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  • Simon S.

    Went on a Tuesday, and the place was unfortunately empty. The waitstaff were excellent and attentive, and the sushi was more than satisfying-- and reasonably priced. The owner was considerate enough to let us use the Karaoke room-- with an authentic Japanese Karaoke machine that had some silly Japanese videos-- to sing a few songs. Good place, deserves more patronage!

  • Matt W.

    Worst service ever. I waited to be seated in an empty restaurant in sight of the employees for over five minutes before they decided to seat me. It took them 15 minutes to ask me what I would like to drink. Once I ordered, it took over am hour for a simple dish. This is a large restaurant and it was only me and 2 other couples. There is no excuse for this long wait or poor service. I will never come here again. Seoul Bistro is better food with better service.

  • Jessica S.

    I fell in love with this place in its original location. Last night was the first time I had made it to their new spot. The bartender greeted us at the door and was incredibly friendly. Our server was a pretty boy. He was out going and charming although a bit scattered. The soup was complimentary and came out quick. We ordered 5 rolls. The basic Alaskan, Coral Reef, Rainbow, Hot Mess, and my favorite the Green Monster. We had to asked for more ginger and Wasabi but it was worth the wait. Their Wasabi was so spicy and intense, amazing. Although Green monster had always been my go to roll, I must say the Coral reef may surpass it. I love the tempura red snapper on top and the roll was tight enough I could fit the whole piece in my mouth. My bff's are in love with the Hot mess roll. I am not as big on the baked/fried rolls served hot but this is yummy. My mom is from Alaska and she said the Rainbow roll there was in her top experiences. She also had a seaweed salad that I was leery of, but was exellent. I could see myself adding protein to it and treating it more like a pasta then salad. Over all awesome experience. The only reason I do not give it a 5 is the hit and miss service. Everyone should try this place. Its is inexpensive and put the bigger more well known sushi places to shame.

  • Jenny B.

    I used to frequent Fuji for sushi in Tulsa until a couple of years back, when I could tell that the quality of Fuji sushi was going downhill. Then, I found Haruno. They have Japanese and Korean food. Their sushi is pretty scrumptious, and for a good price, too. Definitely worth a try.

  • Amanda K.

    order three or more and everything is half price. LOL. half price sushi scares me. I went at 12.15 on a wednesday and it was me and 2 other people in the whole place. I ordered 2 rolls and about 7 different kinds of nigiri (salmon, red snapper, octopus, squid, yellowfin, halibut, and that bean curd one) it was ok, nothing fabulous. it was 1.30 by the time i left. that is a long time when there isnt anyone else in the place.

  • Tom O.

    So based off the positive reviews from yelp (and In the Raw being closed on sunday), we decided to give it a shot. We sat at the sushi bar in front of what appeared to be the head cook. He was a young asian kid who had no clue about how to be professional in a restaurant setting. At one point he tells us "our waitress is bad." Then he says, "oh I don't want to give you this kiwi and get you guys sick." The kiwi was an integral part of the appetizer, but it never showed up or was substituted. I order the rainbow roll, which would be a good barometer on how good and fresh the fish was. Not good. Even had a fishy taste and smell. The sexy sexy roll was pretty good, but based on the overall atmosphere and staff and the quality of its fish, I will not go back Oh yea, it wasn't cheap too

  • Chris B.

    Yay! I'm a fan!!! Haruno is a Japanese/Korean Restaurant with modern decor, a bar, and karaoke room. Tulsa is frustratingly known for having poor foodie choices to pick from. Fortunately, I happened onto Haruno yesterday and I know I will always come back when I visit Tulsa. First and foremost, the service was amazing. The waitress was very motherly and helped you out with all your needs. Loved it. Cuisine wise, the Tokyo Tower is as close to Poke as you can get in the midwest. I will order the Tokyo Tower every time I come here. Loved it. The Korean side was also pretty good. The Kalbi was not the best I've had but I have had a lot of Kalbi. The friends I went with were pretty happy with their meals but they all agreed that my Tokyo Tower was amazing (yes i shared. Sharing is caring Ladies and Gents!!) Although it really isn't saying much, Haruno is my favorite restaurant in Tulsa by far.

  • Molly C.

    Amazing sushi!!! All of it was very fresh! Miso soup with mushrooms and edamame are great starters. They also have a half price deal if you get 3 rolls.

  • May H.

    Nice dining environment. I like their authentic Korean food.I ordered the raw fish bim bim bap and it was excellent, and also very beautiful! My friend's seafood tofu hot stone soup was also very delicious! I especially like their small side dishes. Recommended!

  • James E.

    I love the sushi here! Of course I love sushi in general, but have always had a great experience here. The miso soup is amazing as well. Must visit.

  • J S.

    Far and away the cheapest/best sushi in town. In the Raw and Yokozuna can compete on taste/quality of fish, but Haruna blows them away on price. They have a fantastic happy hour that is great if you either go late or early. The only downside is the perpetually slow service, and sort of hauntingly empty premises (though as more people figure out how good this place is, I think it will pick up).

  • Daniel V.

    So I called a few days before hand to make reservations for a party of 25 for a bday. The lady on the phone said she would be able to accommodate us, but warned about the wait time for a party this large. I told her I understood. When our party arrived at 7, the party room they had for us wasn't prepared yet. So we decided to stay at the bar area and lounge for a bit, but there wasn't any bartenders. Well after 30 minutes of just waiting around, we decided to go seat ourselves in the room. We finally received our first round of drinks around 8pm, and this was including our waters. By 830 they finally took our orders for our food. We had to flag down a passing waitress to order more drinks/water refills. Around 9pm they finally bring out half of our soups. Half of the party received their soups and the other half received theirs around 930. The appetizers came out shortly. We finally received our food and rolls around 10pm. We were there for almost 4 hours, our waitress only came 3 times to take drink orders, some of the orders were messed up and some of the guests didn't receive their rolls. The food that was received was actually quite good. So. the atmosphere is nice, if you book the private room you can do karaoke, the foods not that bad, but it's the slow service that will kill this place. I wouldn't come here again with a large group, but am also now skeptical about coming here even if there were only 2-3 of us.

  • Heather E.

    While the food was good.... The service was awful, our waitress was dressed in appropriately to begin with and after ten seconds of being at the table she asked my me if we were ready to order when my husband had not sat down yet! After a mistake on my part of ordering (however I did say it correctly to her) she shoved the ticket in my face to point out how wrong I was and how right she was...She left half of our order in the kitchen...There was only two other tables that were occupied, so it's not like they were too busy and forgot the other half. We paid with our debit card and once it posted to our checking I learned that the waitress added her tip on there increasing our final bill... so not only do they have horrible service they are thieves!

  • Vivian T.

    I visited Sobahn twice when it was still operating as Haruno, and every visit was a little bit better than the previous one. This third visit was the best one yet! I came late on a Wednesday evening, but there were still some occupied tables, which I took to be a good sign. I got to sit in the back room with all of the traditional, low tables (there's even a sign asking you to remove your shoes; how legit is that?). The menus are Haruno's old menus, so there's a mix of sushi and Korean food. We ordered 3 rolls (Stone Hinge [sic], the Ichiban, and the Caterpillar) and soondubu. Food: Before our entrees came out, we were served miso soup and complimentary banchan. I was pleasantly surprised that I still got a bowl of miso, even though the soondubu is a stew. The miso was standard; the flavors were clean, and it was a satisfying bowl of soup. The banchan were delicious; we were served kimchi, pickled daikon, marinated bean sprouts, and fish cakes. Our favorites were the pickled daikon and the fish cakes, so it was awesome for us that our waitress offered to bring us more. The soondubu was delicious! It arrived, lava red and still bubbling in its stone bowl, accompanied with a bowl of rice. There was a generous amount of silken tofu and a nice mix of lean and fatty pork. Also, there's a raw egg that cooks into a heavenly soft-boiled yolk balloon in the hot soup. The broth was delicious, and, once it cooled down a bit, not too spicy (but ask for it less spicy, if you are adverse. I'd rate the heat to be around 2-3 jalapenos.), despite its BRIGHT red color. Unfortunately (or, maybe, fortunately), the stew had a lot of time to cool down because our sushi rolls took a loooong time to arrive. The waitress was pretty apologetic when they came out, and I was really grateful for all of the banchan to tide us over while we waited. I only tried a bite of the Stone Hinge, but it was filled with cream cheese and deep fried, so it has my vote. True, it's not traditional, but it had a satisfyingly crispy exterior and warm, gooey interior. Service: Service was good! The only minor complaint was the time it took for the sushi to come out, but our waitress was otherwise prompt to take our orders, check on us, and offer us more banchan or water. TL;DR: Two thumbs up for the traditional Korean soondubu and banchan! Order a Stone Hinge if you don't care about pretending to eat sushi for its health benefits.

  • Jack X.

    This is absolutely The worst service I've ever received any restaurant. The waitresses are extremely rude. We waited an entire hour and didn't get our food. I asked how long our entry will be. The waitress was extremely rude and condescending. And replied it will be out! any other questions?! She was also racist and said since you guys are international students u can have some refill. This is the worst dining experience within the last 10 years. Beware of this place.

  • Tony W.

    I known them for years and you got to, got to- MUST ORDER- Kalbi, Bulgogi, lettuce wraps, Eel plate, and sushi's like-burning lotus!! A gem in Tulsa...

  • Crystal C.

    Pros: our usual Korean place was closed Sunday night, so we decided to try this place. I got the spicy pork bolgugi and my brother in law got the bibimbap bento. Bento boxes come with variety of tempura shrimp with vegetables, Chinese style egg rolls, fried wontons, California rolls, and white rice. Husband got the bolgugi bibimbap with accompanying banchan. Kids got the chicken fried rice. We were all surprised at how good the fried rice was! Good variety of vegetables, savory, and sesame seeds. Our waitress was friendly and very knowledgeable about menu items. Wow! The owners were so nice they came over and chatted to my family. The kids got complimentary mango ice cream. On a side note, I like the music here! It's basically all the music that I own. Kids liked it too, which was also surprising. Plenty of parking. Accepts credit cards. Cons: I can't believe we haven't tried this place sooner. I guess we were put off by how fancy it looked and were worried about potential dress code. We even called ahead to ensure that there wasn't one--there isn't. Turned out to be a casual restaurant w/nice decor.

  • Nyssa M.

    Nice gem in Tulsa! We had great experience with service - our waitress was very enthusiastic about the food and offered a few recommendations. The miso soup was great, more flavourful than the average soup that tastes like it might come out of a package that you'd get in some restaurants. I wasn't as big of a fan of the sushi as I was of the Korean food - would recommend the kalbi and the dolsot b-bim-bap. I don't think they use the traditional mountain veggies in it, but it was still great. Tako salad had a generous helping of octopus, and was really good. The decor was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Would be a great place for a big party/birthday or a small intimate meal.

  • George ..

    So everything was DELICIOUS!!.. However I'm a bit let down by the presentation of my dish. Sashimi Bibimbap.. I was expecting the usual Bibimbap with seafood on the side or something. What I got was "make it yourself sashimi"..

  • Kristi O.

    This place is the only place in Tulsa with these unique rolls and the 3 rolls for half off before 6pm is one of the best deals in Tulsa.

  • Laura H.

    Hubbie brought take-out sushi from Sobahn and I was pleasantly surprised. He said the place was pleasant and clean but no one spoke English. Also said the tako salad was the best he ever had.The sushi rolls he picked were tightly rolled and well-portioned. Great flavors, seemed fresh. Would eat their food again, but it doesn't top my all-time favorite Tulsa sushi place.

  • Airic C.

    I love coming to this restaurant every time I go to Tulsa. A lot of people don't understand that sushi is an art form and you CANT RUSH ART. Lol They do have a half price sushi deal I can't remember the hours but it's a good deal if you like house sushi which is basic sushi and to me it's kind of boring that's not to say the restaurant is boring, House rolls at any sushi place are boring it's the specialty rolls that really make your eyes wide the restaurant is fun and inventive their specialty rolls are very fun especially the flaming volcano. They're very good catering to vegans or people with allergies I don't make a fuss they try their best to satisfy every single customer's needs that come in. If you're curious about Korean food I would try this place

  • Antonio L.

    Service was a bit slow, however the wait staff was very nice. It's obvious that this is family run. The food was very good. Korean food in Oklahoma is rare and I really was shocked to see this place doing the amount of business it had. I would recommend this place to try out if you're looking for common Korean dishes or ridiculous sizes portions of food. If you like jalepeno poppers get the haruno peppers. You won't be disappointed!

  • Bianca C.

    I really like this place. I tried a new roll for me. The Oishii. It was really pretty. Not my type of roll. But the service was good and the waiter Jeremiah was really nice and helpful. I will be returning for more sushi adventures.

  • Senie S.

    went here since it is close to where I live and I am always down for trying a new sushi place. we went on a Saturday night and it was dead so we just had appetizers. this place would be great if more people knew about it. I guess they just re opened so I'm sure it will pick back up. the service is great, as well as the prizes and food. even though it's dead this would be a good place to take a group of people for your birthday or something since you can always fit people in without feeling like you're interrupting the people around you.

  • Choua M.

    I got the teriyaki chicken bento box and it did not taste anything like teriyaki chicken. Tasted more like plain grilled chicken. Wouldn't recommend the bento box. My sister got the volcano roll. It was good but nothing amazing either. 2 stars because no one greeted us when we got in. I had to find someone to seat us. Idk if our waitress was new or what not but she didn't give me any silverware/napkin, I had to ask twice to get my water refilled, and she seemed rushed even though there was only us and 2 other parties. Don't know if I would go back.

  • Thomas P.

    We waited over an hour for food. The restaurant wasn't even busy! Waitress has serious attitude problems.

  • Joshua W.

    This place has a nice staff and good food but such disorganized service that it cannot receive a decent rating. It may be possible to go as a party of two if you don't mind having a few drinks while waiting a while to receive your order. This is not recommended for groups larger than two people.

  • Vivian C.

    The sushi here is better than most in town, but the service is pretty slow. Unfortunately I've found this to be a common theme in Tulsa with sushi restaurants so I've come to accept it. The specialty rolls were beautiful in presentation and tasted good, but definitely on the heavy side when compared to most sushi. A lot of spicy mayo was added to many of the rolls which took away from the actual content. My overall vibe for this place is "Meh". Food is fine, service is slow, you're call.

  • J O.

    There were enough good reviews that we decided to go off the beaten path to try this but our experience has left us confused about those reviews. It was just ... yuck! Maybe it was an off day? The wait staff and ambiance were good but everything else was disappointing to say the least. We started with a Korean appetizer that was interesting but seemed like it was made with leftover seafood bits that are all mixed together and made into a pancake-like form. We both were looking forward to trying a couple of Korean dishes that were highly recommended, but left wishing we'd never gone or paid for the food. The sashimi in one dish tasted so foul and unfresh that neither of us could stomach it. The other dish was soup and came with the option of "hot rock" was an interesting form of presentation, but was flavorless and should come with a warning. Its requires great care to not burn oneself with the molten bowl (not good for kids or anyone without amazing motor skills and dexterity).

  • Cat B.

    Sign outside says Sobahn. Not sure what's up with that. I am not sure about the service issues, we went when there was only 3 other parties in the restaurant. However I am giving them 5 stars because they were amazing with my 5 year old son. Service was great and attentive. Food had amazing flavor. We had sushi, sea food yakiudon, and chicken fried rice.

  • Roger D.

    The sushi is alright. We ordered a series of rolls from the menu during happy hour. The portion sizes are small, so it's best to order a few rolls and maybe even an appetizer. Service was good and the waiters and waitresses are very knowledgable on the menu and food comes to your table pretty fast. I've been here a few times because it's close by and can satisfy a sushi craving. If you want quality/authentic rolls, however, this is not the place for you.

  • Kathy V.

    For the food I would give a 5 because its so good!! Sushi and the korean food are delicious!! But because of the horrible, slow & inconsistent service I hasn't to give it a 3! :(

  • Pedro M.

    Oo my god... I love Korean food, I had try it in different countries... But this restaurant kick ass!! The best Korean food I ever had in my life..

  • Gina G.

    I travel to Japan and Korea a lot. I really enjoyed this place. Food was exceptional!!

  • Lih-Wern W.

    Me: Zzzz Waiter: Would you like the check? Me: No, I would like my food. Waiter realizing they haven't brought the rest of my food: Oh... True story, I actually fell asleep waiting for the food. The service is real slow and disorganized. The sushi menu that you write on with pencil to order how much of each item you want, they recycle it. Thus your menu will probably have leftover pencil marks from previous orders, and no surprise when they mess up your order from not being able to tell what you ordered or what the previous order was. Depending on what you order food can be cheaper and better than Flying Fish, but the service is so slow I rather pay more to get faster service somewhere else than Haruno. Time is money...

  • Stewart M.

    Passed through Tulsa on business, and ate here at the sushi bar. The service was good, and the chef was pleasant and took good care of me. Engaged in small talk, and served me generous portions of salmon nigiri. Didn't expect much, but left happy

  • Desiree K.

    Finally made the long walk from our store to Haruno for lunch. I have to say I was surprised. This used to be the Empire Chinese Buffet and they did an excellent job with the remodel. The atmosphere was relaxed and the service was good. This restaurant is Korean/Sushi. Since I already have my sushi place, I wanted to see what the Korean dishes were like. I can't remember what it was called but it was quite good. Any dish that has a "stone" option, get it stoned. These are rice dishes and they are placed in a stone bowl that is very hot and basically fries the rice. Amanda got the sushi and said it was pretty good too. I really liked the Korean selections though. Sushi restaurants seem to be on every corner but the Korean menu was truly unique. I plan on going again.

  • Marlana N.

    BAD, BAD, BAD SERVICE!! A quick light dinner with friends turned into a nearly 4 hour ordeal. A hour and a half to get appetizers? 2 hours to get meals. 1 of 5 made completely wrong. 20 minutes on drink refills, ignored by most staff, and when asking to speak to the manager took another 15 minutes of him coming over to apologize and tell us how little he could take off the ticket. Then we waited another half hour to receive our checks and get change back. One last screw up? They short changed us by $19. =_____= They completely ruined the expirence for our first time sushi friend. If we need sure fire sushi and service done right, we'll just go to Memories of Japan from now on.

  • Cory B.

    Bad service. I couldn't eat the yellowtail sushi. The fish was brown on the edges and had a smell. Miso soup was salty. Special fried rice was good though.

  • Alex N.

    The spicy pork and hot stone bibimbap was very good. Service was great. Will be back soon.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:30 am - 3:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Quiet
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes


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