Czer’s Drive-In

14th & Division
Elgin, 97827
whenever going through elgin this is my go to spot for a great burger and fries.the food is great and the loggers burger is what i get and its amazing. its a bit on the spendy side but i consider this place a treat i always look forward to going here when i go through elgin. the service has always been good the times i have been there. if you ever are driving through the area this is a place you have to stop and try some time. i have yet to be disappointed by there food.
The food at czers is decent, however, it is way overpriced. The burgers are a little too greasy as well. I would recommend to just eat at subway if you are in elgin.
It is OK had a double burger frozen patty's limp fries but the shrimp basket was good and good portion not bad for a little town when your hungry I'd eat here again just not a burger

(541) 437-4373


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