bad dish. Amazing Chicken is their signature dish, and really lives up to its name. I also love their sweet and sour chicken, fried rice, egg rolls, and crab rangoons. The atmosphere is nice, and it's great for take out too. Very generous portions and a friendly staff.


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  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : Yes
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : No
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes


Chinese Cuisine

The popularity of Chinese food in America can be adjudicated by the appearance of China Town in many major cities in the United State of America. The popular trend of ordering or opting for Chinese take away food isn't unknown in America. Chinese take away food comes to rescue when you're too tired from work or too exhausted to cook. No one can resist the temptation of eating spicy noodles, shrimp, chicken, beef or pork cooked in the sweet and spicy sauce. The cooking method of authentic Chinese food is a lot different compared to what is served in America.

Generally, Chinese use dark meat small bones and organs to cook dishes but this changes when you are eating American-Chinese fusion food prepared using white boneless meat cooked with broccoli, carrots and onions. Back in China, the food is less spicy and oily as they favor steaming and braising method for cooking the most popular dishes. So, if you have a taste for authentic Chinese food, then try finding a real Chinese restaurant in the city. You can also try the most popular fusion Chinese food like Pecking Duck, Chicken Feet, Hot Pot, Shrimp Dumpling Soup, Mapo Tofu, Wontons, Chop Suey, Egg Rolls and not to forget Fortune Cookies.

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Lin’s Garden

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