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  • Nancy E.

    Best pizza EVER. I have had a lot of pizza! Crust amazing, this year I have had pizza in NYC and San Francisco. Crust is better, price is WAY better! Coming back again with my daughter!

  • Jen E.

    Was taken here for the elite opening. I didnt know exactly what to expect... well I expected pizza lol. It was great......I mean like freaking awesome great. First off.... all pies are the same size, they are thin crust and only $7.95. You pick your sauce, ANY of their toppings, cheeses and then they fire it up for you and about 5 mins later you are burning the roof of your mouth with the awesomeness you have created. I would highly suggest you wait one or two minutes before eating.... as it has just come out of the oven and will be very hot. If you are having problems figuring out what you want they have a few suggestions of pizzas in which you may just choose. I usually hate.....HATE red sauces, but gave theirs a try... it was good... just enough sauce to moisten the crust without that being the only thing you can taste. I even had them put ricotta on the pizza (HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE RICOTTA ON THE PIZZA), Piled it high with veggies and a little meat it was......magical. The crust tastes good, the veggies were all fresh as can be and it was just the right size. I got the pizza and a Cesar salad. The dressing is served on the side which is good because I am not a big dressing person. It was yummy. I ate the salad and about 1/2 the pizza and was stuffed beyond stuffed. I took the pizza home and had midnight snacks.....it was even awesome cold and straight out of the box. your piehole will forever be grateful The staff was amazing and they all seemed to thoroughly enjoy what they were doing.

  • Annette O.

    I was starving. I ordered. I got my drink. And the pizza was done so fast! The best part is they offer vegan cheese! I'm lactose intolerant and this just made my day.

  • Drake S.

    Good pizza, great price, nice interior, courteous staff, fast as hell. As others have said, don't go here expecting a gourmet pizza experience and you won't be disappointed. I went here with my little sister for a lunch and we were in and out in 8 minutes, even factoring in a few minutes of bickering over toppings choices. And what choices! The liberation of being able to throw literally EVERYTHING onto a pizza with no additional cost is worth the experience alone. No joke, you get get a pizza with every kind of vegetable and meat and it would still cost less than $8. The pizza itself tastes good, a step up from chains but not quite as good as places that charge twice as much. The crust is thin but avoids being flaccid, by which I mean it sufficiently supports the pizza toppings without flopping about, and I found a single pizza fed two people to "full but not gorged" status. So far, my favorite place to grab a quick pizza downtown.

  • Doug S.

    Excellent pizza that you get to create, then they expertly bake. Been back several times and am never disappointed. It's a welcome addition to SW Portland!

  • John K.

    I have to start out mentioning something brilliant - Pieology has to-go boxes that are exactly half-sized. Perfect for a product that could easily have half left over, if you're not super hungry. The smaller box is easier to carry, easier to fit into the fridge, generates less waste/recycling, and probably makes life easier for the Piology staff. Everybody wins. There are, of course, full size boxes available for pure go-go orders. And now, for the food - I had a hard time coming up with a star rating for Pieology..... as fast food, it was very good indeed - and getting whatever you want, custom made, for a fixed price makes it a very attractive option for something quick and reliable. That said, it's a notch below truly outstanding pizza, so I couldn't justify five stars. But, I was thrilled to find a place using the Subway model of having someone build your order in front of your eyes, and I found the quality many steps above that of its sandwich making competition. Luckily, Portland has far more excellent pizza options than it did when I moved here years ago, but I think Pieology will find a very well earned niche. One more thing - as another Yelper mentioned, I got to witness an employee offering to change gloves for a customer who was making a gluten free order. This tells me very good things about Pieology's way of doing business and their employee training.

  • Michael C.

    I give Pieology five stars not because it's the very best pizza I've tasted, but because it is one of the best values for good quality pizza. Pieology's approach to pizza is very similar to MOD pizza. Interestingly, both were originally founded by the same guy ( goo.gl/Xe52Wh ). Both Pieology and MOD are set up like a pizza bar where your select your toppings. At Pieology, you get unlimited toppings on a 11.5-inch pizza for $7.95, which is a great value. This makes for a tasty and filling lunch. At 11 inches ($7.47), MOD's pizzas are slightly smaller. If you're really hungry, MOD Pizza has one advantage over Pieology. For an extra $2.00, MOD allows you to double your crust, with a thin layer of sauce between -- MOD calls it their "Mega". As far as taste goes, it's a tough call between Pieology and MOD. Both are very good, yet they're different enough that I like to switch it up for the variety.

  • Kevin B.

    Solid build-your-own pie. Crust is crispy but lacking the flavor of quality dough. But for the price, you get a good meal.

  • Hannah M.

    It was my first Pieology ever and it was so amazing! I thought they would just throw all the toppings on but they actually made my pizza so pretty and neat! I got so many toppings and they were so nice when they were explaining the options to me! Thank you so much and I will definitely go back! Best pizza I ever had in Portland, Oregon.

  • Ty D.

    The best pizza in Portland! Fast friendly service. The only quip I have is that the place is usually a tad on the dirty side but they're always slammed and busy so not a big deal!

  • Maddison B.

    Reeeeaaaallllyy tasty. The staff was all really nice at this location in particular. Very accommodating and pleasant. Food is really great and affordable too. Had it 2 days in a row! Definitely going back !

  • Mikhail H.

    What a great idea! I do love a good thin crust pizza and why not pile it high with whatever veggies and meats you want for the same price??! And if you just cannot come up with something they have a few ideas for you to chose from. The pizza is full of incredible flavor, came out fast and was delivered by friendly folks. They even have gluten free options as well!

  • Miel H.

    pluses: - clean, well organized space that handled a crowd of 100+ for an opening party very well, totally bodes well for an average day - friendly, efficient staff that REALLY knew their jobs - lots of choices for toppings - excellent! model! to serve individual pizzas, custom made to order - super amazing value to portion ratio ($7.95 per 11.5 inch pie) - SUPERB management of gluten free handling: separately packaged crusts, cooking surface and offer by food handlers to change gloves, total knowledge of gluten in other toppings minuses: - gluten free crust is like a dry cracker, it needs quite a bit of sauce if no olive oil is added - if no cheese is on the pie, a slight beefing up of other toppings would be nice, not a lot, but some - the red sauce is not a taste sensation, it needs more body to really stand out, it seemed more of a spread versus a highlight This fast food pizza is well suited to malls, airports and similar locations. It is tasty but not a foodie experience. Rather, it is a choice that can be made very healthy bc of the customization. One pie could serve two not so very hungry eaters.

  • Todd H.

    What a great new place. Locally owned and operated by a couple that has opened 4 other stores. They have a great commitment to quality. Its the single serve Pizza idea you have been waiting for with options of toppings for everyone. Think Subway for Pizza. The wood ovens make the pizza fast and crispy. I met some great staff people a part of the marketing team and it is refreshing to see local people getting paid to promote something they avsolutely believe in. The pizza came out hot cooked well and on the tray ot was cooked on. Salads are also available. I had the Ceaser. Its preaid and in a container so you can enjou it as your Pizza is made. They have a good variety of beers wines and soft drinks. I didnt see anything on tap but that did not matter to me. Seems like a great lunch spot or a not expensive place to have dinner bfore a show or on the way to a Timber game. They really opened up the old Pizza Schmizza location and made it a come in and sit down place to eat drink and be merry.

  • Tim S.

    Great personal pizzas! The crust is very thin and crispy. This place is like a subway but for pizzas. Where you get unlimited toppings at no extra charge! Very nice interior as well.

  • Katie S.

    Delicious pizza, friendly people, fast service. It was our first time and the gal was was friendly in helping us create a fantastic pizza w pesto and Alfredo sauce as a base. Yum!!

  • Sean I.

    Yummy yummy! My girlfriend and I came to find this place while heading to Pizza Schmizza, which use to be here. We were definitely pleasantly surprised. We LOVE to eat so loved the idea of unlimited toppings for the same price. Recommend for sure! :-)

  • Maggie K.

    Their gluten free pizza turned out to be not so gluten free. The person that made my pizza changed his gloves and was very careful while putting the toppings on, but then it was thrown into the oven with nothing under it where all the other pizzas were cooking. It was then taken out of the oven using the paddles used for all the other pizzas, placed on the cutting board used for all the other pizzas, and cut using the pizza cutter used for the other pizzas. 1 star based on the idea I could get a gluten free pizza, when it turns out I was unable to eat it.

  • Lisa T.

    Lots of yummy ingredients, gluten free and wheat crust options, four beers from which to choose... Chill, Chipotle-like environment, very friendly and pleasant staff... Delicious pizza!! Loved it!

  • Hungrylone W.

    This place is build your own type pizza, and I've got to say it's pretty good. Around $7 something for any toppings and its 11.5 inches. I couldn't even finish all of mine. Nice atmosphere, and the staff was very friendly. I had a pretty good experience with this place today.

  • Kelli S.

    Great location in the middle of downtown and super friendly staff. Reasonable priced and you get a large personal pizza that usually turns into 2 meals for me. I love that they offer options for those with dietary restrictions (gluten free and dairy free). Choose as many or as few toppings as you want and they have a great variety of toppings. Watch them cook your pizza in their giant oven and it's ready super quick, like 5 minutes. I'll for sure return and bring friends back with me.

  • Terri F.

    This place is great. We have eaten here twice since finding it. The staff is friendly and accommodating. The place is clean and the pizza was enough for two. I love it that we can choose our toppings and there is a lot to choose from. We had lunch here two Saturdays in a row! yum.

  • Renus K.

    Excellent! Highly recommend the spicy chicken! Very fresh ingredients and cannot beat the price.

  • Stephanie H.

    What can I say besides, totally impressed. I would consider myself a "pizza snob" and Pieology definitely delivered above and beyond. Originally, I'm not a huge fan of the stand in line order as you go types of places, but with the end result, let me tell you I'm hooked! This is the perfect place for lunch, a quick dinner and leftovers the next day for breakfast (I eat pizza for breakfast at least). Except that I totally devoured my entire pie, no problem. Absolutely the perfect place for a group to get together too, as you can customize your own personal pizza to your liking, share and swap slices if you want and still have some left over. I was also impressed with the price. I feel in Portland these pizza joints are overpriced with not that great of end result. Yet at the same time you're not getting cheap quality pizza, it's definitely fresh, well made and flavorful. My last applause goes to the staff. I was told they had only ran 3 shifts before our gathering and they killed it. Super impressed with how efficient, friendly and helpful they were. Thinking back on this now, I'm getting hungry and wish I had another pizza!

  • Becky L.

    Can I just say bravo? As an added location to an already existing chain, Pieology has really outdone themselves in every way possible. With their grand opening fast approaching, they're really making first impressions memorable. The space is clean, inviting, and large enough to fit any lunch and dinner crowd. They have a pretty inspiring quotes wall which I find kind of random for a pizza restaurant, but still cool and very Portland. The one thing I'd love to see is a large menu on the wall. They've got large windows for all passers-bys to see from the street, so why not capitalize and display what you have to offer? The employees are extremely friendly and know how to be helpful while at the same time moving the line along. The set up is like that of a Chipotle or Subway - you get in line and have your food made to order. You can customize the 11.5 inch pie (unlimited toppings) or choose the "Pieology Creations" and have your pies made into a specific pizza (ex. margarita or cheese) for $7.95. Great deal and plentiful! I customized mine with my favorite toppings (see picture) and was only able to consume half of it. You can easily order to go or eat in house. If you eat at the restaurant and can't eat all of the delicious 'za, they have pre-made boxes all ready near the soda machine to take home and devour later. Keep it up! With the downtown crowd, you'll definitely be seeing some regulars (like myself) frequent this joint.

  • Roman S.

    Portland is becoming a bit saturated with "gourmet" pizza. Next year pizza will overtake thai food as the #1 food of Portland (randomly making up stats on the fly). Anyways, Pieology is not meant to compete with "gourmet" pizzas and the wood fired pizzas of Portland. What Pieology offers is reasonably priced, personal 11.5 inch thin crust pizzas. They are affordable at $8 and is big enough for 2 not so hungry people. Customize it with as many toppings as you want for no additional cost per topping. Space is big, service is great, their Cesar salad is pretty good. This is like what everyone is saying, the "subway" or "chipotle" of pizza

  • M P.

    Lots of pizza for one person. Make your own toppings. Nice crust. I had the mad to meat you. If you love meat pizza you won't be disappointed! I also had whole wheat crust. It kept it easy picking an already made creation.

  • Dana S.

    Like others have noted, Pieology brings the Chipotle/Subway look-and-point, unlimited toppings approach to pizza. The $8 price is right, and even with a $2 upcharge for gluten free crust, it still seems reasonable. Pizza should not cost as much as sushi, y'know? It's not the best GF crust I've ever had, but it holds together and is crispy, and is a reasonable lunch option downtown. I'd recommend getting some extra sauce to make up for the lack of flavor.

  • Marc F.

    Boo-hoo, boo-hoo Well my hunger knows me better Than I know myself So I'm gonna let it do all the talking I came across a place In the middle of Pioneer Square With a half-baked course in Pieology I felt a little fear upon my back I said "Don't look back, just keep on walking" When the half-baked course said, "Hey DJ" Said, "Look this way, will you study me?" But I said no, no, no, no-no-no I said no, no, you're not the one for me No, no, no, no-no-no I said no, no, you're not the one for me And my hunger hit a speed bump In the early hours So I got a long-wait take-and-bake And I shouldn't have burnt it And it won't forgive me after all these meals So I venture to a place In the middle of Pioneer Square With a half-baked course in Pieology Where I said no, no, no, no-no-no I said no, no, you're not delivery Half-baked course In Pieology I can't quite go back 'Cause I'm undeclared and free KT Tunstall, ate your homework

  • John L.

    I know I am adding to already well established reviews, but it was so good I had to input my assessment. Wow for the price it is best of both worlds, price and quality, a rare combo these days. The best part is the subway style of picking your toppings. Great for family and dates.

  • H N.

    This place is really pretty good considering what you pay, and how long it takes. Imagine if there was a version of Subway that was for pizza...same idea. Decent ingredients...pick what you want...in the oven and out in just a couple minutes. Easy, and decent.

  • Ryan E.

    I have fond memories of pieology class, and particularly loved dissection day... But really, i'm so happy that Pieology is in town and letting West Coasters know that pizza is called pie. The pie here is delicious - fast, fiery, flat.... mmm, alliteration.... Bazillions of toppings, crust options (including whole wheat and GF), multiple sauces, and efficient service (it's a lot like Chipotle). In fact, the place looks like a Chipotle.... hmm, trademark infringement aside, go here, get a pie, and stuff your face - your belly will be happy.

  • Carol W.

    Great service from Claire & Michael! It got super busy when we arrived and both of them were super friendly, extremely knowledgable & accommodated our every ( & everyone else's ) needs & wants. Were extremely patient & didn't seem irritated when we changed our minds or wanted more of this or less of that...and our pizzas turned out great! Lots of flavor but not super heavy... ...but wait...We can't tip these great servers/chefs/bussers/hosts/expos all-in-one !?! Come on!!...food & service is good but won't be back to support if they don't realize that people in the burbs might be okay with a corp not taking care of their employees but here in the city we're not down with that:/ Note to Pieology...( Einstiens & Panera Bread too) Unless you're paying your staff $15-$20 an hour - you need to allow them to receive gratuity for the great service they provide! Pieology is LUCKY to have such quality employees!

  • Mallory T.

    I was in Portland this weekend, and I tried Pieology. I love MOD Pizza, so I figured this would be just as good. And I was right, it was awesome :) fast service, fresh ingredients, delicious pizza. What more can I say. I'll definitely eat here again.

  • Joshua H.

    Reading the previous reviews, I am surprised at how many people still don't see the true value that Pieology brings to the table, even after visiting for a pie! As a current employee of Pieology @ Fox Tower, I'd like to give everyone a quick rundown on what separates us from the rest: First off, the owners are amazing! I've worked with many different types of owners and managers, but these guys are the best! They drove all the way from mount hood to interview with me, making sure I was a good fit for their company! Second, please stop referring to us as the "subway" of pizza.. we prefer "chipotle" as it's higher class and fresher than subway.. which brings me to my third point: We prepare EVERY ingredient on that line EVERY morning. Yes, even the "poor looking" basil. For anyone who has chopped basil from the leaf knows it's wilting properties to happen faster than any other ingredient.. but it still has to COOK on the pizza too! We make our own dough and sauce daily which is more than one can say about Mod Pizza who uses frozen dough and canned sauce. Come on guys, $7.95 for a personal fresh pizza with anything you want on it? Come in and give us a shot!

  • Anna W.

    Sorry, I don't get the hype. This place is just not going to be for everyone. I was excited to see that they used real dough and a novel press (combination proofer?) to create the thin crust fresh. The olive oil on the edges yielded good results. The ingredients do not at all look fresh. Had I wanted basil, would it have come from the empty container with tired, bruised, chopped basil shreds stuck to the sides? Perhaps it is my experience working in food service, including a Subway for a summer, that makes me wary of shoddy or tired ingredients, prepped and stationed in bins for indefinite lengths of time. My boyfriend couldn't decide between meatballs or sausage. I looked at them and decided they both looked like they'd come from a commercial mega-kitchen in a plastic bag, cut open and dispensed into bins. He settled on sausage. It tasted like it looked. I don't know. It's pizza. It can be delicious. You put the things on it you want, even better. They cook it in the big oven with the fire. It's very cool. The employees are friendly and make you feel very welcome. That's tough to find, especially if you're paying people below a living wage without benefits. (I'd love to be wrong about this - Pieology does not have good press about this.) For me, it's important for me to understand what I'm fueling my body with. Just because I can see the the ingredients in front of me does not make them healthy or fresh. And when I can tell they are actually bad for me? Game over.

  • Jesy B.

    This place takes a concept that could either be great or awful - design your own pizza and get it fast - and do it up just right. It's similar in concept to Subway, but leaps and bounds better in quality and execution. It's pretty easy - make your own pizza! Except that can be overwhelming so they have some pre-set options for you. I typically go for the margherita and add my own little things here and there such as ricotta, additional veggies and some form of protein. While you can add whatever the heck you want for the low price of $7.95, I would caution don't get too crazy. That makes it too hard to eat and a lil' overwhelming in general. It's not a buffet, after all. Oh! If you get a base other than olive oil. I strongly suggest you ask them to use extra sauce cause the standard is just a lil' too stingy. In addition to pizzas, they have salads, herb sticks, cinammon sticks, soda & beer. Service is efficient and you're waiting too long for your freshly made, thin crust pizza. Yum! *The fact that y'all have the calorie info on the menu, come ON. I want to pretend everything I eat is 100 calories, dangnabbit

  • Mark B.

    I first ate here at a free Elite event, then I came here to use a free coupon from the event, now I just keep coming. The pizza is good the space big, bright and spotless. The location is convenient I keep finding myself already there. Every time I come I try something a bit different. There are just so many different toppings. I really liked the Barbecue chicken hold the blue cheese. That is my favorite so far. The concept is all pizzas cost the same so load up (cheese pizza is slightly less), The prices are quite reasonable. They have free refills on pop, free wifi and great service. I really like all the quotes on the wall! Oh did I mention great service, they could teach lessens on hiring few fast food places have such consistently friendly and quick people.

  • Ricki A.

    Taste: 5/5 -Toppings are fresh and plentiful, and the pizza comes out at a perfect temperature. Service: 5/5 -The staff is friendly and assertive and willing to explain the different types,of sauces and toppings. Atmosphere: 4/5 -The interior is fresh, clean, and bright. I love the idea of the Quote Wall, it is very inspiring. It would be nice if there were outlets to charge up while you wait for your pizza to fire up/eat. MAX & Streetcar lines are nearby, a perfect location for visitors, students, and business people (from nearby work places) alike. Check it out next time you're downtown!

  • Lauren V.

    Great attentive service, ready fast, unlimited toppings and customization, and cheap! All around a good experience!

  • Too Much S.

    Rather good crust, pretty ok sauce, and relatively quick. The toppings for the margherita though were not inspiring. The continual "would you like X?" questions from the poorly trained dude behind the counter should have stopped when I said "I want a margherita ... just a margherita" for the third or fourth time.

  • O W.

    LOVE this location!! Such a difference from the Washington square location. Wash. sq needs to take some tips. People are always friendly and super helpful! Great atmosphere!! :)

  • Kerri L.

    In childhood my Aunt born in the south could bring my cousin and I to tears after any spats by saying "I'm so disappointed in you girls." in her soft, sweet voice. I don't want anyone crying over this review, but I do hope they consider and reflect on their behavior and simply make a vow to improve. I have problems with allergies. When I work in a dusty environment, I tend to get congested and any noise or voices make the inside of my head feel like a wind tunnel. I had also forgotten to take my meds with me to use. Communicating with people when this happens is difficult at best because I can't hear them well. Rooms that are cavernous and barn-like also make the situation worse. So this was the situation I found myself in the other night when I stopped off after work to try this interesting new pizza place. I was truly happy to be there. I read the directions and ended up giving my order to two young pizza baristas (if you will). I did not get their names. The young man helping me turned his head away while I was ordering so that he could listen to me and focus on making my pizza. I unfortunately could not hear his questions. Finally on the third try I managed to communicate to him what I wanted. He seemed irritated by me, never looking me in the eye, but maintained a facade of what seemed to me false sympathy; I felt like he just wanted me out of the way because I apparently kept his speed down. The young woman helper was kinder and did not seem irritated to me. The pizza ended up being tasty. I took half home with me. This venue is clean, very clean, and I admire how they've taken aspects other businesses use and automate pizza making. I also admire the price. It's been years since I've spent just $7.95 on a pizza. This is all great. However, the negativity of my experience at Pieology Pizzeria outweigh the positives. My first criticism is to the servers. If you don't like your job or people, stop working there. It's that simple. My advice to the owners or management is you need to retrain your employees to deal with everybody and do it with some heart. What if I was truly deaf? I shudder to think of an encounter like that after my experience and there is potential there for potential legal problems. I would also suggest doing something about the acoustics there. It might not be hard for younger customers to deal with, but I suspect anybody of a certain age with any hearing problems is not going to want to patronize your establishment. I won't be returning. It was just too unpleasant, and I refuse to be around negativity like this. I hope someone from management pays attention to what I have suggested and take it in for the chance to improve and help.

  • Athena L.

    A chipotle/subway of pizzas! So glad that they finally opened one here in downtown Portland. And it's conveniently located next to pioneer square! I came here for the elite event when it first opened and it's probably the largest pieology that I've been to! It's a nice and clean restaurant. Food is fast and CHEAP but good. I'd actually consider this "healthy" pizza ;) unlimited toppings & meat all for just 7.99?! Sounds pretty awesome to me!

  • Jade T.

    Delicious, inexpensive ($7.95) customized pizza, with fresh ingredients. So the deal here is that you walk up to the counter and order your individual pizza, like you order a sandwich at Subway. That might sound like an insult to Pieology, but it's merely a description of the format. The toppings are unlimited, which I find thrilling, though I only ordered a normal amount. But the IDEA that I COULD have more was incredibly satisfying. I had a gluten-free crust ($2 extra) with half pepperoni and half tomato/olive/mushroom/garlic, and...it...was...awesome! Only 4 minutes later, my pizza was ready! Service at this location is great and if weather permits you can sit outside. Highly recommend!

  • Christine W.

    I wish everyday was pie day. The place is super clean and everyone who works there is just so helpful and willing to serve, for example, staff members would come to my table to ask if I needed anything (a box to go or a drink). The service was quick as in you order your pizza and its done in 5 minutes.. let it sink in. Yea, I said 5 minutes. It's like a subway or chipotle, where you put whatever you want on the the flattened dough and build it to your liking. To compare, Pieology pizza seems to be a little less greasy than MOD pizza (MOD is good too!).

  • Chris R.

    I'm spoiled...I like things my way, even when it comes to my pies. Pieology delivers decent pizza while allowing me to remain spoiled and have things MY WAY! I'll have it no other way. In the continuing trend started by (just a guess) Subway, you file up in line and then move station to station telling the poor sole behind the counter precisely how to build your pizza. If they would take the service to the next level, feeding the customers like Mom used to do, this would easily be a four star pizza joint. Until then, it's a decent place to get a personal sized pizza crafted to your liking for under 15 bucks. Good for lunch on the run. First date? Well, maybe if you're 15.

  • Jeremy L.

    It's like Subway for Pizza. Pick your sauce, cheeses, meats, toppings, etc. I've been through twice and have really enjoyed my pizza creation both times. They also have beer, so +1. Pizza came out about a minute after I sat down, too. Crazy fast. Great price for a little pizza. I'm a fan.

  • Brittany H.

    While pizza is definitely a universally loved food, toppings are a little more subjective, and someone usually has to sacrifice. Enter Pieology. 1,260 pizza combinations (that's right, I did the math), and 5 very well deserved stars. And for the indecisive, there are pre-made pizzas you can choose from as well. I've tried the alfredo and margarita, which were both delicious. But the selection is just one of the things that makes this place so awesome. Similar to Subway or Chipotle, you stand in line and choose your ingredients for one price. For under $8, you can get a crispy, good-sized personal pizza topped with anything you can imagine. Aside from delicious pizza, the place is clean, the staff is extremely well-trained and efficient, and the owners are great. Definitely a great new lunch spot in the heart of downtown.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :10:30 am - 9:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Bike Parking : No
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Noise Level : Loud
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : No
    Caters : Yes



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Pieology Pizzeria

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