Ike’s Lakeside Pizza

44851 McKenzie Hwy
Walterville, 97489
Hey I just went to Ike's pizza and it was really great! First let's talk about the food, I would've the calzone and it was amazing I was freaking out. My date ordered a buffalo chicken sandwich which came with a huge salad and we did some bite trades which was a good idea because I got to taste how good the buffalo chicken sandwich was. Then the table next to us ordered the broasted chicken which was so huge they couldn't finish it!! So when they left I totally tried an untouched breast of chicken because that's what this place is famous for and it was phenomenal. Outdoor seating area was great. There was a nice size fence and we knocked one out of the park behind it which was a great part of the day. Lastly, the servers were so great! They let us use a cell phone charger and looked up the marinara sauce with some ranch super happily. Food was amazing price was alright and will come back sometime probably.
The pizza was acceptable, but not awesome. The chicken is actually fried, not broasted as the name of the restaurant implies. The sweet potato fries that came with the chicken were burned. As in beyond crunchy, black, charcoal. Can't believe they even served them to us.
Yahoo! The new managers (not owners) have been thrown out by the real owner who is said to be opening it back up with much more professionalism. Suck it Jason! You're an ass and deserve what you got! Maybe now customers can eat in peace, have their orders show up on time, with actual ingredients, and have their servers wash their hands after they use the restroom. Looking forward to having the old & real Ike's back!

(541) 896-0017


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