Deb’s Cafe

185 W Main St
Alsea, 97324
Don't expect a Portland grade diner. Don't expect a 5 star restaurant. This kozy kitchen is owned by a sweet woman named Deb (no kidding?) who makes just about everything by scratch. Sometimes the service isn't great but keep in mind that the wait staff are typically high school students in their first job. When you get your country food ordered, take a peek around and look at the display in the middle of the main dining room which showcases local matters. The diner itself has had some different owners over time but the overall look of the structure inside and out hasn't changed in at least 20 years. It's a part of Alsea (Al (a man's name) - sea (body of water) ) history.
AWFUL. We stopped in for burgers on our way back from camping in Waldport. First, we went outside to find a seat and there were dirty dishes scattered about, so we had to clear a space to sit. Once we were finally seated, our menfolk asked what beers they have on hand and the snarky waitress snapped back with "I'm too young, I cannot talk about beer with you. You'll have to go inside and ask the chef about it". Then, we noticed our seemed dog she was getting lonely in the (shaded) car out front, so we decided to grab her and tie her up under our table. She was fine. She just laid down and took a little nap by her least she did until the manager came storming out saying we cannot have the dogs on the deck and we need to remove them now. Are you kidding me? We're from Portland, so this is extremely odd to us, but we obliged because she muttered something about their insurance as she walked away - whatever. Then, I ordered a side salad with my mushroom and Swiss burger. She asked what type of dressing I wanted, I said a balsamic vinaigrette, she looked extremely confused and then said "okay, I can see". Then brought me a side salad with mushy green peas, beets, and other assorted veggies and straight balsamic vinegar..... Seriously? Then, once we all received our food, my burger didn't have mushrooms, all the burgers were DRIPPING with grease, and THERE WAS A HAIR IN MY BURGER. Plus, the fries were limp and soggy. The tots were pretty tasty, but that's not saying much as I assume they're not handmade in house. Also, we had to ask for water refills and napkins because the waitress was oblivious. Needless to say, we're going to drive a little further for any other option next time we're in the area.
We stop here once or twice a month on our way to Corvallis. No complaints until our last visit on 7/18/15. It was 45 minutes from the time we sat down until we received our food. My over easy egg yolks were broke, my wife's medium hard eggs were over easy, the hash browns under cooked, and my grand-daughters pigs in an blankets, under cooked. The waitress pretty much ignored us. Add that a local came in about 10 minutes after us and had his food about 15 minutes ahead of us just drops this place to the bottom of the list. They did offer to re-cook our food, but we were not interested in waiting what? another 45 mintues. We will think twice before stopping here again.

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