Angelo’s Fiesta Grill

80 W 2nd St
Halsey, 97348
This little place is wonderful! The red sauce is superb. Worth stopping on your way through - affordable and excellent!
Awesome little place in the middle of nowhere. Fresh ingredients and friendly staff. The Torta was great!
You know those stories about the "off the beaten path" restaurants with fantastic home cooked food? Well, add Angelo's to it. It was the Friday at the end of a long week and we needed a lunch vacation. We sampled the classics; tacos with finely chopped beef, cilantro and lime, fully loaded shredded chicken taquitos, thick marinated chicken quesadilla, and the "small" burrito that was as big as a brick. The sour creme was thick and buttery and all agreed the guacamole was zesty. (I myself don't love guacamole AND I COULDN'T GET ENOUGH!) The meal was filling and satisfying, not like the sodium bloat you sometimes get with Mexican food. It was all a well deserved $30.00 w/ tip. Over all we can't stop talking about it and are already planning our next visits...yes I said visits.

(541) 369-3660


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Pioneer Villa Truck Plaza

33180 Highway 228
Halsey, 97348
Every year for four years third week in June we have stayed at this hotel and no regrets. Around $70 for two queen beds, two adults two children. Refrigerator and a microwave in the room, a working air conditioner that actually cools the room. Free Wi-Fi, plenty of towels, the normal soaps and shampoos available in the room for free. This year we forgot toothpaste and they had it at the front desk for free. they even offered free toothbrush, q-tips or other items if we needed them. The swimming pool was the perfect temperature also had a very nice lounge chair around the pool . We never ran out of hot water in the shower, for a family of four. There are a lot of channels on the TV to watch, we did not use it though. The carpet in the room was clean, the beds were clean and lots of pillows. The sheets did not feel like sandpaper, they were comfortable. The fan in the bathroom worked very well to get rid of the steam from the shower. The mattress on the queen size bed was comfortable, not really that bad...plenty of electrical outlets to charge the laptop and iPad, Bluetooth headphones, and three cell phones. There is a clean room, great breakfast and a convenient location for a very affordable price, we will stay here again. There is a large choice of menu items for the free breakfast, I ordered the bacon eggs hashbrowns and toast breakfast. Two eggs scrambled two pieces of bacon two pieces of toast and lots of hashbrowns. The bacon is a thick cut bacon, not a flimsy piece of meat. The front desk staff at the hotel are super friendly and very nice people. In the past we have had 9 PM check-in and it was not a problem or late checkout, after 2 PM. I would definitely come back.
We had a table of 8 and no complaints.
Not even sure I have the right words for this experience yet. We stopped in after the Duck game for dinner. We know from experience that it's incredibly slow and is always understaffed/surprised that there's a game crowd. Because of that, we decided to time how long it took to get our food after ordering. After about 20 min of waiting, we asked our server if it was about up, to which he responded, "I can't answer that- they're slammed." You should note 1/2 of the restaurant was closed. There were at the most 10 tables to be served. Anyway, I thought a "oh, I'll check on that," would've been a better response. 39 minutes after ordering, our food arrives. It wasn't a complex order-- two omelets, chicken strips, and a sausage breakfast burrito. Nothing crazy, right? Anyway, we are starving at this point. I cut into my sausage burrito and find it's actually a egg/onion burrito. I assume the onion was accidental and there must be sausage a bit farther in. Nope. None. When I finally waved our server down to tell him, he said "oh sorry, do you want something else?" As if after waiting 40 minutes we'd order anything else. I told him we didn't want to pay for a sausage burrito when there was no sausage. He said he would take care of it and took a whole $1 off the bill. Thanks, bud. Probably one of the worst dining experiences I've had. Everything is laughably bad. Unless you have a ton of time to kill and want bad food, avoid the villa. It's a dump... And that's putting it nicely.

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