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  • Karl S.

    This is an amazing place! Great food, wonderful, friendly, attentive waitresses. I went there 3 nights in a row. The first night was because the hotel I stayed at recommended them, and it was just a short walk. Cool, I thought. Very convenient. What a great experience. The first night I had the broiled salmon and it was just OK. Not great, but good. It didn't matter because my waitress, Mason, was as sweet and friendly as could be. The second night I went back because I had such a good time the night before. I had the sampler platter and it was superb! Wings, chicken strips, mozzarella sticks and tater tots with their special toppings. This time I asked for Mason to wait on me, but her section was full. OK, no problem. About halfway through my meal, who shows up and slips into the booth opposite me but Mason! She saw me, remembered me, and came over to visit for a little while. What a sweet young lady! My waitress was Demi, who was equally friendly and very sweet and attentive. The third night, neither Mason nor Demi were working, so Sam waited on me. They must have some kind of special way of interviewing these young ladies so as to only pick the very nicest, friendly, (and pretty) ones that apply. A word of caution, though. I ordered the nachos, expecting to get enough for dinner. Yeah, right! - for at least THREE people! It was a small mountain of some of the best nachos I have ever had, but try as I might, I couldn't finish more than about half and I was stuffed! I wish I had taken a picture of it. HUGE! Their food is VERY good, the atmosphere, though a bit loud, was inviting and friendly, and I can't say enough good things about the waitresses. Excellent, excellent, excellent on all counts! I highly recommend giving them a try. You will NOT be disappointed,

  • Mathew W.

    Chain restaurant and bar. However, it has an amazing beer selection on tap. The waitresses are all very friendly and helpful. They have your typical stuff, burgers, nachos, wings, ribs and some seafood. This place supposedly has "the best wings in the valley" according to several people we spoke to. They are more like TGIF's wings back in jersey. Very disappointing. The nachos, wings and cheestake eggs rolls were very good. The French onion burger barely tasted of onion and the steak it under seasoned but well cooked. Overall a solid place to eat especially if you're looking to hangout and watch a game. The entire restaurant is surrounded by massive large screens that you can see from every vantage point.

  • Brian G.

    Went twice in two days because I was in town for business and staying across the street. First time I was with a co-worker and sat at a high top near the bar. The waitress, Stephanie, couldn't have been nicer. She was pleasant, checked in often, and the food was above average. Famous fries are worth the title. Second visit was a different experience all together. Sat at the bar for dinner and the atmosphere was busy. Great seat with so many TVs to watch. Bartenders need ALOT of guidance from management. Was treated quickly but was told that they Victory Summer Ale was an IPA. It isn't. And she poured only 3/4 of the pint with the rest being head! No effort to clear the head off and top off the beer at all. I then sat for 10 minutes with a menu in front of me waiting to place and order with three bartenders running around. I eventually got my food, which complements to the kitchen staff was really good again. Lastly, I travel 3-4 days a week and have found the best wait staff and bartenders will at least attempt to converse with patrons, especially those by themselves. It just helps open conversation and makes the patron seem welcome. At one point a bartender stood with her back to me, possibly in her phone or doing something else for about 2-3 minutes. Just some simple advice to management, you've got really good food, great environment, and friendly wait staff. Observe the bartenders from time to time and coach on knowledge of beers, how to pour a good pint, and toss an occasional pleasantry towards a patron from time to time. It's in their interest as I'm sure tips would only go up.

  • Christopher C.

    Damn! I hate when I'm wrong about a place. Yes P.J.'s still has way too much T&A and attitude going on from their hostess staff (while not a bad thing, my wife does occasionally stumble on to Yelp) and if you show up at the wrong time the wait even on a Tuesday night can be obnoxious. But the food and the service are surprisingly solid. The burgers and the crab cake sandwhich (broiled not fried) are both consistent and while simple they are executed perfectly and similarly every time. Yes I do wish their service staff had more of a clue about some of the beer they carry instead of the "Hello is there anybody in there?" stare you may get when asking about a particular beer from anything not named Bud. But the place is consistent enough that I'll go from two to three stars and while I certainly doubt I'll be back soon they will definitely be on my radar if/when I'm over on that side of Betlum. (Minus two stars because their servers are clueless about any beer not the house brand or named Bud and because the volume is Spinal Tap to 11 loud with an ADD inducing amount of TV's everywhere.)

  • Maria N.

    If you like a lot of TVs then I would give this 5 stars. If you don't like crappy food, horrible service and really rude and ugly girls wearing Victoria's Secret yoga pants then I give it a 1. Food is microwaved if even!! Both times we have been there this week we had to send it back for being cold. Our waitress was awful, couldn't get anything in a timely matter. I ordered a salad and got a sandwich and they didn't get me a salad, very strange. ( they must have someplace to be because they couldn't get rid of us fast enough, I only say that BC our plates were never cleared from our appetizers, our waters were never refilled, and our ck came before we were done eating our meal!! ) I want it to be better that's why we have gone back for a second chance, no luck. It only reaffirmed our first impression, totally terrible and major waste of money! Enjoy overweight and overly stupid wait staff, overly priced food/drink, and an overall let down.

  • Laila J.

    Was out in PA and this place was right across from my hotel. Seem to be the happening place for that town. The space was large with a bar and dinning areas. I had the steak, but it was not cooked well and the waitress was kind enough to take it back and got me a better plate with a free desert for the mess up. Cool place to grab a beer and a bite.

  • Morris P.

    The food is good- and the selection of beers is awesome. With that said- even if both were horrible I'd still come here ever single time I'm in Bethlehem. The scenery here is unbelievable. I don't know where they find the wait staff- but golly- thank god they have.

  • Jim D.

    PJ Whelihans = Buffalo wings! Well, at least their Broadway location in Allentown does. So when I learned there was a Bethlehem location opening up, I was more than thrilled. I should add the Bethlehem location is so much nicer than the other Whelihan locations. They did a fantastic renovation in opening up the space from what it was previously. The bar area is airy with plenty of seating both at the bar and tables/booths. As far as the wings, they aren't quite as big and juicy as the Broadway location. The staff may say differently but trust me, they are not. They're all right. The menu is slightly different than their other locations but that's to be expected. Everything I've ordered here has been good to really good. The beer selections are great with plenty of brews to choose from. The one downside (if you consider it a negative) is how incredibly crowded and loud this place can get. Granted, Whelihans is the only type of sports bar establishment in this part of Bethlehem so expect folks to flock here. Fridays and Saturdays are ridiculously packed and on big game days? Forget it! On other days I've never had to wait at the bar and always received attentive and friendly service. I'm not one to sit at tables, especially at a sports bar, so I can't really comment on the hostess situation. I'll keep coming back for sure.

  • Kimmi L.

    First experience... great. My husband and I came here for a quick bite to eat before heading to a friend's party. We started off with the Cheese Steak Spring Rolls. I got the Fish & Chips and my husband got the Black Jack Burger (medium well). We both substituted PJ's Famous Fries for regular fries. Cheese Steak Spring Rolls: Delicious. I would order these again and again. The Spring roll was crispy, the steak was moist and flavorful, and the cheese was delicious and just salty enough. Seriously- a must have if you eat here. Fish & Chips: Standard. Of course the Famous Fries are always good here. The batter on the fish was surprisingly less greasy than I expected it to be for a pub, which I was quite happy about. Not much to say about this dish otherwise. Black Jack Burger: My husband (incredibly picky) loved it. I managed to snag a bite of it (he was reluctant to share) but I was glad I did! It was done medium well just like he had ordered. His fries were also good. The waitress was really friendly, but not overbearing. Attentive without being obtrusive. We couldn't wait to come back. So we did. Talk about a 180. There were three of us this time. Considerably less hungry, so we skipped the appetizers. 10 minutes to get a waitress to acknowledge that we were there and get drinks. Sour start. She was nice enough through out the rest of the meal, but considerably less attentive than the previous waitress. On top of it, my food (nachos) came out significantly sooner than the meals of the other two with me. Broccoli Cheese soup: Husband got it. He didn't remark on it, which means it was so-so. I couldn't stand the smell of it. Nachos: I got these. Piled high, it was an impressive presentation. Unfortunately, taste lacked. Chips were relatively stale, the chili meat was bland and mushy. The cheese was indistinguishable (both in appearance, texture, and taste) from the sour cream. THAT was off putting. If that wasn't enough, the guacamole was slime like. Bizarre. Overall, we just got home and my stomach is churning. I won't order those again. Black Jack Burger: My friend got this (medium rare). His food came out great. He substituted the sweet potato fries which were delicious. The sweet potato fries came out after the burger, but they gave him chips while he waited. They were about about a minute later so no complaint on that. From my two experiences, this seems to be a consistently good burger. Grilled Chicken Sandwich: Pitiful. The fries (regular) weren't even close to cooked, and it seems like they added salt to compensate for the lack of time in the fryer. The sandwich itself? Well, if a sandwich that highlighted lettuce, tomato, and onion had been ordered- it would have been great. The chicken was pounded to a paper-thin status. There were actually holes where it had been pounded out so thin that the chicken wouldn't hold through cooking. It was burnt on the edges and extremely dry. A bite of the chicken itself would reveal absolutely no salt or pepper. Neither time that we've been here have we ordered anything from the bar, so I cannot remark on the bar staff. Regardless, the atmosphere is better than that of the Allentown location- I didn't feel like I was sitting on top of anybody. This one has a much more comfortable feel. There's a nice outside patio (which I have yet to utilize). We'll probably be back, but we won't be as eager as we were after the first trip.

  • John W.

    The food is really good I've been there 4 different times and every time the food was on point the service is good and I always leave happy glad to say I found a spot that I will be going back to again and again .

  • tony m.

    This place was across the street from where I was staying while visiting bethlehem. It was Monday night and I decided to go have a beer and watch the football game. The place was way bigger and modern than what I expected. They have a large selection of beers and not being able to make up my mind I asked the bartender if she could recommend one. I ended up with a beer that tasted like it was mixed with hard liquor. It was so strong I couldn't even finish it. The beer also cost me over $5 which I thought was kinda of expensive.

  • Shari D.

    I've probably been here six or seven times now. I'm not a big fan of this restaurant, but as it's close to my boyfriend's work, as well as his parent's house, we will often find ourselves here for better or worse. The thing is, they have a good selection of beers... and though I was very disappointed in their ribs, I thought their fish tacos were actually REALLY good, which was a surprise. I like their sweet potato fries, but sometimes they're really greasy, like they weren't shaken down before they were put into the basket. Their salads aren't very good. I stopped trying after two different ones. Their wings are alright... I haven't figured out what the hype is about, actually. They didn't wow me. I like the wings better at some pizza joints I've been to. Their burgers are pretty good.... not as good as the Brewworks, but still pretty good. I guess the reason I can't give it more than three stars is that it's just plain average. Nothing is fabulous. (Other than the fish tacos!) Their menu is really big, and I've tried a lot of different items, and sometimes, I just don't bother finishing it because the calories aren't worth it. Also, it's so noisy here, whether you're inside or outside, so you find yourself shouting all the time. The service is pretty good... although the last time that we went there with a group, the waitress didn't break out the bills into separate tables, or even areas, and when it came time to settle, there was lots of confusion. Maybe she was new, I don't know. I thought she was really nice and felt bad when it appeared that some people had left without paying. So I paid the $80 left over (that was including tip, and we'd already paid $120 for our own food/drinks) and thought I'd try to get it from people later, only to find out that everyone DID pay, their money/items just weren't taken off the main bill. So.... I don't know. I was pretty bummed. We learned a big lesson after that outing: Ask for your bill to be separate right at the onset to avoid overpaying later. All in all, it's a fun place to go for some basics and beer... just don't expect to hear what anyone is saying, and don't expect any mind-bending pub fare.

  • Strat O.

    All this place has going for it are a nice selection of beers on tap (always changing, always something new to try) and slightly above average burgers and wings. It is usually crowded and always noisy. The outdoor patio is near the septic system, so you get a nice sewer zephyr every few minutes. Avoid. Service is spotty from the overworked servers, but your order is usually fast. Some weekend nights, a DJ comes in to play his MacBook and the music is obnoxious, so go earlier, not after 10PM.

  • Kathy R.

    My husband and I were there for lunch today. The service was good, the food was average. I liked my portobello mushroom sandwich (although I prefer mozzarella to goat cheese) but the chicken Parmesan was only fair

  • Chris S.

    Good beers, decent garlic wings (only if you ask them for well done). Waitresses at tables pretty spacey, don't really listen to you. Number one complaint: Went there for a while to watch games, however came to a head one Sunday when I went in during the second quarter to watch my Browns game since they boast a full NFL ticket ...the manager would NOT accomodate and try to find a tv to put my game on. They had 13 tv's with the Eagles and 13 others with the Steelers. She told me she's sorry about the "TV situation, but the TV's are all set. The people who got here at 1PM (gametime) got their seats and tv's and they cant change them now. " I found 4-5 tv"s noone was even watching, they still refused to put my game on. I have never encountered that in a real sports bar in my life. Gave them a LOT of business...not anymore. If you're an Eagles or Steelers fan, you'll basically get your own personal tv. If you're a fan of any other team, you better hope they are playing either the Eagles or the Steelers.What a joke.

  • Marissa S.

    Delicious Captain Morgan's cider for only $5 during happy hr. I got the boneless buffalo wing appetizer basket as my dinner and it was more than enough food, I got about 7 or 8 boneless wings with a generous amount of spicy fries and yummy chunky blue cheese!

  • Miguel S.

    Culture shock compared to the old Tilghman/Broadway (Allentown) location I frequented many times years ago. This is a sprawling, modern sports bar with a very wide open floor plan. It gets pretty loud even if it's not packed. Booths throughout and around the perimeter. Very large bar. Tons of beer options, most of which I've never heard of, but that's not a bad thing because most of the new small brewery beers out there today blow away the traditional standards. I know Chimay (Belgium) & though pricey, it's good and they've had one sort or another every time I've gone to this PJ's. The are 7 buffalo wing sauce options now, and the 3 or 4 I've tried were all excellent. The Sesame/Garlic is outstanding (it's more sesame than garlic). The standard hot buffalo sauce is very good too. The thing is you can choose any of their sauces on everything from wings to buffalo shrimp, buffalo chicken sliders, several different chicken sandwiches, including the unique Wicked Chicken Cheesesteak, etc.. The Cheesesteak Spring Rolls are a surprisingly tasty appetizer and the Ahi Tuna entree is excellent (served with jasmine rice & veggies). What can I tell you, I'm shocked I've rambled so much about this place, but we've been there several times and they've consistently come through. I'm not even a fan of most sports bars, but I do love sports & this is a nice place to enjoy a slew of different games. Disclaimer: I've never done anything close to a late night here, but it's a cool atmosphere & the crowd has never been an issue on weekends during the day &/or early evenings anytime. Lots of families, groups, sports fans & people either stopping in after work nearby or traveling on business & staying at the hotel next door.

  • M C.

    The food was pretty good. Nothing special. The prices were a bit on the high side, but portions are descent.

  • Troy Z.

    Bartender girl doesn't know how to pour a beer. She keeps giving me beer filled with 1/4 of the top filled with foam. Then it settles way bellow the rim of the glass. I ordered a light beer that shouldn't have had any foam. No food ordered yet. It looks like fast food I could get at Mc Donald's.

  • Kevin R.

    Fantastic place! Huge menu of bar food... With a FLAIR! Not your typical bar food here. Everything is fresh and portions are generous! Waitresses are beautiful and they have great drink specials. Place gets packed around dinner time and also late night on Fridays and Saturdays.! Televisions everywhere... Great place to check out the games. WINGS are best in the area. Seriously! Plump. Wet, Juicy, meaty wings. The Buffalo Sauce is just right! Soo yum! Burgers are fresh and plump! Get the PJ FAMOUS FRIES! They are seasoned and come with cheese! Oohh La La! I subtracted one star for noise level. This place gets packed and the MUSIC is just WAYYY tooo loud. You cant even hear your guest the table! Its a nighmare! But we will continue to come back again and again! Check this place out. U will be pleased!

  • Matthew W.

    Stopped in here for lunch with my brother and pop on a motorcycle ride to the area to visit an Indian dealer. This is a much better location that the other pjs in the area. The place is huge and has a large outside patio. The food is great as pjs always is and the drinks are cold. We had no complaints with our orders and the staff was attentive and friendly. If I'm in the area again for a ride I will certainly come again. I'd recommend this place to anyone in the area. There is plenty of room for large groups as well.

  • Theresa R.

    Large draft beer list....had my first black IPA. Reasonable price....round of 4 drinks (3 craft beers and a bailey's for $21) Came for dinner too...typical bar food with a twist. I had a California turkey burger and substituted fries for 1.99 instead of chips. Right next door to holiday Inn express, which is why I had multiple visits during my work trips.

  • Jacob K.

    Ordered some wings for take out. They were ok. Would have been better if they had gotten the order right.

  • Corinne V.

    I wish I could could give zero stars. Went in Sunday night with two friends and sat at the bar. It took 10 minutes for 1 of the 4 bartenders to offer us a drink and a menu (they were too busy corralled around the end of the bar flirting with each other). It took another 15 minutes to get our drinks (3 draft beers, fairly simple, still no menus). After another 15 minutes (30 minutes total) I had to get the male bartenders attention and ask for a menu. Well, another 20 minutes later he finally returns to take my order. Mind you, I ended up not liking my beer and took one sip and the full glass sat in front of me the entire two hours we were there. Not once after I received my food or he brought my friends their second and third rounds did he inquire about how the food was or why my beer was still full. I ended up ordering a water and still, the bartender failed to acknowledge my full glass of unsatisfying beer. After we paid our tabs and my friends were finishing their drinks, a blonde female bartender with a likeness to Steve Buscemi and a pony tail that was tight enough to double as a face lift, puts her hand on my HALF FULL glass of water and says "do you want more water?" I replied "nah im good." she proceeds to take my glass of water from me! "do you want more water" and "are you finished with your water" are two entirely different things. It's not like we were camped out for the free football games - my friends both had full drinks! As a waitress myself, I make it a point to tip at least 25% - they got $. 23 from me. I hope the bar staff uses it to buy a clue about hospitality. TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, AWFUL, JUST UTTERLY DESPICABLE SERVICE. I will not set foot in there again, and I will make sure no one I know does.

  • Dean S.

    I've been going to Pjs for a very long time. The last 2 visits have been below expectations. Both time my food was late at least 45 minutes on a non-busy day. Bartender probably forgot to submit my order and never bothered to check with me until I asked if my food was coming or not. First time I refused my meal and closed my tab...2nd time last night I accepted my food but they refused to comp the meal or even offer a discount. The manager did come over and check in, but I was already mad I had to rush to eat my food due to an event I was going too. Please fix your service

  • Michael S.

    Came back and the food and drinks were awesome. Our server Madison was awesome and gave us A1 service!

  • Adam B.

    Amazing place to eat. Over 20 TV's amazing burgers and amazing waitresses. It's a place to come with the guys/friends

  • Nova O.

    3.5 stars, really. Our server was attentive and sweet, and the food was great, but took a long time. We got our appetizer after our meals, and the manager apologized. The bar was also backed up and slow at times, but our server kept us posted at all times, which was nice. Happy hour on a weekend/Friday was very busy, so arrive early and prepare to wait. Overall it was a positive experience, but not noteworthy. Famous fries and loaded tots are both amazing guilty pleasures!

  • Kim R.

    The food is great, atmosphere is great, they hire very attractive servers, but the service is TERRIBLE!!! Need appetizer plates? A fork? Some napkins? Be prepared for a mile of attitude, eye rolling, and dirty looks.

  • Jess B.

    I am not a huge fan of the big open rooms that get so loud you can't talk with the person you are dining with. This is the fourth PJ's location I have been to and probably my least favorite. We were seated at a booth under a TV that apparently didn't have a remote since there were two shoe prints on the table! (See pics) My husband ordered a grilled cheese with short rib and the fries and liked it. I didn't care for the cost of his meal; seemed high. I ordered the loaded tots which were good. I also ordered the French onion soup which was honestly the worst I ever had. I didn't bother to send it back as my husband suggested. It was not a true French onion soup. It tasted like the onions had been boiled in plan water. Definitely not the featured soup they advertise it to be. Stick with fried food and wings here. As a side note all their servers are dressed like Hooters gals on top.

  • L M.

    Pretzels were good but not enough to overcome the poor service

  • Mark J.

    Dining Date April 3, 2015 for lunch. Food is only slightly better than fast food. Wings were good but not worth bragging about. Kids Mac and cheese was Kraft out of the box. Beer selection is excellent. I would recommend for happy hour after work, but take a pass for a meal.

  • Tracy H.

    Went here for a retirement party. Had the fish tacos and a strawberry daiquiri. There were about 20 of us, and PJ's was very accommodating. All of the food looked great, the mixed drinks as well. The servers kept up with our drink refills, etc. will certainly be back. It was packed at lunch time, not including our party. I totally see why.

  • Bill M.

    Great food.! Great service. Beware of the Nachos: huge. Great all around family place, too. I would certainly bring my kids.

  • Haley G.

    My opinion: poor service, over priced & bad quality food, overwhelming atmosphere. It's a large bar. If you are in to that, great. I have no interest going back

  • Anuj S.

    A bit surprised that this place had only 3 stars. The bar is done well with tons of TVs and a good beer selection. Service was also pretty good. Additionally, the food was pretty good. The veggie burger I had was nice, because it's one they made in-house, instead of using some off-the-shelf frozen pattie. So the veggie burger was good. Then I got the famous fries with it, and those were awesome. The seasoning was nice and of course cheese sauce was excellent. I guess you can add cheese sauce to most things and it would taste a lot better. One of the things I missed ordering this time around was the eggplant fries. Sound awesome. Definitely next time.

  • Jackie A.

    Not very good if your not here for drinks. If you are a guy i am sure all will be well for you. Ordered a medium-rare burger that came out well done. I told the waitress it wasn't right and she laughed it off and walked away. When she came back to check on things she asked if everything was good. I told her not really. Again she giggled and walked off. I try not to complain about food because getting something else is always like playing Russian Roulette. But she didn't take the complaint seriously. She didn't bother refilling our drinks or doing anything remotely close to waitressing. But she did have two bobbies, which appears to be the selling point of this hangout

  • Luis D.

    This place does not take reservations... bummer! Food is good, prices are very competitive. There are TVs everywhere, which is convenient if you want to catch the latest game. Surprisingly, cocktails are good too. Public is very young, like high-schoolers, which is sometimes surprising.

  • Mitchell M.

    Huge sports bar boasting a lot of taps, TVs, and "ta-tas" I'm not sure who does the hiring here, but his/her philosophy is obvious. It's mostly women, but there are a few beefy dudes behind the bar for you ladies too. The "grab ass" that was going on behind the bar between the male & female staff may make you lose your appetite...which is OK. The food is that of a TGIFridays. Nothing special. They are apparently known for their wings. Meh, Didn't have them so don't know how good they are. They did look decent, and smelled pretty good coming out. The food we had was a bit bland, although in their defense, I am sure no one comes here for Cobb salads. The have a lot of TVs to watch the games, but they were focused on about two channels of college football when I was there. Hopefully they show more games for NFL, although looked like they only had 2-3 satellites judging by how many TVs froze up searching for a signal during a thunderstorm. The biggest positive about this place is the beer selection. They have all the normal domestics, and offer a "$2 bottle" each day. They also have a very diverse list of about 30-35 craft beers. Some really great local stuff, as well as other choices from around the country. The Free Will (PA) pints I had were quite tasty topped off with a potent & flavorful Whiskey Barrel from Colorado. The bartenders are polite and friendly to all customers especially their regulars. They are also attentive, so you will not go without a drink in your hand for long. I just don't feel like watching some dude behind the bar groping and playing grab ass with every female that has to pass him. I'd say maybe it was just this guy, but the staff was just too friendly at times. That's a turn off to customers in my eyes.

  • Susan A.

    Yummy, great atmosphere for Penn State football watching. Food was delish and seating was fast

  • Joe O.

    Waited and waited and waited for someone to take my food order after I got a beer and I finally gave up. Sat there with a beer for an hour. Sucks because I'm a decent tipper. Don't waste your time here.

  • Maria C.

    Love this place

  • Seana C.

    Decent food, iffy service and a large beer list. We came here on a Sunday night to watch football, drink beer and eat some food. Our waitress came over and gave us a beer list. I took my pick and she came back to tell me they were out of it. I tried again. She came back, out of that too. So, I asked her what kind of pumpkin ales they currently have, since the first 2 were out. She said "I'm bad at beer, I have no idea" Okay then... I asked her to surprise me with whatever pumpkin ale she wanted to and she came back with something. When I asked what it was, again, she had no idea. Lost a couple of points on that one. However, she was pretty friendly and apologetic. Time to order food! I have the pretzels and beer cheese appetizer. Pretty yummy. I was craving a burger, so I ordered the Platinum Burger. Out of that, too. When I asked what they were out of, she couldn't tell me, even after asking the manager. Was it the onion? The bacon? The Havarti cheese? She came back and just said they're out of all of it, but can make me any other burger on the list. (Even those that included Havarti cheese and bacon. Didn't check on the onions) I ordered the crab cake sandwich, which is their "top seller". Not a bad crabcake, but it's a little rounded cake on a huge kaiser roll. I think I pulled off about 1/2 of the bread, just so all of my bites could be the roll AND the crabcake. No remoulade sauce, which was disappointing. They only offer tartar. Their "famous fries" are good! I always ask for them with light seasoning, otherwise they're a little overwhelming. All in all, not a bad experience. It's a decent place to watch the Eagles lose (Go Giants!) while enjoying a beer and some pretty standard bar food. I'm sure I'll be back.

  • Zach Q.

    I was really super impressed with their draft beer menu. They had a great selection of at least 20 different drafts ranging from 4% abv all the way up to 11%. Good stuff. Aside from the beer, it's a lot like any other chain restaurant. American bar food, kinda like TGIFridays. I noticed a trend with the waitresses that reminded me of a Hooters, but maybe it was just a coincidence. We had a large party, and got good, quick service even though the place was pretty busy. They were even raffling off beer swag which is always fun. I would definitely return.

  • Pete E.

    Too crowded and way to loud for a date. I couldn't even hear our server after a forty minute wait getting a table. The wings were pretty pedestrian. Local bars have better wings and much better ambiance.

  • Lori M.

    Food is terrible with the exception of the cheesesteak rolls... THAT IS IT!! I've been here many times hoping it would get better. Service is even worse than the day old microwaved frozen food. At least they are consistent on the two most important things being horrible. The girls (or waitstaff.. But yes all girls are in little tops big hair lots of makeup... You might think you are at a hooters) which are pretty and usually upbeat (I give credit where credit is due) but unless you are a table full of guys don't expect them to be too attentive. It took us 20 minutes just to get water on our table last time and 30 minutes just to order. I actually got up to find our waitress... And guess where she was.... Yep... You guessed it... At the table with 5 guys laughing and having a great social outing while on the clock. It's always packed which I don't mind if I am out for happy hour but it's always happy hour here.... I wouldn't really consider this a nice place to go to eat or brig your kids... Especially the little ones they will get ornery just from how long you will be here. It's a great sports bar and that's how it should be marketed then maybe people won't bring so many kids in where they don't belong amongst the drunk men and watching them and the waitstaff fall all over each other.

  • M W.

    Excellent for families. When without the kids, the bar has great beer selections. Food is decent. Your usual pub fare. Good prices. The layout is conducive to dining with large groups. A go-to for a night out to eat with our son.

  • John R.

    A gourmet experience? Absolutely not. A much better version of Buffalo Wild Wings? Absolutely. Nice craft beer selection and a menu with a lot of choices to find something that works for everyone at the table. At the top of the list for me is just the fact they have shrimp in addition to wings with all of the sauce selections as the center focus in the menu.

  • Phil B.

    We order to go occasionally from here since we work nearby. You can honestly flip a coin if the order is correct or not. Lately I would say the last 5 times ordering all had problems. The receipts are always 100% on so I cannot blame the people up front. Whoever or whatever is in the kitchen needs to get it together. There are special requests which are always messed up.; Many times they do not include the pickle, etc. that comes with the order. After years of patronizing this place for lunch, our group finally had enough and we will not be back. I used to complain but got tired of receiving gift cards to make up for the meal I paid on a gift card

  • John B.

    The place has potential but unfortunately the food is a bit mediocre and the service was pretty slow. Just middle of the road for everything in the experience. Better service and a little better food and this skyrockets to a 4 or 5 star place as it has potential.

  • David D.

    Great food , great service every time. We come every Sunday and always leave happy. Keep up the good work.

  • Destha P.

    It would've been nice to control some belligerent drunk girls to watch the mouth where kids are around

  • Jon L.

    I went here with a coworker since it was on the property of our hotel. It's extremely busy, but I can't understand what the draw here is. About 97% of the patrons were post-pubescent boys, although there was a good number of people at the bar. The seater was attractive, as was our waitress, Laura. While they (and a few others) had nice bountiful chests, we agreed that they were stuffing their bras since they were well out of proportion. Unfortunately Laura's attractiveness wasn't on par with her service as she didn't take a single drink order for the duration of our meal. She was there when she had to be. I do have to say that their beer selection was top notch. Not many restaurants have Magic Hat #9 on draft! The food however was not good. Everything we had was very bland, dry and flavorless. People here compare the food with TGI Friday's but I will tell you that it's much worse than that! Even the nachos were extremely subpar. This may be good enough for high school boys, but for the rest of us, there are better alternatives in town. And while our waitress and some other were appealing to the eye, you are not guaranteed an attractive waitress. The people next to us had a fat chick as did many others. And you should know what kind of service to expect with an attractive girl in her early 20s, it's not going to be good! This place seems like a good hangout to watch a game, but you will struggle to find a seat! Not a terrible place to go by any stretch of the imagination, but unless you're only looking for some good session material, I would look elsewhere for a good place to eat.

  • Jared F.

    I enjoy this PJ's location far better than Tilghman Street in Allentown for the main reason that it's a larger restaurant. The food is good, the wings are the best in the area, the servers are polite and pleasant and the atmosphere is great with tv's in every direction. The bar is large and the beer selection is one of the biggest in the area. Plan ahead and try to avoid the main dinner rush or else you'll be waiting at least 45 minutes for a table.

  • Liz H.

    Best place around to watch any kind of sporting event. Staff is friendly and fun (and all really attractive, it is true). More beers on tap than any place around and they carry some of the more selective liquers which is another plus. Wings are OUT OF THIS WORLD GOOD - get the Chioptle Lime Barbque and you will not be dissappointed! Other menu favorites are the eggplant fries and the chop salad.....the Blue Cheese dressing is so chunky and good I had to mention it. This is a regular place for Tuesday night wing nights!!! Love PJ'S!!!

  • Isabella S.

    Dined here Thursday night with my husband and daughter. The place its great. Wasn't sure at first if this place was kid-friendly. Well, I was wrong. They have a great kids menu and they also sat us near a window so my daughter was occupied by looking at all the people passing in the parking lot. For dinner, my husband ordered the ahi tuna steak and I ordered the salmon. Both of our meals were delicious! Great ahi tuna steak for a bar. In addition, we were very pleased with the service. Everyone was friendly and accommodating. The place was well kept. Will dine here again.

  • Rick G.

    Make sure your wings are cooked all the way through. Last few times they were raw inside! see pic

  • Jennifer P.

    Wings and Fries - they were meaty and they came out SOOOO Quick! and they didn't even taste like they were sitting around. The playmates, i mean models were very nice and friendly. All in all it was a great experience. Try not to go after 5 on a Friday night. We've tried twice for some reason and both times the wait was over 40 minutes. The last time a local radio station, I think WZZO was there. IDK if that's good or bad for you. But it definitely is worth you checking out.

  • Melissa D.

    I really wish PJ's well in this location. I work nearby and have witnessed the continued turnover of restaurants in this location from Bennigan's to Paddy's to vacant and now PJ's. It's refreshing to have a bar & grill available at this location to stop at after work for wings and a beer. PJ's excels at beer, wings, and appetizers. They have decent beer specials each day of the week and have a relatively good variety of craft brews for the type of venue they have. Their wings are good - well, put it this way - they're the best choice in the Schoenersville Rd vicinity. The regular menu items are a bit bland. We've been here a few times and there always seems to be flub-ups on what we order. The quality of the food isn't so great for the price, either. First visit I got one of their salads. Nice presentation, but they didn't put cheese on it. This was maybe 1-2 weeks within their opening, so I wasn't bothered. On another visit last week, my boyfriend and I both ordered the bison burgers. They were ok. Fries were just ok. I got a few bites into my burger (medium) and the inside was cold. Hm. Yuck. Sent it back and got a replacement in a take-out box. Server was great about the whole thing, so there was no issue. It just makes me leery to actually order anything besides wings, appetizers, and beer here in the future. One huge positive about this place is the SIZE. If you've been to the one in Allentown, you know it's generally crowded and crazy. This location has a very open floor plan that's awesome for large groups. So, big thumbs up for that.

  • AJ R.

    Can't ever go wrong here. Just wish it wouldn't get so crowded so fast :).

  • A V.

    If you are into craft brews, P.J. Whelihans in Bethlehem offers a wide variety almost certain to please. In addition, the place is clean, roomy, comfortable, modern-looking, and 'techy with its some 20 TV's. However, if you are looking for some good tasting "bar food," you are better off going elsewhere. P.J. Whelihans in Bethlehem does not offer quality, good tasting food. Yeah, I know... bar food is bar food. But trust me, even bar food has standards. I am not convinced that the chefs at P.J. Whelihans in Bethlehem care about their cooking techniques, and the quality of the product is reminiscent of high school cafeteria frozen food. You'll see what I mean when you order their "famous French fries". There's only one thing I can think of that they'd be famous for... being cheap! Oh, and a real pet peeve, soggy wings. Even when asked to be made extra, extra crispy. Oh well. They are well staffed and fit to handle some of the rather large number crowds they attract. Lot's of seating. Not much open space, though you can move about comfortably. Staff is polite and helpful though sometimes robotic (i.e. no connection to the customer). Summary: Good beer variety, poor food quality, lots of seating (inside and out), decent service, TV's galore. Advice: Don't go there to eat and drink. Go there to drink and (maybe) eat.

  • Matthew S.

    Second time I've been here. The women bartenders seemed more interested in the guys that were flirting with them and showing them some attention. I was getting ready to leave a fiver for the beer and leave when a guy bartender came and asked if I wanted to order. The only reason I did order was because I was hungry. The food came out quickly except it came with a small little side of blue cheese for the wings. Not a good experience and the tip I left reflects that.

  • Amanda W.

    First time to PJ Whelihan's and so far I'm not a fan. The place was crowded and loud, which is to be expected, but I mean REALLY loud. Again though, I expected it since it is a sports bar. What I didn't expect was the food and service. The service was horrible and the food was overpriced and bland. It took way too long for our food and it wasn't even hot when it arrived at our table. Then our waitress disappeared for half an hour. No lie, 30 minutes later she showed back up. At that point we just wanted the check and to get out of there. I may try one of these chains again, but definitely not this location.

  • George W.

    I am not normally a fan of any sort of "chain" type restaurant. PJ Whelihan's, however, (and at least on the Sunday that we went to watch football) provided not only reasonably priced food, but a great deal on the 100 ounce $10 beer tower. This place is almost the only sports bar in the area, so, it is definitely going to get packed on any Sunday. So, deal with it or don't go. The food was better than I expected. I got a honey bbq chicken sandwhich and the sauce was excellent and apparently a PJ Whelihan's staple. The aforementioned beer tower was fun to have on our table and definitely upped the overall mood of the day. While I wouldn't go here once a week, I will definitely come back again.

  • Krissy K.

    The food is nothing special in my opinion. Gets really loud inside, so maybe not a great place for a date. They have a wide variety of beers and some original cocktails that are usually pretty good.

  • Rich P.

    As the owner of a restaurant (not a competing one to this one, and yes we do eat at other places too) I am hesitant to give any restaurant just one star but when it came to this place I feel I must. This was my second time at a PJW and my first visit to this location. On both occasions I got my food to go so my rating is 100% on the food and not the service. I will add that walking into this place, well it's not the kind of place I would go to dine-in, as it's louder, darker and more bar like than another sports bars I've been to. Many of these Sports bars are really just bars that try to pretend to be a restaurant and not just a bar with food. As for those types of places, one place even used a George Foreman grill behind the bar, that was their "kitchen". I mention that as the burger I had at that place that one time was better than this burnt excuse for burger that was handed to me on BOTH occasions from PJW. It's clear to me that this place is a bar that is pretending to be a restaurant. Sorry to give you guys one star, but I have to. If you do read this, this is my honest opinion, that burger was the worst I ever had anywhere. You should stick to being a bar that just happen to sell some food, at least people's expectations would be lower.

  • Sarah E.

    Awesome beer selection but food menu is lacking. Not the best selection in my opinion. For as much as they brag about their wings, they are just "ok". The overall atmosphere is great. They did a good job of renovating the place.

  • Larissa G.

    Best wings around!! Love the "hot" sauce done extra crispy!! Everything else is great too!

  • N L.

    I used to go to the Allentown location and although crowded, the wings were always hot fresh and amazing. 5-6years later I returned to the area with family and we tried this location. Very nice spot but wings were lukewarm and did not live up to my past experience sadly. Maybe it is the passing of time, maybe the location but what a bummer.

  • Steven T.

    Food is food, if you can get the bartenders to take your order. If you want to order food, don't sit at the bar. You will starve. Bar-tending staff spends more time flirting for tips from the regulars than taking order and filling empty pint glasses.

  • Diane B.

    Have been there twice since they opened. Wanted to give them a fair trial and since they are super close to my home i was hoping to like it but i really don't. It is very crowded and loud. The food, which we sampled quite a few things on the menu between family and friends, and I really was not impressed with any of it. Probably will not return.

  • Eric K.

    After reading most of these reviews i think most everyone hit the nail right in the head....This place is more of a hang out than a restaurant. The food for the most part is terrible although they do have some of the best nachos around (the only reason i give this place 2 stars) The service is absolutely HORRENDOUS... All the waitresses are extremely narcissistic and much more concerned about their looks and socializing with other waitresses and flirting with young college 'bros' then service..If you're in the area and looking just to have a few drinks with friends then this isn't a bad choice...If you're coming here looking for food..forget about it..go somewhere else. This place would be suffice for college/high school kids with an extremely basic appetite but for the rest of us...its a no

  • Lee W.

    Used to be a great place but the crowds have been less and less well-managed recently and you can expect at least an hour wait even if you come on an "off night" at an "off time". No reservations. The wings used to be good. Now over-sauced and made in bulk to just quickly heat and serve. The burgers have been decent. Nothing to write home about, but still a good sports bar burger. Don't order the steak. It's a small cheap cut, cooked poorly. The only thing I really like there is the nacho platters (under appetizers) that I'll get for a meal here or there. Not really because they're excellent nachos or any specific reason - I just like nachos with my beer. Beer is expensive for the area, even with specials. My friends and I have been going elsewhere in the Valley for Tuesday wing nights. Better wings and beer at half the price.

  • Earl K.

    Service was impeccable. I ate at the bar and was very impressed. They were spot on and got everything right.

  • Jeff T.

    9 of us went to dinner 1 of some what enjoyed our meal... Needless to say NONE of us will be back terrible service to go long with terrible food

  • Tavis S.

    I didn't notice until now, but one of the managers at PJ's (Chris W) reached out to me right after this incident and apologized for the mishap that re: the bar tender giving herself an additional $2 tip. He offered to resolve the issue ASAP which I appreciated but at this point it'll be more trouble for me to rectify. I doubt my review hurts the establishment but at the very least maybe this will discourage any staff from doing this in the future.

  • Rachel M.

    This place really needs an attitude make over. The waitresses are extremely rude, impolite and inattentive. The manager, Tim, was also extremely rude and very condescending. If you want subpar food, bad service, but good drinks this is your place. Go and drink so you don't have to remember the food you ate. Would rather go through a McDonald's drive thru before coming back here.

  • Jay S.

    The food is horrible but the drinks are big and they are not selfish with the alcohol. However, the food is bad especially the SMOKED PORK SANDWICH. I ordered it once and I was sick for days, nausea and all. Everyone I know that ordered the SMOKED PORK SANDWICH felt the same as well. I told them about what happened to me and others and they still have yet to take the SMOKED PORK SANDWICH off the menu. Do not eat here unless you want to get FOOD POISON!!!!!

  • Alex S.

    Not usually a fan of chain restaurants, but let me put aside my pretentious cap and try to be fair. Food - Better than I expected. Huge portions. Wings were delicious and actually super crispy. Chicken in the caesar salad had a slight 'fishy' taste though. Noooo bueno. Service - Bubbly all around. Friendly to the point of fake friendly. But hey, I'd rather have fake friendly than "you owe me a tip because I'm so much better than you" attitude. Beer - Good selection for a chain. Overall? Not bad. I definitely wouldn't complain if I woke up and found myself sitting at one of their tables with a fresh beer and some crispay wings.

  • Allen B.

    The buffalo shrimp with inferno sauce is BANGIN!!!!!

  • Megan H.

    The pj famous fries are AMAZINNNNNN. and their dirty banana yum. Service is a little slow and hard to get but food is worth it. Also wings are bangin.

  • Alan B.

    I'll give this place another chance but was a little disappointed upon my 1st visit. I visited on the recommendation of a coworker regarding the eye candy staff. The eye candy certainly didn't disappoint but some other aspects did. Nice overall setup viewing wise, as I was there to see a football game and sat at the bar. Impressive selection of beers. Service was decent given how very, very crowded they were. Similar to Mitchell I too was dismayed at the "grab assing" going on behind the bar. It appeared there were 4 true bartenders, two of each gender. But the bar access is very open and there are all kinds of servers, bar backs, managers, and who knows what their role is walking back behind there. At least one of the male bartenders was much more interested in flirting with the pretty coworkers, grabbing them, etc. Grow up dude. There were other shenanigans but he was the worst offender. I noticed no shenanigans amongst the other 3 bartenders or at least the two girls. My meal was underwhelming. I had the Wicked Chicken Cheesesteak, tossed in the Hot and Honey sauce. It came pretty quickly and when it did I took a look at what the server brought and told her it wasn't mine. It looked like a basket of a couple of hot dogs and some chips. On further inspection it was a VERY slender roll cut in half. The two halves would equal one half of a typical cheesesteak sandwich at competitor's bars. Really tiny portion, although it was tasty. I'll give them a try sometime on a quiet weeknight and probably stick to the wings or maybe a burger.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 2:00pm
  • Mon : 11:00 am - 2:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Loud
    Good For Dancing : No
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Happy Hour : Yes
    Best Nights : Tue, Wed, Thu
    Coat Check : No
    Smoking : No
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No

PJ Whelihan’s Bethlehem

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