Manley’s Tavern

20031 Hwy. 58
Crescent Lake, 97733
Stopped here on my way home from Bend and had the wife and kids with me so I got it to go. Yes, IT being Chicken and Jojo's! This is the place for some of the best one will ever have. Have stopped here a number of times to get it to go and every time the same- WOWSER! The hot mustard sauce is just that. HOT! Good, but HOT. If in the area, stop and give the chicken a whirl. You'll be glad you did.
I stop here for broasted chicken almost every time I pass through. Delicious!!! In fact, so good it should be illegal! Friendly service, still cash only, and must be 21.
Rite of passage in my family. Broasted chicken is a must everytime I visit the family cabin in the area. Waitressess are sassy and its cash only, but you're in the middle of the wilderness for crissake. I love taking people here for the first time and having them experience manleys in all its glory. Trying to explain it to those who've never been just doesnt work- they'll think your're crazy. Wouldnt recommend the pizza as i think its out of a tositos box and put in the microwave. Clam strips and soup were both good. Theyve been skimping on the ranch the past few years so always ask for extra. I wish they would make the jojos thinner like they used too as well. All minor gripes, because its not everyday you can feed four adults with 4 orders of chicken and multiple pitchers of beer for $75 I will always be back.

(541) 433-9637

Pubs, American (Traditional)

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