Sierra Mexican Restaurant

302 W North Santiam Hwy
Gates, 97346
Saw decent reviews and stopped in. They took our order after a long wait, told me the burritos are "wet" however when it came mine didn't have traditional red sauce on it like a wet burrito at Super Torta. I ordered lettuce on the side and they forgot it. Brought me a pacifico instead of a dos xx that I ordered. All of this served with indifference. Chicken was pink, not sure if that was the sauce or salmonella. Hope this was a fluke because all of the reviews would lead one to think it's a great spot.
Um, yum!!! I wasn't expecting much, to be honest. I hail from Tejas originally, so the idea of finding good Mexican food in the mountains of Oregon, seemed about as likely as that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. (No luck there...yet.) I had a sope with shredded beef and cheese enchilada. Both were excellent!!! Now, I get it, a cheese enchiladas seem like as no brainier, easy-peasy. I assure you, they are not, I've had plenty of bad ones, and I will mark this as my fav that I've had since moving to OR from CO. (I wanted to like the sauce off the plate, but didn't...because I want to be allowed to come back here.) ;) I will make this my stop, for sure, when I'm out this way!
We always stop here on our way back from camping. The food and margaritas are awesome and the family seems really friendly.

(503) 897-2210


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