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  • Nick B.

    I always come into town on a thursday, and always go here for lunch friday and either have the catfish or fried chicken; both of which are amazing.. the dinner rolls are to die for and the employees attitudes make me feel like I'm at home.. If you are thinking about having catfish or fried chicken, be sure to get there early for lunch as they will and consistently do sell out of both before noon...

  • mike b.

    We stopped in for a quick lunch and were pleasantly surprised! The restaurant appeared to be clean and bright. We ordered off their lunch menu. I ordered the beef tips with noodles and absolutely enjoyed every bite! Their dinner rolls were fantastic! I cannot recall having a better roll! All in all our lunch was top notch and we will return!

  • Blake A.

    Perfect Breakfast Diner. Classic Tulsa. All the waitresses have worked there for like 20 years. Food is delish. Prices are amazing. Service is just as it should be. Get a Cinnamon Roll. The End.

  • Jennifer P.

    Went for breakfast. You have to get a cinnamon roll. Very good food and huge portions. Had the biscuits and gravy. Some of the best sausage gravy around. Will be back when passing through Tulsa again. Be sure to arrive early. There can be a wait.

  • Frank M.

    This is a pleasant experience. We would have normally passed by this location if not for the reviews here on . the food was great as was our waitress Vicky. We tried the Friday/Saturday special (yummy) Caramel Pecan rolls. Since this was our first time at the restaurant Vicky brought out a complementary cinnamon roll. We had the California Skillet, an order of biscuits and gravy. The owner is very nice and Vicky says he is very hands on from greeting customers to mixing dough to moping up after closing. The only drawback is the lack of children's portions.

  • Cynthia H.

    I love cinnamon rolls, so of course when I read about the cinnamon rolls here I had to try one! It was really good, especially towards the middle! The outside of the roll was not as soft as I would have preferred.

  • Chad F.

    The food here is very good! I have only been here for breakfast. There is always a wait, however it is never very long as they have it down to a science as far as the delivery of your food. Simple items done very well. Biscuits and gravy, skillets, cinnamon rolls (HUGE) I might add make up the menu here. Not over priced either. One of the best spots in town for a great Breakfast.

  • Ron H.

    A friend highly recommended Savoy Restaurant but I was disappointed because of the service. Our waitress was slightly impatient and she told a couple of my guests they were too young to drink coffee. It is quite possible that she was joking - but one of my guest didn't feel so good about the comment. I'm uncertain but maybe she was having a tough morning or didn't feel well. Whatever the case, it impacted my experience of the restaurant. My meal was, well, I've had better.

  • Trevor H.

    This is where you should go for your last breakfast/ brunch on earth. I like most prefer breakfast over the lunch menu. They have a hard cutoff at either 10:30 or 11:00 (on weekdays). Open faced roast beef was not bad the time I was relegated to the "lunch menu." THE LEGIT STUFF: Cinnamon or Pecan Rolls (Fri / Sat only) -- how to decide ? Get both, and call them a "table appetizer," you sneaky so & so. For brunch, it is the usual fare -- American breakfast, omelets, burritos, and skillets. Plus seasonal pancakes, biscuits & gravy, and the like. Be aware, you are going to get a HUGE PLATE OF FOOD. The standard breakfast order is entree, choice of potato, AND biscuits/ gravy or a pancake. My oh my. Splitsies must be allowed here. THE SERVICE: Servers are top notch here. We've come with kids and groups of 4-6. Repeatedly they go the extra mile. They're uniformly friendly and patient with our kids. We always get everything we need. Service is top notch here. THE COFFEE: The only restaurant in town that serves awesome Double Shot coffee! Is it to the same standard as brewed in house with Franklin & Company's exacting equipment -- no, not quite. But it is way better than any other diner coffee in town. THE LINE: It starts in earnest sometime around 8:30 on weekends. Take a number, be patient, wait your turn. They do a pretty good job turning over tables. But you will always see a few of the groups that intend to hang on Saturday. Just be prepared. THE VERDICT: there's nothing fancy about Savoy. What they offer is consistent, good, huge portions of comfort food, tremendous service, and the dose of Cinnamon roll goodness that you've been earning all week.

  • Joe S.

    Great breakfast place. Always busy, on our most recent visit we ordered a sausage omelet, and biscuits and gravy. The omelet was perfectly cooked and had a lot of really tasty ground sausage. Biscuits were flaky and moist and gravy was creamy and delicious like mom's. Can't wait to try their cinnamon rolls,

  • Kim T.

    I have been to Savoy countless times since the mid 80s and I have never had a bad meal there. It's always been very fresh and delicious. My breakfast favs are biscuits and sausage gravy. Pecan rolls on the weekends. For lunch I love the roast beef dinner (even better than grandmas) . Thursday turkey and dressing is hard to beat too and dnt forget the great homemade pies. Savoy is also very clean and good service. Love that place .

  • Ed H.

    First time visiting Savoy and definitely won't be my last. Visit on Saturday for ridiculously good cream puffs! They were out of eclairs, but plan on returning to try. The pancakes had more blueberries than a blueberry pie. I'd get the California skillet again if there wasn't so much more great looking dishes to try. The atmospher is dinner-ish, which I like. The service was filed with southern hospitality. My only let down was the biscuits and gravy. The biscuits were nice and fluffy, but the gravy left something to be desired. This is the only reason they aren't getting five stars. I'll be back real soon!

  • Glen M.

    Fourth generation owned, family restaurant. Seems like a lot of the people who come here, come here often as many say hello to each other. Check the items on the menu as some are only served on certain days. Although their sticky buns are served everyday if you get there early enough to get one (they only make so many and when they are gone, you're out of luck). We went in for a late breakfast, good timing on our part as they stop taking orders for breakfast at 11. One positive in coming in late was that I got a whole bowl of country gravy with my chicken fried steak. One negative was I seemed to get the leftovers of the hash browns (for me, they were over done and not that warm). The eggs were done correctly and tasted good. My Dad had an omelet and said it was good, but not great. Also, depending on your body temperature, pick your room carefully. If you're hot blooded, sit at one of the tables by the windows in the room to the right. It's right under an A/C duct and nice and cool. If you're cold blooded, I think the room on the right is warmer. Anyway, 3 stars for an average meal, slightly slow service, up from 2 stars because it's a family owned business and I'd like to see them hang around. I would, however, like to see them upgrade their food prep and presentation, bringing it up a notch would definitely make it a more popular place. Enjoy!

  • Jade U.

    I could sum up this review in two, gooey, cinnamony-delicious words: CINNAMON ROLLS. But that's just the tip of the iceberg really. The rundown: the cinnamon rolls are amazing, not overly iced, perfectly sweet and you can buy them by the tray to take home. I had the eggs Benedict, it was pretty darn good and the hollandaise was really spot on, I skipped the English muffin part as it was a bit dense and didn't have a ton of flavor. My better half had the bacon and eggs and the pile of bacon was enormous and delicious. He couldn't even eat it all and he loves bacon. My Grandpa had the Cowboy omelet, which could be described as the T-Rex of omelets. He's pretty darn picky and he had no complaints. But the best part was probably the service. I've never had better service at a breakfast joint. Please go eat there, and bring me a pan of cinnamon rolls :)

  • Alayna D.

    Savoy is an amazing Tulsa breakfast experience. Everything I tried was delicious. I had blueberry wheat pancakes, and despite how they might sound, they tasted heavenly. I also got to try the biscuits and gravy. Savoy has the best biscuit I have ever had. Seriously. The. Best. The coffee is fresh and local (double shot), and the service is fantastic. We were there on a busy Saturday morning, but were seated quickly. The whole restaurant was very well-run and felt welcoming and friendly. The manager checked up on everyone's table, but not just like an obligatory drive-by. It really seemed like he wanted to make sure that you were having the best experience possible. Also, I have heard great things about the cinnamon rolls and cannot wait to try them!

  • Charles S.

    Do you have a "sweet tooth"? Do you want to ruin your chances at ever liking anyone else's cinnamon roll? -If so, may I present to you.......SAVOY! I brought my wife here for her birthday as a treat, we as a couple adore Savoy's cinnamon rolls but what we got was so much more. Cafe breakfast food at its finest. Biscuits and Gravy here are all the rage. Only second to Smoke on Cherry street. The other menu items are great but these two are the STARS of the show. (**Also pecan rolls should be enjoyed at your table as well**) The service was top notch and the price was more than acceptable for what we had. This is a Tulsa favorite that needs to be one of YOUR favorites. Enjoy!

  • Jared M.

    I love breakfast but I more than love the breakfast from this establishment. We started off with a cinnamon roll and was shocked at how moist and flavorful it was. I was already starting to fill after half of the cinnamon roll and endless cups of superb coffee, but decided to order a half order of biscuits and gravy. I also had a side order of ham steak. The portions were generous and everything tasted good. The place was real busy so be prepared to wait. The service was good and the location is easy to get to.

  • Benjamin P.

    Everyone raves about this place - I've never heard anyone I know say anything bad. I've been coming for the past several months on a weekly basis. The food is consistently delicious. I've had eggs, potatoes several ways, bacon, sausage, pumpkin pancakes (amazing), biscuits (The best i've EVER had. No lie). The coffee is great and from Doubleshot. The cinnamon rolls are on my list to try (You bet your butt i'll be back). The waitstaff is friendly and very attentive. Go here. Do it.

  • Chris L.

    This place looked lovely and the menu items for breakfast looked lovely. Too bad I didn't get to eat here. I eschewed breakfast in OK City where I spent the night on a road trip just to come here on my way through. I arrived at 11am local time and when I sat down I was handed a lunch only menu? What breakfast brunch place that closes at 2pm stops serving breakfast at 11am? Lame and stupid. The lunch menu was 100% milquetoast sandwiches and stuff too which I had zero desire for and bailed. I've been in dozens and dozens of these closing in the afternoon type places and they never stop serving breakfast because that's the point of the place and why they close in the afternoon.

  • Zachary W.

    I've been living close to the Savoy for over 2 years and never ventured inside. I know it's a Tulsa staple and I've heard that their pecan rolls are famous. Still, despite driving by on almost a daily basis, I neglected to even consider visiting until this past weekend. It may have been that I don't go in for all the years of hype surrounding this establishment, but more than likely it's because I like to be lazy on the weekends. While the Savoy is open Monday through Saturdays, its only open until 2:00 p.m. Since I work throughout the week, I really never had the opportunity to pop in for breakfast or lunch, and I normally reserve my brunching for Sundays. I brought up the subject of going with the wife on a Friday night after driving past the Savoy once again. I suggested going for a Saturday brunch, maybe around 10:30 in the morning. Wife said no way, that if we were going we needed to get there early because she said the wait could be long and she didn't want to get there and them not having pecan rolls left. Lost that argument, so we got there at about 8:20 in the morning, which was a good thing, because it only took us about 10 minutes to get seated because of the wait. When we were leaving the line was out the door. Of course we got a pecan roll. It was pretty big, super sweet and had lots of pecan topping. This in itself could have been a meal, but we treated as an appetizer. I had the traditional ham and eggs. Ham portion was about half the size of the plate. I also chose grits and biscuits and gravy for my side. It wasn't that the portions were huge, but they certainly do give you plenty of food and it's all tasty. Those biscuits were homemade and I managed to finish one (along with the rest of my meal) before I called it quits. To my surprise (and delight) I was offered more gravy for the other biscuit. I politely refused the gravy least this time. Interior is standard. Nothing too fancy. It's a lot bigger inside then it looks from the street. Service was fantastic with our waitress and other staff checking in on us. Prices are more than reasonable, with the most expensive breakfast item coming in at a little of $10. If you don't opt to go for a pecan roll appetizer like we did (although I wouldn't recommend it), an individual could get by with a substantial breakfast for well under $10.

  • Nate R.

    From the moment we were greeted by the owner with warm smiles and cinnamon rolls we knew the rest of the meal would exceed our expectations. Everything down to the syrup is homemade. The biscuits are so flakey and soft and the omelettes are filled with such fresh ingredients. This spot cant be missed! Best breakfast in the midwest!

  • Steve H.

    Native Tulsan who was back in town to see my mom, who still lives there. We ventured to Savoy on a Thursday morning and was kind of surprised to see how busy it was. I got some scrambled eggs, which were perfectly executed, along with bacon, also rock solid plus grits and biscuits and gravy. Really had no complaints with any of it. Biscuits are huge and sausage gravy was dead on. Only gripe I had was our waitress wasn't great about refilling the coffee, which was great. But all in all, my first visit to Savoy was a good one and I'll definitely be back the next time I'm back home from the Metroplex.

  • Mark D.

    Great service. Add this business to my list for counting back my change. Wait staff friendly and interacted well with us. Clean. Good choices. Try the pecan roll, bet you can not finish it. The farmer's breakfast was tasty with home fries but more than what I could it. Great Tulsa institution.

  • N.C. F.

    I went back to the Savoy this weekend, and my experience was much the same-- long wait, amazing food! Best quote ever overheard while waiting: "If I didn't want one of those cinnamon rolls so *&$%ing bad, I'd leave!" Yep. That pretty much sums up the Savoy.

  • Drew M.

    The service is great (ask to sit in Lisa's section). The food is terrific. I recommend the Sausage Gravy slightly over the Cinnamon Rolls.

  • Stephen W.

    Came here for breakfast and I will tell you the cinnamon rolls are absolutely worth the hype. Everything else was a little disappointing. Nothing we had was inedible, but the chicken fried steak and omelette's were a little underwhelming or a breakfast place. If you don't get here before 9 a.m. expect to wait quite awhile.

  • Tony G.

    Nevermind, yikes. Telling a bunch of people just how "great" they were. Had not been there in quite some time---so..... Went in and was completely disappointed! Trademark "muffin top" biscuits were, well just plain ol biscuits. Could have bought frozen ones from walmart & tossed em in the oven for 20mins for same results. Cream gravy was almost complete solid, could not get from dish to plain ol biscuits very well. Over easy eggs had solid yokes ( couldn't use leftover biscuit to sop up runny yokes so another failure. The bacon has verrrrry crispy, had me worried bout damaging my teeth! Now they were generous with the bacon ( only positive part of my experience) however I nearly crapped down BOTH pant legs when they brought my bill. Certainly could have bought two entire breakfasts' almost anywhere else! Never going back and certainly not going to reccommed to anyone else.....

  • A D.

    I love these little local diners when I travel. Fast, friendly service and amazing food.

  • Beau R.

    One of the best breakfasts in Tulsa. The biscuits and gravy are so good they will melt your face off. Chicken Fried Steak is outstanding here. Possibly the best in town. Savoy has Huge rolls. And I think last time I got some pie for dessert and love it.

  • Keith F.

    This is probably our favorite place to go for breakfast on the weekends in all of Tulsa, even though it is a pain because there is nearly always a wait. Don't be too intimidated if you see lots of people standing there waiting though--it moves pretty fast. They have "sausage gravy" (with very little sausage) and "regular" gravy, which the waitresses have steered me away from on several occasions. So stick with the "sausage" gravy. The gravy does appear to be homemade though and not from a jar, which makes the Savoy one of the only places in Tulsa to do that. I'm a big eater, so for me the best thing on the menu is the "California Skillet". You'll like it. I think the omelettes are mediocre...avoid them if you can. Our tradition is to get one of their famous cinnamon rolls as an "appetizer" and split it. They are very big and very sweet, so 1/2 is definitely enough. We like them a lot but I don't think they are worth the level of worship many people give them. The outer layer is often kinda tough dough for some reason. Once you get in there though, they are addictive. They claim to offer cream puffs and other pastries but they only make so many per day and they run out so quickly (last time we were there about 9am and they were already out), we are convinced they are an urban myth. ;-)

  • Bill A.

    Best breakfast in Tulsa but you'll have to wait in line to enjoy it. Pecan sticky rolls & cinnamon rolls, biscuits & gravy, hot cakes, ham & eggs are GREAT! Can't be beat in Tulsa!

  • Christa F.

    I have to tell the truth about this place!!! IT IS JUST FABULOUS!!! It is the BEST BREAKFAST OR LUNCH IN TULSA!!! THE OWNER IS A WONDERFUL AND FRIENDLY MAN who wants to make sure you are happy with your meal and will bend over backwards to please you. HIS STAFF ARE VERY FRIENDLY and always take extra care to make sure your dining experience is very pleasant and that you have everything you need. THEY ARE QUICK AND ATTENTIVE and even make time to stop and talk to you no matter how they feel or whatever they are going through in these trying times, you would never know it because they are always smiling, just like their owner!!! They actually welcome us like family there and one waitress even remembered I had a food allergy and was looking out for me when I began to order which was quite impressive to remember that fact out of all the customers she had. I was a waitress as a College student and it is not easy work, so I can relate!!! My favorite food is the Breakfast Burrito, Omletts, homemade biscuits, Turkey and Dressing for Lunch with their homemade rolls, and their delicious homemade pies!!! Really you can't go wrong with anything they serve!!! If you don't like it just try something else, they are sure going to do their best to please you. THE PRICES ARE REASONABLE TOO!!! Any wait that you would have is worth it and if you are in a hurry, just call in and they will have it waiting on you for a pick up and carry out!!! They have saved my neck many a times!!! God bless Savoy and thank you for your diligence, hard work, and patriotism to your fellow Tulsans!!!

  • Audrey B.

    Awesome servers, the home made cinnamon rolls their is no way to say how good they are probably the best you will everyone have. Family owned

  • Steve R.

    Decided to try a new place for breakfast this morning. I have heard great things about Savoy and I got a taste when a sales rep brought my work some cinnamon rolls a few weeks ago. Since my girlfriend loves cinnamon rolls, I thought we could try it. We arrived at around 10:00 and waited for about 15-20 minutes for a table. The restaurant is a tiny hole-in-the-wall place with an older diner type feel. When we walked in we found we had to take a number to be seated, which just seemed to be a terrible system. The tables were being cleared pretty quickly, but then would sit empty for long periods of time before people were sat. There was a time when there were 5 empty, clean tables without anyone being sat. When there is a horde of people all standing elbow to elbow right at the entry, it would be best to sit people as quickly as possible to allow more standing room. Once we were finally sat our waitress was quick and friendly. The coffee was strong and pretty good, though only served with Half-and-Half Cream (which is not my favorite). I ordered the California Skillet with Pancakes and my girlfriend ordered a Caramel Pecan Roll with Sausage. The food was a little slow getting to us, but it was delicious and tasted really fresh. The skillet had tons of vegetables, cheese, eggs, ham, sausage and was topped with avocado. It was more than I could finish. The pancakes served with it were good, but nothing outside of ordinary pancakes. My girlfriends Caramel Pecan Roll was huge and had a large portion of caramel pecans on top. Her sausage was excellent and tasted homemade (everything did actually). We overheard a waitress talking with the table behind us and telling them that everything is made in house and that they don't even have a microwave inside the building. We were a little surprised when the check came to see our breakfast had cost over $30.00, which seems a little excessive. We eat breakfast almost every weekend and always spend around $20.00 or less for the two of us. All things considered Savoy has great food and is a spot anyone who loves cinnamon rolls should check out. Make sure you are not in a rush because this place has a very old-school diner feel to it, and nobody seems to be in a hurry.

  • Maggie T.

    If you are looking for a place that the locals go, where you can sip your coffee and people watch, waitresses that call you "Hon" then this is it. Is there food outstanding? Meh, not really, but I do enjoy their omelettes and pancakes. (They use real mushrooms so that's big in my book, ha) They do serve Doubleshot coffee so I love them for that alone! I wouldn't bother going there for lunch, went once and it was not very good. Breakfast, on the other hand is consistently good.

  • Jay S.

    Evidently this place has been a local institution for some time, quite crowed at 11:30 Sat morning. In a strip mall near 61st ST and Sheridan. Very friendly owner sat us after about 20 minutes, CIty of Faith poster on wall, florescent lights are harsh, three good sized dining rooms,all clean and bright. Out of cinnamon rolls today. Omelet was kinda sparse and flat,hash browns were browned crispy but centers mushy, pancakes were really fluffy, thick and had excellent syrup. My hand breaded chicken fried steak was basically a chopped steak with soft mushy breading,not too appealing or tasty, the sausage gravy helped. Coffe served in small cups was very strong and good, waitress sweet and helpful. Breakfast for two was about $27 with tip. Best pancakes we have found in Tulsa, anyone know of better???

  • Jerry P.

    Excellent breakfast place....short wait for seating....attentive wait staff....delicious cinnamon rolls and pecan rolls....

  • Ann L.

    This place is famous for their cinnamon and pecan rolls - you likely want to call ahead and have yours set aside if you have your heart set on them. It was bumping when I arrived on a Saturday morning, and there's no hostess here - grab a number from the stand and wait until it's called. It only took about 15 minutes for us to be seated even though we were ten numbers behind when we grabbed our tag. No joke, the pecan rolls are the size of your face. Unless you're morbidly obese or looking to become so soon, don't plan on ordering one for yourself. I got one and was absolutely horrified to the point that the server (a nice, older gentleman who could likely tell from my yankee accent and look of shock) had to tell me that I would be able to handle it. I also ordered two eggs. There was some miscommunication - after bringing me two eggs on a plate, the server said "the rest of your plate will be coming out soon" - which I assumed was toast and hashbrowns, which were listed as sides to the egg and omelet dishes. After not getting it and being almost done with my eggs, I asked him if it was coming out soon. He then replied "Oh, I just ordered you the eggs since you seemed so overwhelmed by the pecan roll." Ummmm.... ok.... It was no big deal since I was by this time stuffed beyond exhaustion, but I was confused about why he earlier told me I would get more. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the atmosphere, I saved half of my pecan roll for breakfast the next day, and everyone else seemed to enjoy their omelets.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :6:00 am - 2:00pm
  • Mon : 6:00 am - 2:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Breakfast
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes

Savoy Restaurant

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