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  • Becky L.

    Great little hole in the wall for a healthy lunch option. It's a very basic set up and none of the food items are labelled. There isn't anything weird that they put out there that necessarily needs labeling, but for visual purposes, it would be nice to have. There is an island of salad options, vegetables, some sushi pieces (quite delicious actually), pasta salads, and hot foods towards the back of the restaurant. The boxes are located right above the island and you put as much healthy goodness as your wholesome heart desires. When you fill up what you want to eat, you bring it to the front and they weigh it for you. It's $6.50/lb and whenever I go, I get enough to eat that it doesn't even cost the whole pound! Cheap eats, but eating healthy at the same time. That's hard to find these days. The process seems more of like a to-go establishment, but they do have tables along the left wall if you want to dine in. Once it's nicer out, you can always grab your food here and enjoy it along the Waterfront just a few blocks away! This is how I will be spending my lunch when the sun comes out..... tomorrow! - or whenever the clouds decide to leave...

  • Benjamin B.

    The salad is fresh! The service was fast! ( buffet ) They do have other options aside from the greens stuff. The salad was great... However I think they could do a lot with this place and a makeover could only add!

  • Marc F.

    It's a world of grapes, a world of greens It's a world of beets and a world of beans There's so much that it weighs, that it's time that I pays It's a Salad World after all

  • Michelle R.

    Vegetarian Review: I've ignored this place since I started working in downtown Portland - 12 years. Today, just my luck of not being able to go to the usual places that I get lunch (one is closed, the other one is packed), I ended up at this place. I circles around the bar and scope out the food selection and they have salad, sushi and hot food as well (chicken teriyaki, pot stickers, etc.). I got the avocado and cucumber sushi, steamed asparagus, Asian noodle salad, and hard boiled egg. They tasted all really well especially the asparagus! They're the crunchiest asparagus I've ever had. I was a little skeptical about coming here but I will definitely come here again. They charge $6.50/pound, which I think is a good deal. Even though the whole set up is to-go style, they have 7 tables along the wall that customers could use. I used one of the tables. The place is a little cold so keep your coat on! They have a space heater but it wasn't on. :P. The old hardwood floor us old so it looks like it's dirty but it looks pretty clean, containers are well organized and they have ambiance music.

  • James R.

    If you think $6.50 per pound is expensive, you'll spend $7.99-$9.99 at Safeway, New Seasons, Whole Foods, and other similar grocery store salad bars. GET REAL, people! I had a lunch late (after 2:00pm) and still found plenty of fresh greens and other veggies, toppings like boiled eggs and nuts and dried berries. Plus, they greeted me very nicely. I'M GOING BACK!

  • Marls D.

    I was a bit turned off by the name and exterior, (insert cliche) The place is clean and inviting. All the food was fresh, I watched someone bring out fresh sushi. The selection was great as well, with a few hot Chinese dishes. TBH, I went to prove that this place was going to be gross, I was pleasantly humbled.

  • Michael T.

    Unless you eat like a rabbit, this place is WAY too expensive. This is "by the pound", so, as you pile on the trimmings, it adds up to an expensive lunch. I felt ripped off. I will not be back or recommend it.

  • TC H.

    This little hole in the wall is one of my personal favorites. A guilty pleasure without the guilt. Lots - LOTS - of different veggies, everything you could think of for a salad bar, sushi, 6 different fruits, and always fresh. Not to mention an Asian style hot buffet in back to keep carnivores happy. It's pay by the pound, (currently $6.50/lb) but if you pay attention you realize that the salad/meat/sushi prices are all the same, so you can pile on whatever you want and not worry about it. Downsides might be: that it's not very big - you won't be able to comfortably seat more than 2 people together. The bathroom is not real nice and they'll have to direct you through the kitchen to get to it. It's in an old building with a strange layout. From the outside it doesn't look like much, and I sometimes think they should fix it up to make the appearance match the fare, but then again I'd rather the prices don't go up.

  • Josh R.

    This is the place that I always wanted to find when lunch rolls around. It always seems like it costs a fortune to get a simple salad and if you are in a hurry it tends to be pretty much impossible. At Salad world you can get on your way in under 5 minutes and it'll be good healthy food.

  • Maggie W.

    I love Salad World! The food is always fresh and the selection is very good. It is a little salad bar place in downtown Portland. They charge I believe $6.25 per pound of food on your plate, for the average salad it is probably $5-7 I would say. There is a hot bar with egg rolls, terikyaki chicken, etc, and rice also. This is a nice quick place to go to lunch with a friend if you work in downtown. It would not be appropriate to bring a client or a large group, as it is a very small place.

  • Danie B.

    This is an awesome "by the pound" place. You go in, get your recepticle, pick your veggies, and leave happy. They have a salad bar with both loose veggies and premade salads (think tuna salad, etc), some sushi, fruit, and a hot bar with spring rolls and such. If you want a good, healthy lunch that let's you be picky, squeeze through the giant line at Luc Lac and go to Salad World.

  • Jessica C.

    Salad World is a great take out or sit down restaurant when you're craving a good salad bar. As a traveling IT consultant, I appreciate the opportunity to make my own salad and add exactly what I want and how much I want. At $6.25 a pound, you can get quite a bit of food for a reasonable price. A lot of the other reviews on here are from years ago and are irrelevant now. I was greeted with a smile and a "hello" and had a positive experience the whole time. I will definitely be visiting Salad World again when I'm in Portland on business. Salad bar includes: sushi, pasta salads, all the salad options you could want, shrimp, fruit, hot food, etc.

  • Stacy B.

    I have been filling up my container for many years at Salad World. I work downtown and I have not been able to find any other salad bars. Not only is this the only salad bar downtown that I know of, but I have to say the quality and freshness of the food is pretty close to top notch. They constantly clean, replace, and keep things tidy. Not only only can you build a heaping pile of veggies, but you can grab a few items like egg rolls, tofu & veggies, fried rice, teriyaki chicken, and even sushi. It's all the same price since you pay by the pound. I love this place and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a salad bar downtown.

  • Ray L.

    Delicious food by the pound. Also fairly cheap and very convenient in downtown PDX. Friendly staff too. :)

  • Tracy W.

    Not much to look at from the outside, but inside you'll find a salad bar chock full of leafy greens (even Kale!) with all the fixins. There's even fresh fruit, sushi and lots of pasta dishes to choose from. Delicious and well priced when you want a big salad with lots of stuff on it for lunch.

  • Coco H.

    Pros Cheap salad, LOTS of options, Cons dark inside, no greeting, kept trying to stock/clean the stuff I was trying to use forcing me to move when there wasn't more than 3 of us in there and it was near closing, so I didn't see the urgent need to move me

  • Tom M.

    I've been here many times and this place is totally no frills so don't expect any. You walk in, circle the salad bar, get what you want, pay and leave. It's that simple. This is great in the summer because you can just take your lunch to the park. It's good for what it is, a quick lunch and nothing else.

  • A K.

    I wish I could give this place zero stars. But I can't. Usually I wait until I get home from work to review anywhere I've eaten during the day, but this place was SO awful, I had to do it immediately. After the little sandwich shop I enjoy had one too many people in line for the short lunch I had to take a day, I decided to totally forgo eating. However, I remembered Salad World which was right across from my building. I had never ventured in there before, so decided to grab a quick salad. I walked in and was immediately taken by how hot it was in there. Hm, I thought, that can't be good for all the food laying out. However, I grabbed a little plastic container and filled it up with some spinach leaves. And that is when it all went wrong. As I wandered around it, I noticed very few of the options were fresh. Everything came from a can. I wanted to leave at that very moment, but felt bad, and decided to just put on basics - kidney beans, olives, seeds, etc. They all glopped together from the oil/water/whatever they were packed in the can with. I decide to top it off with a light raspberry vinaigrette.....which ended up being thicker than syrup. I'd say like molasses. So, about 10 minutes ago, I got back to my office and opened it up. ONE bite of a VERY basic salad, and I couldn't eat anymore. It tasted terrible. The dressing made me gag. The beans tasted like the can (as they weren't rinsed), the seeds were stale, and the spinach was totally wilted and mushy. It was disgusting. So, not only is it a bit overpriced at $5.50/pound, but the vegetables aren't even fresh. Seriously, if this is your only option, do not eat lunch. it is better to go without.

  • susannah l.

    One of my new favorite lunch places. There are so few salad bars in Portland. This one has a wide variety of fresh vegetables, plus some good made salads like tuna salad, plus sushi. Everything was fresh & $6.25 a pound is pretty reasonable. There's a small amount of hot foods - mediocre Chinese. But really, you can get mediocre Chinese so many, many places in Portland - come here for the salad bar.

  • Snoodles D.

    The food tastes OK, nothing special. Like a lot of it just comes out of a can or from their never really seems that fresh.

  • kay c.

    Great selection. Friendly staff. Great for quick lunch to take to park.

  • Sean B.

    Great place. I work down the street and tried it for the first time today. I'm actually grateful that it's here. I need to watch what I eat now (high cholesterol) and being able to make a fresh salad with tofu and fruit is priceless. The folks who run it are also friendly and professional.

  • Chris S.

    EXCELLENT Lunch time destination! This great little hidden gem offers buffet-style, by the pound goodness that I'm almost afraid to talk about for fear it will get too busy! They offer a wide variety including sushi, green salad bar, pasta salads, as well as cold and hot Chinese food. The teriyaki chicken is delicious as are the gyozo and the delicious variety of pasta salads. Only $5.50 per pound!

  • Carter C.

    Nothing fancy, just a great salad buffet at a reasonable price. Don't expect a Sweet Tomatoe's-esque line the length of a football field. No fancy concoctions, but you can certainly be creative with all of the offerings.

  • John T.

    Surprisingly good, for what seems like a very sparse storefront that would otherwise make one pause before entering as a "salad bar". One of the very few reasonable salad bars in Portland, and an excellent lunch choice. Lots of interesting vegetables and cold salads. I regularly eat here, and have never been disappointed, and it's cheap! In the summer, they have a few seats outside, but it's really best to take everything back to the office and eat it there. It's always clean, and they have an unusual way of presenting a lot of their selections, which is that they'll put the items in an overly-large pan, so that the salad or fruit or whatever it is will only take up about 1/4 of the surface area in the otherwise meticulously clean serving pan. Strange, but whatever floats their boat, I suppose. They have a hot bar as well, with chicken and other assorted things on it. Can't say I've ever tried it, but it looks and smells good. This is yet another dining establishment that while not being food that is worthy of review in itself, gives a great value for consistent performance. My expectations were met and even exceeded a bit, which is all I can ask in a lunch salad bar.


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    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Street
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
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    Attire : Casual
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    Noise Level : Quiet
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    Wi-Fi : No
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    Waiter Service : No
    Caters : No


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