Rick’s Roadhouse

184 Hwy 101
Rockaway, 97136
Amazing night out with my girls! We came into town from Portland and California to celebrate my sis in law getting married and the karaoke and dancing and locals at Ricks were sooooo fun and welcoming! Rick himself was DJing and made our night so special! The bartender was such a sweetheart as well! We will definitely be back next time we pass through!
I normally love this kind of place but this one star is partly for irresponsibility and the rest about rudeness when it wasn't necessary. Similar to the other review where the people were told to get off the floor (no excuse for treating people that way) We were on our way up going north through Oregon for a wedding. Someone had told us the roadhouse was a great place to go so we called ahead and asked how late the kitchen was open. The person on the phone told us they would serve us as along as we could make it by 5 minutes to 10pm they would let us in and it would be worth it. That sounded fair. So we hustled and we actually made it there around 9:30pm and the door was locked.. We called from the parking lot and they answered and told us rudely that they were closed and that the time was "bar time" which apparently means 30 minutes ahead?. The guy even acted as if we were stupid for not knowing this rather then saying something like "sorry we're already closed" or "sorry, we closed early because no one was here" as they clearly did. Since we are not from this town we just didn't know that the place considered itself a bar, what "bar time" was there, or that trusting the person on the phone would mislead us into a position where essentially know one was open and we couldn't get anything to eat after a 10 hour drive. Thanks for being unnecessarily rude
Don't think twice! At first glance, you may get spooked, but they have excellent food and the bartender/waitress was very friendly and attentive. We enjoyed some good food here and met some locals. Try it out! You won't be disappointed.

(503) 355-2052

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Upper Crust Pizza

342 Hwy 101 N
Rockaway, 97136
Pizza was decent, salad was very fresh. Price is average. I didn't like the fact that it is a cash only place. This is a tourist town and should take credit and debit cards. While they do have an ATM, there is a $2.50 charge. The night I went the ATM was broken!!! I did not have cash! The lady on the phone apparently didn't know this. This was incredibly inconvenient. I received my pizza trusting that I will return with the payment tomorrow. Of course I will, but it is even more inconvenient that I have to go elsewhere to get cash and go back again to pay. Beware if you don't carry cash!!
I love this place. I admit they're a little overpriced, but that's because it's a mom and pop type place, not a chain restaurant. The owners are great people. Their food is delicious. I make it a point to get their pizza every time I go to the coast.
Extremely over priced, for flavorless pizza. Not to mention it's only open 4pm-8pm -_- you'd be better off driving 15 to Fred Meyer and getting a froze pizza.

(503) 355-3866


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