2350 NW 9th St
Corvallis, 97330
Subway is Subway. I just want to say this particular Subway has a work crew that is so friendly and they remember what everyone usually orders. They are efficient, thoughtful, and just all around great. The sandwiches are fine. I love to toast jalapenos on my cheese and they have no problem with that. This is the perfect stop when I'm trying to be good. Super nice service. Go just for the crew.
Wow.. Michelle, Bryan, and Dedra are an awesome team players. Made all my five sandwiches in less than five minutes and made them professional!! Wow couldn't ask for any one else to make mt sandwiches! THANK YOU.
Best subway I've been to. Always clean great customer service and always fast without sacrificing quality even during the lunch when there's a line to the door. Not the closest subway to my house but worth going the extra couple miles

(541) 758-3339

Sandwiches, Fast Food

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Los 3 Reales

1110 NE 2nd St
Corvallis, 97330
This is a good Mexican restaurant and their service is awesome they go above and beyond
Visiting Oregon for the first time, and I never would've thought we would find an authentic Mexican restaurant out here in Corvallis! We checked in to the Holiday Inn Express Corvallis on the River (also excellent, by the way, but that's another review), and it was late so we decided to walk across the street and try the Mexican restaurant. It was after 9 PM, and we didn't find out until later they were closing at 9:30. We only found out because I was looking them up on Yelp as we were waiting for our food to be served. They didn't seem bothered at all that we walked in 15 minutes before closing. In fact, they greeted us so warmly! As some of the other Yelp reviewers had mentioned, the owner (who was the 1st to greet us, I later found out) seemed to genuinely care about the service he provided to his customers. He really appreciates your business, which many businesses no longer seem to do anymore. His staff was so excellent and attentive and very patient. The food was excellent and the portions were huge! We ordered a Carne Asada burrito ($11.25) and a burrito & enchilada plate (around $12). As we waited, they gave us tortilla chips, salsa & this yummy bean dip thing with bacon and other stuff mixed in. It was yummy! I ordered a strawberry Margarita ($4.50). ..awesome! I would've had a second Margarita but it was late, and I had to wake up early the next morning. (Yeah, I sound old, huh?) We had enough left over to feed the both of us for lunch the next day! We ordered take out for our teen child...Burrito plate which came with refried beans, rice, etc ($9.25). They packed it up with an extra bag of chips and a container of salsa for my daughter without me even asking for it! The burrito was huge! Imagine 2 taco bell burritos connected end-to-end and fatter! Food. ..5 stars. Customer Service...10 stars! BTW, we are from Hawaii and doing a 3-wk trek through the west coast touring over 16 college campuses and towns. So far, Corvallis has made a great impression on us with the service we received at both this restaurant and at the Holiday Inn. The people have been great, and the neighborhood is beautiful!
Hands down the best Mexican restaurant in Corvallis. You will never leave hungry and the service was the best I've seen at any restaurant in the area. Visit my blog for more details and pictures: hungrybeaverblog.wordpre…

(541) 752-1360


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Natalia & Cristoforo’s Authentic Italian

351 NW Jackson Ave,Ste 2
Corvallis, 97330
We are visiting from out of state and went in for sandwiches after reading the great reviews. We each had the Aviator, one on a baguette and one on a hoagie roll. They were delicious!! I love all of the choices of veggies and Greg will customize your sandwich so you have it just the way you want! The atmosphere was casual and you could tell nearly everyone who came In was a regular customer.
Probably the best deli in Corvallis hands down. All of the ingredients are fresh and the selection of meats are incredible! The owner is very personable and is quite generous with the portions. The hoagies are smaller, but pack a lot of flavor. If you want a truly massive sandwich, go for the muffulettas. The menu also offers vegetarian choices and kids meals as well as paninis. Make sure to check out the daily specials, especially Thursdays where you can buy one and get one at half price. Personally, I've tried all of the hoagies, paninis, and muffulettas and I prefer the hoagies with the Cristoforo, Ronaldo, and Capicolla & Salami hoagies, as well as the Pastrami on rye as being some of my most favorites.
Everything is so fresh and delicious!! The owner is really nice and personable which is great :-) My favorite sandwich so far was the Bobar! It was huge and tasted sooo good!

(541) 752-1114

Delis, Italian

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Francescos Gelato

208 SW 2nd St
Corvallis, 97339
This is a great little sandwich/salad place in town. I had the Tuscan Turkey sandwich and it was really good. My only complaint is that it had WAY too much meat on it. It was overwhelming and huge (so I pulled some out). The side salad that came with it was very good too. The gelato is delicious (but who doesn't love gelato?!)
Second time was the charm! After my first disappointment with gelato I try this rich delicious gelato and I fall in love! I had the mint grass hopper and strawberry gelato and it was very happy with it! The place was very charming and the atmosphere was very family friendly! The service was also great! I am very indecisive and am one of those customers that samples like twenty before I make my decision. The employees were very helpful and friendly! I definitely appreciated that! I can't wait to go back!
Great Gelato, friendly staff, seating outside. My daughter and I are always looking for a good ice cream shop in the places we visit and this place seemed to be the place to try in Corvallis. Now of course I know it's gelato and not ice cream, but you get the picture. The girl working the counter was extremely helpful and just charming. A great person behind the counter always makes the experience good. At first I thought the price was a bit high for the smallest bowl, almost $4.00, it looks very tiny, but they pack a bunch of gelato in there, two flavors in fact. I ordered the Salted Peanut and Chocolate. I hadn't seen all of the other rave reviews about the Salted Peanut, I just winged it. There is a reason why it has such good reviews, it is AWESOME. Paired with the chocolate, it was perfect. I don't know gelato from anything. I don't know if it's as good as "that little shop in Florence" or whatever the aficionados say, but I do know that I loved it and the experience was great. We sat outside on a warm summer afternoon watching the world go by eating great Gelato. Please tell me how it could be any better than that.

(541) 752-1326

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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Alpine Sourdough Bakery

220 NW 1st St
Corvallis, 97330
I am going to geek out here for a minute. I declare Alpine Sourdough Bakery in Corvallis has the best bread. Their Sourdough/Porter Bread is absolutely freaking magnificent. Seriously, .bread.ever. And it's vegan! I can not stop talking about it. I might have a bread eating problem (more like a problem stopping myself from eating too much bread). I can't wait to try all of the breads from this great little bakery. I am going to try every single one...don't judge me. And fresh made sandwiches...yum. It will be on my "must-visit" list whenever I go to Corvallis from now on, along with Market of Choice and grandma.
Tried one of their breakfast crepe, it was pretty good, although their espresso/cappuccino machine was broken.
I love their sourdough bread so much that I am using at my place; Ann's Soup Box. If you get a chance by and taste for yourself how delicious their bread is. I highly recommend every bread they make.

(541) 754-2253


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Del Alma

136 SW Washington Ave,Ste 102
Corvallis, 97333
Great food! I travel quite a bit and was so thankful to find a friendly place... With tapas no less! I live near a big city where there isn't more than one decent tapa restaurant. Anyhow, the Tempranillo taste I had was terrific, the chile relleno was outstanding and beautifully plated. The yellowtail with plantain chips was tasty, too. Perfect amount for one person, not too heavy, but I was hungry when I went in there. Wish I could've eaten more! The dessert menu looked tempting. I will def be back.
I expected Del Alma to be super fancy with awesome selections of food but honestly I rather go to the Mexican restaurant down the street. The flavors were nothing like you haven't tasted before, for example cumin, chili powder, lime, and other South American spices. It just wasn't has elevated as I thought for the price.
Yum! We had a flight of wine to start with and tried a variety of tapas. 1. Cheese and meat try was lovely with down figs, fresh fruit over jam, and lovely pickles. 2. Yellowfin tuna crudo. Lovely plantain chips, avocado, and melon. Lovely combinations! 3. Pulled pork and scallops. 4. Roasted beets. The favorite of the night was the beets! Go here and taste many things.

(541) 753-2222

Latin American, Tapas/Small Plates

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Roxy Dawgs

1425 NW Monroe Ave,Ste G
Corvallis, 97330
Good hot dogs and good drinks and good chips! Cheap and fast!
I worked here about two years back and ate the food a lot. The cookies are AMAZING!! Super delicious and home made by the owners wife and then fresh baked every day. Great flavor combinations. The rest of the food reminds me of cafeteria or hospital food. It's all kind of bland and the condiments can be too. The 'dawg' sauce was terrible! I kept trying to like it and it always left a weird after taste. They offer great value deals. Really close to campus and the bars.
I love roxy dawgs after a night out, I usually don't eat it for lunch because I really don't crave greasy food during the day. However, this place really is delicious, and the prices are great! I recommend ordering their daily specials because you get a lot of food for $5.75! Their cookies are so soft and delicious, and my favorite hot dog is the beaver dog, which is stuffed with bacon. YUM

(541) 207-3351

Hot Dogs, Burgers

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Hilton Garden Inn Corvallis

2500 SW Western Blvd
Corvallis, 97333
Nice, clean, and comfortable hotel directly across from the football stadium. Smack dab in the middle of campus; great running trails all over the place. Love this campus. Reminds me of Virginia tech. :)
Absolutely my favorite place to stay in Corvallis. The restaurant is good and the rooms and atmosphere exceptional.
the breakfast buffet has a good variety and for $10. they make omelets, french toast, eggs to order. there's tons of juices to pick from with breads and fruits. have been there a few times and keep coming back.

(541) 752-5000

Restaurants, Hotels

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134 SW 4th St
Corvallis, 97333
This place was excellent! Service was wonderful. Started with the Old Fashion and The Commuter. Followed by the Pinot Gris for dinner. The crostini with garlic and chèvre was great! Just didn't eat the garlic whole. Dinner included salmon and braise lamb and I cannot articulate how wonderful the food was. However if you are looking for a quick bite, this is not your place. If you want to enjoy the art of dinning and enjoying the pleasure of your company....this is the place to go!
Excellent dining experience! The food and service were superb. I will definitely be returning.
I was disappointed, but I had very high expectations. Service was wonderful. Wine list is great. Food was not enough, overall, for a higher rating. (And I am not talking about quantity.) I appreciate a lot about the place, but it isn't going into my restaurant roundhouse this time.

(541) 753-4171

American (New)

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Nearly Normals

109 NW 15th St
Corvallis, 97330
No review available for this restaurant

(541) 753-0791


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