Dairy Queen

73401 E Hwy 26
Rhododendron, 97049
I was apprehensive about stopping in at this DQ after I read the reviews from other Yelpers. Granted, we only had ice cream. It's kind of hard to screw up a chocolate shake and vanilla cone dipped in chocolate. The service was fast, our order was correct and it hit the spot. Not sure about the cleanliness questions. Maybe it's one of those things that I don't want to know the answer to. The drive up was clean and my cone was perfect. It's all puppies, kittens and rainbows, baby!
Very disappointed in this place. The place is messy & the cashier is guessing stuff on the register & waited over 20 mins to find out our order is wrong. Staff is not really friendly & just wasted our time waiting for the wrong order. Normally if it's the business fault, there would be a compensation for a horrible business, we'll not this one. Our supposed quick stop for banana split was a complete waste and walked out empty handed and really wasted our time.
I hate this Dairy Queen. I got a corn dog and it was frozen in the middle. It was like Mt Hood in the middle. So I asked for another one and that one was cold too. I got one more with the same result. So I just asked for my money back. And the. My friend ordered a Butterfinger blizzard and got, what she describes as, a "dandruff of Butterfinger" in her blizzard. It was real baren up in there. Don't go to this DQ

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Still Creek Inn and Lounge

73365 E Hwy 26
Rhododendron, 97049
My husband, 4 yo, and I visited this place on our way back from camping at the Cove Palisades. We were very hungry for a cooked meal and didn't want to just eat Dairy Queen. What a serious regret! We walked in and the smell was old like moth balls and nursing home! Ambiance was like Bates Motel, however, all we wanted was good food. False advertisement on window; says burgers are $5.95, received menus they start at $11.00...they promise Angus beef I promise you we received gray patties!! Gray! I saw that and just ordered the soup of the day, which was beef vegetable. Yikes! Frozen vegetables, maybe canned with too much Mr. Dash or condiment and Tomato sauce and water! My small salad was actually withered folks, old and ready to be thrown away. My guess is everything is old and frozen, nothing fresh! I kept saying someone should call Dave Ramsey, disgusting food. They prey on unaware campers and travelers. I paid 35 dollars for 2 cent old food. They are in a time warp and served Turkey patties calling then Angus beef. Don't go wait til Calamity Jane's just 15 miles further. We felt violated, robbed, and sad.
I have to agree, nothing BAD - just nothing to rave about. If you know my reviews, you know I don't rave needlessly, or undeservedly, so I won't start now. We had a decent breakfast, large portions. Their "hot" omelet (as in spicy) had about a teaspoon of Sriracha on it, disappointing if you eat fire as I do. This place is really about as "diner" as you can get, complete with a deer head on the mantle (and really, who doesn't like to stare at an animals head while you eat?), with everything you'd expect from a small town place. It fits the stereotype, and then some. Just sayin'.
My boyfriend and I have had a couple of amazing experiences at this eatery. Our first experience was on our 1 year anniversary we had the jaegerschnitzel and the salmon Caesar salad. We came in with low expectations considering it was nearly empty and it's locAtion. We were blown away by the flavors, presentation, and the hospitality of the chef/owner. He came out to chat with us as we finished our meal. He encouraged us to try one of his homemade desserts not once, but both times (creme brûlée, then strawberry and seasonal blackberry shortcake) he's a pleaser! This guy knows his German food and desserts! Take it from us. We love the still creek inn. :)

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