Peace Of Pizza

15090 Hwy 238
Applegate, 97530
BEST PIZZA PLACE IN ASHLAND AREA!!! I've been here 3 times and it's worth the drive from Ashland. Husband and wife run the joint, and he's from Chicago and she does all the gardening in the back. Don't let the storefront fool you, it's about the food. Delicious ingredients, affordable, good beers on tap and in the bottle.
This place is super cool, hippie town USA if that's OK with you. I love it. I work out here, so it's great for when I'm starving for some pizza, which happens a lot lol. Enough about me... Really tasty pizza, yummy beers. Good vibes, what more do you need?? Oh, and you can eat outside too. You won't be sorry.
Holy hot diggity! This pizza is the mega-bomb. When it comes to pizza, which I've spent many years making and being around, this is one of the best around. While it's a trek to get here, it's totally worth the trip--and a hidden gem of our valley not to be missed. Local, organic, and very progressive pizza. Rustic wood-fired oven built into the wall, and a couple of anarchist cats running the place. Killer delicious sauce and toppings. If you think Kaleidoscope is good....ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha probably shouldn't come here...because you couldn't handle a REAL pizza, which this is. Be prepared, it is awesome. Make the trek.

(541) 702-4420


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