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  • Brandi G.

    Sometimes it's the service that earns the stars. I went with a meetup group and the waitress was happy to accommodate 10 of us, saying that if more showed up we'd just add more tables. Kathy (I think) has been working there for close to 40 years and it turns out, the father of one of my group ate at the Maple Leaf three times a day for 33 years, and Kathy had been his waitress the entire time. As each person walked in they said hi to her and several other patrons near by. This is place was like the diner version of Cheers, everyone seemed to know everyone else's name. As far as the food goes... well there was plenty of it. Best diner coffee I've had, it wasn't watery or gross like Denny's or something. The hash browns were awesome.. it's hard to find shredded hash browns that are done RIGHT.. crispy on the outside and soft in the middle, nothing burnt. The Maple Leaf did them just the way I like them. The toast, also toasted to perfection. The first time in my life I left bacon on my plate, One of four pieces were consumed, the rest went back with my napkin and toast crumbs. It had an off taste, chemically almost. It was cooked perfectly but man did it taste bad. I'm thinking, they probably make a decent burger although I don't know if I'll be testing that theory anytime soon.

  • jennifer j.

    Hello! we loved this place and will definitely go back. The vibe was casual, not fancy, but clean! The food was delicious (Chinese pork sandwich, and chicken fried steak and eggs), including the coffee! Very homey, friendly staff and REAL sourdough bread. AWESOME :)

  • Andrew C.

    Most uncomfortable breakfast I have ever had. This was my 3rd and final time trying the Maple Leaf. I have had bad service and bad food every time, but living less than a block away and being somebody who believes in buying local, I just really wanted it to work. Third time's a charm, right? This episode was far worse than bad food and bad service. It was a hostile environment. I went in to have breakfast on a weekday morning. There were about 6 older folks there at the bar. I like diners, conversation, and meeting new people so I sat at the bar. But apparently the 6 regulars weren't just normal older people. They were more like Seth Macfarlane-style stereotypes of older folks. They all just stared at me the entire breakfast, talking to each other with poorly veiled references to me, and clearly not wanting me there. At one point, the guy sitting next to me addresses the others with this question: "Who's the new guy?" and points his thumb in my direction. I just sat there in stunned silence, trying to avert my eyes, as in my world, that is not considered a "friendly hello." -----Oh, this may be a good time to tell you that they have already trashed Muslims, Democrats, Czechoslovakians (because the Boston Bombers were Chechen and apparently they don't know the difference), young people, Arabs (pronounced with a long "a" at the beginning, like A-rabs), Russians and probably other races, religions, and nationalities...I wasn't taking notes.---- The waitress tried to be friendly by asking about my phone, but that just turned into her telling me her sister has an even better phone than mine and the group making some comments about how young people just look at their phones instead of experiencing the world. Well, I'm Czechoslovakian, a Democrat, and young(-ish...they apparently thought I was younger than my 34 years) so I just wanted to eat and leave without punching any old people. Speaking of eating, my steak and eggs was not the worst food I've ever had, but it was close. My first two bites of the steak had bone in them which I crunched down on with my teeth (yes, two bites of bone). I ordered it Medium Rare and it came out Well Done. Nothing was salted or seasoned; the eggs were cooked in butter-flavored something which gave them a strange flavor; the hash-browns were mushy, and the coffee definitely IS the worst that I've had in Portland. And as I'm writing this review my stomach is gurgling, and I'm starting to feel awful. When you can't rule out intentional poisoning, that's a bad meal. I've never felt so uncomfortable just trying to have a meal, nor have I ever been in a place where a bunch of people just talk brazenly about who they think I am but never say "hello." I was appalled that the staff would let people chase away clientele with bigotry and malice. I can't imagine what it would have been like if I were Muslim, Arab, African-American, Jewish....etc. I wanted this place to be good as we could use less empty storefronts on Foster. Now I'm just rooting for it to fail fast so something decent can take over that valuable commercial space.

  • Katrina W.

    Curiosity got the best of me at the beginning, but a mouthful of nasty got the best of me in the end. I have to give them credit for getting you in the door with their mysterious Canadian-American-Chinese intimations, but oh, no, my friend, don't go if you're planning to eat anything.

  • Dana S.

    Maybe it's all the new big, expensive houses going up in the neighborhood, but this weekend we were feeling nostalgic for a real diner experience. The reviews here are all over the place, but the Maple Leaf totally delivered. It's got old school charm, friendly ladies manning the joint, and even an old horseshoe diner bar. They also nailed the diner breakfast--huge, tasty, and affordable. I got the bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns, and they were just right. Lots of bacon, the hashbrowns had the perfect fluffy-crispy balance, and the eggs were exactly how I ordered them. The man enjoyed his New York steak & eggs, along with his biscuit and my english muffin. The coffee was nothing special, just diner coffee, but I did drink like four cups of it. Another big bonus? They have AC. Noting for the hot summer months. Definitely glad we took the chance.

  • andy v.

    Been here three times, twice for breakfast, once for chinese. The clientele is mostly single old men over 60. The prices are cheap and the coffee is black. Breakfast is passable, but mainly because its so cheap, and really how can you screw up eggs and bacon? The chinese food on the other hand was the most revolting excuse for food. I was honestly in shock for hours afterwards. I could hardly stomach it, ate about a third and politely paid and left. I was actually expecting to get food poisoning, but got lucky and didn't. I immediately had a beer afterwards hoping that the alcohol would help kill any bacteria I'd just ingested. Do yourself a favor, please don't make the same mistake as I. Please don't go here!

  • Robert G.

    Ok, so I'm driving down Foster and I happen to glance to my left while heading toward I-205. There's a small diner, the Maple Leaf restaurant, that looks like it would be right at home in Portland, Peoria IL, or Providence. Two things about it caught my attention. The first was the maple leaf emblem. I love Canada, so that was a plus. The second thing was the meat loaf special. I love meat loaf, so that worked, too. I eventually went in while running an errand around SE 82 and Foster to have some of that meat loaf. Food - 3 stars - A-Ok - the meat loaf came with gravy or sweet and sour sauce, which is fine on Cantonese dishes (they have some Chinese menu items) but, in my opinion, not for down-home meat loaf. There were also mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, a small cup of beef barley soup, a roll with butter, and refillable coffee (though you could also get tea). It was all fairly decent Service - 5 stars - informal, friendly, reasonably fast, and accurate Ambiance - 4 stars - it's a greasy spoon with a quirky personality, and the furthest thing from the Ritz, but this place harkens to Main Street USA and a few parts of Foster, though too wide, could very well be. Some other parts of Foster would definitely not qualify! It also looks like there are quite a few regulars who stop by here. Value - 5 stars - the whole Wednesday lunch special cost $ 6.50. I also saw a substantial looking stacked BLT (with turkey) with fries coming it at slightly over $7.00. I see the reviews are all over the place. What exactly are people expecting? A mere Big Mac with something to drink other than a basic fountain beverage or coffee/tea would cost more than that. Like Maple Leaf's sign says, this place is about "comfort food" at a decent price.

  • Joel S.

    Okay the food is okay. But for what this place lacks in outstanding food it makes up for in cool old-school diner ambiance. This is the kind of place that you walk into and it's like cheers everyone talked everyone they welcome you the customers are friendly and chatty. To me what makes this place good are the customers more than the restaurant itself. So if you're looking for decent food in a great place that's very hometown. This is the place

  • David M.

    Buy far the worst chinese food in Portland. Period. Good customer service. Shit for food. I would feel safer digging in a garbage.

  • Michelle S.

    Appetizer combination platter was a combination of great pork wonton, crisp, though slihly sour-dough flavored fried shrimp, and thinly sliced BBQ pork, and a mushy fried Spring Roll. Other than the wonton the food was cheap and really not wprth a second try. I will try one more time. Breakfast or burgers only on the next visit. Service was very good. Friendly, attentive, and kept my water glass full without reminder.

  • avis d.

    I made it a rule to never eat at hyphenated restaurants, and I broke it when I went to the Maple Leaf. I ordered for my husband and I, so I said "We'll both have the number 23 (or whatever). " The waitress brought one number 23, and then got outright hostile when I told her we'd EACH wanted one. I'm willing to put up with a little weirdness if the atmosphere is cool and old. But just don't yell at me. Kay? I will never break my rule again.

  • Nancy P.

    What a weird little diner. Our usual joints were packed because it was Christmas Eve and nobody wants to cook breakfast during the holidays, that's right, nobody. SO, we ended up here and there were only two other people in the whole place. The waitress was the sweetest older lady with plenty of Christmas bling, and the only reason this place gets two stars is because of her. Although the food was inexpensive, it was not worth the money that we paid at all. There is WAYYY too much stuff on the menu, ranging from strange chinese options to standard diner fare to...other weird stuff. I went with the safest options- a breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and sausage links. I knew it would be a disaster when the waitress brought me orange juice in a bottle. The pancakes had decent flavor, but they were kind of hard to actually cut into! Weird, again. The sausages were disgusting and mostly fat and gross stuff with no flavor whatsoever. The eggs weren't even cooked all the way and I just asked for them scrambled! Nothing crazy. Here's the kicker, though...why on earth was there gross white cabbage and a dried out orange slice on my plate? As an accessory? It was very unappealing. The chili dog my husband got apparently 'sucked' but the fries were delicious (the only strong point of our meal). The corned beef sandwich was bland in his opinion as well. This place needs to cut out the weird stuff from the menu and just get good at one thing. Or just serve fries and nothing else. It's a cute and weird diner but I don't think we will be back.

  • Richard B.

    There used to be this weird girl that worked here that would ALWAYS compliment every female customer. Every time. She quit so she could go to Burning Man. LOL

  • Mary C.

    Alexis was a great waitress. With Wheel of Fortune playing in the back ground I ordered a BLT, and my friend ordered Meat Loaf. They have homemade potato salad, which was awesome!!!! A 5 page menu and another 2 page menu with a wide variety Chinese food. All in all I was a happy panda

  • Samantha M.

    Good food but... it took them 20 minutes to get to our table (only 2 other families were there) and it took them 50 minutes to get our food out. They even had to redo one after the 50 minute mark. The 2 families there finished and left while we were still waiting, and 2 more families were able to eat and leave before we got our food.

  • Haley H.

    This place was absolutely disgusting. Took some friends from out of town here for breakfast before they were going to catch their flight back to the east coast. How embarrassing! The food was gross, cold, it took forever to get our food out, and it all came out at different times. Half of us were done eating by the time one of my friends got his food. AND THERE WAS A RUBBER BAND IN IT.

  • Kelsey M.

    I walked in, there are no customers, but all the tables were dirty. I patiently waited for them to bus a table for me, which the waitress finally gets around to, but she puts the last customer's cream carafe BACK on the table when I order coffee. I ask for fresh cream, because the carafe was warm and had been sitting there for who knows how long and I don't want someone else's old cream (do I really have to explain that?) I order 2 eggs with bacon. It took an hour to get my food. The coffee is watered down. The 'cream' is milk. After she dropped off my food it got cold while I waited 15 minutes for Tabasco sauce for my eggs (can I reiterate that I was the only customer, during peak Saturday-breakfast hours). I will not be coming back here, ever.

  • Amie S.

    When I saw Chinese BBQ Pork Omelet on the menu I knew I was taking a gamble. It paid off. The flavors were simple and clean. The vegetables were crisp and the egg was cooked perfectly. Service was charming and the decor feels like grandma's dining room covered with Asian souvenirs. I will go back to try more of the American comfort food items on the menu. My hesitation stems from the condiment bottles offered with my food were obviously married. The Sriracha was a color I have never seen before.

  • Lex W.

    I tried to give this place a chance because it's been there for so long... Don't even waste your time coming here. I would rather eat cereal to be honest. Every time I went I got food poisoning. I once ordered fried shrimp, and they came out more like dough shrimp. I have never eaten inside of this place, only got to go orders, so I can't say anything about service. All I know, is that the food is terrible and not even food I would feed to my dog.

  • S f.

    I was excited to try this place. It looks cute and like it could be a hidden gem...a hole in the wall with delicious food. It's not. It's a hole in the wall with bad food and scented like a bathroom. An unclean bathroom. I wish I was exaggerating. Maybe it was an off-day smell-wise, but the food was disappointing to say the least. The glasses were a bit dirty, but I looked past that. I had a strawberry waffle and it was a floppy, disappointing waffle topped with really cold jam. It was unpleasant. My boyfriend's food was equally disappointing. I was so excited to try a cute diner without a wait, but I'd rather wait an hour and a half for a breakfast that's delicious and not smelling like a dirty bathroom than ever eat here again. When my boyfriend and I rate restaurants, we talk about "Maple Leaf bad" as the epitome of bad restaurants.

  • Cathy E.

    Great little diner where the locals hang out and get a square meal. Good vibe from all the friendly people here. Best fried rice I have had since moving to Portland.

  • Aaron E.

    **The wife and I went here for breakfast this morning. Let me preface this review by saying I am not giving the Maple Leave Restaurant four stars because it is a gourmet establishment. That it is not. It also is not a locally-sourced, organic, or farm-to-table establishment. There is no pretense whatsoever. It is an old-school diner, plain and simple. "Greasy spoon" is also another apt adjective for this place (in the most flattering of ways possible). If you go expecting more, you will be sadly disappointed. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a hearty breakfast at a reasonable price in a throwback spot (All in, our bill was $17.50 for both of us with some customization. Hard to beat.), you will leave satisfied. I got the Denver Omelet w/cheese. The incorporated cheese was American and Swiss cheese of the cellophane-wrapped variety, but that doesn't really bother me. I semi expected it. I wouldn't make it that way at home, but we weren't eating at home and I wasn't cooking. Overall, it tasted great! It also came with a huge serving of hash browns, a slice of orange, and toast. I opted for the English muffin substitute for an extra $0.95. Don't know if it was $0.95 better than the included toast, but it was fine. I also ordered an orange juice, which came along side a glass of ice in a plastic bottle like the ones you get at a gas station. I definitely wouldn't order the orange juice again, but live and learn. I'm sure if they were open at the time, they served it the same way in the 50's, 60's or 70's. We found the service to be very good as well. The waitress was very attentive and courteous. Her demeanor was quirky, but this is Portland, which is why I actually found it endearing and genuine. It's not like she was telling people to "kiss her grits" of anything offensive at all. At least I didn't see any of that. Bottom line: This is not a fancy or frilly establishment. It is a time-capsule-like diner that is true to its roots. If you go in knowing that, you will be fat and happy on the way out the door. If you want gourmet food, fancy decor, and overly-attentive service, do yourself a favor and stay far away. You will leave the Maple Leaf Restaurant sad panda.

  • Mardi C.

    been by here a million times, and have never stopped, and did today. I really love the diner feel, as the counter bends through the front room. in the back? are tables, and of course ........ "some decor". I had no idea there would be chinese food. I didn't try any, as I wanted a diner experience so I went for the typical cheese burger. it was exactly what I was expecting, and I was very satisfied, as so was my mom. I take off a star as the mens room? reeked so bad. there's a simple remedy for that, and I would imagine? that it will work for you. its called ice. when your mens room has that odor? thats from years and years.... and this place has been here for years and years. if you put a bucket of ice in the mens trough? the water will melt, and the odor will go down the drain with the water. same with toilet. or just get new. thats a stench that nearly killed my appetite. take off another star, cause the waitress? wasn't very patient with my elderly mother. you gotta give old folks a break baby.

  • Amber M.

    This place doesn't look like much, but it turned out to be a fantastic little breakfast nook in the southeast. I can't speak for anything but the breakfast food, but what I had was superb! The coffee was good, and they were generous with refills. I ordered ham, eggs and hash browns, and they were all perfect - buttery potatoes, fluffy eggs, nothing over- or underdone. Prices were excellent too, and many of their breakfast meals came with free coffee! The only thing that kept this place from getting five stars was that our server was on the slow side and not very personable, but she was not rude and we weren't in a hurry anyway. I'll definitely be going back, at least for breakfast if not to try the rest of their fare.

  • Jon O.

    This place is rad. I eat here maybe two times a week and it is always top notch. The vibe is super friendly and the food is deluxe. My personal favorite is the fried fish burger, They don't use frozen fish and you can see the cook in the back gutting and preparing the filets some times. The staff is super friendly and the regulars are a hoot. It has a real neighborhood vibe. It is one of the few places left in SE that has real non hipster clientele. I love the non ironic retro decor and the fact that they sell smokes behind the counter. No pretension and super good prices. I can get way too full for $5 The Leaf is probably my favorite place to eat in Portland.

  • Richard G.

    Love their down-home food and Karen, the sweet and sometimes a little sassy waitress. The egg foo yung is old school and to die for. Don't let the tacky décor and overall slightly weird vibe scare you. Everything is cooked fresh to order, so it can take a little while to get served, but as long as Karen's keeping the coffee and bon mots coming, who cares?

  • Tara T.

    My partner had eaten breakfast at the Maple Leaf with her dad and liked it, so a bit later we went back again. It's your typical diner minus the truck stop with tacky, 60ish decor. The kind I like and clean. The "Chinese Food" sign seems out of place. Keep in mind this review is only for one meal - they do have an extensive menu. There appeared to be only one youngish waitress for the 7 or 8 tables, but she was attentive for our entire visit. I ordered the standard bacon and eggs, over-medium with hash browns, sour dough toast and coffee; she had a shortstack of strawberry pancakes. Our food did take a while to be served, though it was well presented and portions hefty. Everything was good, eggs cooked right. However, I would've liked crispier bacon and my hash browns were crispy on the outside though mushy on the inside (I prefer less mush). Partner's strawberry shortstack was good, just the right amount of fluffiness. Even though the coffee pot the waitress was pouring from said Boyd's, the coffee was weak - more like coffee-flavored water. As some others have commented, this seem to be a place for over-50 regulars. Being over-50 myself I don't have a problem with that. If the coffee had been good (this is Portland afterall) and the hash browns weren't mushy I would've given them 4 stars.

  • Amy K.

    Where to begin...? I had been pestering my adorable husband to take me to Maple Leaf for breakfast. "I've heard good things," I said, waving my hands about. "All the cool kids are eating their breakfasts there!" Finally, he relented and we headed there for a down-homey, no-frills, good-eats breakfast on Sunday morning. The place was half-empty. Maybe ten other diners. Tops. The atmosphere is evocative of Mel's Diner, if you're old enough to remember "Alice." Silk flower arrangements, mismatched chairs, old men drinking coffee and talking about Tip O'Neill, rebuilding engines and prostate exams (I imagine that's what old men talk about; I wouldn't be caught dead actually conversing with one to find out). Our hipster waitress (ear gauges, blunt-cut bangs AND horn-rimmed glasses, oh, you rebel!) showed us to our table. We asked for Diet Cokes. "It's in the can. You want glasses with ice?" No pretense and I liked that. Good, fair prices. I was planning to genuinely DIG this place. So we order our breakfasts: steak and eggs for me. Over medium. Rare. White toast. Husband wanted bacon and eggs. Crispy bacon. Crispy hashbrowns. Over medium. White toast. As she walked away with our orders, it was 9:30. ON THE DOT. And we wait... and we wait... and finish our drinks. And never get them refreshed. And another old man comes in, takes a table and a mere five minutes later, we watch while THAT man is served his "regular" meal. And still we wait... A waiter pops his head out to say, "Sorry about the wait." More waiting. Our bespectacled waitress seems to be avoiding us. I'm getting annoyed at this point. A half-hour has passed. No food, no beverages. Finally, my husband asks, "How much longer?" She says, "Another five minutes. It's on the grill." He says, "It's just NOW cooking?" She says, "It shouldn't be much longer." Finally, friends, after FORTY MINUTES, our food arrives. Hooray! Eggs over easy. Limp bacon laid across the pale-blonde hashbrowns like pink ribbons. My rare steak, completely over-cooked and tough. None of it hot. None of it appetizing. They were in the process of making our toast (you'd think in the ensuing forty minutes, they'd have put the toast in sooner). My normally placid husband says, "If you want to go, I'm fine with it. We can hit McDonalds for another fifteen minutes, if we hurry." So we got up to leave. The owner questioned us at the counter. I started to rattle off all my grievances: forty minutes, cold this, undercooked that! She offered us no apologies. Said there'd been a "mix-up with tickets." She didn't make us pay for the meals, but charged us the paltry $2.40 for two cans of Diet Coke (apparently, she hasn't attended the "Give Them the Pickle" training). All in all: shitty place. These two big tippers will not darken their dismal doorway again.

  • A B.

    First of all, the service does not get any better. We have been here twice, both times for breakfast. Both times our server immediately brought us a high chair, coloring books and crayons for our toddler, and a newspaper for us. The place has a funky vibe, but is clean. The food is fresh, with some nice decorative touches. My husband got the BBQ pork omelette both times and loves it. We are definitely coming back. If you delay your skepticism and look past the gritty exterior, it is a great place. Cheap and good, and free coffee!

  • Laura C.

    I've lived down the street from this location for 11 years. This past year, its caught my eye. They must have gotten a new sign or something. Regardless, my parents like to eat out after church and they'll pay - so I try to keep the restaurants I chose on the lower end of the $$ scale. The sign out front said "Burgers with home made fries $4.95". With that, I was sold. We got lucky and were able to 2 tables out side, on one of our few very lovely summer days. The server was very sweet and had to keep going inside to get more chairs because our group kept growing. She asked that we pay in advance but didn't end up making us. My brother asked if it was because people dine and dash and she nodded yes. That really sucks that people would do that. Needless to say, we paid and tipped her well. 6 out of 7 of us got the $4.95 burger. It was HUGE and very tasty. However; the fries were not cooked enough and left something to be desired. Next time I will know to ask that they keep them in the fryer longer. The strange part of the diner is that it says "American Chinese comfort food". That's like hearing Mike's Drive-In now sells Chinese food. While there was an Asian lady working there as a server, she was not the cook. I think I'll leave the Chinese food to the Chinese restaurants.

  • Ken J.

    Drive by here all the time. Always wanted to stop and just see. First impressions - a little run down but clean and cozy. Absolutely love the diner atmosphere. No acrid smells. No obvious grease remnants or slick floors. I was greeted friendly and immediately and sat at the curved counter. Loved it. I got none of the negative attitude that I expected from reading other reviews. There were several other regulars in here. All seemed friendly. I am 50, with long hair, long beard, and a skull cap Harley cap, muscle shirt, shorts, and tats. My normal. So I suspected some issues but did ot get any. I ordered a burger. Nothing spectacular, but respectable. Great fries. Fast, clean. No issues. Had brewed ice tea, even though it came in a coffe decanter. But it was good without any cross contamination. Cheap. And good food. Can't ask for more. The menu is absolutely ridiculously huge! That is a big gripe for me. But it worked. Many I will try it again. Would be nice to have a coffee and breakfast place. Will update if things change.

  • Matt H.

    Dirty, depressing, long waits, disgusting food. I have lived 8 blocks from here for 8 years. I just went for my third visit (out of desperation). Fool me thrice, shame on me. The empty restaurant didn't prevent our simple order from taking 15-20 minutes. The food was mushy slop (as it has been on previous visits). This "cheap" greasy spoon option ended up costing as much or more as if I'd gone to Arleta Library Bakery Cafe and had a *good* breakfast made with fresh, local ingredients. Give this derelict ship a wide berth.

  • T F.

    I grade this place a C. Ordered a curry shrimp plate that took long to arrive. The entree arrived with a miniscule dish of rice. After asking for more rice, it was an extra $1.95. Not very clever, Maple Leaf.

  • kelly s.

    Ok, so clearly the maple leaf isn't a 4 star restaurant, but I'm feeling generous today. Their particular "win" that's earning them 4 stars for me, has to do with what started as a roaming drive around south portland to find a breakfast diner that isn't already too popular or full of bad food. I passed original hotcake house, and some other regulars when I saw it there on the corner... In my head, all i wanted was a breakfast diner with a counter and eggs that aren't overcooked.... I got that and more with promptly served breakfast, all the elements were cooked just right, perfect eggs, bacon exactly how I like it, and yummy diner hash browns. I really wanted some free internet, but i figured that would be a long shot- Turns out I found everything I wanted and more, including yummy, hot, constantly flowing diner coffee, and a smile. Give these guys a chance, I can only testify for their breakfast, but it's totally worth it!!

  • Jeff R.

    Dirty, lackluster, the server has potential the owner not so much. Wont go back! It looked like a Chinese New Year went bad and blew up in a 50's diner. Food well lets say it's hard to screw up french fries but they did!

  • Mick T.

    There ain't that many places in Portland serve liver and onions, which is rather a pity. The Maple Leaf does, though, and they are damn good.

  • Isabella B.

    I will admit that I only first ventured here because it's only around the corner from my house. Plus, I was intrigued by the idea of American and Chinese food and breakfast all day. Whenever I'm craving a greasy diner breakfast that's pretty cheap, this is where I go. I always get more than enough food, the service is always pretty friendly, they do hash browns like my dad's (shredded, crunchy but not burnt) and it's always an experience to sit at the counter listening to the elderly regulars that drop by.

  • Sasha R.

    This little dinner/eatery is worth the trip for historical value alone. It must have once been a good old fashion dinner, and has now been converted into a American and Chinese Restaurant. I got the strawberry pancakes, eggs and hash browns, and coffee. It took a long time to get the order, but there was a big party there, and the staff was very friendly, and never tired of refilling our coffee mugs. I liked that they serve American and Chinese food- what's more fun than getting a stack of pancakes and some chow mien? And I think I'll go back when I can sit at the counter with the guys. Until then, it's a cheap place to grab a bite and they're open T- Sun 6:45 am-9pm, and Mondays 6:45 until lunch, so that's good to know if you're in the area, hungry, and don't want to go to a chain.

  • Lauren M.

    Like the previous reviewier, I'm giving 4 stars not for the gourmet cuisine but for the fact that it was exactly what we needed at the time. Disastrous morning with a toddler left us starving by 6:30am on a Saturday, so we were excited to find out they were open at 6:45, and close to our house. We were seated immediately, and encouraged by seeing what seemed to be regulars at the counter. Service was extremely friendly and attentive, and food came with reasonable speed. Demon toddler was very happy with her raisin toast, and we thought the spanish omelet and eggs n pancakes we had were just fine. Spanish Omelet "tangy sauce" seemed to be mayo + sugar + canned tomatoes - this is surprisingly delicious with eggs and hashbrowns. Portions are generous, prices are great (and include coffee for the egg dishes), and you can basically sub anything for anything to get exactly what you want. If you need cheap , decent enough breakfast fast served with a smile, this is the place to go.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :6:30 am - 3:00pm
  • Mon : 6:30 am - 3:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Breakfast
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Divey
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
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Chinese Cuisine

The popularity of Chinese food in America can be adjudicated by the appearance of China Town in many major cities in the United State of America. The popular trend of ordering or opting for Chinese take away food isn't unknown in America. Chinese take away food comes to rescue when you're too tired from work or too exhausted to cook. No one can resist the temptation of eating spicy noodles, shrimp, chicken, beef or pork cooked in the sweet and spicy sauce. The cooking method of authentic Chinese food is a lot different compared to what is served in America.

Generally, Chinese use dark meat small bones and organs to cook dishes but this changes when you are eating American-Chinese fusion food prepared using white boneless meat cooked with broccoli, carrots and onions. Back in China, the food is less spicy and oily as they favor steaming and braising method for cooking the most popular dishes. So, if you have a taste for authentic Chinese food, then try finding a real Chinese restaurant in the city. You can also try the most popular fusion Chinese food like Pecking Duck, Chicken Feet, Hot Pot, Shrimp Dumpling Soup, Mapo Tofu, Wontons, Chop Suey, Egg Rolls and not to forget Fortune Cookies.

There are not many restaurants in America serving authentic Chinese food. A little research on Restaurant Listings directory can help you locate the best Chinese restaurants in the city. Chinese cuisine is continuously evolving, and you can find a variety of dishes categorized as the food for lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant, vegan, vegetarian, and diabetic friendly. So, if you have a group of friends with different taste patterns, save the hassle and visit the nearest Chinese restaurant in your city.

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