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  • Liz S.

    After the first third of our 8 hour road trip at 9:30 at night, we knew we needed to find a restaurant FAST if we were to eat at all. We weren't entirely sure funcks was open, but when I asked the (already cleaning up for the night) staff if they were open, the hostess let out a hearty "sure!" the staff was courteous and the restaurant and bathroom were clean. I highly recommed the tomato crock with it's gooey cheese blend. The s/o had a burger he described, positively, as no-nonsense. We got what we wanted and it was a great value to boot. The missing star is for food quality - there's no way they could have attained 5 stars given their environment and prices.

  • Dan R.

    Excellent rootbeer floats. The wait time is pretty long here, but the food is excellnt. Tons of military personel. we had turkey and mashed potatoes and my brother had a wrap, the prices are a bit higher, but the food was well worth it. it has standard diner type food. it's always busy, i mean our wait time was about 10 minutes. the first time i was here, i thought they didnt have enough employees, but it's just that busy.

  • Kris V.

    I usually am not so critical but I was so disappointed with this place that I had to write a review. I was hoping for good things because this place sits right outside of Ft. Indiantown Gap and was convenient. I ordered the single grilled pork chop dinner that came with two sides. I thought a little pricey at $14. But that would have been okay if the food hadn't been so lack luster. The pork chop was a decent size but lacked any kind of taste at all. It was just a piece of meat on the plate. The mashed potatoes weren't too bad but not great either. The service followed the meal, simple lacking. I don't plan on going back and would suggest somewhere else.

  • Amy S.

    We had a group of 6. The order arrived exactly as ordered. The food was Funckin' awesome! Fried chicken was like Grandma's. Homemade desserts! I will definitely be back.

  • Ali Y.

    Stopped in on 2/22/2015 after a walk @memorial lake, to get fries and wings for my kids, was told that they had no wings, so I ordered a large box of fries for $7.31. Kids really wanted chicken, so I asked for chicken strips, the young guy @ counter told me they were $9.99 and he said they don't come w/fries, I asked why so expensive...he said he doesn't make the prices...when I showed him the menu, which said incl. fries and bbq sauce the guy was quiet. I'm ok for not accommodating customers, he could have charged me the chicken strips as a side order rather charging me the whole meal, I already had paid for a box of fries, but trying to deceive customers.... Not cool, not coming back....

  • Diane S.

    We always makes Funk's our stop when traveling through. Fast, Friendly, Fresh Food served with a smile. Love it!!

  • Christopher C.

    Ow, we want the Funck Give up the Funck Ow, we need the Funck We gotta have that Funck To me that seemed like a no brainer start to this one but I digress. This was very much an unplanned lunch stop but if you're in the Fort Indiantown Gap area on 78 heading west you really don't have very many choices unless you're going south ten miles to Annville, fifteen-ish miles to Hershey or you need to trek it even farther out to Harrisburg. First off I will say that I have never felt safer eating in a restaurant as probably 75% of the busy lunch crowd were either servicemen from the nearby Reserve base or they were State Police Troopers. The service as one or two others mentioned was slow. The restaurant was very busy and I think only three servers were trying to cover everybody and that really doesn't work unless you're willing to invest a whole lot more time hanging out here than you should have to. The food was alright. Kids spaghetti and meatball was quite large and for $3.99 was a damn steal the same as the kids cheeseburger. The ham and Havarti grilled cheese is a nice idea but in reality it was fairly flavorless along with being too buttery/greasy. The menu as a whole is far from adventurous but the portion sizes are fair and so are the prices. Nothing here is going to make you want to tear the roof off the sucker but the food is solid and while the service is a bit lax you could do worse plus what are your realistic options within the nearby area anyway? (In case you need some more Funck, the other side of the restaurant houses a mini-mart along with an Exxon gas station.)

  • Craig D.

    The food was serviceable, but not particularly good, during breakfast. The same opinion was shared by multiple members of my party. The service was lackluster, and I frequently found myself getting a little parched as I looked for opportunities to get either more coffee or water ~ efforts that frequently went in vain, despite the place not being particularly full or busy. This was an OK stop for food, but I'd certainly not stop here again given other options.

  • Alexander W.

    WAITER WAS CLEANING BATHROOM WHILE TAKING ORDERS, PLUS OTHER ISSUES !!!! My husband, parents, and I were on vacation driving back from NY to Washington DC. After approx. 3 hours driving, and hungry, we chose to stop at Funck's for diner ... what a mistake! Getting seated was quick, the only positive part of our experience. I ordered the meatloaf, while there were two fried chickens ordered, and a pasta dish. We waited over 30 minutes for our food to be served, to then be told the meatloaf I ordered was given away to a different customer and it was the last serving (so I was out of luck, no meatloaf). I got a lazy apology and the "here is a menu to review, if you want to chose something else" ... I elected, based on the waiter's interaction to just not order anything else and nibble on the friend chicken ordered by my husband. You would think the manager would come over and apologize, NOPE, I was under the impression there was no manager on site based on the waiter's interaction. The fried chicken was overcooked and tough, but it just gets worse. While nibbling, I observe the waiter go and enter the women's restroom to clean while wearing no gloves. He uses chemical cleaning supplies, a mop, mop bucket - still no gloves. At this point my husband had walked out and was waiting in the car, my parents were still sitting there is debrief. The waiter came back and asked "so how was everything" ... I replied "do you want me to be honest?" I told him it started with the meatloaf issue and only got worse, the chicken was overcooked, and then I observed his cleaning of the restroom with no gloves. He replied "I washed my hands, you good". At this point, again no manager interaction. My dad then walked out, very disgusted, and I approached the cashier to pay with my mother. A stranger from the next table approached us and actually apologized for our experience, she said she has eaten there several times and never seen such an interaction. It is pathetic a stranger has to apologize when the actual manager didn't care to. Being fed up, I asked the cashier "is there a manager available?" ... there actually was (she was the cook come to find out). She came out the kitchen and the waiter says to her "this is the guy with the meatloaf issue", like it was my fault. She said to me "what is the problem" - explained to her, it is pathetic a stranger has to approach me to apologize which should be the manager's job. I detailed the experience and the bathroom cleaning observations. The manager asked the waiter "where you cleaning" he said "yes, the toilet was clogged" THE WAITER UNCLOGED A TOILET WITH NO GLOVES, THEN RETURNED TO HELPING CUSTOMERS!!!! I paid and left (YES, THEY STILL CHARGED ME ... I SHOULD HAVE JUST WALKED OUT) I asked for a business card, was told "we don't have any" ... I got the manager's name and info on a piece of paper - Jolene Zechman 717-865-2764 I plan completing a complaint with the BBB and also the health department. STAY AWAY !!!

  • John D.

    Great breakfast to start the day. Coffee was good. Had the farmers scramble. Fast service. Will be back for sure!!!!

  • Andy C.

    Not a quaint old timey restaurant, it's a rather charmless modern building with diners close together at tables (no booths). The food was ok, it came quickly and there is a reasonable range. It could have been hotter, too. But - better than a chain restaurant so for a highway restaurant, it's ok.

  • Jen S.

    On a part of the I-81 corridor where food is scarce, this was a welcome sight for hungry travelers for lunch! It was easy to find off the exit, and we were seated immediately. Our waitress was very knowledgeable about the menu and the way the food was/is prepared; she was quick to recommend her favorites. You can tell the food is freshly prepared, and the dining area is comfortably laid-out, as well as clean. There is a huge gift shop in the basement (disappointed in the lack of hats), with a large assortment of local merchandise, as well as Funck's merchandise. Despite the slightly high price, it is definitely worth a stop if you happen to be in the area and hungry.

  • Dawn B.

    Quaint little family style restaurant - extensive menu, featuring Pennsylvania Dutch offerings. We stopped here while traveling from Ohio to NY - we have become so tired of the usual fast food and chain offerings along the interstates, that we have begun to use Yelp to find places that are have good "home style" food at a reasonable price. Funck's definitely fit the bill on this trip - our waitress was friendly, the place was neat and tidy, and the food was delicious. We will definitely be back when we're traveling through in the future!

  • Bob B.

    A classic family owned and run American diner, Pennsylvania style. Homemade pies and cakes, sandwiches, steaks and chicken. Dinner menu is over 10 pages. Breakfast you can order pretty much anything you want ( including, for the Adventurous, PA classics like ponhaus, chipped beef or scrapple.) staff are always friendly and we have never waited long. Locals all eat here, and also lots of uniformed Army from the nearby base.

  • Joshua D.

    I haven't eaten here in about eight years, but I still think about it all the time and sort of want to take a road trip just to get Funck's nomz. I had breakfast here while stationed at Ft. Indiantown Gap, and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The breakfast burrito was THE BOMB. Definitely try it if you're in the area.

  • Bob J.

    Disappointing. Eaten here several times before, today was not good. We ordered (entire order placed at the same time) a cup of chicken corn rivel, crock of tomato soup, tuna melt and an apple crisp with ice cream along with sodas. The soup came out promptly but it was luke warm. At least 5 minutes after I finished my soup, my wife's tomato soup came out. A few minutes later, the sandwich was delivered. When the server brought the sandwich, the dirty dishes were stacked on the side of table along with our empty glasses. The server did not take the dirty dishes when she brought the sandwich. A few minutes later, she did bring new sodas but still didn't take the dirty plates nor did she ask how the food was. I had taken one bite out of my sandwich and it was awful. The tuna had a very strong fishy smell, like it was old. I had put the plate off to the side but again the server never asked how the food was. My wife ate less than a 1/3 of her half of the sandwich. Now I will say that the apple crisp was good and a very ample size portion. When the server brought the check, she again never asked how things were. When I went to pay the bill, the manager asked and I told him that the tuna was not good at all. He never said a word about it. The Palmyra location is much better staffed and efficient. I would no longer recommend this one. The server needs retrained on how to be efficient and strong on customer service.

  • Marcus H.

    Really very surprised for the interior decor...especially when I took notice of the attached gas station. Food was very good, service was even better. They also had a nice little gift shop. It's a very quaint place, will definitely return soon!!!

  • Matt C.

    Good food. Meat loaf was almost as good as the wife makes it (many years of training her). Service was a little disappointing. I'm very easy going and don't have unrealistically high expectations for the unknown so when I walked a way from a tasty lunch tainted with the sour taste of poor service, I was a disappointed. Drink ran out twice and the extra gravy I requested apparently had to be made as that could be the only reason it took that long to deliver.

  • Gaz H.

    I may have been too quick to judge. Dinner certainly is more credible than breakfast was. I had a very nicely done grilled talapia and some killer cole slaw and very satisfying homemade bread. Fresh and tasty.

  • Sonny G.

    The food was greasy and not very tasty at best. The service wasn't bad, but you can't eat that. Find another funcking place to eat.

  • Jerry G.

    American comfort food! I had an open face hot turkey sand with mashed pots. Wifey had the fried chicken. Choco cream pie for dessert. All home made. Not 5 star but really good!


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :6:00 am - 9:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Breakfast
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No

Funck’s Family Restaurant

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