Si Senor

625 NW Saltzman Rd
Cedar Mill, 97229
Excellent food and service! This is a terrific, casual place to enjoy really good Mexican food. My wife and I have been to many restaurants in the Beaverton/Portland area and this is one of the best for casual dining. The food is tasty and plentiful. While some of the dinner entrees seem a bit expensive, this place is great!
Really good authentic Mexican food, our waiter was a little bit pushy tho and it took awhile for us to put our orders in and get our food
Food was wonderful. Service on the other hand. Terrible. They were rude to my entire family. We didn't get a fill up on our water once. The chips were stale. And 3 of our orders were wrong. Take the time to drive to the hall location. It's worth the drive.

(503) 672-9124


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