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  • Jando S.

    There was a higher expectation given the reviews and community recommendations but a dinner experience here was a disappointing experience. The menu items look to vary semi-daily, which is good for the variety of dishes they can cook. The Vietnamese community is strong in this particular section of Beaverton, which they are able to accommodate with pho, rice crepes, etc type dishes. The Dim Sum from what I understand is quite good, but also quite limited. There was no hole in the wallet at this place, thankfully the prices justified the quality of the food. Interior-wise the establishment was well decorated and spacey enough to house a good amount of people all nights of the week. The service was decent, helpful, and semi-attentive. Its recommended as a local place to get eats, but not worth a crosstown (or further) trip.

  • Page B.

    Only take out from here please. The place is indeed a little sticky around the edges. The staff is nice, though perfunctory. They charge for rice- and they aren't super cheap. However, here are the pluses: good basic chinese food, good fried apps, good hot and sour soup. They are open til midnight. So woo hoo! Late night Chinese food in a town that really doesn't know the meaning of late night food. Kind of makes up for the other stuff, no?

  • Eric N.

    Excellent place for family to dine in. My family has been coming back here for the past 8 years. They remodeled their place about a year ago, so it's pretty nice and clean inside. Friendly staffs and the food are so yummy. My all time favorites: Vietnamese sweet and sour soup with either shrimp or catfish is known as Canh Chua, Jade tofu with King mushroom (the best of the best, especially for those who are vegetarians), Eggplant with salted fish, House special chow-mein or fried-rice, steam or deep fried fish (daily special), salted deep fried squids. A little bit pricey for Chinese/Vietnamese food. For a table of 3 people, your bill can be between 40 - 60, but I'm sure you'll have to ask for a box to-go. If you want some bubble tea, this is NOT the place to order.

  • Sasha R.

    I've just landed in PDX from CA, where even though I tried I never seemed to find the perfect cheap, quick and easy Chinese Restaurant. On my first trip here, I got off a plane at 11am and had an interview at 1pm, so basically, I had no time to find some food in between. Driving down Powell, my eyes were constantly diverted by strip malls and my stomach got really hungry for bubble tea, with signs advertising it left and right. I pulled into this strip mall to take a look at the Koren BBQ restaurant, but ended up thinking that Jin Wah was a better place to be at. I ordered the Buddha's Delight and Crispy Eggplant, and a coffee bubble tea. All were very good, the bubble tea was probably the worst, but it hit the spot as I got back in my car for the ride to the interview. Since moving here, I've been back, and am happy to report that the quick, cheap and easy Chinese has been found at this place. I've only ever eaten here for lunch, but it's hit the spot both times.

  • Izzy N.

    I usually venture out to the beaverton location but Mmm I love their fried noodle dishes.. the chow mein and chow fun!! (at both locations)Large portions, with plenty of sauce and not at all stingy on the meat and veggies. Full of MSG goodness, I love it. The noodles are addictive, I still crave them the next day. The salt and pepper shrimp kinda sucked. There was too much batter and I would of liked more seasoning on it. It's pretty dead here on weekday nights but it's quick service and I don't feel like I just wasted my money on crap. It's cheap good chinese. I would never order bubble tea here. I'd save that for a bubble tea place.

  • Burt S.

    Wow, just when I thought the service for this place couldn't get any lower, they proved me wrong. Aside from poor customer service, now they've raised prices and are now charging for rice as well. Despite how good I think the food here is, I will not be going back again. I can easily get exceptional chinese food that's just as good at Powell's Seafood that's not overpriced nor do they charge for rice. Not that far away from Jin Wah either. Although sometimes I think the waitresses at Powell's Seafood can come off a bit rude, I also know they're trying to be fast and efficient as well. Compared to Jin Wah, the service is a LOT better.

  • Jeremy from Yarp F.

    When the wife first dragged me here, it was with the caveat "they are Vietnamese Hoa" which meant that the folks running it are Chinese folks born in Vietnam (they have their own village their called Cholon). It's not Chinese food, and it's not Vietnamese; it's somewhere in between. Sometimes it works really well, and at others not so much. I'd have given them 3 stars except that they're open late; which deserves another star in my opinion. The first thing I ate at Jin Wah was the pickled chicken's feet; Vietnamese style: with fish sauce and peppers. I'd tried chicken's feet before but they'd been the Chinese deep fried style. Good, but not the best deep fried food. These pickled chicken's feet rocked. Sure, it's a little like chewing erasers but with an amazing flavor. I've since sampled quite a bit of their food; from the obligatory General Tso's (not so good) to the seafood hot pot (awesome). I would recommend staying away from both the Americanized Chinese standards and the Vietnamese standards, neither are worth the moolah; but definitely try the more authentic cross over dishes; the claypots, the seafood, and of course the chicken's feet. And don't be surprised with the Vietnamese style service (seat yourself, don't expect water refills, etc) where the workers are sitting at a table doing their prep or eating a meal when you come in. They are both more casual in their service style, and more authentic (at least according to Bàxâ (intimate word for wife).

  • Huong T.

    I would give Jin Wah SE zero stars if that was possible. The Food: If you are looking for good authentic Vietnamese food, DO NOT go here. If you are looking for authentic Chinese food, DO NOT go here. In fact, if you are looking for authentic anything, DO NOT go here. The food took a long time to come out. When it did arrive, it was tasteless and below mediocre. The Service: Here's a good story to describe how horrible their service was. My boyfriend, his family and I came in for dinner one night. We ordered, waited for a long time for our food, and tried to swallow our greasy, disgusting food served by the owner. The owner is a middle aged Asian woman, she did not have a pleasant look on face, she was rude, threw our menus at us, yanked it out of our hands, and slammed down our dishes. She also forgot our avocado drinks, which we had to remind her. We decided not to give her a tip. I went to the bathroom after paying, and when I opened the door, she was standing there waiting for me. She told me in Vietnamese that we did not write down a tip amount on the receipt. I was absolutely dumbstruck, did this woman just demanded a tip from me? Who would do that?! I kindly told her that I will let my boyfriend know. He was already waiting for me in the car, so I got in and told him to drive off. Needless to say, we will not be welcomed back and we definitely do not want to come back.

  • Priti K.

    My friend mentioned this place a couple of times so I decided to give it a go. Went for lunch, ordered chicken in garlic sauce and passionfruit bubble tea. Didn't have to wait long for the dish. Tasted sour and was just an average dish. Bubble tea was way too sweet but the server kindly told me she could make taro boba, which is not so sweet. Taro was ok, however my friend had strawberry boba and the pearls were kinda like frozen and stuck together. She drank her tea and ate the pearls with a spoon! The vegetable soup she ordered was spot on. Delicious broth.

  • Jessica M.

    The power was out... I got off work... I was cold and cranky and didnt want to sit in my NE house and wait for heat... So I text my coworker and asked him about that chinese place he was raving about ...and he said Jin Wah! 82nd and Powell.. Well...I dont spend much time on 82nd...and it took me a while to find out it was in the same parking lot as GenX ...but I found it. Being from California...and going to a high school that was 96% Asian (including India) ... I find myself picky about traditional dishes... looking inside Jin Wah as the wind almost blew me over on my way to the door, I noticed it was rather full at 8pm and most of the customers were Asian! Always a good sign in my eyes... I get in...I am seated and I start going through the menu and the pictures are making me drool... Ordered the salt and pepper squid (on recommendation of the hostess)...moo shu pork (so I could get some veggies in...and an excuse to eat plum sauce) and the traditional noodle soup with rice noodles and wontons ....mmmmmmm As I stuffed my face with the warm food and amazing scents...I hit a point of happiness. This was exactly what I wanted to eat and exactly where I wanted to be. I took a picture of the spread with my cell phone and sent it to my coworker with many thanks. Through the course of dinner... I had great conversations with my boyfriend and generally enjoyed myself... A young couple walks in and asks how late they are open. The ladies chime in and say "midnight" ... I was happy to hear that!! Now when I am out on a Sunday...late... hopefully with power at home... and I want chinese...I know where I will be You will be able to find me at Jin Wah...

  • Jennifer L.

    Used to go there a lot because it was the only Asian restaurant I knew then that opens until midnight. Food is overpriced, but mostly fairly delicious. They have two of my favorite Vietnamese dishes: Vietnamese Hot & Sour Soup and Catfish in a Claypot. They make it fairly good too. I don't like their pho or noodle soup, but their pan-fried noodle is pretty good. Full of MSG goodness. My boyfriend adore their Chinese Hot & Sour Soup, Fish Maw Crab Meat Soup, Chicken Wings in Sweet Chili Sauce, and Pepper Salted Chicken Wings. Service is poor. The staff don't seem too friendly and most of them have poor English. They don't check on you or refill your water. Typical Asian/Chinese restaurant. The restaurant is also kind of dirty. You can feel the stickiness on the condiment containers and the table. The people there also messed up on our bill on several occasion - they always charge us more (why can't it be the other way around?).

  • Mal C.

    Open until midnight! I was a little worried b/c of another yelper's warning to only get take-out b/c of the environment, but I went around 11 at night and there was another young couple, a couple of grandparents, a large party of maybe 15 people including little kids, and another group of 4 women. I felt completely safe, and found the establishment to be clean. The pho was pretty great - echoing another yelper, it reminded me of pho in So Cal. We also got some fried rice and crispy tofu which were alright. Large portions, lots of leftovers, and again the sheer fact that it's good, cheap food available until midnight... I'm sure I'll be back real soon!

  • Ngan N.

    Depends on the food you choose, it will vary from great, good to suck! Best: the chicken feet salad, seafood soup, hazelnut butter shrimp served with rice. The Zhangchou fried rice is good also (and cheap for $8.5 a dish, which made me and my friends full until midnight!) This place is good for group outing, since you can try many dishes at a time. Caution: do not call too many dishes, you don't know how much your stomach can consume (esp when the amount for a dish is A LOT). Last time 3 of us order 4 dishes, and still had to take some home. Service: okay. not awesome, but good enough. can speak Vietnamese, Chinese (both Cantonese and Mandarin) and English. Have dessert (orange usually) for free.

  • Robert M.

    This place by far has the worst service I have ever encountered in a restaurant. If you are a white person, even your with your Asian wife,they totally overlook you . The food itself here is really pretty good, so I'm told. However, trying to get some of it is quite a frustrating ordeal.

  • Morgan L.

    my boyfriend and i are regulars here. love the pho! good priced, service is good. food is always tasting great and super fresh! of your craving pho late night this is definitely the place!

  • Chaein H.

    Keep coming back for two month now n each time the service is getting worse ... The lady in glasses so rude n when she brings the food she will leave it at the other end of the table . Not in front of me . When I order the steam fish n I specifically ask her if it's live n fresh n she say yes yes yes but it came out frozen! I wonder if she even understand basic English ....... N ended up charging me $17 for that yucky fish! I might not be back so often now n will just stick with their late night pho :( sorry bad service n bad food will not make a customer happy I like it better when the skinny old man serve us he is polite n friendly ! Only staff that smile in the restaurant

  • Van E.

    Well, it's food. The service is pretty lacking. Nobody looks happy to eat or work here. The pho was mediocre. The broth lacked flavor, the noodles were soggy, and the accoutrements were wilted and brown. However, they did not skimp on the jalapeños. My date ordered a selection of Chinese food. Nothing to write home about. I wouldn't waste time or money here, again.

  • Kathy L.

    I started dining here 10+ years ago. Unfortunately with the new addition of Chinese/Vietnamese restaurants opening up in the area within the past couple years, Jin Wah has been forgotten on my list. I do have to say the food quality has not changed which I'm happy about. It's your typical Chinese restaurant, food is not "wow" good, but it's good enough to satisfy your appetite.

  • Brian N.

    Another Asian place with a menu too vast to allow for quality cooking. Tries to lure customers in with cheap Pho, which is exactly that....cheap Pho. It was clear that it was on the menu just to bring some customers in; it's clear they're not proud of the Pho they serve and it shows in the herb plate they send out to you, which for me consisted for some wilted basil. The turnover on the Pho clearly isn't high enough to warrant them to get fresh ingredients all the time. It's absurd that they woudln't be able to get better ingredients with their location being in the epicenter of Asian grocery. Shame. Service was pretty poor. Waited on menus forever until I just got fed up and grabbed a menu myself. I'm Asian, and we shouldn't service our brethren so poorly. :*(

  • Unicorn B.

    Used try and stick up for this place and its awful service. No longer. Really really bad.

  • Philip J.

    It's sad when people write reviews out of revenge or some other anger related event. Jin Wah on SE Powell and 82nd. is hands down, one of the finest Asian family restaurants in Portland. For the last 8 years me and my family have been meeting here and enjoying large dinners that run the gambit, from steamed fish with hot oil to traditional dishes like kum pao chicken We know that we are in the right place, when the place is packed like on a weekend night we're almost always the only white people there. What more do you need to know, Asian people eating at an Asian restaurant. What more of a hook do you need. This place rocks, prices are typical, service is excellent.... don't pay attention to the nasty notes below.

  • Kathy E.

    Be prepared to be asked for a tip!!

  • Jospeh M.

    First, I was thinking this place and the one in Beaverton is the same owner, but it wasn't. The food is ok. I brought my families there for several times because we didn't want to drive far to Beaverton. However, we decided to taste the Jin Wah in Beaverton, the food there are better than in Portland. We don't smell or taste the old oil or meat when it was cooked. Also the place is more cleaned than here.

  • Ron S.

    there was a mouse in this restaurant. i'm never coming back to this dump. what else needs to be said?!

  • Annie C.

    I will never eat here again. I have called in several to go orders, as well as dining in a couple of times, there food is amazing which has kept me coming back but I cannot deal with their poor service and their unbalanced and unregulated pricing structure. Last week's situation: I phoned in an order and I was told 15-20 minutes for my order to be ready. My commute from Oregon City to this location is approximately 15 minutes with no traffic, so I hopped in my car and drove down. When I walked in the place was empty during lunch, because I just called in the order I knew it was open so I approached the counter. I waited at the counter for a few moments, as I was about to say something like magic a lady appeared from the kitchen. Instead of a nice greeting she yelled "What you want?" The tone was stern and combative as if I was in her way, even with a sever language barrier I would have settled for a 'Hello.' She asked what I ordered, thinking that she was confirming my phone order I proceeded to tell her. Salt and Pepper Shrimp no heads Salt and Pepper Beef Spare Ribs Broccoli Beef Spring Rolls Pot Stickers She asked for money, which I gave her thinking that my food was done. Dang it, Annie you are wrong again. Once I signed her attitude appeared to get worse, I asked how long it would take she said about "20 more minutes"." I consider myself a patient woman, knowing well aware that they never started cooking my food when I phoned, I knew the wait would likely be longer. So I informed the lady I would be heading to the local coffee shop while the food was cooking, that I would be back in a few minutes. She said "No, no, no I will make you coffee, sit, wait a minute." I honestly thought she had a change of heart, or possibly she was being kind. Maybe she was starting realize how awful she was being? So, I decided to rest and I took a seat at the nearest table. While waiting I took in the scenery of Portland, the old Food 4 Less that had closed, I checked emails, I answered text messages I forgot about. I figured about 10 minutes in the coffee would have been ready, but I kept plugging away at my phone. After 20 minutes I stood up, mainly to stretch but to also get a chance to see if my food was ready, I walked up to the counter. I waited at the counter for a few more minutes, as I was getting ready to take my seat again, Poof, she appears again. I was honestly excited to see my food.... Wait for it. I could not stop staring at what she had in her hand. Take a second and imagine a 20oz clear plastic cold drink cup. Now place hot coffee in that cup, then splash a bit of milk making it a dark caramel color. Now image my surprise when I notice the cup is filled only a third of the way up, not two thirds, not half. One third filled. Maybe she stopped because the cup was melting under the heat? Not wanting any confrontation I grabbed a couple dollars out of my wallet and she starts barking "5 dollars, 5 dollars, no, no, no coffee I make 5 dollars." You can only image my look on my face as I handed her the 5 dollars and she asked for a tip....I had to shut my brain off and pause, because if I had let me emotions respond I would have left there with a ruined day. So, I tilted my head, smiled briefly, and walked out with my food. Thank goodness the Starbucks Barista let me throw away that coffee, it probably would have started it's own colony in my car. The food was great, the rice was not over cooked, and we all enjoyed our lunch....so I over looked the customer service again. Today's situation: I was craving some Salt and Pepper beef spare ribs, so I decided to have a coworker head down this time to avoid the service. I was surprised when I get a call from him that my order of Beef Spare ribs, Broccoli Beef, and Salt and Pepper Shrimp was a total of 50 dollars. Wait, my order last week was twice as long and the same price? I told him to pay the tab, but to not leave a tip. It takes a lot for me to not leave a tip, even on a phone in order. As my co-worker arrives back to work I notice that there is no rice, white for fried with the order. Apparently he noticed that as well and asked. He stated that her response was "No rice, if you want rice you pay more money." I am done with this place. Why is today different from last week? Why is the price different? Why is rice offered in the last order, but not this one? Was it because last week it was Wednesday and on Tuesday's you do not offer free rice with Entrée' orders? I do not want to spend my money at a place that treats their customers this way. I am not demanding to be treated special, I am asking to be treated like a human being that is happy to pay when the orders are consistent and the food is good. This restaurant is taking advantage if their customers by charging whatever prices they want with no rules or regulations. Their food is fantastic, but because of their employees careless treatment of their customers I am done.

  • Megan F.

    I went here with my friend the other night and half way thru our meal we got joined by a couple roach like bugs. We informed the lady at the register and she told us to just leave, so we did. As we were walking out however, two other girls were documenting the bugs that were at their table too. While we were walking to the car we noticed the staff cleaning up both tables rather quickly, almost to hide the bugs and the fact that they were all over the restaurant. This place needs to figure out their bug problem.

  • Tokii L.

    I AM GOING TO REPORT THIS PLACE TO DIRTY DINING!!! This is usually one of my go-to spots for pepper salted squid. Every time we've ordered it has been good, last week on a Tuesday was different. Came in with my mom and we ordered Pepper salted squid. It was pretty damn empty in the restaurant except for one group that was leaving but I pressed to stay cause I was hungry. It had been no more than 5 mins and our squid and rice came out, I know pepper salted squid doesn't take long to cook but we JUST literally sat down. I took a bite-my teeth aren't going through, wait-what? I looked at my mom, she too spat it out. The squid was so damn rubbery you could not chew it properly! It was dry and when you peeled off the dough to look at the squid it was shriveled looking with a shimmery almost pearl like coating. I immediately talked to the young server and all he said was that he would let the kitchen know. I watched him walk back to the kitchen and being Vietnamese but always mistaken for something else I could hear him just head back there and crack jokes with the old man. He returned and just said "I let them know." And walked off. No effort to adjust our meal was made. They also charged us for the mushy white rice that was served. The chicken was disgusting, no longer the texture of meat! Do not go here. Service sucks ass. I'm betting someone called squid to go but they never picked it up so they just let it sit and served it to us. You're better off at Zhien Hong which serves the original Jinhwa Recipe.

  • Maggie Z.

    This place has decent food but the customer service is HORRIBLE. The waitress is so rude & ignored me every time i needed something when she clearly knows i need something. i will NEVER come here again .

  • Hayden N.

    I recently visited this Jin Wah location after it received a face-lift. Everything is in blue now instead of the traditional red color scheme you find at most Chinese restaurants. The fresh coat of paint and small remodeling made it appear cleaner than before, almost a new restaurant. They offer a wide range of Chinese and Vietnamese food selections, the two separate menus made it feel as if it was not one cohesive restaurant. I come here for their Canh Chua (sweet and sour fish soup), they make it just the way I like it--on the sweeter side and the option of having catfish or shrimp. Of course, mom makes the best Canh Chua but, sometimes, you want something prepared differently so you could appreciate what you have or I just don't have the heart to tell mom that she makes it too sour for my liking. The salt and pepper squid was okay, I prefer the one at Zien Hong or even Powell's Seafood. I wanted oriental eggplant in a spicy garlic sauce and they had a different way of making it...they batter the eggplant before frying it. I can't decide if I enjoyed it being battered because the eggplant had the texture of fried banana yet tasted interesting. Decent food. The service was quick, comparable the other Asian restaurants in town. My favorite part is listening to Caucasian people ordering food and substituting items that makes specific dishes unique--omitting the ingredients that characterize a dish because they aren't familiar with it. "I would like ginger chicken but I want chicken without bones" or "could I get Canh Chua with the rice paddy herbs (ngo om)?"...so funny.

  • Tracy R.

    Used to order from here and was always happy. Tonight ordered 3 entrees plus appetizers, got no rice and the food was bland and also seemed kind of old. The amount was about half of what would be reasonably expected. Ordered for a family of 4 and could barely feed two. I do think know what happened to this place but I won't do this ever again. There are too many other options available.

  • Francis L.

    Had black bean fried oysters, the black bean sauce drizzled over the oysters and the oysters were AMAZING!!! I loved every bite they were so so so good!!!!:-)

  • Lien D.

    This is probably one of the worst restaurant I have been to. My friends and I went here on a Saturday afternoon and the place was completely empty. I didn't think it was a good sign but I gave it a chance. The waitress was unfriendly. She waited impatiently as we looked at the menu. The food arrived quickly but it was mediocre at best. The vegetables were over cooked and the meat chewy. While we were paying for our meal she hinted us to tip. After we paid, she told us that we did not tip enough! Tips are optional. She should have been nicer if she wanted a bigger one!

  • Pui S.

    I'm just going to call this Chinese restaurant --- The International instead of Jin Wah!!! Coz' they aim to please all nationalities. 3.5 stars...

  • Fantik M.

    At first my impression was not the best one from decor, waiters and etc, but food has proven me I was wrong. Their soups very delicious! And I love salt and pepper squids, you should try them too! Delicious! Service is very fast, they open very late, convenience all the way.

  • Bachtuyet L.

    Typical Chinese/Vietnamese food. I prefer home cooked meals. I always get a tummy ache (and then some...) at these restaurants. I don't know what it is. It's like the excessive oil used or something. Kills my tummy though. TMI? Sorry. it's true though. I don't come here too often, I don't live close and it's not worth the drive out that way. Yea.. the food is all edible. I'm just finding it hard to write anything too helpful. Sorry. Basically: Greasy food. Typical Chinese/Vietnamese foods you'd find at other Chinese restaurants. I haven't had anything bad, just nothing ah-may-zing...

  • Jimmy W.

    I haven't been here for a while, I came here cause they used to have the best salt and pepper squid in this ptld, they even beat thien hong on sandy. I guess there are new owners. They said the chefs are the same and the menu won't change. They are also open for Vietnamese breakfast now at 8 am. The food is the same and very good. I am not sure why the rating is not that good but there is a lot of competition these days. I would prob give them like 3.75 if i could though. The salt and pepper squid is still among the best around. Very crispy and light. The service is ok but i generally dont rate chinese restaurants on service as i think the food is most important. Generally if you go to a chinese restaurant don't expect good service, you are going there for the food. I just don't tip very well if the service is bad or if i get attitude. I order the grilled pork chops, pepper salt squid, combination hot pot, and the catfish in clay pot. All are good and I think you will like them. Please let me know if you don't.

  • Andrew D.

    MSG packed food oh my goodness. But the staff are super friendly, and i'm pretty sure the owners are related to tien hong so their salt and pepper squid is decent. I got the chicken salad, they use a very lean chicken which I really like. And my friend got the mi thap cam nuoc (Combination Noodle Soup). I could tell there was a ton of MSG so I i stayed away from it after a bite. Its open late which is cool.

  • Brian F.

    The food was all right. Not impressed (especially their service!). Had their salt & pepper squid. Not as good as Thien Hong 's. I didn't bother to pack the rest of it for a late snack. Perhaps give it another try later in the future. Definitely not anytime soon.

  • Pavorn L.

    Service here is HORRIBLE. My friend and I came in and sat down for about 15 minutes and no service. We had to tell the lady when she finally walked by that we were ready. Their food is ok....Not the greatest but all right. While we were eating, there was NO SERVICE at all. No tea or water refills. When we were done eating, my friend and I split pay and the lady there had the nerve to ask us for tip. There's plenty of other good chinese restaurants than this one. Forget this place.

  • Chenda N.

    My family and I've come here a few times and what initially comes to mind is how fresh and good the food is (seafood and vegetables). The service is your stereotypical short and curt manner from the Vietnamese server but overall delivers on everything. The five of us shared the salt and pepper squid, stir fried crab, Chinese broccoli, steamed chicken with amazing ginger sauce, and then proceeded to order another dish of the squid and requested the clams with black bean sauce. We cleared the table and were very content. The bill wasn't too shabby either, all for under $100 (including drinks and beer). Ambiance is a bit dingy and the bathrooms aren't that great, but the trade off for good food makes up for the environment.

  • Frank C.

    Looking for Vietnamese comfort food while traveling in the Portland area? I was in the mood for some pho and found this little place on Yelp! It was one of the very few places open late. Parking was good. This place is located in a strip mall and is easily accessible from the main street. There is a ton of menu items but, I was looking for a hot bowl of pho. I ordered the Pho Nam and an order of egg rolls. My buddy ordered the Bo Luc Lac, a.k.a. Shaky Beef. The pho came out and it smelled great. Reminded me of the pho restaurants in southern California. Egg rolls were nice and crunchy and generously filled. The Bo Luc Lac looked great and tasted alright. I am questioning if they really used filet but, since my buddy had to eat it I wasn't that concerned! Overall, this place will work fine for me the next time I am in the Portland area on business. The service was okay. The atmosphere was typical Chinese restaurant style. Price was good.

  • Don B.

    Jin Wah resides in sort of a limbo a step above the "Chinese-American" joints that sling out greasy noodles to whitey on the daily and the higher-end Chinese restaurants that cater to the growing Asian population (and adventurous non-Asians) on 82nd ave. It definitely has the dirty, run-down feel of any one of the multitude of whitewashed noodle houses in downtown Chinatown but the food runs maybe a step above... maybe. This Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant has at least 2 locations, one here in SE and one out in Beaverton. I have been to both and consider the Beaverton location to be much better (and nicer and cleaner). I think the nice/clean part has to do with it being in the suburbs - dirty restaurants just don't make it in SUV land. People don't move to cookie-cutter subdivisions to do adventure-eating. They move there to be safe. But I digress... This location of Jin Wah sits in a crappy strip mall with a Food4Less, a pawn shop, and a GenX ghetto emporium. The space is small and awkwardly situated, with the host station at the back. It's almost as if you have walked into a restaurant through the kitchen door, and stand at the back of the room, when you're really at the front. I'm guessing this is to maximize table space. The service is prompt and brusque, and the menu covers Chinese and Vietnamese and includes pho, clay pot, sizzling platters, family meals, chinese soups and the usual suspects - all the way down to Kung Pao and General Tso's chicken. This always makes me nervous - wide menus never run deep on flavor. On this recent trip I sampled the Kung Pao (which can actually be quite well done at a good Chinese place) and some spring rolls. The first sign of weakness was when the spring roll sauce arrived at my table. They use the classic neon red sweet-n-sour, which doesn't even look house-made. At least give me some Mae Ploy Sweet Chili or something. I dread that stuff. Ate way too much of it as a kid. But when the spring rolls arrived I was a bit reassured. They come 4 to a plate (a little over $1 each) and are small but crisp and tasty. The oil in the fryers is decently fresh. I didn't get that "gee these spring rolls taste like every other fried thing on the menu" feeling, which is something I often experience on 82nd. The Kung Pao is not just salty-sweet, but had a nice vinegar tang to it and the portion is healthy for $9-something. Arriving with a huge bowl of white rice, this is a meal easily split between two (even without the spring rolls) for a satisfying and filling result. In sum, Jin Wah definitely comes in above the Chinese Villages of the world (at least the Avenue of the Roses world) but doesn't hold a candle to the likes of Wong's King or Ocean City, which definitely take Chinese to the next level. While A-ok for someone looking for that kind of Chinese (cheap and lots), I think I'll continue to hit my usual faves.

  • Farm S.

    Place got really good food but if you made orders to go make sure you got rice at home because this place don't offer rice for to-go orders.

  • Teresa F.

    Disappointed. When they first opened it was worth a trip across town. Now they are subpar. Greasy, cheap and not much flavor now. Sad. Poor service on top of everything else.

  • Ricky Z.

    Somebody said they might be related to the owners of Tien Hong, because their attitude to customers are about the same. RUDE !!! not worth going there.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :10:00 am - 12
  • Mon : 10:00 am - 12


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch, Dinner, Late Night
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : No
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes


Chinese Cuisine

The popularity of Chinese food in America can be adjudicated by the appearance of China Town in many major cities in the United State of America. The popular trend of ordering or opting for Chinese take away food isn't unknown in America. Chinese take away food comes to rescue when you're too tired from work or too exhausted to cook. No one can resist the temptation of eating spicy noodles, shrimp, chicken, beef or pork cooked in the sweet and spicy sauce. The cooking method of authentic Chinese food is a lot different compared to what is served in America.

Generally, Chinese use dark meat small bones and organs to cook dishes but this changes when you are eating American-Chinese fusion food prepared using white boneless meat cooked with broccoli, carrots and onions. Back in China, the food is less spicy and oily as they favor steaming and braising method for cooking the most popular dishes. So, if you have a taste for authentic Chinese food, then try finding a real Chinese restaurant in the city. You can also try the most popular fusion Chinese food like Pecking Duck, Chicken Feet, Hot Pot, Shrimp Dumpling Soup, Mapo Tofu, Wontons, Chop Suey, Egg Rolls and not to forget Fortune Cookies.

There are not many restaurants in America serving authentic Chinese food. A little research on Restaurant Listings directory can help you locate the best Chinese restaurants in the city. Chinese cuisine is continuously evolving, and you can find a variety of dishes categorized as the food for lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant, vegan, vegetarian, and diabetic friendly. So, if you have a group of friends with different taste patterns, save the hassle and visit the nearest Chinese restaurant in your city.

Jin Wah SE

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